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Saturday, November 21, 2009


FroliCat BOLT: A Laser Lightshow For Cats

Yay, two laser posts in a row! The $17 FroliCat BOLT is an award winning laser lightshow for cats with owners who are too lazy to wave a laser pointer around or have lost the use of their limbs.

Simply turn it on and projects a red dot and moves it in random patterns for 15 minutes, or until your cat (or dog, or baby) realizes what's going on and attacks the gadget itself...........

those damn 'the gays' again!

Utah lawmaker claims he doesn’t ‘mind’ gays, but ‘I don’t want ‘em stuffing it down my throat all the time.’

Earlier this month, the Church of Latter Day Saints made headlines when it threw its support behind a measure in Salt Lake City that barred “landlords and employers from discriminating based on sexuality,” making it the first city in Utah to adopt the gay rights measure......

............However, while explaining his opposition to allowing same-sex couples to adopt children, he told the press that while he doesn’t “mind” gays, he doesn’t want them “stuffing it down [his] throat all the time“:

BUTTARS: I meet with the gays here and there. They were in my house two weeks ago. I don’t mind gays. But I don’t want ‘em stuffing it down my throat all the time. Certainly not in my kid’s face............

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spot on

The Best Paragraph Written About Sarah Palin's "Going Rogue"

Posted by Joshua Holland, AlterNet

I'm giving the nod to va, at Whiskey Fire:

The most unbelievable thing about Going Rogue, by the author-function "Sarah Palin," is that it's supposed to be self-serving. The problem a self-serving narrative about Sarah Palin confronts is that it's about Sarah Palin, whose entire life, it appears, consists of worse and worse attempts to create self-serving narratives explaining away bigger and bigger fuck-ups. Going Rogue's burden is that it must claim to be the definitive, encyclopedic explanation, the final excuse, for a long history of failure begat by failure; it's an epic of failure, if you will, and if the goal here is some kind of ultimate vindication, well, it is monumentally unsuccessful. Going Rogue is, at bottom, the story of every one of Sarah Palin's projects ending in grotesque catastrophe; it is only self-serving in the sense that these catastrophes either prove benign or turn out to be some other schlub's fault. If everything I knew about Sarah Palin came from this book (and basically it does), I would say her life has been like a play in which a deus-ex-machina descends at the end of every act to bestow peace and harmony, except the deus forgot to put on pants and everyone's just standing around going "uhhhh..." and then the lights go out and the scene changes.......................

faux 'news' - ya gotta love 'em

i happen to be one of the only non-asians in the cosmos

to actually LIKE natto. granted it's like beans mixed with spiderwebs and granted IT STINKS (literally). for some reason I LIKE IT

Taste Test: natto, gooey fermented soy beans

Lisa Katayama

In Japan, we eat soy all the time. For breakfast we have rice with natto and miso soup with tofu; for dinner we pop edamame into our mouths in between chopsticks-full of vegetables sauteed in soy sauce. I always assumed it was good for you, until I came to California and my health-conscious American friend told me that soy was actually really bad for you. So which is it?

Here's what we know about soy: unprocessed, it's a great source of digestible protein and has tons of vitamin B, calcium, and folate — all things that are good for you. It also contains isoflavones, and here's where things get tricky. Some studies prove that isoflavones are beneficial, while others have shown that it promotes breast and prostate cancer. Soy has also been called out as an agent of brain cell aging and thyroid dysfunction, too.

In her recent book The Jungle Effect, San Francisco-based physician Daphne Miller — who studied low cancer rates in Okinawa extensively — writes:......................

top pic from welcome to natto land

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uh oh, FAIL!!!



Japanese researchers film rare baby fish 'fossil'

here's a big 'un

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i'm not a big fan of soccer

nor are we as americans anywhere near the fans eurorpeans, asians, south americans, africans and everyone else in the world is. i hang at the half door an irish pub. i know how popular soccer is with everyone ELSE but americans (seems when world cup time comes around everyone hangs at the half door, no just the irish). the crowds that gather for some of the bigger games are unbelievable. i know how rabid these fans are. i know how seriously they take their games AND their teams.

this my dears is NOT going to sit well with them

in all seriousness though, gambling is EVERYWHERE. it's a disease (in my most humble opinion). i've seen what it can do to people, to families.

