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Saturday, November 22, 2008

this isn't from 1950

this isn't a parody. this isn't humor. this isn't anything but evil, intolerant, hateful, homophobic, 'unchristian' and fucking frightening

from feministing
Holy shit.

The American Family Association has a new DVD out, "They're Coming to Your Town," so you can learn the "strategies used by gay activists" and avoid gay infiltration in YOUR town!

Yes, really.......

a wicked cool discovery

(but pseudopodia is STILL my favorite)

Single-Celled Giant Upends Early Evolution
Michael Reilly, Discovery News

Nov. 20, 2008 -- Slowly rolling across the ocean floor, a humble single-celled creature is poised to revolutionize our understanding of how complex life evolved on Earth.

A distant relative of microscopic amoebas, the grape-sized Gromia sphaerica was discovered once before, lying motionless at the bottom of the Arabian Sea. But when Mikhail Matz of the University of Texas at Austin and a group of researchers stumbled across a group of G. sphaerica off the coast of the Bahamas, the creatures were leaving trails behind them up to 50 centimeters (20 inches) long in the mud.

The trouble is, single-celled critters aren't supposed to be able to leave trails. The oldest fossils of animal trails, called 'trace fossils', date to around 580 million years ago, and paleontologists always figured they must have been made by multicellular animals with complex, symmetrical bodies.

But G. sphaerica's traces are the spitting image of the old, Precambrian fossils; two small ridges line the outside of the trail, and one thin bump runs down the middle............

(found via: americablog)

Primitive But Hefty | Discovery News Video

Friday, November 21, 2008


katrina, floods all over, wildfires in california (and elsewhere), poverty, unemployment, financial ruin, foreclosures, homelessness, a current government made up of liars, thieves, dopes, id-jits, scum

and the supreme court is going to hear a case over a bare nipple that was on tv for a matter of a second or two?

is that nip what caused our downfall? NOW i get it! that 'splains EVERYTHIN lucy!

Janet Jackson's 'Nipplegate' case could reach US high court
The US government has asked the Supreme Court to reimpose a half-million-dollar fine slapped on CBS television for a 2004 broadcast of live images of pop star Janet Jackson's breast, court documents obtained by AFP show.

It is up to the Supreme Court to decide whether it will consider the request.

Prosecutors are asking the high court justices to weigh in on a case that raised eyebrows and stirred passions in the United States, where nudity on non-pay television is a no-no in advertising, while rare and limited to late-night hours in television series.

Jackson was performing live at the Superbowl when the attention-getting move took place, in a routine featuring her and fellow performer Justin Timberlake........

*oh, 4,204 are the number of our men and women who were sent to their deaths in iraq


and just know this, if they asked ME for a receipt they'd get my dainty foot (clad in my dainty docs) right up their asses (figuratively of course). try though i might, i don't have a filing system for my receipts. even though i am certain i don't throw them out, i'd never be able to find one on command.

this is absolutely ridiculous. ESPECIALLY since mr complied and brought the damn receipt in AND they told him he'd have to WAIT for his own property.

oh shite. wait just one moment here. i have forgotten something. I'M NOT A BLACK MAN. chances are if i had an xbox in my car and i was stopped by the po-leece, it would NOT be confiscated

Deputy takes man's Xbox during traffic stop
David Edwards and Muriel Kane
The known hazards of "driving while black" may have to be amended to add those of driving while black, dreadlocked, and toting an Xbox.

When Kenyatta Hillman and a friend were pulled over by a Orange County traffic cop for speeding outside Orlando, FL, the deputy claimed to smell marijuana and searched the car. No drugs were found, but the deputy did spot an Xbox and eight games and seized them from Hillman, alleging they might have been stolen.

Even after the deputy checked the serial numbers and nothing came up, he insisted he wanted to hold onto them in case they were reported later. Hillman told WFTV News, "He said, 'When you've got your receipt and your box and stuff, call me and we'll meet someplace, and you show me the receipt and I'll give you your game.' I didn't understand him.".......

one smart penguin

Date el Bote
¡Vale! Eres un pobre pingüino nadando por las tranquilas y glaciares aguas antárticas, y de repente eres atacado por una manda de orcas hambrientas............

(found via dark roasted blend)

i don't like killing animals

as everyone who knows me knows. i don't even wear leather. this video is horrific AND insane (and inane) all at the same time. it's also quite surreal (to me it is)

here you go

special shout out to americablog for putting the two videos together

this is a tiny bit of good news

(i am NOT getting my hopes up that high though). now they ousted dingle tell me why why why they didn't kick da LIEbs to da curb? who does he have pictures of fornicating with an animal i must wonder?

at any rate, this isn't about da LIEbs now is it?

it's about our environment and our future (if we have one)

Waxman Dethrones Dingell As Energy/Commerce Chairman
by Patrick O'Connor
WASHINGTON - California Rep. Henry A. Waxman on Thursday officially dethroned longtime Energy and Commerce Chairman John Dingell, upending a seniority system that has governed Democratic politics in the House for decades. In a secret ballot vote in the Cannon Caucus Room, House Democrats ratified an earlier decision by the Steering and Policy Committee to replace the 82-year-old Dingell with his 69-year-old rival. The vote was 137-122 in favor of Waxman.

