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Saturday, September 12, 2009

another wow

and another powerful post

The extreme Republican Party
By Neal Gabler
BACK IN 1970 when Richard Nixon nominated a little-known district court judge named Harold Carswell for the Supreme Court and Carswell’s opponents branded him “mediocre,’’ Republican Senator Roman Hruska of Nebraska famously rose to Carswell’s defense. Even if he were mediocre, Hruska said, “mediocre people are entitled to a little representation, aren’t they?’’ With that ringing endorsement, Carswell’s appointment was soundly defeated by the Senate, but not even Hruska could have foreseen how his prescription would be adopted by our political system.

Let’s not mince words here: We now have an entire political party that is not only dedicated to the mediocre. It is dedicated to the nearly deranged.

We are long past the time when we can pretend there are two serious political parties in this country - one right of center and one left of center.........


this is powerful

An open letter to Caster Semenya
Nomboniso Gasa

Mokgadi Caster Semenya is a South African runner who won the women’s 800-meter gold medal at the 2009 World Championships. She was subsequently challenged by competitors to prove her gender and subjected to sex tests by the International Association of Athletics Federations. Below is a commentary by South African gender and political analyst Nomboniso Gasa that first appeared in the Cape Times Daily Star News, Aug. 27. Gasa edited “Women in South African History” (2007).

First, congratulations on your success; it is no mean achievement. This is your finest hour. And this must not be lost. Like so many others who have been following the developments, I have been at a loss for words, have felt rage and above all an incredible sadness at what you have been forced to experience.

Looking at your photograph in the front page of The Saturday Star, with the South African flag draped over your shoulders, I was drawn to your grace, dignity and composure with which you seemed to handle yourself in these times. I looked closely, at the smile playing at the corners of your mouth and it seemed to me, on some level you were wondering—what is the fuss all about? You won. You worked hard. You deserve the accolades, recognition that honor and affirm your discipline and hard work. For many of us, as a young Black woman, there is much we are learning from you, even though you have said a few words and generally been silent.............

The Cat Piano from PRA on Vimeo.


in case you need some cuteness today

here it is


i'm smiling

man, some peeps really ARE beyond freedom and dignity

Protect the sanctity of heterosexual marriage!

PZ Myers
California took such a brave leap last year to protect the purity of marriage by denying it to all of those with matching, instead of complementary, genitali; now John Marcotte wants to take the next logical step, and get an initiative on the California ballot to outlaw divorce. That's an excellent idea; most marriages aren't threatened by homosexuality at all (strangely, though, it's the must fervent fundamentalists who are most tempted by the love that dare not speak its name), but they are at risk from divorce. Nothing would strengthen the institution of marriage more than making a wedding equivalent to a shackling..................

smoke fire and angels is due out

on september 24th. it's the story of the avon mountain accident and those that it effected (far and wide). my friend mark robinson wrote it AND the proceeds from this book are going to a fund for the victims and their families. from what i've read (the first six chapters), it's mighty impressive.

the holidays are fast approaching. this would be a great gift for EVERYONE on your lists. please go to his website and read his story: smoke, fire and angels

note: mark tells me the book will be available at borders. however, they're gonna get THEIR cut. soooooooooo, please consider ordering it directly from mark's website above. no one gets a cut. the proceeds go to the fund.

i've already put in my INITIAL order (there will be more).

the smoke, fire and angels facebook page

just a couple of my previous postings


Friday, September 11, 2009

oh shite there's EVEN MORE

i'm loving this. turns out he really IS a bigger asshole than we initially thought (and yes, read the following. it's not only possible, IT'S A FACT)

so, even if a black woman WAS the daughter of strom, she should have kept her effing MOUTH SHUT. SHE (that's right SHE) sullied the image of that saint strom thurmond. yes, because she is black (well partially black) she's NOT GOOD ENOUGH TO EVEN SAY STROM WAS HER FATHER EVEN IF IT WAS TRUE (and yes, it WAS PROVEN TO BE TRUE)


a person of 'high integrity' my big fat WHITE ass

Flashback: Rep. Wilson Also Had To Apologize After Attacking Strom Thurmond's Illegitimate Daughter
Justin Elliott

Last night, Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) issued an apology -- "I let my emotions get the best of me when listening to the President's remarks" -- and called the White House after heckling Obama during his nationally televised health care speech.