Raids Expose Soccer Fixing Across Europe


BOCHUM, Germany — European law-enforcement officials said Friday that they had arrested the leaders of a far-reaching gambling cartel that is thought to have conspired to influence the outcome of 200 soccer games in nine countries across the continent.

Announcing that 17 people had been arrested — 15 in Germany and 2 in Switzerland — prosecutors said they might have uncovered only the tip of a scandal in which gamblers are accused of bribing players, officials and trainers. The police said they seized more than a million euros (about $1.48 million) in cash and other assets after more than 50 raids Thursday in Germany, Britain, Switzerland and Austria.

Among the games under suspicion are three in the Champions League, the prestigious tournament for Europe’s best teams.

“Without question, this is the biggest betting scandal in the history of European soccer,” said Peter Limacher, the head of discipline for European soccer’s governing body..........

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i don't care what kind of 'skeptic' you are

i don't care what you believe or don't believe. i could give a flying f**k. i'm not going to be pc here. if you don't believe we humans are responsible for effing up the earth, you're not only a fool, but you're a giant stupid weenie head.

there is NO such thing as intelligent design
there will be NO rapture
jesus doesn't love YOU and condemn everyone else for THEIR beliefs
and we better the hell start cleaning up our act globally BEFORE IT'S TOO FUCKING LATE

Hackers steal electronic data from top climate research center
Scientists' e-mails deriding skeptics of warming become public

Washington Post Staff Writer

Hackers broke into the electronic files of one of the world's foremost climate research centers this week and posted an array of e-mails in which prominent scientists engaged in a blunt discussion of global warming research and disparaged climate-change skeptics.

The skeptics have seized upon e-mails stolen from the Climatic Research Unit of the University of East Anglia in Britain as evidence that scientific data have been rigged to make it appear as if humans are causing global warming. The researchers, however, say the e-mails have been taken out of context and merely reflect an honest exchange of ideas.

University officials confirmed the data breach, which involves more than 1,000 e-mails and 3,000 documents, but said they could not say how many of the stolen items were authentic.............

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Friday, November 20, 2009

and your little dog too!


her dad must be SO proud



of course i'm torn about zoos and aquariums. a tiny part of me knows a lot of animals would no longer exist if it weren't for zoos. the bigger part of me still hates the idea of cages no matter how big they are

Kuroshio Sea - 2nd largest aquarium tank in the world - (song is Please don't go by Barcelona) from Jon Rawlinson on Vimeo.


hello hello

is this the party to whom i am speaking?


this video is a SCREAM

because the two sarevil fans aren't anywhere near the most articulate creatures we've ever come across


faux 'news'

they may say they're fair and balanced (of course they're not) but they NEVER say their honest

Again: Fox News uses old footage, makes Palin book tour look bigger

By Daniel Tencer

Fox News was barely done licking its wounds from last week's embarrassing revelations that it had used old footage to make a Tea Party protest look bigger than it was, and now the network stands accused of doing the same thing again.

During a Happening Now segment Wednesday, anchor Gregg Jarrett described "huge crowds" showing up to a Sarah Palin book tour event, and showed footage he described as "just coming in to us now" showing the former Alaska governor surrounded by adoring crowds.

But, as Faiz Shakir at ThinkProgress reported, the images the network ran "appeared to be old file footage of Palin rallies from the 2008 presidential campaign."........

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

if you have a kindle

amazon most likely sent you an email. you can now read your kindle books on your pc as well as synchronizing them up with your device and stuff.

i don't know the full details. i downloaded the application (only took a few moments) and it seems fairly easy. i was able to access all my books. i haven't d/l them to my laptop though. no need right this second

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i live in connecticut

i remember when the supreme court kicked out a whole neighborhood (condemed it) and bulldozed their homes. i was outraged then. why? were the homes rat infested filth huts? nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. big-bidnez pfizer WANTED to build there. they got their wish all right.

except they're closing up shop and moving. all those people got fucked. our laws MUST change

Eminent Domain Outrage in Connecticut: Pharmaceutical Giant Pfizer to Leave New London, Site of Major Housing Battle

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this leaves me speechless

Maricopa deputy steals defender's paperwork during a court case
Cory Doctorow

Tom sends us video of a Maricopa County Sheriff's Deputy named Adam Stoddard stealing a public defender's paperwork, during a court proceeding, in front of the court's security camera. Tom adds, "The local news clip is really worth seeing, if only for the reporter's incredulous lead-in: 'The Maricopa County Sheriff's office backing one of its deputies after he takes away a lawyer's paperwork in court.' If you live in Arizona you're subject to the daily outrage from Sheriff Joe Arpaio. It's a bit like Philadelphia during the Rizzo years.".................