The ascension of Waxman, a wily environmentalist, recasts a committee that Dingell has chaired since 1981 with an eye toward protecting the domestic auto industry in his native Michigan. The Energy and Commerce Committee has principal jurisdiction over many of President-elect Barack Obama's top legislative priorities, including energy, the environment and health care.

"Seniority is important, but it should not be a grant of property rights to be chairman for three decades or more," Waxman said after emerging from the caucus meeting.

Waxman's win is a big victory for environmentalists who want a more aggressive stance on global warming from the committee, and the vote showed the powerful hand of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a Waxman ally, even though she officially remained neutral in the race.

The ousting of the ultimate Old Bull - just three months before Dingell was set to become the longest-serving chairman in the House - is also a shot across the bow for other senior lawmakers who have enjoyed a comfortable and unchallenged ride in their chairmen's seats. ......

more on how we 'honor' our heroes

and i'm NEVER going to rest until we get justice for lavena johnson please read her story at that link or here
and sign the petition here to congressman waxman to get justice for lavena
she is but one of many. we cannot forget pfc nelson or pfc suarez or ANY of the brave men and women who died 'fighting for their country' in this (or any other for that matter) war. demand justice for ALL of our heroes. DEMAND THE TRUTH

New friendly fire coverup: Army shreds files on dead soldiers
Hours after Salon revealed evidence that two Americans were killed by a U.S. tank, not enemy fire, military officials destroyed papers on the men.

Editor's note: On Oct. 14, 2008, Salon published an article about the deaths of Army Pfc. Albert Nelson and Pfc. Roger Suarez. The Army attributed their deaths in Iraq in 2006 to enemy action; Salon's investigation, which included graphic battle video and eyewitness testimony, indicated that their deaths were likely due to friendly fire.

After Salon published Benjamin's Oct. 14 report, the Army ordered soldiers to shred documents about the men. As proof that they were ordered to destroy the paperwork, a soldier saved some examples and provided them to Salon.

By Mark Benjamin
Nov. 20, 2008 | FORT CARSON, Colo. -- Last month, Salon published a story reporting that U.S. Army Pfc. Albert Nelson and Pfc. Roger Suarez were killed by U.S. tank fire in Ramadi, Iraq, in late 2006, in an incident partially captured on video, but that an Army investigation instead blamed their deaths on enemy action. Now Salon has learned that documents relating to the two men were shredded hours after the story was published. Three soldiers at Fort Carson, Colo. — including two who were present in Ramadi during the friendly fire incident, one of them just feet from where Nelson and Suarez died — were ordered to shred two boxes full of documents about Nelson and Suarez. One of the soldiers preserved some of the documents as proof that the shredding occurred and provided them to Salon. All three soldiers, with the assistance of a U.S. senator's office, have since been relocated for their safety.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Oct. 14 was a long and eventful day at Fort Carson. The post had been in an uproar. The night before, Salon had published my article airing claims that two of the base's soldiers, Pfc. Albert Nelson and Pfc. Roger Suarez-Gonzalez, had been killed by friendly fire in Iraq on Dec. 4, 2006, but that the Army covered up the cause of death, attributing it to enemy action........

this video is hard to watch. be warned. it is nsfw either


there is very little to none. we think we're kings of the hill especially in places like some of the south american countries (yes, i personally know that is a continent consisting of countries). we've backed all sorts of mercenaries, terrorists, killers and 'defenders of justice' (who were nothing more than murderers themselves) for a long long long time. don't be fooled if you think we've stopped this kind of shite. we haven't. it's going on ALL over the world

links to the six stories i've posted on chiquita as an example

CIA Withheld Details On Downing, IG Says
Shooting in Peru Killed Missionary, Infant

Washington Post Staff Writer

An internal CIA probe has concluded that agency officials deliberately misled Congress, the White House and federal prosecutors about key details of the 2001 downing of an airplane carrying U.S. missionaries in Peru, according to a senior lawmaker who called yesterday for a new criminal inquiry into the case.

The agency's inspector general said CIA officers repeatedly ignored rules of engagement in a joint U.S.-Peruvian campaign to halt airborne drug smugglers, resulting in the downing of at least 10 other aircraft without proper warnings. Afterward, CIA managers concealed the problems from lawmakers and the Justice Department, the agency watchdog said.............

this is what i'm talking about

our new best friends over in libya. they're STILL terrorists. no two ways about it. they're STILL monsters. i don't care how much money they toss at us or at a teeny tiny fraction of those they wronged. i am a great proponent of talking. talking even with someone who may be our enemy if it will save lives. talk is one thing. being best buds and putting your arm around someone's shoulders is quite another matter indeed.

do not EVER forget not only WAS gaddafi a terrorist HE STILL THE HELL IS!

