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Saturday, January 10, 2009

some GOOD news???????????

hmmmmmmmmm it appears that way (and speaking of way... WAY TO GO ROSA!)

if you don't think women are unfairly treated or if you think women are paid the same as men (for the same jobs) you are most sadly mistaken (and live in some kind of vacuum fantasy world)

House approves bill to fight wage discrimination
By JIM ABRAMS, Associated Press Writer
WASHINGTON – Energized by the prospects of a pro-labor president, House Democrats marked the first week of the new Congress Friday by pushing through two bills to help workers, particularly women, who are victims of pay discrimination.

Unlike President George W. Bush, who threatened to veto the two bills when they came up in the last session of Congress, President-elect Barack Obama has embraced them.

"Today we face a transformational moment," said Rep. Rosa DeLauro, D-Conn., chief sponsor of the Paycheck Fairness Act. "With a new Congress, a new administration, we have a chance to finally provide equal pay for equal work and make opportunity real for millions of American women."

The Lilly Ledbetter Act would reverse a 2007 Supreme Court ruling that a worker must file claims of wage discrimination within 180 days of the first decision to pay that worker less, even if the person was unaware of the pay disparity. The Paycheck Fairness Act would close loopholes that have enabled employers to evade the 1963 law requiring equal pay for equal work. The first passed 247-171, the second 256-163................

i want to publish this man's name

he's NOT accused of actually TRYING to kill or PLOTTING to kill barack obama, but his words are full of vitriol and hateful and full of ignorance and fear
(he says he has an excuse for his words. he was drunk. well i've been drunk once or twice in my lifetime and i may have said things i regretted but i NEVER talked about shooting anyone. oh hell i've said MORE things SOBER i regretted and NEVER about shooting someone, or calling them a derogatory name)

Online Threat to Kill Obama Leads to Arrest
By Kevin Poulsen
A Southern California man was charged Thursday with threatening a presidential candidate, for posting a racist note to a Yahoo message board in October expressing displeasure over Barack Obama's candidacy, and predicting "he will have a 50 cal in the head soon."

Walter Edward Bagdasarian, 47, was found with an arsenal of six weapons when Secret Service agents raided his La Mesa home in November, according to court records (.pdf). He had three handguns and three rifles, including a 30.06 with a telescopic sight and a Remington .50 caliber muzzle-loading rifle. .....

and here are his EXACT LOVELY words:

"County fkd for another 4+ years, what nig has done ANYTHING right???? Long term???? Never in history, except sambos."

"Fk the niggar, he will have a 50 cal in the head soon,"

and i hope to win the lotto

Cheney, in last days in office, still hopes to catch bin Laden

Outgoing US Vice President Dick Cheney Friday did not give up hope of capturing or killing Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, with only 11 days left before Barack Obama moves into the White House.

"We've got a few days left yet," Cheney told CNN when asked why bin Laden or Al-Qaeda number two Ayman al-Zawahiri continue to elude US capture.....

drive on over to

stephen's blog, drinking liberally in new milford
and read his comprehensive piece on:

single payer health care and more

How do you know Obama's health care plan is bad for YOU?

When the Big Pharma pushers try to sell it to you:

Conceding that it has long been viewed as Republican-dominated, the industry's lobbying arm plans to spend tens of millions of dollars on an advertising blitz promoting Obama-style health coverage for every American. The first spot -- sponsored by the drug lobby, consumer and labor groups, and health providers -- will be unveiled today.
Stop buying crap from dope heads...

Nothing less than H.R. 676, single payer universal health care, will solve our problems.

Everyone knows this is true.

Single Payer Health Care Would Help Auto Industry

While I originally wrote this in January of 2007, concerning the cost of health care to consumers and service provided, it is equally applicable to the savings for the auto industry. And that is not my opinion, that is the opinion of the successful auto industry management. The ones that aren't asking for a bailout. At the time I wrote this in 2007, each vehicle assembled in the United States cost GM $1,525 for health care; those made in Canada cost GM $197. Probably more savings now since this was written nearly two years ago:...................