Judge orders officer to apologize or face jail for taking attorney’s file

By Nick R. Martin

If he doesn’t make a grand public apology to a defense attorney soon, a Maricopa County detention officer could find himself inside a jail cell rather than tending them.

A Maricopa County judge on Tuesday ordered detention officer Adam Stoddard to hold a news conference and publicly apologize for swiping a document from a defense attorney’s file behind her back last month in an incident caught on courtroom videotape. If the Maricopa County Sheriff’s officer refuses or the defense attorney decides the apology is not “sufficient,” Judge Gary Donahoe’s ruling said he would throw Stoddard in jail.

Donahoe’s ruling held Stoddard in contempt for the Oct. 19 incident in which he could be seen on a courtroom security video sneaking up behind attorney Joanne Cuccia in the middle of a hearing and taking a document from her file.

During several days of testimony following the incident, Stoddard said he happened to have glanced at the file and saw the words “going to,” “steal” and “money” grouped together in a sentence. It made him think a crime was taking place and gave him the authority to pull the document, he said..........

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i get it

i need MY coffee too


he doesn't know

if it's ok for 'a black to marry a white'. he's TOO EFFING BUSY y'all

yup, he paid money to prostitutes. yup, he's a senator. yup, he makes decisions for us. yup, he doesn't know too very much does he?

Senator Vitter doesn't even know what the Loving v. Virginia case is

More amazing video from the fearless Mike Stark.

Just a couple weeks ago, a Louisiana Justice of the Peace refused to marry an interracial couple. That was a huge news story. And, it evoked a lot of discussion about the 1967 United States Supreme Court ruling in Loving v. Virginia, which found that laws banning interracial marriages were unconstitutional. A couple weeks ago, Louisiana's Senator David Vitter, the hooker loving Republican, wouldn't comment on the Justice of the Peace scandal to Mike Stark. ...........

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i so do hate gender stereotypes. 'manly' men and 'girly' girls (note men are men and women are girls). eff all that shite. be who you are.

Are You a “Real Guy?” BVD Wants to Know

by gwen

Chelsea S. sent in a link to the BVD website and its BVD MANual campaign. BVD is a brand of men’s underwear. The site has several tabs that let you “study” men in various ways. In the Chemistry section we see what men are made up of (larger version here):..............

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i say FIND a charge

for this creature. if threatening murder ON TAPE isn't illegal, i'm sure she has an unpaid parking ticket or lied about her income or deductions or took something that didn't belong to her or jaywalked. FIND SOMETHING. what sort of individual would call up a newspaper and threaten them with gun violence because they printed a story she disagreed with? that's the sort of person i want off the streets is what that sort is

she's not only disrespecting the constitution of the united states of america and freedom of the press/freedom of speech, she's also disrespecting everyone who was killed or injured in the horror that was the fort hood attack

i want her identified. they say she's 60 so it's not a minor. IDENTIFY HER. RELEASE HER NAME.

Newspaper threatened with ‘another Fort Hood’ for criticizing Tea Party protest
By Daniel Tencer

Police in Michigan are investigating after an irate reader of the Port Huron Times-Herald reportedly called in a threat to the newspaper after it criticized a local House representative's participation in the anti-health reform Tea Party protest two weeks ago.

"A 60-year-old Port Huron woman threatened to take a gun to the newspaper and 'do what they did at Fort Hood,' according to police," the Times-Herald reported on Tuesday.

The threat referred to the shooting deaths of 13 people at the US Army base in Fort Hood, Texas, on November 5. Army psychiatrist Nidal Malik Hasan has been charged with murder in the shootings.............

