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Saturday, August 06, 2005

i forgot i had this bookmarked

one of THE most frightening sites i have EVER seen. he even has a ministry

the ultimate bad candy website

yeah he be on vay cay agin'

Cindy Sheehan holds pictures of her son as she leads an anti-war march near President Bush's ranch.
Soldier's mom protests near Bush's ranch
..............CRAWFORD, Texas (AP) -- The angry mother of a fallen U.S. soldier
staged a protest near President Bush's ranch Saturday, demanding an accounting
from Bush of how he has conducted the war in Iraq.
Supported by more than 50
demonstrators who chanted, "W. killed her son!" Cindy Sheehan told reporters: "I
want to ask the president, 'Why did you kill my son? What did my son die
Sheehan, 48, didn't get to see Bush, but did talk about 45 minutes
with national security adviser Steve Hadley and deputy White House chief of
staff Joe Hagin, who went out to hear her concerns............
hadley and hagin didn't go out to 'hear her concerns' they went out to shut her up. they didn't fool anyone. this woman is my hero of the week!

one angry girl


As more companies merge and consolidate, it's hard to know where your money is going these days. Yet you still want to spend your hard-earned feminist dollars wisely.
Therefore o.a.g. has compiled a list of companies and products to consider girlcotting. It is not exhaustive, but enough to get you started. o.a.g. certainly doesn't expect you to be able to avoid them all, but do what you can. Many thanks to everyone at the Ms. Boards who helped with the research.

site of the day

oolong the pancake rabbit (rip oolong)

(thanks cass)

song of the day

ain't no way


oh and patti labelle and mary j blige can sure kick it up too

observation and question

divine (rip) and david

letterman is far far far better than leno. period

why then does leno outshine in the ratings? could it be letterman is too intelligent for the general public?

letterman is a better more thorough interviewer. letterman (and his staff) have funnier, funkier and far out bits (the zsa zsa gabor and dave in a rag top looking for burgers at fast food joints in the la area comes to mind as well as the velcro suit and tub of fizzies). letterman has stupid pet tricks. letterman cried when he came back on the air after 9/11. letterman can talk to paulie shore OR former president carter with ease. letterman had farrah's meltdown. drew bared her breastesesesesesesesese on air to letterman for his birthday. letterman wears white socks with his suits and italian loafers. letterman makes fun of soap operas that appear on the spanish channels. letterman has the hoola hoop and grinder grrrls. letterman has cool bands on. rahall-letterman has danica patrick on their cart racing team.

cute couple, huh!

wait till he bends over dick so you can kiss it better

Why America Is More Dependent Than Ever on Saudi Arabia
.........President Bush might not have turned up personally in Riyadh
yesterday but he certainly sent a high-powered delegation to pay his respects to
the new leader of Saudi Arabia, King Abdullah. The American turnout, led
by Vice President Dick Cheney, former President George H. W. Bush, and former
Secretary of State Colin L. Powell, was the latest signal that relations between
the two countries have thawed since the strains of 9/11. But it was also an
acknowledgment of a simple fact: like
it or not, the United States is more dependent than ever on Saudi Arabia.
"The Saudis are in a great position today," said
Jean-François Seznec, a professor at Columbia University's Middle East
Institute. "We cannot be enemies with everybody. We need their oil desperately."

yeah well i DON'T like it. not ONE little bit. i don't want to be their enemy. however, it seems they are the ones who want to be OUR enemy. oh, not on the outside. they are all smiles and welcoming. they want out money. on the INSIDE though.........who really is backing and training those terrorists??????????????

yeah, MORE good news (NOT)

Some Bombs Used in Iraq Are Made in Iran, U.S. Says
.........WASHINGTON, Aug. 5 - Many of the new, more sophisticated roadside bombs
used to attack American and government forces in Iraq have been designed in Iran
and shipped in from there, United States military and intelligence officials
said Friday, raising the prospect of increased foreign help for Iraqi
insurgents. American commanders say the deadlier bombs could become more common
as insurgent bomb makers learn the techniques to make the weapons themselves in
But just as troubling is that the spread of the new weapons seems to
suggest a new and unusual area of cooperation between Iranian Shiites and Iraqi
Sunnis to drive American forces out - a possibility that the commanders said
they could make little sense of given the increasing violence between the sects
in Iraq.............
just when you thought it was safe to go in the water

Friday, August 05, 2005

i don't like country music

well, i like patsy and willie and johnny and dwight yoakum (listen to a thousand miles from nowhere) and i believe more in a goddess than a god, but why the heck not give the boy a shout out????????

