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Saturday, June 19, 2010


via twisted vintage (you MUST stop by and see it. chuck full o' wonder)

i can't even begin to tell you

how wonderful i think this is


love it!


happy family values father's day!

On Father's Day, hypocrites are all in the family

By Colbert I. King

Now let's turn to Obama's foremost critics: Rush Hudson Limbaugh III, Newton Leroy Gingrich and Sarah Palin.
Limbaugh and Gingrich have said too many negative things about Obama to count. "I want him to fail" (Limbaugh) and "secular socialist" (Gingrich) are just two of their attacks. Yet two of the nation's loudest proponents of family-values issues are serial husbands. Between them, the two men have had seven wives.
Limbaugh, who dropped out of college after one year, married his first wife, a sales secretary, in September 1977. She filed for divorce three years later; it was granted in July 1980. Limbaugh next married an usherette in 1983; they divorced in 1990. In May 1994, he married an aerobics instructor he met online. They separated in June 2004 and divorced that December....................

Friday, June 18, 2010

quote of the week

i asked my friend erin to meet me and our friend neil - for perhaps a beverage or two late this afternoon. she sent a no not today text back to me. it said, in part:

'..............and i have to get a pedicure to wash the phish off of my feet...................'

(she was sort of, sort of mind you, coerced into going to a PHISH concert last night. after me, erin is the LAST person who you'd expect at a phish concert)

man, that's a great quote and man, that's a great woman!

joe barton would like to

apologize to..........


something you need to know about

i run firefox (and love it). i just installed this and so far so good. we'll see

Cory Doctorow

The Electronic Frontier Foundation and The Onion Router (TOR) project have teamed up to release a new privacy-enhancing Firefox plugin called HTTPS Everywhere. It was inspired by Google's new encrypted search engine, and it ensures that whenever you visit a site that accepts encrypted connections, your browser switches into encrypted mode, hiding your traffic from snoops on your local network and at your ISP. HTTPS Everywhere covers Google search, Wikipedia, Twitter, Identi.ca, Facebook, EFF, Tor, Scroogle, DuckDuckGo, Ixquick and other smaller search engines. It's still in beta (what isn't?) but I've been running it all morning with no negative side effects.
Encrypt the Web with the HTTPS Everywhere Firefox Extension (Thanks, Hugh!)

bob cesca tells us about

a republican that deserves a shout out


Republican Lawmaker Asks Barton To Resign

I guess not all Republicans are going along with Rep. Barton's BP apology. Rep. Jeff Miller (R-FL) is getting downright nasty about it:
I condemn Mr. Barton's statement. Mr. Barton's remarks are out of touch with this tragedy and I feel his comments call into question his judgment and ability to serve in a leadership on the Energy and Commerce Committee. He should step down as Ranking Member of the Committee.

not to worry björk i NEVER EVER NEVER let poets lie to ME!

i find her whimsical. i love things whimsical

and a couple of scenes from dancer in the dark

i WILL stop in west hartford center to see this

and honor our fallen heroes. if you're in the area, before or after you go to one of those 'trendy' west hartford joints, DO stop by the wall. please. honor those who gave for YOUR safety


Vietnam Memorial Replica Goes On Display At West Hartford Town Hall


The wind Thursday morning whipped at the line of small American flags that had just been staked on the town hall lawn. The sky was cloudy and rain seemed imminent.

Nearby, in the town parking lot on South Main Street, was a flatbed truck that had arrived in town earlier with a police and motorcycle escort. It carried the 74 black panels of the Moving Wall, a half-size replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in
Washington D.C.

Inscribed on the Wall's panels are the names of more than 58,000 American service members killed or missing in action in the
Vietnam War..............

pic: Members of the Leatherneck Riders, a motorcycle group of U.S. Marine Corps veterans including ,1st Sgt Dennis Bailey, Aaron Gray, Walt Kedzior and Billy Betzner, help erect The Moving Wall, the traveling half-size replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial on the lawn in front of West Hartford Town Hall. There will be a candlelight vigil at the wall at 8:45 p.m. Saturday. The wall moves on to upstate New York on Monday. (Cloe Poisson, Hartford Courant / June 16, 2010)

is this somalia?

is mengele practicing at cornell?

what IS a 'too large' clitoris in a 5 or 6  year old? WHAT? what sort of parents ALLOW this butchery? what sort of  'DOCTOR' performs this butchery?