Forgotten In Libya's Dungeons
By Mohamed Eljahmi

Today, Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi, the son of Libyan Col. Moammar Gaddafi and the regime's point man in dealing with the United States, is scheduled to meet with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice at the State Department. The visit by Saif, who also heads the Gaddafi Foundation, will be the first trip to Washington by a member of Moammar Gaddafi's immediate family. Sadly, it comes as Libyan democratic dissidents suffer in the dungeons of his father, their plight ignored by the State Department.

After nearly five years of engagement with the United States, Gaddafi rules supreme in Libya and enjoys renewed legitimacy at home and abroad. The United States, which in 2006 removed Libya from its list of state sponsors of terrorism, has failed to push consistently for meaningful reform. Libya has no domestic opposition worthy of the name. There are no domestic constraints to keep Gaddafi from reverting to his old ways. Dissidents continue to disappear, and the death squads organized by Gaddafi's Revolutionary Committees remain a terrorizing force within Libyan society...

Thursday, November 20, 2008

thank you

alternet and thinkprogress for bringing this to the nation's attention! it's important because after all, mr o'wrongly is NEVER wrong nor does he EVER lie

Bill O'Reilly Defeated: Surrenders to the 'War on Christmas'
Posted by Satyam Khanna, Think Progress
Bill O'Reilly isn't practicing what he preaches.
For years, Bill O’Reilly has been ranting about an alleged "War on Christmas," claiming liberals are unjustly replacing "Christmas" festivities with "Holiday" festivities. News Hounds notes that O’Reilly isn't practicing what he preaches, as he is showing off a "holiday reading list" on his website:

you go louisiana!

let's take back our rights.....

now if all other states would follow suit. it goes well beyond bbi though. governments have been illegally spying on citizens as well. i'm all for surveillance as long as it is legal (you know going before a judge and getting a warrant because the request actually just might be justified and all..)

Louisiana Court to BBI Spies: Testify or Else

A ruling by a Louisiana court could shed further light on the shadowy work of Beckett Brown International (BBI), the now defunct private security and investigations firm that spied on Greenpeace and other targets on behalf of corporate clients.

On Monday, state appeals court judge Kent Savoie ordered two of the firm's former officials, Tim Ward and Jay Bly, to testify or face potential contempt charges in a case related to a massive spill of ethylene dichloride in Lake Charles, Louisiana by chemical manufacturer Condea Vista. Working for Condea in the late 1990s, BBI mounted a wide-ranging operation to gather intelligence on the company's opponents, including local activists and lawyers suing the chemical maker on behalf of clients harmed during the cleanup of the 1994 spill. In addition to tailing activists and obtaining the phone records of Condea opponents, BBI installed a mole inside a Lake Charles environmental group to report inside information about the organization's strategy and campaigns.

Up until now, Ward and Bly have balked at testifying about their work for Condea, both citing a Maryland statute that protects private investigators from disclosing their clients and operations.

At the hearing, Tom Filo, a Lake Charles attorney targeted by BBI, testified that in 2006 he got a call from John Dodd, a onetime investor in the security firm, who said he had discovered documents from Filo’s law firm among BBI's files. These confidential documents included medical information about plaintiffs, correspondence related to fees among attorneys, and unfiled legal documents. Filo has contended that these documents were stolen from his offices.........

thursday humor

although to him (hannity) it's NOT a joke (i don't think. unless he has one HELL of a sense of humor)

(and if i were a parent i wouldn't ban my children from seeing miley because her father is an asswhip. i'd ban them from seeing her because she's pre-packaged and talent-less )

Billy Ray Cyrus, Others, To Perform At Hannity 'Freedom' Concerts

Jason Linkins

So, it's come to my attention that Sean Hannity is sponsoring a series of "Freedom Concerts," tickets for which would make "perfect Christmas gifts," apparently, for everyone on your Christmas list of whom you have a low opinion. Billy Ray Cyrus will headline these events, and will be supported by country music legends The Charlie Daniels Band, Christian-contemporary performer Michael W. Smith, sun-ripened beef jerky husk Lee Greenwood, and Oliver North, who will, I guess, be playing a Moog accompaniment to "the Whitey tape." The concerts are in support of...freedom? I guess? Though probably the "supplies are limited some restrictions apply void where prohibited (cf. Prop 8 for further details)" brand of "freedom."

Naturally, one wonders about whether Billy Ray Cyrus' decision to join up on this tour might negatively impact the career of daughter Miley Cyrus, who's more positioned as a global brand, and who produces spastic and apolitical pop marm. Might Billy Ray's actions alienate a significant portion of Miley's fanbase?...........

giant f**kwad

smug son of a thousand bitches. look at his face! he is NOT sorry for one second. do i blame him? HELL NO, i blame the DEMOCRATS for that piece o' steamin' shite that is known as da LIEbs

i am by NO means

sticking up for these guys. i know if i met them i wouldn't like them. they're NOT my kind o' peeps. i know this article is 100% on point. the big three auto makers (of the good ol' white boy network mind you) made a GIANT mistake by flying those (separate) corporate jets to dc. however, why are we singling THEM out? why didn't we put up a BIG STINK on some of the OTHER companies we actually DID 'bail out' (although the bail out doesn't seem to be working now does it)? why not bring THEIR asses out front and ask THEM some embarrassing questions. such as what type of bonuses do the execs get? what sort of perks do they get? what sorts of trips and parties are you going to plan within ahhhhhhhhhh lets say two months of us giving you billions and billions of dollars? what the government did was wrong. they put money into the hands of the WRONG people and organizations. joe and josette six pack are STILL suffering and will continue to do so. i don't even know how i feel about bailing out the auto industry. i know we've ALREADY made way too many mistakes though