Friday, January 09, 2009

why? because

he's stephen stills. that's why

i've done many tetris postings

here and at the reformed pirate

but this one is REALLY good and REALLY amazing as well (oh, and i always mention cv rick in my tetris postings)

Cognitive vaccine: using Tetris to fight PTSD

By Jonathan M. Gitlin

Exposure to traumatic events can often come back to haunt people. Violent crime, car crashes, warfare: all of these bring with them the specter of long term psychiatric issues due to post-traumatic stress. Now a new study suggests that Tetris—yes, that Tetris—might be able to help with that problem.

On the face of it, Tetris seems like such a simple game. You move blocks around on a screen to complete lines, all to a catchy Russian-inspired MIDI melody. But the game's simple appearance belies the complexity within; playing Tetris is an involved visuospatial task that utilises the pathways in the brain associated with visual memory. It's strong stuff too; I'm sure many of you are familiar with the sensation of seeing tetrominos in your head after a long Tetris session. Indeed, this phenomenon has been clinically documented!

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) has an incidence in the US of around eight percent, although this figure is significantly higher among returning combat veterans and those who live in violent neighborhoods. As the name suggests, it stems from experiencing or viewing traumatic stress, such as that involving death or violent injury, and manifests, among other symptoms, as vivid flashbacks, putting the sufferer back at the scene.............

yup, it's leon russell friday

seems like most everyone

BUT the police knew about the attacks and harassment

why people, especially younger people (teenagers and very young adults) do this so very often is beyond me. are they frightened by people who aren't EXACTLY like them (on the outside that is. they'd be shocked to learn we're all just about the same on the inside)? i know several people from central and south america. there's quite a little community in the greater hartford area. in general terms they are just like me (except they work WAY more hours than i do and i work over 40 as it is)

we are NEVER going to fix things like gaza or somalia or the like if we can't fix what is wrong with our own darn selves. immoral, amoral, evil, afraid, ignorant, cowardly is what some of us are

Latinos Recall Pattern of Attacks Before Long Island Killing
PATCHOGUE, N.Y. — Carlos Orellana, a construction worker from Ecuador, was walking home from work in this small Long Island town on July 14, he said, when about a dozen teenage boys on bicycles knocked him to the ground and kicked and beat him, shouting, “Go back to Mexico.” Mr. Orellana, 39, said he lost consciousness, and when he came to, his shoes and $20 were missing. He called the police. He said he recognized some of the boys, who often hung around Main Street. But the mug shots the police showed him were no help. The police classified the case as a second-degree robbery, he said, and no one was arrested.

Attacks like the one Mr. Orellana reported have drawn new attention since Marcelo Lucero, another Ecuadorean immigrant, was stabbed to death on Nov. 8 near Main Street. Prosecutors say seven 16- and 17-year-old boys, mostly from neighboring Medford, were attacking Mr. Lucero when one of them rushed at him with a knife. The attacks were such an established pastime that the youths, who have pleaded not guilty, had a casual and derogatory term for it, “beaner hopping.” One of the youths told the authorities, “I don’t go out doing this very often, maybe once a week.”......

this is NOT a good idea in so very many ways

when 9/11 happened, my cell phone (in connecticut) didn't work for a few hours. many others didn't either. i believe it was a system overload. i know i was attempting to call friends and relatives and i just couldn't get through (not sure if it was the cell phones or the satellites or what).

by using kelly's logic, the mumbai terrorists used cell phones to communicate while they were slaughtering people. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO the nypd should be able to turn off all cell phone use in the event of another emergency. well if one goes with THAT train of thought, the mumbai terrorists USED GUNS WHILE THEY WERE SLAUGHTERING PEOPLE. NO ONE IN NEW YORK SHOULD HAVE GUNS. that's how i see it (and i can live with the later but NOT the former)

disrupting cell phone service is not going to stop terrorists.

NYPD wants tech to disrupt wireless communications
In a Thursday testimony before the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, New York City Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly revealed that his department is seeking technology that can disrupt cell phone and other wireless communications in the event of a crisis.

Kelly also said that in such events as a mass casualty attack on American soil, the media can pose a threat by revealing key police tactics, which could be relayed to said attackers.