then, to top it off, read the rest of the story at the link below to see what's done at the follow up visits. i am so angry i cannot even see straight

Female Genital Mutilation at Cornell University

Posted by Dan Savage



While the whole world was debating the American Academy of Pediatrics' position on "female genital cutting"—the AAP was against it before they were for it, and now, after an outcry, they're against it again—Alice Dreger and Ellen Feder have been raising the alarm about "medical research" currently being conducted at Cornell University. A pediatric urologist at Cornell—Dix Poppas—has been operating on little girls with what he judges to be oversized clitorises, cutting away important clitoral tissues, and then stitching the glans to what remains of the shaft. Poppas claims that, unlike past clitoral-reduction procedures, his procedure is "nerve sparing."
First big problem: "nerve-sparing" surgeries don't always work. And the chunks of these girls' clitorises that the doctor is cutting away—large pieces of their clitoral shafts—may be just as important as the clitoral glans. Dreger:
To shorten these clitorises, Poppas is saving the glans (tip) but cutting out parts of the shaft. Bo Laurent has pointed out that Masters and Johnsons showed that many women masturbate by rubbing the shafts of their clitorises. (Think about it: the clit is the homologue of the penis. How do men masturbate?) Many women seem to find their clitoral glans almost too sensitive. Poppas's patients are loosing the option of touching parts of their shafts, because he's throwing them out (after the cut-away parts have been sent to pathology to see if he accidentally took out a nerve).................

we'll start surreal friday here at ravings this way:

because i guess with him, it's more than ok to pollute our mother earth AND fuck over the people of alabama, mississippi, florida and yes, even HIS texas. that's not to say the people of mexico and the whole east coast (as well as goddess only knows where else) won't get fucked by bp either. i like to CHOOSE who fucks ME over and bp ain't on my list

Texan criticizes compensation fund

By Sheldon Alberts, Canwest News Service

Embattled BP CEO Tony Hayward arrived on Capitol Hill on Thursday ready to deliver an apology for the economic and environmental calamity being caused by the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.
Perhaps no one was more surprised than Hayward, then, when one of his congressional interrogators began apologizing to him.
During an occasionally bizarre but rarely dull day of questions, accusations and artful dodges, Texas Republican Joe Barton overshadowed the star witness at a congressional hearing Thursday into the Deepwater Horizon disaster by condemning a $20-billion compensation fund for oil spill victims as a White House "shakedown" of BP...........


Thursday, June 17, 2010

more ok go love

The New OK Go Music Video

By John Farrier



look at what she's reading (and yes, it really IS her copy

for the story click here

i'm with you norma jean. i attempt to read it several times each year. i just can't but i STILL CONTINUE for some reason or another

uh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

from Mark Frauenfelder at boing boing.......(Don't miss the thrilling sequel, "My President is Black!" produced by The Tea Party Motion Picture Corporation.)..

this ad campaign for a medical supply company


from (via)

a GIANT wtf??????????????

are  these people not just living in the same country as i am, but are they from the same planet? i sure can't tell

Barbour Is Concerned That Escrow Account Will Cut Into BP’s Profits: ‘It Bothers Me’ 


By Ben Armbruster  

The Obama administration announced this week that it wants BP to transfer “substantial” funds to an escrow account overseen by an independent third party that will handle claims from individuals and businesses affected by the company’s oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. “We need to make sure that the interests of people in the Gulf are protected,” senior White House adviser David Axelrod said on Sunday. Congressional Democrats have asked BP to create a $20 billion fund.
Sticking with the “Obama is a socialist” meme, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) called the account a “redistribution of wealth fund.” Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour (R) also thinks it is a bad idea. Although he noted on Fox News last night that BP is “saying that they have the ability to pay and that they will pay,” Barbour expressed concern that BP will lose some profits:...............

sad sad sad


i'm posting this for two reasons

the first is i am EFFING SHOCKED at how low the american public really is (at least television watching-wise).

i cannot believe the shite that's on. this is the topper though

and the second reason is, I LOVE POODLES. i really really really love poodles. if the only exposure you've ever had to them is some yipping little inbred poofball, well you don't know poodles.

my first dog as a child was a miniature silver poodle (there are toys, miniatures and standards). i have always wanted a standard poodle. poodles are wicked smart. they're wicked loyal AND they're wicked athletic (did you know they're great swimmers and were originally HUNTING DOGS???)

anyway, i must hang my head over this one:

TLC's Downhill Slide Continues With Extreme Poodles
Author: Curtis Silver

Following up its descent into middle American white trash madness, TLC has announced another new show to add to its slate of programming that even furthers the channel from actual learning. Once called The Learning Channel, TLC is now simply known as its acronym. The new show is called Extreme Poodles. You read that right.
Extreme Poodles, which actually becomes funnier the more you say it, joins a cast of programming aimed at the disenchanted housewife. From Mall Cops, Jon & Kate, What Not to Wear and the blatantly disturbing Toddlers & Tiaras the so-called Learning Channel has become simply a disgrace to educational television.
It's a wonder that this channel still exists under the flagship Discovery Channel. I understand that there is a demand for low brow reality television in America, I get that. There are plenty of folks that have little or no drama in their own lives, so must feed off the televised drama of others like a modern day succubus. The problem here is that this material is being presented under the guise of a channel once dedicated to quality learning and educational programming.
Now only the education presented on the channel is how to be a selfish, petty human being. It's time for an intervention.............

found via tywkiwdbi

i wonder what elton john thinks of a man

who makes fun of childhood hunger (or denies it's existence)? i wonder

sure, make up shite and say you sang at this fat fuck's wedding (i say that as a NON-SMALL woman myself) to build bridges.

well flush limbaugh NEVER missed a fucking meal. that much is obvious. anyone...anyone who supports this piece of steamin' shite (even by singing at his wedding) is off of MY christmas card list (even though you never WERE on it elton)

Limbaugh attacks school lunches, suggests hungry children should "dumpster dive"

.........You know, one of the benefits of school being out, in addition to your kids losing weight because they're starving to death out there because there's no school meal being provided, one of the benefits of school being out, college campi being vacant this time of year, is that our audience levels go up. I think, you know what we're going to do here, we're going to start a feature on this program: "Where to find food." For young demographics, where to find food. Now that school is out, where to find food. We can have a daily feature on this. And this will take us all the way through the summer. Where to find food. And, of course, the first will be: "Try your house." It's a thing called the refrigerator. You probably already know about it. Try looking there. There are also things in what's called the kitchen of your house called cupboards. And in those cupboards, most likely you're going to find Ding-Dongs, Twinkies, Lays ridgy potato chips, all kinds of dips and maybe a can of corn that you don't want, but it will be there. If that doesn't work, try a Happy Meal at McDonald's. You know where McDonald's is. There's the Dollar Menu at McDonald's and if they don't have Chicken McNuggets, dial 911 and ask for Obama.

There's another place if none of these options work to find food; there's always the neighborhood dumpster......................

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

this is dedicated to all the SMALL people: you know i WANT to make light of this

to make a joke or to laugh. it SHOULD be funny (being that it's so fucked up i mean). but i can't laugh and i can't make any jokes. here it is:

The 'small people' ask, 'WTF?'

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

here's some wednesday early evening sweetness

and people DO believe

an awful lot of hokum


he ROUGH talked 'em!




however, i may never be able to eat another (vegan of course) pancake again in my whole life

here is the reason i don't believe this

it's twofold
1) the people that live in the uae have skin of a darker hue than the pasty-faced mr prince
AND more importantly 
#2) the people that live in the uae ARE GODLESS SAVAGES (according to what i think mr prince believes)

so i'm having a hard time believing he will pick up and move there. even WITH reliable sources saying so

Is Blackwater's Erik Prince Moving to the United Arab Emirates?

Jeremy Scahill

Sources close to Blackwater and its secretive owner Erik Prince claim that the embattled head of the world's most infamous mercenary firm is planning to move to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The Middle Eastern nation, a major hub for the US war industry, has no extradition treaty with the United States. In April, five of Prince's top deputies were hit with a fifteen-count indictment by a federal grand jury on conspiracy, weapons and obstruction of justice charges. Among those indicted were Prince's longtime number-two man, former Blackwater president Gary Jackson, former vice presidents William Matthews and Ana Bundy and Prince's former legal counsel Andrew Howell. ............

wednesday humor

Beck's defense of his conspiracy theories: "Fox couldn't allow me to say things that were wrong"


hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm instead of breaking down on the side of

'the' blacks (they're JUST like 'the' gays you know.) perhaps obama broke down ON THE SIDE OF PROFESSORS. ever think of that you stupid pile? the level of racism  ignorance especially in OUR elected officials is astounding to me.