Auto Execs Fly Corporate Jets to D.C., Tin Cups in Hand
By Dana Milbank
There are 24 daily nonstop flights from Detroit to the Washington area. Richard Wagoner, Alan Mulally and Robert Nardelli probably should have taken one of them. Instead, the chief executives of the Big Three automakers opted to fly their company jets to the capital for their hearings this week before the Senate and House -- an ill-timed display of corporate excess for a trio of executives begging for an additional $25 billion from the public trough this week.

"There's a delicious irony in seeing private luxury jets flying into Washington, D.C., and people coming off of them with tin cups in their hands," Rep. Gary L. Ackerman (D-N.Y.) advised the pampered executives at a hearing yesterday. "It's almost like seeing a guy show up at the soup kitchen in high-hat and tuxedo. . . . I mean, couldn't you all have downgraded to first class or jet-pooled or something to get here?" ..............

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

i have posted about

chiquita many times in the past. this disturbs me a GREAT DEAL

remember, chiquita SUPPORTED TERRORISTS (terrorists who KILLED other people.) remember, chiquita got a SLAP ON THE WRIST

no, my second disagreement with barack obama is eric holder.

Obama goes Bananas...

Apparently, Eric Holder has been nominated as US AG in the Obama administration. This is a sad choice, when so many far more capable people, who don't represent corporate terrorism, should have been considered instead. Holder accepted Obama's offer today.

We all know that Holder helped pardon Marc Rich and after, feeling so badly about it, declared he was done with public service for good.

What bothers me more about Holder is his most recent client, Chiquita Brands, which paid right-wing terrorists and death-squads in Columbia off as part of a protection racket. Chiquita settled with the US government for this and other ongoing human rights violations. Apparently feeling so guilty after the Rich pardon - so much so, that Holder contemplated never going into public service again - he instead represented a corporation funding terrorists in order to turn a buck. Nice, eh?.......

chiquita story 1
chiquita story 2
chiquita story 3
chiquita story 4
chiquita story 5

sad but true

a listing of evil brought to us by editor and publisher

i posted a link (yesterday) to a story about one of our (connecticut's) local police departments use and spread of a lie-filled email (on barack obama)

UPDATED: Chilling Reports by Students: Classmates With Guns Talk of Shooting Obama -- And Racism in Wasilla, Alaska
By Greg Mitchell

NEW YORK Here at E&P, starting over a week ago, we have been chronicling local anti-Obama incidents, many far from the national spotlight, usually involving racist attacks of a verbal, physical or even criminal nature. We are following this largely from the Web pages of smaller daily or weekly newspapers.

A few days ago, the Associated Press and some other news outlets picked up on the disturbing. But at Editor & Publisher we are still receiving tips and personal accounts every day, often from small towns in both red and blue states.

Just this morning, for example, the Mount Desert Islander weekly in Maine reported that a third effigy of a black man had been found hanging from a tree in the area since the election. This was was in Somesville, following reports of others in Tremont and Bar Harbort. The paper observes: "State police also are investigating the incidents, which are believed to be in response to the election of Sen. Barack Obama as president.".........

and a lil' example:
............From AP today comes this from Milwaukee: "Some local firefighters unions are calling for the resignation of the state union president over a racist comment regarding President-elect Barack Obama.

"Professional Fire Fighters of Wisconsin Local 311 president Joe Conway in Madison says Rick Gale admitted using a racial slur the day after Obama was elected as the first African-American president of the United States. The PFFW executive board adopted a motion calling for an apology, education and counseling at a special meeting Saturday in Fond du Lac called on the incident.

"Gale has agreed to issue a written apology to union members."..............

once again:

will they ever find justice?

i don't know. the king george administration is certainly guilty of outing a covert cia agent (and that is tantamount to treason is it not? didn't the king PROMISE to root out who was responsible for this and make them pay? kind of hard when YOU are in on it as well, n'est pas?)

Plame, Wilson to take CIA leak lawsuit to Supreme Court
Nick Cargo
Former CIA operative Valerie Plame Wilson and her husband, former ambassador Joseph Wilson, plan to take their civil lawsuit against Bush administration officials to the Supreme Court after a federal circuit court refused to rehear the case on Monday.

