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Friday, November 20, 2009

this video is a SCREAM

because the two sarevil fans aren't anywhere near the most articulate creatures we've ever come across



stray said...

I had a conversation like this about health care reform just last night, but my Republican interlocutor had the excuse of being drunk.

Unknown said...

i would never speak for you, but i'm guessing you feel the same as i do. there are many things with the proposals for health care reform i do NOT like nor do i think they will benefit us or work. there are many things i don't like about a lot of things

i respect someone who would say to me, 'i don't like this health care reform bill BECAUSE... "(then they go on to actually define what they don't like. i may not agree, but i'll give them credit for having a brain.

we are letting our citizens suffer and die. we are allowing the good ol' whiteboy network get rich off of the blood of the rest of us (i don't necessarily hold anything against the rich. i think you understand what i'm saying here)

we HAVE to start. even with baby steps. it's a start

stray said...

Yeah, that's pretty much my take. But the gist of last night's exchange was:

Drunk Republican: "They'll amend the Constitution."

[note: somehow this has to do with something in the healthcare reform bill, but what exactly remains enshrouded in boozey mystery]

Unfairly Sober Me: "Do you know how hard it is to amend the Constitution?"

DRep: "But they'll do it."

Me: "When was the last time an amendment passed?"

DRep: "Uh...uh..."

Me: "Do you even remember what the last proposed amendment was that actually had legs?"

DRep: "Uh...uh..."

Me: "No, of course you don't, because it was before you were born!"

So yeah, approach me with facts and real concerns, and we have a ballgame. Approach me with catch phrases from what an RN friend of mine terms "That Big White Head on Fox", and all you get to do is say idiotic things until you notice the look on my face, excuse yourself, and slink away.

Unknown said...

i think i'm going to have to make up one of those lights that shine in the sky (as in the batman type of light) for when i need YOUR services. i'm not in your league facts and articulate-wise but i sure do get into it with a lot of conservatives. i may not have a lot of facts but i'll tell you i always have more than they do

stray said...

Fish in a barrel, srsly.

Unknown said...