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

eye pod mod victrola


ahhhhhhhh that 'splains it!


oh flush flush flush

you spew your filth and disease and people not only LISTEN to it, THEY BELIEVE it. i just don't understand

flush flush flush, i understand why YOU spew. you need to make a living. drugs cost money after all!

what i don't understand is why you have a fucking audience

Quick Fact: Limbaugh falsely claims Obama "does not want Congress" to investigate Ft. Hood shootings

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hey mr obama

this nomination IS A GIANT BIG FAT FAIL

Obama Nominates Pesticide Executive to Be Chief Agricultural Negotiator in the Office of the US Trade Representative
.......President Obama’s nominee for the Chief Agricultural Negotiator in the office of the US Trade Representative, Islam Siddiqui is currently a vice president at CropLife America, a coalition of the major industrial players in the pesticide industry, including Syngenta, Monsanto, and Dow Chemical. He was previously a lobbyist for CropLife and also served in the US Department of Agriculture under President Clinton and the California Department of Food and Agriculture. A coalition of over eighty environmental, family farm and consumer advocacy organizations have sent a letter to the Senate Finance Committee urging them to reject his nomination........

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hop on over to amazon and

read THEN RECOMMENT jesus general's review of going rogue

Ain't afraid of no Vietcong king,
November 17, 2009
There are many kinds of truth. There are truths based on facts, truths based on faith, and truths based on something that sounds as if it should be true (truthiness). Then there's the kind of truth we find in Sarah's book: stories and concepts that become truths simply because she states them. She's a lot like our Lord and Savior, Glen Beck, in that respect.

Sometimes, she states truths that would be considered ludicrous if uttered by someone else. Her claim that the McCain campaign forced her to spend $150,000 in RNC funds to dress her family in designer clothes is one example of that. Although it might be easier to believe that she acted like a trailer park Zsa Zsa who'd found a credit card left behind at a possum feed, she blames McCain staffers. That's good enough for us, because we have faith; we want to believe her truths.

But the book isn't perfect. As much as I enjoyed the few short paragraphs in which Mrs Palin laid out her policy objectives, she could have condensed it all into one sentence: "I'm going to grab an Oxo Good Grips Stainless Serving Spatula and go all mavericky on your non-white, non-Christian and non-heterosexual butts." ..........

via crooks and liars

i'm with CREW on this one

besides not being quite right (well, no where NEAR right), the batty bachmann creature just may have done a no no


17 Nov 2009 // Washington, D.C. - Today, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) requested that the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE) investigate whether Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) violated House rules by organizing and holding a November 5th rally on the U.S. Capitol grounds to oppose a health care reform bill.

CREW contends that Rep. Bachmann misused her official congressional website by urging people to come to the Capitol to protest the legislation despite House rules restricting members from using their websites to engage in “grassroots lobbying or solicit support for a Member’s position.” Rep. Bachmann’s website urged people to come to the Capitol rally “and tell their Representatives to vote no” on the health care reform bill..............

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talking about it and bringing it into the open are one thing

now you (and we. they are OUR soldiers after all) MUST ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING about it

oh and a half hour behavioral evaluation on web cam AIN'T gonna do it

Army's record suicide rate 'horrible,' general says
Despite high total, awareness campaign shows signs of helping

Washington Post Staff Writer

Army Vice Chief of Staff Gen. Peter W. Chiarelli on Tuesday called the Army's record suicide rate this year "horrible" and said the problem of soldiers taking their own lives is the toughest he has faced in his 37 years in service.

As of Nov. 16, 140 soldiers on active duty and 71 soldiers not on active duty were suspected to have committed suicide. "We are almost certainly going to end the year higher than last year," which was also a record for Army suicides, Chiarelli said at a Pentagon news conference.

"This is horrible," he said. "Every single loss is devastating."

However, Chiarelli, who has made suicide prevention a priority, said that despite the high total, the monthly suicide rate has largely declined since March.......

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

holy shite

there's really nothing i need to add to this

'Hit the Bitch': Domestic Violence PSA Goes Very, Very Wrong
Posted by Tana Ganeva, AlterNet

A Danish PSA has managed to trivialize violence against women to a degree unrivaled by our fashion industry, mainstream media and most irritating comedians (and all those people try really hard). HitTheBitch.com gives you a big, meaty hand with which to slap around a scantily dressed, sad-faced model who jabbers at you accusingly in Danish while sad rap music plays in the background.