GOP fundraiser canceled after congressman claims Obama ‘favors’ blacks
By David Edwards and Muriel Kane

The Republican Congressman who suggested that President Obama "has a default mechanism in him that breaks down [on] the side of race" has already been widely criticized for his remark. But adding insult to injury, even a Republican candidate has now canceled a fundraiser where Rep. Steve King (R-IA) was scheduled to speak on his behalf.
In an appearance Monday on G. Gordon Liddy's radio talk show, King reacted to a comment made several months ago by Attorney General Eric Holder that when it comes to race Americans are "in too many ways, essentially a nation of cowards."
"When you look at this administration, I'm offended by Eric Holder and the President also, their posture," King remarked. "It looks like Eric Holder said that white people in America are cowards when it comes to race. And I don't know what the basis of that is but I'm not a coward when it comes to that and I'm happy to talk about these things and I think we should. But the President has demonstrated he's got a default mechanism in him that breaks down the side of race -- on the side that favors the black person, in the case of Professor Gates and Officer Crowley.".............

it's NEVER too late

for the truth (or at the very least, the START of the truth)

Bloody Sunday report reveals truth at last
Bloody Sunday was one of the most shameful incidents in British history.
It was shameful in two ways. First, in Londonderry on January 30, 1972, British troops cut down 14 civilians, the largest number killed on British soil since the Peterloo massacre of 1819. In a sense, it was Northern Ireland’s Tiananmen Square. Secondly, a hastily convened government inquiry into the atrocity under Lord Widgery rushed out a
report that was a blatant whitewash. It not only exonerated the actions of members of the Parachute Regiment (the Paras), but also smeared as bombers and terrorists some civil rights protesters who died that day.
Yesterday, perhaps against the odds after so long, the families of those who died and the people of Londonderry got what they had always yearned for: the truth. And it was a shocking truth. More than a decade after public hearings began, Lord Saville concluded that all of those who died were unarmed and innocent; that some soldiers had given “false accounts”; that no warnings were given; that there was a loss of self-control by soldiers from the Paras; that some of the those shot were fleeing the scene, dying on the ground or attempting to tend the wounded. And though there was some firing by Republican paramilitaries, this did not justify what happened....................

note: i DETEST bono and all he is. i DETEST u2 and how popular they are (for a mediocre band at best). but of course this has to be posted along with the article above.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

don't know why this didn't get covered in the msm

oh wait, i DO know why.....

anyway, i didn't see it until just now in my friend lemmy's blog

this my dears is un effing believable.


A sign announces the closing of a seafood stand in Lafourche, La., due to the oil spill, June 13, 2010. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)


Together Forever screen print by Emil Kozak.

one DOES have to smile


it's science tuesday here at whores and harlots ravings

(whores and harlots is what i SHOULD have called my blog. i decided that after that asswipe said abortions caused the bp oil spill)

anywhooooooooooooooooooooooooo, this was pretty damn cool:

Butterfly Wing Colors Come From Space-Age Structures

By Brandon Keim

Some butterflies get their fabulous colors from light refracted through membrane shapes that were first discovered by mathematicians and applied in space-age material science.
Using microscopes with three-dimensional nanoscale resolution, Yale University researchers found that shades of green in the wings of five butterfly species are produced by crystalline structures called gyroids.
The gyroid shape was conceived in 1970 by NASA physicist Alan Schoen in his theoretical search for ultra-light, ultra-strong materials for use in space. The new study describing the shape in butterflies is in the June 15 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences..........

Read More http://www.wired.com/wiredscience/2010/06/butterfly-colors/#ixzz0qtlNkHve...............

Images: 1. Wing scale photonic nanostructure, from electron micorscope to model./PNAS.

i heard her on npr yesterday on my way home from work

and i wanted to link to her article in mother jones

"We Don't Need This on Camera": BP's Crappy Cleanup Job

You know Isle Grande Terre, Louisiana, from the unbelievable pictures of oiled birds taken there last week. It's also the island just to the east of Grand Isle, which I've been reporting on since oil made landfall there several weeks ago. I wanted to check up on Grande Terre, and so to get there, and avoid a BP escort, yesterday I got in a kayak with my intrepid former literature professor from the University of New Orleans and paddler extraordinaire, Dr. John Hazlett...........

pic: from mac's article linked above

scary and i reallyMEAN that

Alabama tea partier defends 'gather  your armies' tv ad

Rick Barber, an Alabama tea partier running for Congress in the Second District Republican run-off, told me this morning that his controversial new television ad -- which features images of pistols, calls for impeachment and a founding father calling on conservatives to "gather" their "armies" against the IRS -- is being misunderstood by critics.
"They need to not look so deep into things," Barber told me when I asked about his response to people who might say the ad might suggest he's calling for an actual revolution rather than an electoral one. "It's definitely not an inciteful call to arms."
Barber said that using the phrase "gather your armies" and stroking revolutionary-era pistols could lead some to get the wrong impression of his message -- but there's nothing that can be done about that................

