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Monday, June 14, 2010

who is running this show anyway?

 it SHOULD be us. it's not though. it's bp. i want the man i voted for, barack obama to step up. he's not stood for the change he said promised he would stand for. he's NOT the man i voted for. he has a chance to become that man. he had better start NOW though

Days After BP Denies Blocking The Media From Covering The Spill, Reporter Is Harrassed On A Public Beach 

By Amanda Terkel 

In response to numerous media reports that BP has been blocking journalists from covering the oil spill and speaking with clean-up workers, BP CEO Doug Suttles issued a letter on Wednesday saying that such reports were “untrue” and reporters should have full access:
Recent media reports have suggested that individuals involved in the cleanup operation have been prohibited from speaking to the media, and this is simply untrue. BP fully supports and defends all individuals rights to share their personal thoughts and experiences with journalists if they so choose.
BP has not and will not prevent anyone working in the cleanup operation from sharing his or her own experiences or opinions.
However, this message isn’t being strictly enforced. Yesterday, WDSU, the NBC affiliate in New Orleans, tried to speak with clean-up crews on an oil-stained portion of Grand Isle, Louisiana. Private security officials confronted reporter Scott Walker and said he couldn’t even have access to the public beach...........

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