Iraq soldier has surprise hit
'American by God's Amazing Grace' puts experience into words

......LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas (AP) -- His boots battered, his spirits sinking,
Luke Stricklin struggled to explain his experiences in Iraq to his family and
friends back home who kept asking him what it was like to fight in Baghdad.
"Time calling home was precious," the soldier said. "That's the last thing
you wanted to talk about. Mom always said I wasn't telling her the truth, which
I wasn't. I would tell her everything was just fine. Ashley, my wife, couldn't
hear me talk about it. We just talked about anything else

i'm sorry for your loss mr schroeder

and i agree with you


..(CNN) -- The father of one of the Marines killed this week in Iraq said his
son felt the U.S. mission was "a bit fruitless," because insurgents always
returned after the military had flushed them out....

...."The insurgents were back in Haditha yesterday. And his vehicle,
unfortunately, hit -- struck a roadside bomb," the father told CNN Thursday from
"So his comment to us about it was becoming less and less worthwhile, I
think -- I took to mean that he was seeing that this was a bit fruitless".

again, i am sorry for your loss and i'm sorry for the losses to this country.

there is nothing that needs to be said here

THIS speaks for itself (and it did make me laugh)

Ignorance Is Bliss; Sometimes It's Policy
The ranch at Crawford hardly compares with the Forbidden City, but George
W. Bush has something in common with the Ming emperors of China: He seems
determined to make his great nation less ambitious and more
.....I guess it's a general rule of political dynasties, in China as well
as in Texas, that the blood thins with successive
....Then there's this administration's almost comical insistence that the
firm scientific consensus on global climate change is some kind of mass
hallucination. "What global warming?" they ask, as mean temperatures rise,
Arctic ice melts, tropical diseases march north and hurricanes rake poor Florida
in swarms...............
....To round out the trifecta, the other day Bush reiterated his support
for teaching "intelligent design" in America's schools along with evolution, as
a way of exposing students to different points of view. This really borders on
Intelligent design isn't a scientific theory at all; it's a matter
of faith -- Creationism 2.0. Faith is a different kind of truth. Charles
Darwin's landmark discovery of evolution, with a few minor modifications and
additions over the years, has proved to be one of the sturdiest and most
unassailable scientific theories of all time. ............

i think i'm in love with eugene robinson

site of the day

this is by far one of THE funniest people i have ever come across. unfortunately, i have learned they are going to make this into a movie. we know what happens when that occurs. shite that's what happens. pure steamin' deep shite

here's mil's homepage too

there was always something about that drawl

bob, take your day um vagina outta your momma's handbag and stay awhile
on carville, i liked!

Novak Walks Off Live CNN Program
Robert D. Novak, the syndicated columnist whose unmasking of a C.I.A. operative
touched off an investigation about a possible leak, stalked off a live
appearance on CNN yesterday afternoon after James Carville, the Democratic
strategist, accused him of trying to make a particular point "to show these
right wingers" that he had "backbone" and was "tough."..........

moderator of the program, Ed Henry, later said on the air that he had warned Mr.
Novak that he planned to ask him "about the C.I.A. leak case."
we'll be able to ask him about that in the future," Mr. Henry said.
opportunity may not arrive soon. About two hours later, a spokeswoman for CNN,
Laurie Goldberg, released a statement saying that the network had "asked Mr.
Novak to take some time off." Asked later in a telephone interview whether Mr.
Novak was being suspended from his work at the Cable News Network, Ms. Goldberg
said, "We're characterizing it as a mutual decision."...........

bye bye blackbird (NO offense to the blackbirds and ravens out there - well i am one of them, i am the morrighan after all)

.....Asked last night in a telephone interview why he thought Mr. Novak had
acted as he did, Mr. Carville said, "Bob's probably got a lot going on in his

yeah, one of which ought to be thoughts of serving hard time for treason the giant gatsu piedi

it is too late for some, but it's NOT too late for all


(baby boy saminou)