Add another to the growing collection of strange and disturbing political ads coming out of Alabama these days.
Rick Barber, a candidate in the Republican primary for the state's second district, has released a one-minute ad in which he implies he supports impeaching President Barack Obama, then goes on a protracted criticism of the IRS, concluding with an actor dressed as George Washington declaring, "Gather your armies."
The ad begins with the Tea Party-backed Barber implying support for Obama's impeachment. "And I would impeach him," Barber says in the ad's opening line as he sits at a table with actors dressed as Washington, Sam Adams and Ben Franklin.................

Monday, June 14, 2010

read this

al franken interview at feministing

Senator Al Franken is a man who hardly needs, but certainly deserves, an introduction. Franken's start in politics was purely satirical: After graduating with honors from Harvard, Franken moved to New York and joined the cast of Saturday Night Live, where he wrote and performed for fifteen years. As the years went on, he continued combining comedy and politics, writing several books including Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot, and the New York Times bestseller Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them.
In 2004, Franken launched his radio show, The Al Franken Show, on Air America. The show, which ran for three years, was inspired by Franken's belief in the power of talk radio and his concern that the talk radio airwaves were dominated by conservative commentators. The Al Franken Show ran for almost three years, with Franken broadcasting for three hours a day, five days a week. On the final episode, in 2007, he announced his candidacy for the US Senate.....................

here's a good one!

well at least it wasn't 'the' gays this time! sometimes i get jealous because they steal all of the thunder

Houston Preacher Says Abortion To Blame For Oil Spill


Following in the very noble footsteps of Pat Roberston, Jerry Falwell, and their ilk, a Houston minister has declared the latest oil spill crisis was the fault of…abortions! Preacher Joseph Herrin has announced that the Spirit of Christ revealed to him a parable in the BP Oil Spill: that Planned Parenthood, and abortion-rights advocates were largely responsible.
It has been widely broadcast that the largest Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in the nation has been built in Houston, TX. This six story tall (six is the number of the flesh man) abortion supercenter was opened in May, just a short time before the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster began..........


this picture was NOT taken in the gulf


who is running this show anyway?

 it SHOULD be us. it's not though. it's bp. i want the man i voted for, barack obama to step up. he's not stood for the change he said promised he would stand for. he's NOT the man i voted for. he has a chance to become that man. he had better start NOW though

Days After BP Denies Blocking The Media From Covering The Spill, Reporter Is Harrassed On A Public Beach 

By Amanda Terkel 

In response to numerous media reports that BP has been blocking journalists from covering the oil spill and speaking with clean-up workers, BP CEO Doug Suttles issued a letter on Wednesday saying that such reports were “untrue” and reporters should have full access:
Recent media reports have suggested that individuals involved in the cleanup operation have been prohibited from speaking to the media, and this is simply untrue. BP fully supports and defends all individuals rights to share their personal thoughts and experiences with journalists if they so choose.
BP has not and will not prevent anyone working in the cleanup operation from sharing his or her own experiences or opinions.
However, this message isn’t being strictly enforced. Yesterday, WDSU, the NBC affiliate in New Orleans, tried to speak with clean-up crews on an oil-stained portion of Grand Isle, Louisiana. Private security officials confronted reporter Scott Walker and said he couldn’t even have access to the public beach...........

this is very interesting to me

china is THE LAST (ok, ONE of the last) places on earth i'd think of when i think of organic food. whole foods is one of the last places i'd think of that would buy 'organic' food from china and then go ahead and slap the whole foods brand label on it. 

i'm not sure there is anything on the packaging telling a consumer exactly where a fruit or vegetable (as in frozen) was grown. i will check. i know whole foods has a tendency to label their FRESH produce with the geographic location it's from

i just don't think china as a whole has too very many safety precautions in place (so in turn WE don't either because everything we use, eat, drink or play with comes from there)