Later in his testimony, Kelly revealed that the New York harbor is vulnerable to attack. He also emphasized his wish to see wiretap warrant requests to the FISA court expedited.

from jimmy carter at wapo

An Unnecessary War
By Jimmy Carter
I know from personal involvement that the devastating invasion of Gaza by Israel could easily have been avoided. After visiting Sderot last April and seeing the serious psychological damage caused by the rockets that had fallen in that area, my wife, Rosalynn, and I declared their launching from Gaza to be inexcusable and an act of terrorism. Although casualties were rare (three deaths in seven years), the town was traumatized by the unpredictable explosions. About 3,000 residents had moved to other communities, and the streets, playgrounds and shopping centers were almost empty. Mayor Eli Moyal assembled a group of citizens in his office to meet us and complained that the government of Israel was not stopping the rockets, either through diplomacy or military action. ......

Thursday, January 08, 2009

if you get a popup that says antivirus 2009

DO NOT DO ANYTHING. shut down your computer, don't download it don't touch it with a ten foot pole. it LOOKS like a microsoft windows application. it has the same colors and shapes. it is NOT a windows d/l. it's nasty and it wreaks havoc.


sort of like

denying you knew there were NO wmd in iraq. how can pakistan continue to deny deny deny? and HOW THE F**K CAN WE CONTINUE TO TOSS MONEY INTO THEIR COFFERS?

Pakistan fires official who confirmed Mumbai gunman's identity

ISLAMABAD — The Pakistani government on Wednesday abruptly fired its national security adviser after he confirmed that the surviving gunman captured in the Mumbai attacks is a Pakistani, a key piece of evidence contained in a dossier amassed by India on alleged Pakistani complicity in the three-day assault.

A McClatchy investigation established four weeks ago that the only assailant captured alive, Amir Ajmal Kasab, comes from Faridkot, an impoverished hamlet in Pakistan's Punjab Province.

Retired Army Gen. Mehmood Ali Durrani's confirmation of the surviving assailant's nationality, the first by a senior Pakistani official, followed weeks of denials by Islamabad that any of the terrorists were Pakistani.

Durrani's ouster suggests that a struggle is raging in the Pakistan government over responding to the Indian dossier and material gathered by the U.S. that blames the November attacks on a Pakistan-based Islamic militant group with ties to a Pakistani intelligence agency......

i don't care

i think it's CUTE!

this is what we should be worried about

THE TRUTH(S) NOT BEING TOLD OR EXPOSED. what is not said and what is hidden.

i don't like how rick warren looks (physically that is). period. i know that is not fair. i know it's judgemental. i know it's plain crazy. there is something in that man's eyes i'm seeing that I JUST DON'T LIKE. (oh i get mad when people judge me by MY looks, which happens ALL of the time. so i KNOW what i'm saying and doing is not in line with my normal set of beliefs)

at any rate, i think people like rick warren are DANGEROUS. they have the ears of 'important' people as well as the masses. boiling underneath though, they think everyone is going to hell unless they are 'true believers' (that would elimate wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more people than it would include mind you). they think they're better than you. they think they 'save' or 'help' people by preaching a certain close minded (and absolutely UNHEALTHY) set of curriculum (like ABSTINENCE ONLY and intelligent design and gay=sick)

well i'm here to say people like rick warren are NOT better than people like elie wiesel (who i'm guessing hasn't been saved by jesus), or even someone like me.

Condom Burnings and Anti-Gay Witch Hunts: How Rick Warren Is Undermining AIDs Prevention in Africa
By Max Blumenthal, The Daily Beast
................But since the Warren inauguration controversy erupted, the nature of his work against AIDS in Africa has gone unexamined. Warren has not been particularly forthcoming to those who have attempted to look into it. His Web site contains scant information about the results of his program. However, an investigation into Warren's involvement in Africa reveals a web of alliances with right-wing clergymen who have sidelined science-based approaches to combating AIDS in favor of abstinence-only education. More disturbingly, Warren's allies have rolled back key elements of one of the continent's most successful initiative, the so-called ABC program in Uganda. Stephen Lewis, the United Nations special envoy for HIV/AIDS in Africa, told the New York Times their activism is "resulting in great damage and undoubtedly will cause significant numbers of infections which should never have occurred."...........

not good news

i dunno, i just always imagined IF hackers had a political bent, it would lean rather to the left. guess i was wrong (again)

anyway, this is a shame. i know what it's like to lose data from a personal and a work perspective. as a matter of fact, i just had to set my laptop back to the factory settings (on monday). oh a shout out to dell on that. the customer service rep i had was WONDERFUL. and no, i didn't pay an additional $100+ dollars to have a 'north american' answer my call. i don't give a shite WHO answers my call as long as 1) they know what they're doing 2) they have manners (as with everything in my life it IS manners manners manners)/customer service skills 3) i can understand them. accents don't bother me. i DO have to understand though otherwise all is lost.
i was unable to do any backups (but i DO have an external hard drive so m0st of my music and pictures and documents were- thank the goddess -saved). i lost all my bookmarks and some programs i had (now if i can only find those installation discs)