Niger's Anguish Is Reflected in Its Dying Children
ELKOKIYA, Niger, Aug. 3 - At sunset Wednesday, in an unmarked grave in a
cemetery rimmed by millet fields, the men of this mud-walled village buried Baby
Boy Saminou, the latest casualty of the hunger ravaging 3.6 million farmers and
herders in this destitute nation. At 16 months, he was little bigger than some
newborns, with the matchstick limbs and skeletal ribs of the severely
malnourished. He had died three hours earlier in the intensive care unit of a
field hospital run by Doctors Without Borders, where 30 others like him still
lie with their mothers on metal cots................ ...............Niger's
latest hunger problem, like Baby Boy Saminou's tragedy, is more complex than it
first appears. As aid begins to trickle into some of the nearly 4,000 villages
across southern Niger that need help - the vanguard of a flood of food brought
forth by television images of shrunken babies - the rich world's response to
Niger's worst nutrition crisis since the 1985 famine is, in fact, proving too
late for many. Unseen on television, however, are the shrunken infants who die
all but unnoticed even in so-called normal years. Of each 1,000 children born
alive in this, the world's second-poorest nation, a staggering 262 fail to reach
their fifth birthdays.............

how unbelievable is this? as humans how can we let this happen? even in the GOOD years they are dying in droves. please check out doctors without borders don't order that plate of fries or that extra martini. you know where to send the money instead

Thursday, August 04, 2005

instead of huntin' and fishin'

a whole 'lott'a somethin goin on round here.........round here........somethin' goin' on round here...........
why don't you concentrate on properly armoring the vehicles our service people use in the middle east (if you're not going to bring them home WHERE THEY BELONG)

There's Always a Way
Exemptions From Ethics Rules Allow Lawmakers to Accept Almost Anything
........A lushly produced video on DVD arrived in lobbyists' mailboxes all
over Washington this summer. In it, Sen. Michael D. Crapo narrates what amounts
to a sales pitch for them to pay $2,500 each to party with him later this month
in beautiful Sun Valley, Idaho.
"We shoot all day. We fish all day. We ride
horses all day. And then we finish the day with the best barbecue in the West,"
the Idaho Republican boasts. "Frankly, I think this is the best event in the

.....In recent months, the patchwork of rules has prompted new ethical
questions. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Tex.) has asked the ethics
committee to determine whether he wrongly took trips abroad paid for by
registered lobbyists. And Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham (R-Calif.), a senior
member of the House Appropriations Committee, is facing a federal grand jury
probe into his relationship with a defense contractor on whose yacht he lived

and on and on and on and so it goes........

let's give a shout out to judge marsha pechman

Judge halts Northwest logging rules
.........SEATTLE - A federal judge struck down a move by the Bush
to ease logging restrictions in the Northwest, saying
the government failed to consider the effect on rare plants and animals.
District Judge Marsha Pechman said in her ruling Monday that under federal law,
authorities had an obligation to show why the logging restrictions should be

you go grrrl!

another one of my state's own..........

Glastonbury Marine killed in Iraq, family mourns

Mother calls Glastonbury marine a hero

This Was His Job And He Did It Well

Marine Who Grew Up In Connecticut Killed In Iraq

site of the day

yet ANOTHER non surprise

Troops in Iraq Bring Resistant Bacteria Home
............ American troops wounded in Iraq and brought back to military
hospitals in the United States have unexpectedly high rates of infection with a
drug-resistant type of bacteria, doctors are finding...........

this is all they need on top of everything else

why the EFF is congress so EFFING worried about EFFING baseball?

Congress to Investigate Whether Palmeiro Committed Perjury at Hearing
........The leaders of a Congressional panel wrote to Major League Baseball
yesterday to ask for a broad set of records related to Rafael Palmeiro's
steroids suspension. Palmeiro independently said he would "fully
cooperate" with the request and answer any further questions by any member of
the House Committee on Government Reform, the group that he testified before in
March, when he pointed his finger and adamantly denied ever using steroids..

  • how many people have died in iraq (OURS and THEIRS) and congress is worried about raffy
  • how many people don't have adequate healthcare and/or insurance and congress is worried about raffy
  • how many people go to bed hungry and congress is worried about raffy
  • how many people don't have jobs and congress is worried about raffy
  • how many people are illerate and congress is worried about raffy


does it matter if the bombs are bigger or not?

they STILL KILL........

Insurgents Using Bigger, More Lethal Bombs, U.S. Officers Say
.....The explosion that killed 14 marines in Haditha yesterday was powerful
enough to flip the 25-ton amphibious assault vehicle they were riding in, in
keeping with an increasingly deadly trend, American military officers say. In
recent months the roadside bombs favored by insurgents in Iraq have grown
significantly in size and sophistication, the officers say, adding to their
deadliness and defeating efforts to increase troops' safety by adding armor to
vehicles. ...............