U.S. Drops Inspector of Food in China

Organic food from China, like tea and frozen broccoli, has increasingly found its way onto American store shelves, typically emblazoned with the green “U.S.D.A. organic” seal also found on food grown in this country.
The federal certification, the backbone of the organics industry, is aimed at assuring consumers that farmers and food manufacturers have passed tough, independent inspections — even half a world away.
Now serious questions about certification in China have been raised by the United States Agriculture Department. The agency, which uses private groups to conduct most organic inspections worldwide, has banned a leading American inspector from operating in China because of a conflict of interest that strikes at the heart of the organics’ guarantee...............

wow, i didn't know this about olson

 i'm not really sure of his reasons (not quite buying what he's saying) but at least he's trying to assist in getting stupid homophobic laws tossed out (and allowing same sex marriages in all states IN)

Olson surprises many conservatives by seeking to overturn gay-marriage ban
Washington Post Staff Writer 

Cocktails had been served on the terrace, the ubiquitous Washington buffet of tenderloin and salmon consumed, and the gay law students settled in to hear from the famed legal mind who is leading the battle to make sure they have the right to marry whomever they want, wherever in the United States of America they live.
But first, an introduction: The assembled were reminded of Theodore B. Olson's sterling conservative credentials; about his loyal service in President Ronald Reagan's Justice Department; that he was President George W. Bush's solicitor general; that perhaps the crowning achievement in his gaudy career as a Supreme Court advocate was persuading five justices to stop the vote counting in Florida in the 2000 election and acknowledge that Bush had won.
So far, so quiet. But then Olson took the microphone, and began to describe his crusade to overturn California's Proposition 8 and establish a constitutional right for same-sex marriage...................

Sunday, June 13, 2010

two questions

isn't the world supposed to be burned to a crisp at rapture time (with everyone burning with it EXCEPT the RIGHT kind of christians?)
why in heaven's name (so to speak) would  you want a NON christian caring for your christian pet?




i of course agree with pat

it's OUR responsiblity as women, to not just bow down to our husbands BUT to make ourselves as attractive (to THEM and THEM ALONE) as humanly possible. that way, they won't stray. that way, they'll love us forever. that way, they'll guide us and show us the light. that way, they'll support us. cook for him. clean for him. when he wants to, you know..... have relations, DO IT even if you don't want to. serve your men well women and you'll NEVER have a problem. EVER

Pat Robertson’s advice to woman whose husband flirts: Make yourself more attractive and ‘don’t hassle him.’

Christian broadcaster Pat Robertson frequently stresses the importance of monogamous heterosexual relationships and is happy to offer his viewers advice on how to maintain them. As Media Matters documents, Robertson fielded a question on yesterday’s edition of the 700 Club from a woman who was concerned that her husband frequently flirts with “other women he finds attractive.” Naturally, Robertson blamed the wife, advising her to “make yourself as attractive as possible,” and to not “hassle him about it,” lest she “drive him away”:
CO-HOST: Pat, this is from Anne who says, “My husband has always been a flirt and loves to talk with other women he finds attractive. He says he would never cheat on me but his actions are starting to get to me. What should I do?”
ROBERTSON: Anne, first thing is you need to make yourself as attractive as possible and don’t hassle him about it. And why is he doing this? Well, he’s doing it because he wants affirmation that he is still a man, that he is attractive — and he gets an affirmation of himself. That means he’s got an inferiority complex that’s coming out. And he’s not gonna cheat on you. He’s just playing..................

speaking of prostitutes...............

japan says it kills whales for 'research'. THEY DON'T. they kill whales to eat them. period. a few months back, there was even an instance (NOT isolated i'm sure) of whale meat being on a menu in a restaurant in los angeles. 

Revealed: Japan’s bribes on whaling

A SUNDAY TIMES investigation has exposed Japan for bribing small nations with cash and prostitutes to gain their support for the mass slaughter of whales.
The undercover investigation found officials from six countries were willing to consider selling their votes on the International Whaling Commission (IWC).
The revelations come as Japan seeks to break the 24-year moratorium on commercial whaling. An IWC meeting that will decide the fate of thousands of whales, including endangered species, begins this month in Morocco.
Japan denies buying the votes of IWC members. However, The Sunday Times filmed officials from pro-whaling governments admitting:................

...............The governments of St Kitts and Nevis, the Marshall Islands, Kiribati, Grenada, Republic of Guinea and Ivory Coast all entered negotiations to sell their votes in return for aid...............

note: i did NOT watch the following video. i'm including it to make a point. the description says it's graphic