That's the first time most Americans heard of Congressman Wilson, but it's not, it turns out, the first time Wilson's emotions got the best of him and he was forced to apologize.

Flashback to mid-December 2003, when Essie Mae Washington-Williams came forward with the bombshell that she was the illegitimate daughter of the recently-deceased patriarch of South Carolina politics, Sen. Strom Thurmond.

Rep. Wilson, a former page of Thurmond's, immediately told The State newspaper that he didn't believe Williams. He deemed the revelation "unseemly." And he added that even if she was telling the truth, she should have kept the inconvenient facts to herself:

"It's a smear on the image that [Thurmond] has as a person of high integrity who has been so loyal to the people of South Carolina," Wilson said...............

Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) and Essie Mae Washington-Williams

there is indeed a goddess

and she is great (and has one HELL of a sense of humor)

click on the pic for a larger view and then READ IT.

(by the way, i found out wilson worked for or interned for strom thurmond. makes all the sense in the world now, no? didn't good ol' strom do EVERYTHING in his power to keep people of color down? hmmmmmmmm )

Wikipedia locks congressman's page after he's labeled 'douchebag'

-John Byrne

Obama speech disrupter a health industry darling

By Sue Sturgis
During President Obama’s address on health insurance reform to a joint session of Congress last night, he observed that some people have been spreading bad information about his proposal — and that contrary to what’s been said it would not cover illegal immigrants.

At that point the president was interrupted by Rep. Addison Graves “Joe” Wilson (right), a Republican from South Carolina.

“You lie!” Wilson shouted from the crowd.

Obama paused for a moment before continuing his address as Wilson’s colleagues looked on in shock following the breach of protocol.

Whether because of his outspokenness or in spite of it, Wilson is a major recipient of contributions from the health care industry...............


It was not the first time Wilson — attorney, U.S. Army vet and former aide to U.S. Senator Strom Thurmond — has raised eyebrows by shouting at political opponents.

Seven years ago this month, the then-freshman Wilson appeared on C-SPAN’s “Washington Journal” with five-term Congressman Bob Filner (D-Calif.) to discuss whether to go to war in Iraq, action that Filner opposed but Wilson supported. In the course of the discussion, Filner noted that the U.S. supplied weapons to Saddam Hussein’s regime during the Iran-Iraq War — a fact revealed by the investigation into the Iran-Contra Affair, which discovered the Reagan administration secretly sold weapons to Iran, then under an arms embargo, to win support for freeing U.S. hostages in Lebanon and to fund the Nicaraguan contras, a counterrevolutionary rebel force that was fighting the country’s government...............

today is our day of caring

i don't know if it's national or just local (the actual name 'the day of caring'). my company ENCOURAGES volunteer work any way, any day of the year.

this day of caring, i'm going out and doing something for seniors in a local town (it was supposed to be yard work but it's raining and i don't think that's going to fly).

i can't think of a better way to honor those lost in 9/11 - than for us to help others that may need just a tiny bit of assistance. no one is forcing anyone to volunteer. it has to be real and it has to be from the heart. do you have an extra hour or two a week? a month? there are little brothers and sisters that need big brothers and sisters. there are infants in hospitals that need holding and rocking (not to mention knitted or crocheted blankets and caps), there are the elderly who could always use a meal or someone to dust for them or make them laugh, there is the local food bank that could use a hand packing produce, there is recording a book for the blind, there are so very many things. think about that extra couple of hours you have and what you really want to do with them.