..........And what happened in the aftermath
of the July 23 attack provided further cause for alarm. ..........

hey, how about more than 1800 of our service people DEAD and i won't even mention the wounded. now THAT is cause for alarm

at least newt got THIS right.......

Gingrich Says Ohio Race Holds Lesson for GOP .........Former House speaker Newt Gingrich (Ga.) warned fellow Republicans yesterday not to ignore the implications of the party's narrow victory in Tuesday's special election in Ohio, saying the public mood heading into next year's midterm elections appears to helping Democrats and hurting Republicans............


Wednesday, August 03, 2005

i personally am vegan

Meatpacking's Human Toll
..........Working conditions in U.S. meat and poultry plants should trouble
the conscience of every American who eats beef, pork or chicken.
the nonstop tide of animals and birds arriving on plant "kill floors" and "live
hang" areas has always been hazardous and exhausting labor. Turning an 800-pound
animal (or even a five-pound fowl) into products for supermarkets or fast-food
restaurants is, by its nature, demanding physical labor in bloody, greasy

.....The U.S. government does little to protect meatpacking workers. As the
Government Accountability Office has pointed out, the Occupational Safety and
Health Administration has "no specific standard that allows OSHA to cite
employers for hazards" relating to line speed and repetitive stress injuries.
Indeed, job safety enforcement officials do not even have data "to assess the
appropriate speed at which the lines should operate." This information does not
exist because companies refuse to let government regulators or independent
researchers measure line speed, examine workers' knife-cutting motions or study
musculoskeletal injuries from repeated hard cutting...........

years and years (too many to think about) i saw a documentary entitled MEAT. i have been vegetarian (now vegan) ever since. i was headed that way even as a child (i never could eat anything that was on a bone and ate only very well done burgers and an occasional piece of bacon and tuna. i'm not preaching. i don't (however, i will fight if cornered and you do NOT want that to happen), even about veal. i don't think i'm better than anyone else based on the choice of foods i ingest. all i would suggest is you may want to think how that steak got on your plate.

site of the day

there are far far far too many favorites for me to mention. best to find your OWN and not let me influence you

where have all the flowers gone?

Documents Tell of Brutal Improvisation by GIs
............Iraqi Maj. Gen. Abed Hamed Mowhoush was being stubborn with his
American captors, and a series of intense beatings and creative interrogation
tactics were not enough to break his will. On the morning of Nov. 26, 2003, a U.S. Army interrogator and a military guard grabbed a green
sleeping bag, stuffed Mowhoush inside, wrapped him in an electrical cord, laid
him on the floor and began to go to work. Again.
It was inside the sleeping
bag that the 56-year-old detainee took his last breath through broken ribs,
lying on the floor beneath a U.S. soldier in Interrogation Room 6 in the western
Iraqi desert. Two days before, a secret CIA-sponsored group of Iraqi
, working with Army interrogators, had
beaten Mowhoush nearly senseless, using fists, a club and a rubber hose,
according to classified documents.......

..........The circumstances that led up to Mowhoush's death paint a vivid
example of how the pressure to produce intelligence for anti-terrorism efforts
and the war in Iraq led U.S. military interrogators to improvise and develop
abusive measures, not just at Abu Ghraib but in detention centers elsewhere in
Iraq, in Afghanistan and at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Mowhoush's ordeal in Qaim,
over 16 days in November 2003, also reflects U.S. government secrecy surrounding
some abuse cases and gives a glimpse into a covert CIA unit that was set up to
foment rebellion before the war and took part in some interrogations during the

and we cry foul when ours are taken as prisoners of war and treated in ways such as this. i left a comment on another blog today (my favorite one, skippy the bush kangaroo using the words of the great pete seeger; when will they ever learn? when will they ever learn?

you go grrrl!!!!!