Wilson v. Cheney, filed in 2006, charges that Bush administration officials such as Vice President Cheney, and aides Karl Rove and I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, violated Plame's constitutional rights in allegedly engineering the outing Plame, who was undercover at the time, as retaliation against her husband, an Iraq war critic, who had been sent to Niger in 2002 to investigate the possible sale of yellowcake uranium to Iraq. While Wilson reported back that such sales were unlikely to have taken place, President Bush asserted to the contrary in his 2003 State of the Union address, prompting Wilson to speak out publicly in a July 6, 2003 New York Times piece entitled "What I Didn't Find in Africa." ......

hmmmmmmm looks like buddy cianci doesn't win in alaska

(if you don't know who buddy cianci is, look him up)
why was the "first count" (i put it in quotes because obviously there was NO count prior to THIS ONE)

from the brad blog
Earlier Today: Felonious Senator Says Will Not Ask Bush for Pardon, Still Has 'Faith' He's Going to Win Re-Election...
UPDATE: AP calls race for Begich...
Mark Begich, the Democratic Anchorage mayor, has defeated Sen. Ted Stevens in a closely contested, see-saw race for the United States Senate, according to Associated Press projections.

The Division of Elections has almost concluded an initial count of absentee, early in-person and questioned ballots Tuesday. That, coupled with the numbers culled from Election Day, gave Begich a 3,724-vote lead over Stevens, the 40-year Republican incumbent, with about 2,500 ballots left to count.

and from the wapo
Ted Stevens Loses Battle For Alaska Senate Seat
Washington Post Staff Writer

Anchorage Mayor Mark Begich (D) defeated Sen. Ted Stevens, ending the tenure of the longest-serving Republican in Senate history, after the counting of more ballots yesterday gave him a larger lead than the number of votes still untallied, Alaska elections officials said.

Begich's win gives Democrats control of 58 seats in the Senate, including two independents who caucus with them. That is two shy of the number needed to prevent Republicans from filibustering, with two races still undecided. Democrats have not controlled 60 seats since 1978.

Begich leads Stevens by more than 3,700 votes, according to the Alaska secretary of state. Gail Fenumiai, the head of the state's election division, said about 2,500 absentee votes from overseas and Alaska's most remote regions remain to be counted...........

why are we allowing

our own selves to KILL our own selves? the proof is on the table. pollution is killing our earth and in turn killing us. do we really need an oil refinery next to yellowstone? aren't there BETTER and CLEANER ways to power our country and the rest of the world (the answer my dears is OF COURSE there are but the good ol' white boy network hasn't let it happened. looks like the good ol' white boy network is gonna start getting some cracks in the vase though - oh and hell yeah i'm smilin')

you know you read something like this and it's like a knife to your heart. how can they even propose such a thing much less APPROVE IT?

EPA Moves to Ease Air Rules for Parks

Regional Administrators Decry Decision

Washington Post Staff Writer

The Environmental Protection Agency is finalizing new air-quality rules that would make it easier to build coal-fired power plants, oil refineries and other major polluters near national parks and wilderness areas, even though half of the EPA's 10 regional administrators formally dissented from the decision and four others criticized the move in writing.

Documents obtained by The Washington Post show that the administration's push to weaken Clean Air Act protections for "Class 1 areas" nationwide has sparked fierce resistance from senior agency officials. All but two of the regional administrators objecting to the proposed rule are political appointees.

The proposal would change the practice of measuring pollution levels near national parks, which is currently done over three-hour and 24-hour increments to capture emission spikes during periods of peak energy demand; instead, the levels would be averaged over a year. Under this system, spikes in pollution would no longer violate the law..........

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

the nutmeg grater: #1 ) i am shocked

the nutmeg grater: #1 ) i am shocked

i'm again disagreeing with barack obama

he's NOT going to charge king george and his court for their crimes against humanity, their crimes against the citizens of the united states of america, their crimes of sedition. the victims of hurricane katrina are STILL suffering. our kids are not getting the education they MUST have in order to be a upstanding citizen of the world. our citizens are NOT getting health coverage and medical care. our citizens are NOT eating properly. our citizens are having their homes torn away from them. our citizens are being spied upon WITHOUT proper warrents. oh come on now on and on and on. it's ONLY the tip of the iceburg here.

and yet when we have PROOF BILLIONS of dollars (how many united states familes would those billions help??????) are being stolen in iraq (not even going to touch on pakistan here OR afghanistan) at the direct control of our fearless (because he's brainless) leader, king george - not only will NOTHING be done, but some peeps actually STILL THINK HE'S COOL

what the fuck

Premier of Iraq Is Quietly Firing Fraud Monitors
BAGHDAD — The government of Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki is systematically dismissing Iraqi oversight officials, who were installed to fight corruption in Iraqi ministries by order of the American occupation administration, which had hoped to bring Western standards of accountability to the notoriously opaque and graft-ridden bureaucracy here.The dismissals, which were confirmed by senior Iraqi and American government officials on Sunday and Monday, have come as estimates of official Iraqi corruption have soared. One Iraqi former chief investigator recently testified before Congress that $13 billion in reconstruction funds from the United States had been lost to fraud, embezzlement, theft and waste by Iraqi government officials.

The moves have not been publicly announced by Mr. Maliki’s government, but word of them has begun to circulate through the layers of Iraqi bureaucracy as Parliament prepares to vote on a long-awaited security agreement. .......

let's go get our damn equal rights! c'mon

liked her before - LOVE her now

(found via feministing)

i'll NEVER be able to look at another

piece of work helen mirren does now. no more re-watching or watching anew her (quite impressive) body of work. can't do it

i'm shocked, stunned and appalled

Helen Mirren: Please stop talking about rape
'm going to echo Kate's sentiments and ask Helen Mirren - for the love of all things good - to stop talking about rape.