Honoring the Dead by Serving the Living
Survivor Works to Grow A Day of Good Deeds

Washington Post Staff Write

NEW YORK -- The taxi is blowing down FDR Drive, heading south, Ground Zero a mile or so ahead. Jay Winuk is letting a humid breeze blow in through an open window as he considers his dead brother's legacy and the meaning of 9/11.

For eight years, he and fellow public-relations executive David Paine have worked to make the anniversary of the terrorist attacks a national moment of something other than sorrow, something other than the day, amid thousands of other tragedies, Winuk's brother Glenn died while trying to rescue people in the South Tower of the World Trade Center.

Now on the cusp of a huge success, with congressional and presidential approval officially recognizing Sept. 11 as a day for people to do a good deed -- any good deed -- Winuk is adamant about what he doesn't want this day to become.............

united way day of caring central and northeast connecticut

Thursday, September 10, 2009

i don't know why all the fuss - that's what they're there for

men to fake tattoo. they're not there to feed our young or anything. that's why we get kicked off of planes or told to cover up if we're attempting to nurse our young. they're only there for men to jerk-off to. to laugh at. to stare at (instead of our faces if we're talking to them). i get all of that. why don't YOU ALL?

"Dirty Tats." The Game. The Tragedy.
Posted by Marisa Kakoulas DiMattia
Yesterday was the US launch of the racing game Dirt 2, and what better way to promote virtual off-road rallies than, ya know, a Flash app that lets you tattoo some woman's breasts. The app is called "Dirty Tats." And that's not even the worst part.

The obviously sex starved Codemasters who created the tattoo game know how to do creepy well, albeit unintentionally. After the intro of loud and just plain bad pop-metal, you're treated to gooey come-ons from a volumptuous vixen who purrs "I like the personal touch," or "Looks like you have some hidden talents." My special talent was not vomiting while trying to get the words "misogyny" across her chest via the Lettering tool.

And like all bad tattoo Flash games, there are the bad tattoo flash stencils that you can stick on her, like the Tribal fish and Kanji for "why am I wasted my time."...............


pic from marisa's posting

it's official, i've gone insane

before i was just SEMI-sane. i can't be reading the following correctly can i be?

(and yesterday my friend 'm' and i got into it with our boss. he said kids should NOT have watched obama's speech-and get the reason why-because it would cut into their educational time. yes, he really did say that and yes, he's a fairly intelligent man too. i was shouting at him-hey it was early and no one else was around. 'm' was calm but not me. what sort of bullshite is that? isn't a half hour out of a student's day AT LUNCH TIME educational if they are going to listen to the president of the united states of america? won't it perhaps get them a might interested in politics, how this country is run???? 'k' on this one YOU'RE FULL O' SHITE)

School refuses Obama speech, but will bus kids to see Bush
-John Byrne

A Texas school which refused to air President Barack Obama's live classroom address is planning to bus students to see the president.

Did school officials reverse course after realizing Obama's speech wasn't political, as conservatives had claimed? Nope. They're sending fifth graders to see another president: former President George W. Bush, and his wife, Laura. Bush is speaking alongside several Dallas Cowboys players and prominent Texas business leaders.

"District officials said it's part of a Cowboys Stadium field trip that the North Texas Super Bowl Host Committee invited 28 fifth-grade classes to attend several months ago," a local NBC affiliate wrote Wednesday morning. "The event launches the Super Bowl committee's largest-ever youth education program. Students must have their parents' permission to attend, school officials said.".........

i have a question for rep joe wilson

did you ever yell "YOU LIE" at king george or the big dick? i'm just curious here. that's all. just asking. it was a question.

un EFFING believable

The Republican Response, Arriving a Little Early
By Dana Milbank
As President Obama addressed a joint session of Congress on Wednesday night, the nation's rapidly deteriorating discourse hit yet another low.