Afghan Women Put Lives on Line To Run for Office
..........Even though many Afghan families still prohibit wives and daughters
from showing their faces in public, 328 women are running for the lower house of
parliament, where 68 of 249 seats have been set aside for female
representatives. An additional 237 are running for seats on provincial councils
that will in turn appoint a third of the upper house......

southern Helmand province, U.N. officials are investigating reports of letters
circulating that offer a $4,000 reward for killing female candidates. In
southeastern Zabol province, unknown gunmen tried to hijack a car belonging to
Zarmina Pathan, a candidate and employee of a local aid organization. Afghan and
U.N. officials said they are investigating whether the attack was a routine
crime or an attempt to intimidate her.............

you know i do have the BEST idea for protecting women's virtue (that is after all why they can't show themselves outside of their homes. i am NOT just talking about middle eastern cultures, i am talking about ANY culture which deems women to be evil temptresses) slap LOCKING chastity devices on ALL males. let only their wives (or in the case of bachelors, their mothers, grandmothers or aunts) have the keys. therefore, even if tempted by evil women, they can do NOTHING about it (well nothing using their genitalia that is).

no big surprise here..........

SPECIAL REPORT: Hiroshima Cover-up Exposed
....NEW YORK In the weeks following the atomic attacks on Japan almost 60
years ago, and then for decades afterward, the United States engaged in airtight
suppression of all film shot in Hiroshima and Nagasaki after the bombings. This
included footage shot by U.S. military crews and Japanese newsreel teams. In
addition, for many years all but a handful of newspaper photographs were seized
or prohibited........

.......When that footage finally emerged, I corresponded and spoke with the
man at the center of this drama: Lt. Col. (Ret.) Daniel A. McGovern, who
directed the U.S. military filmmakers in 1945-1946, managed the Japanese
footage, and then kept watch on all of the top-secret material for decades. "I
always had the sense," McGovern told me, "that people in the Atomic Energy
Commission were sorry we had dropped the bomb. The Air Force -- it was also
sorry. I was told by people in the Pentagon that they didn't want those [film]
images out because they showed effects on man, woman and child. ... They didn't
want the general public to know what their weapons had done -- at a time they
were planning on more bomb tests. We didn't want the material out because ... we
were sorry for our sins."...........

hell 'they' won't even allow photos of our service people who died in the line of duty (in iraq) to be released.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

extra extra - bush wants EVERYONE to go to fit or risd!!!

(or NOT) Schools Should Teach 'Intelligent Design,' Bush Says
....WASHINGTON -- President George W. Bush said he believes schools should
discuss "intelligent design" alongside evolution when teaching students about
the creation of life.
During a round-table interview with reporters from
five Texas newspapers, Bush declined to go into detail on his personal views of
the origin of life. But he said students should learn about both theories......

(i'm guessing he didn't go into detail because his 'handlers' weren't by his side)

when i first read the headline i thought awol was touting some kind of creative interior design study. you know, paint shades and upholstered sofas.

site of the day

reviews for bad (and i do mean BAD) movies

if you can, please watch 'the girl in the gold boots'. it is one of my personal favorites. you won't be sorry (but wear your dancin' shoes)

speaking of keeping the faith.............i've suddenly regained mine!

Clergy group attacks schools’ Bible study course
Watchdog group says class promotes fundamentalist Christian world view
.....AUSTIN, Texas - A religious watchdog group complained Monday that a Bible
study course taught in hundreds of public schools in Texas and across the
country promotes a fundamentalist Christian view and violates religious
The Texas Freedom Network, which includes clergy of several faiths,
also said the course offered by the Greensboro, N.C.-based National Council on
Bible Curriculum in Public Schools is full of errors and dubious research.

(by the way, dubious is one of my absolute favorite words)

“No public school student should have to have a particular religious belief
forced upon them,” the Rev. Ragan Courtney, pastor of The Sanctuary, a Baptist
congregation in Austin, said at a news conference held by Texas Freedom

here here rev!

in all fairness, i haven't yet fully read up on the tfn but i intend to. so far, so good though. we'll see.......

more b s

Columnist Hints Book Was Source That Led to Use of C.I.A. Officer's Name
.....One of the most puzzling aspects of the C.I.A. leak case has had to do with
the name of the exposed officer. Why did the syndicated columnist Robert D.
Novak identify her as Valerie Plame in exposing her link to the C.I.A. in July
2003 when she had been known for years both at the agency and in her personal
life by her married name, Valerie Wilson?

to the special counsel charged with getting the low-down in this case: STOP DANCING AROUND. STOP NOVAK AND ROVE FROM DANCING AROUND AS WELL. none of you are very good at it and the moves you're using went out of style long long long ago. STOP WASTING MY TAXPAYERS MONEY ON THIS. DO SOMETHING -

lower than a second class citizen

Another Face of Terror
Pakistan's president, Pervez Musharraf, is supposed to be our valued ally in the
war on terrorism. But terror takes many forms, not all of them hijacked
airplanes or bombed subways...........