Back in September the actress said in an interview that she didn't think that women should bring date rape cases to court and now she's said that female jurors on rape cases are "sexually jealous" of the victims. Seriously.

"Whether in a deep-seated animalistic way, going back billions of years, or from a sense of tribal jealousy or just antagonism, I don't know.

...But other women on a rape case would say she was asking for it. The only reason I can think of is that they're sexually jealous."...........

you have to see it to believe it

honest to goddess peacekeeping chickens (found via boing boing)

here's another giant asswipe

well john at americablog says it all in a few words:

Catholic cardinal of Baltimore calls Obama "aggressive, disruptive and apocalyptic"

John Aravosis (DC) ·
Clearly, Obama doesn't know his place.

You have to listen to this, especially when he talks about Obama's "clenched jaw" like it's the mark of the anti-Christ. Why do so many religions have to be run by such angry people..........

now here are MY words. let me get this straight, it's OK to kill tens of thousands of people in foreign lands. it's ok to allow 4,200 (plus) of OUR men and women by sending them into unjustifiable combat? it's ok to think it's a sin teaching contraception to people in overcrowded places like india or to people in countries with high instances of hiv? hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, but it's NOT ok to think it's ok for a woman to decide if she wants to bear a child or not? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm again

the nutmeg grater: if this is true, it's a sad day indeed

the nutmeg grater: if this is true, it's a sad day indeed

this my dears is a VERY telling story

let's say we BELIEVED them at the time. we (some of us that is) believed king george and his court that iraq had wmd didn't we? and then some of us (some NEVER learn their lessons do they?) believed king george when he said iran was making zillions of weapons and just TOSSIN' 'EM across to the iraqis like beads from a balcony at mardi gras.

i must sit here and wonder though, we sort of know how many actual weapons of iran the iraqis have. i wonder how many of the weapons of let's say BLACKWATER they have? think on that why don't cha

(note: i do NOT like iran. well the powers that be of iran. don't get me wrong. i'm NOT sticking up for them.. i'm pointing out the lies of our OWN king and his court. lies people continue to support and believe. WAKE UP MY PEEPS)

POLITICS: U.S. Task Force Found Few Iranian Arms in Iraq
By Gareth Porter*

WASHINGTON, Nov 15 (IPS) - Last April, top George W. Bush administration officials, desperate to exploit any possible crack in the close relationship between the Nouri al-Maliki government and Iran, launched a new round of charges that Iran had stepped up covert arms assistance to Shi'a militias.

Secretary of Defence Robert M. Gates suggested that there was "some sense of an increased level of [Iranian] supply of weapons and support to these groups." And Washington Post reporter Karen DeYoung was told by military officials that the "plentiful, high quality weaponry" the militia was then using in Basra was "recently manufactured in Iran".

But a U.S. military task force had been passing on data to the Multi-National Force Iraq (MNFI) command that told a very different story. The data collected by the task force in the previous six weeks showed that relatively few of the weapons found in Shi'a militia caches were manufactured in Iran.

According to the data compiled by the task force, and made available to an academic research project last July, only 70 weapons believed to have been manufactured in Iran had been found in post-invasion weapons caches between mid-February and the second week in April. And those weapons represented only 17 percent of the weapons found in caches that had any Iranian weapons in them during that period.

The actual proportion of Iranian-made weapons to total weapons found, however, was significantly lower than that, because the task force was finding many more weapons caches in Shi'a areas that did not have any Iranian weapons in them.

The task force database identified 98 caches over the five-month period with at least one Iranian weapon, excluding caches believed to have been hidden prior to the 2003 U.S. invasion. ...........

i guess they're NOT

focusing on their OWN families ARE THEY? (pieces of steamin' shite). because it's MORE important to intrude into everyone else's lives before taking care of their own. it's more important to instill hate and fear and misinformation to the public than act like the 'christians' (their word not mine) they claim to be (wwjd?)

while i don't wish ill on anyone (even that pile, dobson) the slow dissolution of this hate filled organization gives me great pleasure indeed

More layoffs at Focus on the Family

Ministry spent more than $500,000 to pass California's Prop. 8 gay marriage ban

By Cara Degette
UPDATE: Focus on the Family announced this afternoon that 202 jobs will be cut companywide — an estimated 20 percent of its workforce. Initial reports bring the total number of remaining employees to around 950.

Focus on the Family is poised to announce major layoffs to its Colorado Springs-based ministry and media empire today. The cutbacks come just weeks after the group pumped more than half a million dollars into the successful effort to pass a gay-marriage ban in California.

Critics are holding up the layoffs, which come just two months after the organization’s last round of dismissals, as a sad commentary on the true priorities of the ministry.

“If I were their membership I would be appalled,” said Mark Lewis, a longtime Colorado Springs activist who helped organize a Proposition 8 protest in Colorado Springs on Saturday. “That [Focus on the Family] would spend any money on anything that’s obviously going to get blocked in the courts is just sad. [Prop. 8] is guaranteed to lose, in the long run it doesn’t have a chance — it’s just a waste of money.”