(oh, p.s. i wouldn't think it was right if conservative blogs were hacked either)

Hackers take down ring of key progressive blogs
Nick Cargo and Mike Sheehan
Several major blogs were in jeopardy after a Tuesday hack of their software provider had its owner ready to throw in the towel.

According to SoapBlox owner Paul Preston, the attack on its servers--which prompted SoapBlox's Internet service provider to shut it down--was connected to a shadowy group called Astalavista, which claimed credit for the attack in the site's altered source code.

"Consider this the 'We're Out of Business' post," Preston wrote on Wednesday morning. "Most of the servers have been taken off line because they were being used to hack and exploit other websites. The hackers install this crap on servers after they get in. SoapBlox's ISP then takes the servers off line... It was a good ride, but it's over."

The affected blogs include American Liberalism Project, BeThink, Blue Hampshire, Blue Jersey, Blue Mass. Group, Minnesota Progressive Project, My Left Wing, Never In Our Names, Pam's House Blend, RadicalRuss, Swing State Project and West Michigan Rising and other mostly state-focused political blogs of note..................

ah but that's EXACTLY what i perceive

the king george administration of criminals and just plain evil-doers (as well as outright liars) does NOT think our hero troops (fallen or otherwise) ARE significant. they're simply a means to an end. i blame us all though. we ALLOWED them to get away with their crimes against humanity (and worse). a few of us spoke up, those in power may have said a word or two, but they DID NOT LIFT A FINGER TO STOP THIS MADNESS.

and consequently, on top of the horror of losing a loved one, THIS is what happens:

Army Sends 'Dear John Doe' Letters to Families of Fallen Troops
By Ann Scott Tyson
Washington Post Staff Writer
The Army mistakenly sent letters addressed "Dear John Doe" to 7,000 family members of soldiers who died in Iraq and Afghanistan, unleashing calls from troubled relatives and prompting a formal apology yesterday from the Army's top general.

"The indication that anyone would perceive that a hero is not significant, that they would not direct this personally to them, is shattering," said Merrilee Carlson, whose son, Sgt. Michael Carlson, died in Baqubah, Iraq, on Jan. 24, 2005. "While it's a simple mistake, it's a very tragic mistake," said Carlson, who learned of the letter from other families and expected to receive one yesterday. ........

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

oh my

brave? insane? don't know but i like the cut of this woman's jib

(not agreeing ONE side is right or the other is. all i'm saying is WAR IS SHITE)

Palestinian Woman Stands Up To Israeli Troops (although the article title says palestinian, she absolutely has an AMERICAN accent)
John Aravosis (DC) ·

she was between 16 and 20

she was blindfolded and gagged and tied to a pole. she was lit on fire while she was alive.

her crime? we don't know BUT it was probably sorcery or adultery. well her crime was JUST BEING A WOMAN actually.

chances are she wasn't an adulterer or she didn't give anyone aids and we all know she wasn't a sorceress. chances are she was raped and deserved to die a horrible death JUST BECAUSE she was a female.

Blindfolded woman burnt alive
Papua New Guinea police have branded as "barbaric" the murder of a young woman burnt alive after being blindfolded and gagged with her arms and legs lashed to a pole.

The body of the woman, believed aged between 16 and 20, was found on a rubbish tip at Mount Hagen in the notorious Highlands region yesterday.

Both PNG's national daily newspapers reported the brutal killing, with witnesses telling each paper a truck with a number of men on board was seen dumping the naked body, pouring petrol on it and setting it alight.

Highlands division police chief Simon Kauba told PNG's Post Courier newspaper he was lost for words........

i'm just sayin'...................

from jane stillwater

The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, 2009-style: Another little girl in a red coat....