With every slap, the model’s face becomes more bruised, and a graphic at the top of the screen marks your progress form Pussy to Gangsta........

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prevention and education IS key

The Contemporary Beauty Ideal

Artist Remus Grecu was asked by Ogilvy & Mather to paint the Contemporary Beauty Ideal in the manner of the Old Masters to show how standards of beauty have changed. Drastically. The work is being showcased at the Städel Museum in Frankfurt next to the originals. Near the paintings hangs a plaque written by the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders:

Beauty Ideals change. Today celebrities, the media, and the fashion industry all promote body measurements that are unattainable with healthy eating behaviours.......

Posted by Tara McGinley

Galenskaparna - Inte Bara Glögg

Glögg: Holiday Spirit of the Gods
Posted by Jason Louv



some cool film info

from tywkiwdbi
Reflecting on a Murder........

...........Old Hollywood has a technical explanation today of one of the key moments in a Hitchcock classic: In one of Hitchcock’s most famous shots, Strangers on a Train’s pivotal murder is seen as reflected in a pair of glasses. Hitchcock & his director of photography, Robert Burks, achieved this effect by..................................

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speaking of teabaggers

and anti-immigration creatures get a load of what these hate mongers unfurl

VIDEO: Scuffle Ensues when Neo-Nazis Unfurl Hitler Flag at Tea Party Rally

Dawn Teo

PHOENIX, AZ -- A scuffle ensued Saturday when members of the National Socialist Movement (Neo-Nazis) found themselves shut out of an anti-immigration Tea Party protest at the Phoenix capitol.

American Citizens United, who organized the Phoenix Tea Party rally, told the Neo-Nazi group that racist messages were not welcome at the demonstration. The Neo-Nazis left, but two returned, standing defiantly on the sidewalk that borders the designated protest area.

When JT Ready, one of the Neo-Nazis tried to unfurl an Adolf Hitler flag, one of the event organizers became enraged and tried to rip the flag from Ready's hands. The other Neo-Nazi was holding a Confederate flag and a sign that read, "Bring our soldiers home, and put them on the Mexican border." Ready responded by shoving the organizer, sending him tumbling to the ground several feet away.........

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holy shite, ANOTHER young hero

this one isn't quite ten as the last one was. but 'robert erickson' appears to be fairly young as well.

these stories sure are giving me HOPE

(join 'robert erickson's' facebook page

Tea partiers punk’d into supporting removal of white people from US
By Daniel Tencer
A speaker at an anti-immigration rally in Minneapolis this past weekend got the crowd to support more than just the deportation of all illegal immigrants -- he got them cheering for the eviction of all European-descended immigrants to America who "stole this land through genocide and ethnic cleansing."

A crowd of some 40 people showed up to the steps of the Minnesota State Capitol on Saturday to protest proposed reform of US immigration law. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said Friday that the Obama administration was pushing for immigration reform that would create a pathway for the legalization of undocumented immigrants.

Napolitano said she would like to see a "tough, fair" plan that would allow illegal migrants to gain legal status if they pay a fine, pass a criminal background check, pay all back taxes and learn English.

That idea brought 40 anti-immigration protesters to Saturday's protest, as well as 30 pro-immigration reform counter-protesters, according to FightBackNews in Minneapolis...........

One of those protesters, going by the alias "Robert Erickson," got a speaking spot at the rally and used it to argue for the eviction of all descendants of European immigrants -- in other words, that contingent of white Americans who these days see themselves as "real" Americans............

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i think my person of the year is

will phillips. how brave is he? at ten he understands more than most adults. at ten he's not cursed with the fears (of the unknown) that adults are. at ten he's old enough to actually KNOW WHAT LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL really means.

will, man, i am mighty mighty mighty impressed. keep on keepin' on. please know how brave you are. please know how insightful you are. please know sometimes it's hard to be brave.

Ten-year-old refuses to recite pledge until gays allowed to marry
By David Edwards and Stephen Webster
Ten-year-old Will Phillips may have just become the new cause célèbre of the gay rights movement.