In all, Focus pumped $539,000 in cash and another $83,000 worth of non-monetary support into the measure to overturn a California Supreme Court ruling that allowed gays and lesbians to marry in that state. The group was the seventh-largest donor to the effort in the country. The cash contributions are equal to the salaries of 19 Coloradans earning the 2008 per capita income of $29,133.

In addition Elsa Prince, the auto parts heiress and longtime funder of conservative social causes who sits on the Focus on the Family board, contributed another $450,000 to Prop. 8....


that's the price of gas

iraq veterans against the war thinks it is. oh, i do too.

how ANYONE can still attempt to justify our invasion of that country is unfathomable. it was a crime, it was unjust, immoral and illegal. we've not only killed thousands or been responsible for them being killed but we've displaced many more. we've destroyed an entire country. WE that's right WE are responsible for al-qaeda being in iraq. THEY WERE NOT THERE BEFORE WE DECIDED TO 'LIBERATE' the country.

Anti-war veterans deploy 4,171 toy soldiers at gas station
David Edwards and Muriel Kane
In a daring guerrilla raid earlier this fall, members of the Los Angeles chapter of Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) infiltrated a local gas station to deploy a battalion of 4171 toy soldiers, together with a sign reading, "Price of Gas: 4171 U.S. Soldiers."

The project was initiated by designer Andrew Wilcox, who served as art director, and photographer and former marine Jonas Lara. According to Wilcox, it also involved "6 Iraq War Veterans who wish to remain anonymous."

A video of the action, carried out in the early morning hours of October 11, has now been posted on YouTube and Digg and featured at the IVAW website and on several blogs............

*of course the number NOW is 4,201

Monday, November 17, 2008

i have NO idea what the heck i was looking for

when i came across THIS from darryl at your new reality

wow............you MUST read his entire post cause you're not going to believe who he compares barack obama to (in a GOOD way. and it's someone who's work i admire but i must admit i know very little of his personal life or beliefs)

wow again

Obama's Advice To Eight Year Old Girl : Look Up "Empathy" In The Dictionary, Learn It, Love It, Live It
Barack Obama gets a letter from a girl in Missouri, offering advice on what dog he should get for his daughters, and he replies with a cascade of advice "to make your life better."

Some excerpts of the letter the now President Obama (the January innauguration is the celebration, Obama is already be in power) put his name to only days before he won the
election :

"I am impressed with your interest in politics, especially at your young age. I appreciate your idea to make a law requiring people to recycle and to ban unnecessary wars.”

“Look out for other people, even when it does not directly benefit you; strive to make a difference everywhere you go; and get back up every time you are knocked down.”

“Creating change and making the world better is not always easy, and you will probably find in your life that it is more comfortable to ignore injustices that don’t affect you directly. Don’t take that comfortable road. Challenge yourself to make a difference.”.........

i'm NOT kidding, please click the link. you MUST READ the rest of his posting

this is fascinating

i like a good mystery too. of course this is one i'll never solve.

it seems to me, i met a mapmaker once in my travels. i seem to recall the mapmaker was a she as well. other than that, i don't recall much about the meeting except she was interesting

16th-Century Mapmaker's Intriguing Knowledge
By David Brown
Washington Post Staff Writer
How was it that a German priest writing in Latin and living in a French city far from the coast became the first person to tell the world that a vast ocean lay to the west of the American continents?
That is one of the bigger mysteries in the history of the Renaissance.

But it is not the only one involving Martin Waldseemueller, a map-making cleric whose own story is sufficiently obscure that his birth and death dates aren't known for certain.

Waldseemueller appears to have also known something about the contours of South America's west coast years before Vasco Núñez de Balboa crossed the Isthmus of Panama and Ferdinand Magellan sailed around the bottom of the continent. History books record them as the first Europeans to bring back knowledge of the Pacific Ocean. ........


The “Daily Show” Mocks the Story That Fear of President-Elect Obama Is Driving Assault Weapon and Gun Sales — Blames Right-Wing Media For Stoking Fear

the gun guys direct us to jon stewart's take

because i really DO

like dick cavett i HAD to post this

The Wild Wordsmith of Wasilla
Dick Cavett

............................What on earth are our underpaid teachers, laboring in the vineyards of education, supposed to tell students about the following sentence, committed by the serial syntax-killer from Wasilla High and gleaned by my colleague Maureen Dowd for preservation for those who ask, “How was it she talked?”

My concern has been the atrocities there in Darfur and the relevance to me with that issue as we spoke about Africa and some of the countries there that were kind of the people succumbing to the dictators and the corruption of some collapsed governments on the continent, the relevance was Alaska’s investment in Darfur with some of our permanent fund dollars.

And, she concluded, “never, ever did I talk about, well, gee, is it a country or a continent, I just don’t know about this issue.”

