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Monday, June 14, 2010

this is very interesting to me

china is THE LAST (ok, ONE of the last) places on earth i'd think of when i think of organic food. whole foods is one of the last places i'd think of that would buy 'organic' food from china and then go ahead and slap the whole foods brand label on it. 

i'm not sure there is anything on the packaging telling a consumer exactly where a fruit or vegetable (as in frozen) was grown. i will check. i know whole foods has a tendency to label their FRESH produce with the geographic location it's from

i just don't think china as a whole has too very many safety precautions in place (so in turn WE don't either because everything we use, eat, drink or play with comes from there)

U.S. Drops Inspector of Food in China

Organic food from China, like tea and frozen broccoli, has increasingly found its way onto American store shelves, typically emblazoned with the green “U.S.D.A. organic” seal also found on food grown in this country.
The federal certification, the backbone of the organics industry, is aimed at assuring consumers that farmers and food manufacturers have passed tough, independent inspections — even half a world away.
Now serious questions about certification in China have been raised by the United States Agriculture Department. The agency, which uses private groups to conduct most organic inspections worldwide, has banned a leading American inspector from operating in China because of a conflict of interest that strikes at the heart of the organics’ guarantee...............

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