It all started when he refused to say the Pledge of Allegiance in a West Fork, Arkansas elementary school.

Speaking to CNN's John Roberts on Monday, Will said he remained seated four straight days while his classmates repeated the words, "with liberty and justice for all."

"I was analyzing the meanings of it, because I want to be a lawyer," he said. "... There isn't really liberty and justice for all. There's ... Gays and lesbians can't marry. There's still a lot of racism and sexism in the world. Yeah."

Eventually, the substitute teacher started giving Will "grief" over his refusal to repeat the words. "What did you say to that teacher?" Roberts asked..........

here's one of the comments from the cnn posting

it's from a 'jeff127'
.....This is the epitome of what is wrong with America. A 10 year old gets national coverage for being disrespectful to our flag. For disrespecting the memories of all those who have died for it. Who decided that he should be heard. Oh nevermind, this is CNN. I doubt my comment will get posted anyway. There is a review process unlike at FOX.......

no jeff this is NOT what is wrong with america. what's wrong with america is YOU VALUE A PIECE OF FABRIC ABOVE SOMEONE'S RIGHTS AND SOMEONE'S LIFE. sure, the flag is a SYMBOL of our country and all those who have gone before us. sure it should be honored BUT NOT MORE THAN SOMEONE'S ACTUAL LIFE. some have died defending our country. some have died defending ALL OF OUR FREEDOMS AND RIGHTS AND LIBERTIES.
what's wrong with our country is not a brave ten year old boy who understands NOT EVERYONE IN THE LAND OF THE FREE AND THE HOME OF THE BRAVE really IS free and really DOES have all the liberties and justices everyone else has (if you're gay or a woman or non-white christian). jeff what's wrong with our country is close minded people just like you who spew patriotism but wouldn't know liberty and justice FOR ALL if it bit you on the arse

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Monday, November 16, 2009

ha ha ha!

via (who googled it and found it in the etsy shop of tattoo socks and more)

i hate guns

but shite, this one is spectacular


Francois Robert, Personal/fine art merit award at the Advertising pohotographers of america competition

i wanna play too!


mmmmmmmmmm good


originally from
That's the Spot!
Two young grizzlies took a road sign literally in Alaska's Denali National Park. Photographer Mark Dilley—shooting from the safety of his car—had glimpsed a bear scratching itself on the same sign years earlier. "I didn't think I'd get another chance to get that shot," he says.

in the great tradition of

steakhouse or gay bar,

it's time to play

cheese or font

i disagree with the author here

a bit. she's saying this group of men is all well and good, but in the end it's all bogus because 'they don't have a clear picture of what they want to build in it's place' (the in it's place refers to treating women like shite)

well court, can you tell me EXACTLY what each and every women's organization or group wants to build? and i do mean exactly. why would that be different than what this men's group wants to build?

well of course it wouldn't. man, nit picking. there's nothing to nit pick here. a group of men sees and understands gender stereotypes and violence against women are not only bad for women, but bad for men as well. they form a group and are working through how to change things. what the fuck is wrong with that court? NADA

What Should a Feminist Man Look Like?
By Courtney E. Martin, The American Prospect.

"Machismo!" shouted a young college student in the third row.

"Tough!" "Violent!" "Homophobic!" shouted three other young men, sprinkled throughout the packed lecture hall. Ethan Wong, a student at St. John's University in Collegeville, Minnesota, who was dressed in a slim business suit, nodded as he wrote each word on the chalk board.

The roomful of young men was brainstorming all the qualities associated with masculinity. Wong was one of the organizers of the National Conference for Campus-Based Men's Gender Equality and Anti-Violence Groups, a long and clunky name for an unprecedented event that took place last weekend at his school. It was the first time that young guys from around the country -- guys like Wong, who recognize that the kind of masculinity they are describing is toxic for men, too -- gathered to share strategies for getting college men involved in gender-based activism and discuss the work ahead...........

and here she says it's DANGEROUS? effing dangerous? HOW SO? she never says. well she does say i guess. it's all bullshite though so it doesn't count.

......While it's thrilling that there is also a movement of young men all who want to tear down the patriarchy right alongside women, it's dangerous that they don't have a clear picture of what they want to build in its place...........