Being sick at heart over the slaughter in Gaza, I went to the United States Holocaust Museum's website to see if there was any similarities between the Warsaw Ghetto uprising of 1943 and what is happening in Gaza right now. This is what I found:

"Many Jews in ghettos across eastern Europe," stated the website, "tried to organize resistance against the Germans and to arm themselves with smuggled and homemade weapons. Between 1941 and 1943, underground resistance movements formed in about 100 Jewish groups. The most famous attempt by Jews to resist the Germans in armed fighting occurred in the Warsaw ghetto."

Does that or does that not sound like what has been happening in Palestine for the last 60 years -- as Palestinians have been continuously and systematically killed, deported and rounded up into camps? I mean seriously. Isn't Gaza today the largest concentration camp in the world? ...........

i saw

gran torino yesterday. it was the only movie in a LONG time i actually WANTED to see. i don't know why i just felt compelled. for the first half hour i thought it was an acceptable movie. pure eastwood. grizzled looks, growls, feistyness, no nonsense. nothing more, nothing less. in the back of my mind i was thinking, hmmmmm is this all there is? then something happened. the movie started to develop depth and focus (well to me it happened after about that first 1/2 hour). oh i knew a bit of the background story. i'm not giving anything away here (because it has been talked about in EVERY review, you can tell by the previews and when anyone associated with the movie gives and interview, they talk about it too) when i say, it's about a recently widowed, retired auto-worker, korean war veteran, racist man with a gran torino - who starts seeing things a might bit differently thanks to his hmong neighbors. the characters were all well defined. i could feel what walt (eastwood) felt about his sons and their families. you can almost feel walt's pain (in more ways than one) i hear this is eastwood's last acting role. if true, it's the PERFECT last (acting) movie for him. eastwood WAS walt kowalski and walt kowalski was someone you ended up liking even though he was still a widowed, retired auto-worker, korean war veteran, racist man with a gran torino. i loved this movie and i highly recommend it

oh and one more thing, at 78 MR EASTWOOD CAN STILL KICK ASS

ew review
rotten tomatoes review
salon review
nyt review
wapo review

picture: Bee Vang, left, and Clint Eastwood in a scene from "Gran Torino."

i'm guessing this is a joke posting

i googled u of cal at san fran u.s. marines and the link below is the ONLY link that comes up (except for the OTHER kind of marine, the snail, the fish, etc)

soooooooooooooooooooooooooo i'm not quite buying this. of course the WOMEN in the story are the ones that are promiscuous and disease ridden and SLUTS. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm well after all they ARE ONLY WOMEN

so even in humor women are second class citizens - where the focus is ONLY BETWEEN THEIR LEGS

U.S. Marine Corps an Orgy Palace of Stoned, Drunk, Horny Teens, New UCSF Study Suggests
By Matt Smith

While doomsayers bemoan America's ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, researchers at the University of California at San Francisco Medical Center may have turned up a brilliant silver lining.

Thanks to desperate recruiting methods required to staff those wars, the U.S. Marines may be turning military service into a male sexual fantasy land, where recruits are paid actual money to cohabitate with drunk, stoned, horny teenage girls.

UCSF scientists tested and surveyed 2,157 female U.S. Marine recruits -- out of 2,288 possible respondents -- with an average age of 19. Researchers found that the young women were more than twice as likely as non-military young women to be infected with venereal diseases. And the recruits were prone to engage in behaviors likely to get them sick again.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

go granny go granny go granny go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

found at bartcop

this is one of THE best vids i've seen in a long time

(vagislim shady!)

Unemployment Check: Vagislim Shady

don't these people know (the vagisil peeps that is) women actually SHOWER? if there IS a lil' somethin' somethin' happening in that neck of the woods, well then we actually SEE A DOCTOR! if you need to 'deoderize' that area, well then something is VERY wrong. our bodies - our selves. be comfortable with WHO YOU ARE. ALWAYS! if you're healthy YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE SPRAYIN' ALL SORTS OF SHITE IN YOUR VAG.

(hat tip: feministing)

i want the collins kids

at MY next party.

(hat tip boing boing)



Army Manual Promotes Christianity to Combat Epidemic of Suicides
Written by Jason Leopold

The U.S. Army’s suicide prevention manual advises military chaplains to promote “religiosity,” specifically Christianity, as a way to deter distraught soldiers from taking their own lives, according to an amended federal lawsuit filed last week against Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and the Department of Defense.