It’s admittedly a rare gift to produce a paragraph in which whole clumps of words could be removed without noticeably affecting the sense, if any....................

this would be funny

if it wasn't so very sad

Laura Bush elaborates on Michelle Obama’s White House tour: ‘I showed her the closets.’»

it's marshall crenshaw monday

marshall crenshaw

it's NOT surprising to me

how little blame (from the msm) is being placed at the feet of king george and his court on the us economy. OR for that matter, ANY DAMN THING ELSE. the man has ripped up, stomped on and spit on OUR constitution and many many many don't seem to care. if republicans believe in LESS government, how could they let this happen? a dictatorship i mean. 'splain it to me lucy

Predictable Disaster of George W. Bush
By Robert Parry
In his trademark goofy way, George W. Bush explained why he supported a bailout of the U.S. financial markets, saying he was “a free-market person, until you're told that if you don't take decisive measures then it's conceivable that our country could go into a depression greater than the Great Depression.”

So, with a smirk on his face, President Bush explained the predicament that the United States and the world face after eight years of his incompetence and mismanagement – teetering on the edge of a catastrophe “greater than the Great Depression.”

Yet what is remarkable about American news coverage of this extraordinary moment – and Bush’s strangely light-hearted comment at the end of the Nov. 15 global economic summit – is how little blame is being laid specifically at Bush’s door.

In a pattern typical of the preceding eight years, major U.S. journalists are focusing on almost everything else – from Sarah Palin’s political future to what President-elect Barack Obama should do after he’s inaugurated in two months – not the lessons that should be learned from Bush’s disastrous presidency.

An example was Tom Brokaw’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday, which addressed the financial and energy crises with nary a negative word spoken about Bush.

It was as if everyone else was responsible for the nation’s troubles, from unions and auto executives to Congress and Obama (for not providing immediate answers). Just not the person who is still in charge and who was chiefly responsible for taking the United States from an era of peace, prosperity and budget surpluses to the precipice of endless war, economic devastation and national bankruptcy..........

Sunday, November 16, 2008

john at americablog

points us to this kick-ass BURNING CROSS you can put on your lawn or porch or roof or wherever. PERFECT for the holiday season from, you guessed it, OUR GOOD BUDS AT the american 'family' association (which i simply cannot and will not link to but john does. he tells us to check out the copy on the ad for this cross. he's right you DO have to check it out!)

stunned, shocked, sickened

un effing believable

from what this sounds like, he didn't have to submit too much (if ANY) proof of his 'history of sleepwalking'. seems like a DAMN GOOD DEFENSE TO ME. i raped her BECAUSE I WAS SLEEPWALKING. IT WAS THE FIRST TIME EVER, BUT STILL, I WAS SLEEPWALKING

How could the man who 'raped' me be cleared because he was sleepwalking?
By Olinka Koster

A rape victim has hit out at the law after the man accused of attacking her was cleared because he was sleepwalking.

Jane McKenna, 33, was asleep at home when a friend's husband, who had been a guest at a barbecue, walked into the bedroom and started having sex with her.

Jason Jeal, a 37-year-old roofer with no medical history of sleepwalking, admitted sex had taken place. But he was cleared of rape after he insisted he had been asleep and had no idea what he was doing.

Mrs McKenna, a middle-class mother of one whose husband holds a respectable full-time position, said the acquittal in June had left her feeling 'shocked and degraded'.

Last night, she waived her right to anonymity to highlight her concern that attackers will increasingly use the defence that they were asleep. She has already gained the support of MPs and campaigners who argue the sleepwalking defence 'defies common sense'.

Speaking at her smartly-decorated terraced home in Hampshire, she said: 'When I found out this man had been acquitted, I cried my heart out and my husband was devastated. ......

why is it i feel i have to jump into

the shower? i feel dirty and sick and cold

why is caring about OUR earth not a 'republican principle'? holy shite i really DO feel sick inside. i'm not even kidding. putting caring about everything ELSE aside (just for the hell of it). why NOT believe in taking care of OUR earth? why ignore all the warning signs of global warming? why pretend THEY DON'T EXIST? i'm at a loss here. i'm in the state of shock and disbelief - there are people running around who are allegedly 'intelligent' AND 'human beings' who say shite like this

GOP senator: McCain betrayed Republican principles


MYRTLE BEACH, South Carolina (CNN) – South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint on Friday became one of the first high-profile Republicans to publicly criticize John McCain following his electoral defeat, blaming the Arizona senator for betraying conservative principles in his quest for the White House.

The conservative senator, speaking to a group of GOP officials gathered in Myrtle Beach at a conference on the future of the Republican Party, described how the party had strayed from its own "brand," which, according to DeMint, should represent freedom, religious-based values and limited government............

.................."McCain, who is proponent of campaign finance reform that weakened party organizations and basically put George Soros in the driver's seat," DeMint said. "His proposal for amnesty for illegals. His support of global warming, cap-and-trade programs that will put another burden on our economy. And of course, his embrace of the bailout right before the election was probably the nail in our coffin this last election. And he has been an opponent of drilling in ANWR, at a time when energy is so important. It really didn't fit the label, but he was our package."................

oh and here's the steamin' pile's voting record. don't look at it on an empty OR full stomach