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anyone who needs more proof

our country is run by big bid-nez is none too bright. it's been there for you all along. here's a bit more

THEIR words in OUR politicians mouths

In House, Many Spoke With One Voice: Lobbyists’
WASHINGTON — In the official record of the historic House debate on overhauling health care, the speeches of many lawmakers echo with similarities. Often, that was no accident.

Statements by more than a dozen lawmakers were ghostwritten, in whole or in part, by Washington lobbyists working for Genentech, one of the world’s largest biotechnology companies.

E-mail messages obtained by The New York Times show that the lobbyists drafted one statement for Democrats and another for Republicans.

The lobbyists, employed by Genentech and by two Washington law firms, were remarkably successful in getting the statements printed in the Congressional Record under the names of different members of Congress........

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Luke Sharrett/The New York Times

“One of the reasons I have long supported the U.S. biotechnology industry is that it is a homegrown success story that has been an engine of job creation in this country.” This written statement by Rep. Joe Wilson of South Carolina on the health care bill was identical to one by Representative Blaine Luetkemeyer

and used language suggested by lobbyists.

and we're surprised?

hell no!

Report: In her memoir, Palin says she doesn’t believe in evolution.

In the past, former Alaska governor Sarah Palin has been cagey about her views on creationism and evolution, saying that she believes “we have a creator” but she didn’t want “to pretend I know how all this came to be.” But in her new memoir, Going Rogue, Palin apparently writes that she doesn’t believe in evolution. New York Times reviewer Michiko Kakutani writes:

Elsewhere in this volume, she talks about creationism, saying she “didn’t believe in the theory that human beings — thinking, loving beings — originated from fish that sprouted legs and crawled out of the sea” or from “monkeys who eventually swung down from the trees.” In everything that happens to her, from meeting Todd to her selection by Mr. McCain for the Republican ticket, she sees the hand of God: “My life is in His hands. I encourage readers to do what I did many years ago, invite Him in to take over.”.............

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

the nutmeg grater: i got more info on the column

the nutmeg grater: i got more info on the column

c'mon everyone SING

Your Daily WTF: “Mani Malaikat” By Arrington de Dionyso

Posted by Ross Rosenberg

because abortion is a REAL KNEE SLAPPER!


(and yes, he's STILL a republican)

you KNOW i'm all about the physics!!!


Saturday Morning Science Experiment: Visualizing Sound Waves (Now With Fire!)

Maggie Koerth-Baker

late last week, on my way home from work

i heard aron gaudet interviewed. the preface was mr gaudet along with his wife gita pullapilly (along with other people i'm sure), made a movie about people who greet returning and leaving troops at an airport in bangor (you caint get they-ah from he-ah) maine

here's a portion of what i heard first:

from the way we get by

..........POV: And how did you come upon the subject of troop greeters?

Gaudet: Joan, one of the troop greeters profiled in the film, is my mom. When I was in Michigan and she was in Maine I would call home and check on her often. After she retired, she really didn't have a lot of hobbies and a lot of things that were keeping her active. One day I called home and she wasn't there, and then suddenly I couldn't get her on the phone, and I was uncertain about what was going on. When I finally talked to her, she said, "Call my cell phone." I didn't understand why she even had a cell phone, and she told me that she was greeting troops at the airport and going out at all hours of the day and night to do it. So when I went home for Christmas that year, I wanted to see exactly what had energized her at 71 years of age. I went to greet a flight with her, and I was immediately hooked. The amount of emotion at these troop greetings was immense, and it felt like there was a story there.........

pic: from the way we get by. the three main people featured. jerry mundy, joan gaudet and bill knight

watch the way we get by IN FULL

of course every single thing i have ever seen on pov was wonderful (those i've seen that is. since it's on so sporadically, i'm sure i've not seen them all). i knew this was going to be good too from the interview i had heard. by luck (and luck alone) i turned the tv on yesterday late afternoon (no, i still don't have a tv. i was at my dad's house) and it was on. when i say it was spectacular i mean it. i was in the hearts and souls of joan and jerry and bill.

watch it online until december 12th. please have a box of tissues handy (and it's MORE than that. sure it does well you up, but it's so much more)

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