The 2008 Army Suicide Prevention Manual says “Chaplains... need to openly advocate behavioral health as a resource” to treat suicidal soldiers and instructs behavioral health providers “to openly advocate spirituality and religiosity as resiliency factors."..............

just because someone shoots their mouth off

tells a few tales, perhaps an embellishment here or there, DOESN'T MEAN THEY SHOULD BE TORTURED. it doesn't mean they should be kidnapped from a foreign land, sent to another foreign land, not be charged with any crimes what so ever (EVER) but be tortured and kept in prison WITH NO CHARGES I REPEAT. who did all of this? the united states did. we have become THEM. we are the monsters here. i hope and pray this administration will NOT be the last one. i hope this one will not only be human and humane BUT follow the law (i also hope they arrest and punish the current administration for crimes against humanity, war crimes and everything in between)

Ex-Detainee of U.S. Describes a 6-Year Ordeal

LAHORE, Pakistan — When Muhammad Saad Iqbal arrived home here in August after more than six years in American custody, including five at the military prison at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, he had difficulty walking, his left ear was severely infected, and he was dependent on a cocktail of antibiotics and antidepressants. In November, a Pakistani surgeon operated on his ear, physical therapists were working on lower back problems and a psychiatrist was trying to wean him off the drugs he carried around in a white, plastic shopping bag.........

......................... Mr. Iqbal was never convicted of any crime, or even charged with one. He was quietly released from Guantánamo with a routine explanation that he was no longer considered an enemy combatant, part of an effort by the Bush administration to reduce the prison’s population.

“I feel ashamed what the Americans did to me in this period,” Mr. Iqbal said, speaking for the first time at length about his ordeal during several hours of interviews with The New York Times, including one from his hospital bed in Lahore........

Sunday, January 04, 2009

ok i love this

i never heard of mc flow prior to this. she's kinda kick ass!

found via page one q AND mike tidmus (again)

i thought this was a joke

and i'm still not entirely positive it's NOT a joke (the stuckey blog that is) but it could be real. if it IS real, holy shite (so to speak)!

mike tidmus points us to this:

That Satan Clause

In the words of Hairspray’s immortal Motormouth Maybelle, ”Oh Papa Tooney. We’ve got a Looney.”

Just in case you happen to need further evidence that religion, as promoted by the radical religious right, is anything other than an aberrant delusion, Ed Brayton, writing at Dispatches from the Culture Wars, points to Matthew Stucky’s blog:

According to the Bible homosexuality should be punishable by death. I would be overjoyed if every single queer in the entire world died today. The Bible makes it clear they are reprobates who are past the point of salvation. The Bible also makes it clear they are rapists & very wicked people. They have no chance to get saved and no saved person could ever become a queer. Therefore, I would be overjoyed if they all died tonight & our government would actually follow what the Bible states. The death penalty should be enacted for the queers.............\

stucky goes on and on dissecting all of santa's reindeer AND santa his own damn self. yup, santa is evil and ALL of his reindeer save rudolph are 'queer'.

yup, pray my peeps, PRAY this is all some sort of joke

another DUH!

Former Iraqi PM: Bush policies an 'utter failure'

terrorists promoting the establishment of bike lanes?

well in maryland apparently that's EXACTLY what terrorists do; promote bike lanes, promote peace, protest a 70%+ utility rate hike, promote human rights, protest weapons and killing and wars (and get branded white supremacists for NO reason). dirty rotten terrorist humanitarian HUMANS!!!

this is un effing believable and you guessed the ending of the story (so far), NO ONE IS BEING HELD ACCOUNTABLE

More Groups Than Thought Monitored in Police Spying
New Documents Reveal Md. Program's Reach
By Lisa Rein and Josh White
Washington Post Staff Writers
The Maryland State Police surveillance of advocacy groups was far more extensive than previously acknowledged, with records showing that troopers monitored -- and labeled as terrorists -- activists devoted to such wide-ranging causes as promoting human rights and establishing bike lanes. Intelligence officers created a voluminous file on Norfolk-based People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, calling the group a "security threat" because of concerns that members would disrupt the circus. Angry consumers fighting a 72 percent electricity rate increase in 2006 were targeted. The DC Anti-War Network, which opposes the Iraq war, was designated a white supremacist group, without explanation. .......

//////////////Sachs's review, released in October, condemned the Maryland spying as a severe lapse in judgment. No one has been reprimanded or fired, and the undercover trooper has been promoted twice. /////////////