It happened at 8:40 pm, just after the president vowed to lawmakers that his health-care reform proposals would not provide benefits to illegal immigrants. As millions of Americans watched from home, Rep. Joe Wilson (R-S.C.) shouted at the president from his fifth-row seat: "You lie!"

Murmurs of "ooh" filled the stunned chamber. Nancy Pelosi's chin dropped. Obama moved on to the next sentence in his speech, about how no federal money would be used to fund abortion. "Not true!" came another shout..............


Above all, though, was Wilson's effrontery. From the reaction in the chamber -- one Democrat could be heard calling for him to be thrown out -- Wilson knew he had stepped in it. He shrugged, then consulted his BlackBerry. He puffed out his cheeks to exhale and licked his lips.

Toward the end of Obama's speech, the text of which was handed out before the congressman's outburst, was a fitting rebuke of the sort of behavior Wilson had just exhibited. When "we can no longer even engage in a civil conversation with each other over the things that truly matter," Obama said, "we don't merely lose our capacity to solve big challenges. We lose something essential about ourselves."........

this isn't a high school student government here. this isn't russia back in the 'shoe' days, this isn't one of those lands where our highly elected officials in dc get into fist fights and shouting matches. we have a lawfully elected president. he should be MUST be allowed the dignity to speak without interruption or heckling. disagree all you want AFTER he is finished. if i was on the floor when king george was speaking, NO MATTER HOW MANY LIES came out of that mouth, i'd not heckle him (and i don't believe obama lied by the way. i DO believe king george lied). what the fuck is WRONG with these people (by these people i mean the republicans)? are they SO fucking afraid of brown skin they'll sabotage everything that's going on in this country? really.

In Lawmaker’s Outburst, a Rare Breach of Protocol

WASHINGTON — It was a rare breach of the protocol that governs ritualistic events in the Capitol.

In an angry and very audible outburst, Representative Joe Wilson, Republican of South Carolina, interrupted President Obama’s speech Wednesday night with a shout of “You lie!”

His eruption — in response to Mr. Obama’s statement that Democratic health proposals would not cover illegal immigrants — stunned members of both parties in the House chamber.

Democrats said it showed lack of respect for the office of the presidency and was reminiscent of Republican disruptions at recent public forums on health care.

“It is outrageous,” said Representative Joseph Crowley, Democrat of New York, who said it reminded him of the “antics that are being used to disrupt and fog what is going on.”.........


Doug Mills/The New York Times
Rep. Joe Wilson, pictured here pointing at other Republican members of Congress, received criticism for shouting out that the president lied during the speech.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

the.......reformed....... pirate: look look look at what they might be giants

the.......reformed....... pirate: look look look at what they might be giants

i don't think this could be MORE on the mark

it says it all and it says it in under a minute. PLEASE WATCH THIS


i sure understand the need for security

i know any AND every thing can and will be hacked. i know military computers should NOT be used on social networking sites. it's probably a good idea if they're not used on anything other than official military bid-nez.

however, i say give the men and women access to (not just enlisted either. i'm talking officers) some non-military computers. they can use them to blog or bitch or tweet or socialize. put 'em on totally different NON military servers. the interwebs have become such a part of our everyday lives now. in viet nam or before it took a WHILE for contact between a military person and their friends and family. these days INSTANT contact is possible. let's give the women and men of our military every option and every little gift we can spare. they deserve it

Pentagon Keeps Wary Watch as Troops Blog


Over the course of 10 months in eastern Afghanistan, an Army specialist nicknamed Mud Puppy maintained a blog irreverently chronicling life at the front, from the terror of roadside bombs to the tyrannies of master sergeants.

Often funny and always profane, the blog, Embrace the Suck (military slang for making the best of a bad situation), flies under the Army’s radar. Not officially approved, it is hidden behind a password-protected wall because the reservist does not want his superiors censoring it.

“Some officer would be reviewing all my writing,” the 31-year-old soldier, who insisted that his name not be used, said in an e-mail message. “And sooner or later he would find something to nail me with.”