.......Now, for the first time,
Dr. Shazia has agreed to tell her full story, even though this will put herself
and her loved ones at risk. Her tale is simultaneously an indictment of General
Musharraf's duplicity, a window into the debasement that is the lot of
women in much of the world
- and a modern love story......

....."They told me to be quiet and not to tell anybody because it would
ruin my reputation," Dr. Shazia remembers. One official warned that if she
reported the crime, she could be arrested.
That was a genuine risk. Under
Pakistan's hudood laws, a woman who reports that she has been raped is
liable to be arrested for adultery or fornication -
since she admits to
sex outside of marriage - unless she can provide four male eyewitnesses to the

and another article on the same;

A Pakistani Rape, and a Pakistani Love Story
.........Rapes occur in Pakistan at an estimated rate of one every two hours,
and the rape itself is only the beginning of the horror. As in much of the
world, the victim is frequently expected to atone for her "sin" by killing
herself, while her attacker goes unscathed.

at least here if they don't believe you (and even it they DO believe you, in most cases 'they' think you asked for it - be it your provocative dress or the way your ass moves when you walk or just the fact you don't have a penis) no one expects you to self-immolate

Monday, August 01, 2005

so very sad...........

Will the newest addition to city streets be a guy sitting in front of a Starbucks with a cup and a cardboard sign that says IRAQ WAR VET?

.................More than a million men and women have served in war zones since the terrorist attacks of September 11. The percentage of those wounded on the battlefield who have survived is the highest in the history of combat, in part because of advances in body armor, in part because of sophisticated on-site medical facilities. The result is that there will be a group of Iraq-war vets with catastrophic injuries: multiple amputations, head trauma, horrendous burns. They may need medical intervention for the rest of their lives. Yet already there has been troubling testimony before the Senate Veterans' Affairs Committee that severely injured soldiers are being pressured to sign discharge papers before they've received adequate care........

our women and men are fighting a phantom war (one that shouldn't exist, or one that exists for NO valid reason). the LEAST we can do for them is adequately care for them upon their return. haven't we learned our lessons with the treatment of prior vets? pretty soon NO ONE will be voluntarily signing up. draft? we'll build an underground railroad to canada

this is enough to make you puke

Report: Toledo police helped conceal sex abuse
TOLEDO, Ohio - Police helped the Catholic Diocese of Toledo cover up sex
abuse allegations for several decades, refusing to investigate or arrest priests
suspected of molesting children, a newspaper reported Sunday..........

........‘Wasn’t part of our policy’“It doesn’t look good today, but it
wasn’t part of our policy that this was considered to be a crime against youth
and it had to be handled by police,” Lamantia said.

one out of every three children is abused. is IS a crime. one DOES carry for the rest of their lives. help stamp out child abuse EVERYWHERE

they are just like everyone else..........

shocking isn't it? they just want to raise their child in a loving environment. oh yes, and if one is hospitalized, the other wants to be allowed to visit

she said it better than i EVER could:

"I mean, really, who are we hurting here?" McKinley asked. "We don't bother
anyone, we mind our own business . . . stick to ourselves. How would our
marriage hurt anyone?"......Battle
Over Gay Marriage Plays Out in Indian Country

faces of the fallen

earth didn't just pop up one day ya know............

Bible Course Becomes a Test for Public Schools in Texas

HOUSTON, July 31 - When the school board in Odessa, the West Texas oil town,
voted unanimously in April to add an elective Bible study course to the 2006
high school curriculum, some parents dropped to their knees in prayerful thanks
that God would be returned to the classroom, while others assailed it as an
effort to instill religious training in the public schools.

But a
growing chorus of critics says the course, taught by local teachers trained by
the council, conceals a religious agenda. The critics say it ignores evolution
in favor of creationism and gives credence to dubious assertions that the
Constitution is based on the Scriptures, and that "documented research through
NASA" backs the biblical account of the sun standing still........

you can teach creationism all you want OUTSIDE of the public school classrooms. if creationism being taught in school is that important to you HOMESCHOOL your children or spend the dough and send them to the private school of your choice. i don't want to hear that crap in MY school system or any public school system in this country. are these people ostriches? do they have their heads in the sand? how can they ignore evidence?