There are two sides to the military’s foray into the freewheeling world of the interactive Web. At the highest echelons of the Pentagon, civilian officials and four-star generals are newly hailing the power of social networking to make members of the American military more empathetic, entice recruits and shape public opinion on the war......

i'm just going to slide this in here

it fits

10 of the Most Obscenely Stupid Right-Wing Conspiracy Theories and Attacks Against the President

By Tana Ganeva, AlterNet.

Today President Obama gave a speech urging America's schoolchildren to do their homework and stay in school.

Naturally, conservatives have been extremely alarmed about the address, because obviously the president is looking to create a vast army of adorable little zombies that will help him destroy America faster.

All last week, conservative bloggers and pundits gleefully accused the centrist president of plotting to force radical politics on America's impressionable youth, after Florida's Republican chairman Jim Greer said Obama's address would "indoctrinate" children and spread "socialist ideology."

The week of right-wing echo chamber freak-outs led to protests by conservative parents, which put school districts throughout the country in the unenviable position of having to deal with the "controversy": Some decided not to air the president's address; others required parental permission.

So, thanks to the right-wing saviors of America's youth, a bunch of kids have been shielded from the president's dangerous message that learning things is good.

Could this be the stupidest, most irrational way conservatives have tried to tear down Obama? Is it even possible to answer that question?

We've assembled the most absurd, logic-defying right-wing attacks on the president. Some you've undoubtedly encountered before; all are incessantly blared by conservative pundits and shock jocks, while many are cynically embraced by GOP lawmakers.

Assembled together, they illustrate the absurd extremes to which right-wingers are trying to drive the public discourse in their efforts to thwart essential reforms in health care, energy policy and the economy.............

more more more more more more more

i thought the good guys WON in the last election. it sure doesn't seem like it. why aren't people jumping up and saying ENOUGH YOU STUPID ASSWIPES

he's american
he's our president
he's not the devil
he didn't cause iraq
he didn't cause afghanistan
he didn't cause the recession
he's not a nazi
he's not a socialist
he's not a communist
he's not a fascist

he's like you and i. he has some good ideas and he has some that are full of shite.

to rep jean schmidt and the rest of y'all YOU ARE AN EMBARRASSMENT TO YOUR COUNTRY

Rep. Jean Schmidt Tells Birther: ‘I Agree With You’

Rep. Jean Schmidt (R-OH) spoke at the Voice of America tea party this Labor Day weekend outside of Cincinnati, OH. Following a tense Q&A session — during which, the congresswoman was booed for acknowledging that the Constitution is a living document — Schmidt engaged in a heated conversation with a birther off-stage. At the conclusion of their exchange, Schmidt whispered to the birther, “I agree with you, but the courts don’t.”

Think Progress attended the event and captured exclusive video of the exchange. Watch it:

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

oh great jesus great goddess, i'd


(oh what's WORSE is the school principal district superintendent was there and didn't do anything about it either. why would she. she was AT the talking in tongues snake handling revival)

Mother furious high school coach had her son baptized

By Stephen C. Webster
The mother of a Kentucky high school football player is furious over the Christian baptism of her son during what he said was supposed to be a school outing to eat a steak dinner and see a “motivational speaker.”

Instead, Breckinridge County High School football coach Scott Mooney took 20 of his players on a trip to a Baptist revival, where eight or nine of the students underwent the Christian ritual of baptism, according to published reports.

Michelle Ammons, mother of 16-year-old Robert Coffee, said she’s upset that nobody ever asked her consent to take her son to the August 26 religious ceremony. She added that she’s even more upset with the school district superintendent Janet Meeks, who was at the revival and did not object to the coach including his students.

“Nobody should push their faith on anybody else,” Ammons told the Louisville Courier-Journal..............

oh dear great goddess this CANNOT

be real. because if it IS real, we're all in a LOT of trouble. (and i'm wondering if it IS real, what sort of judge would sign off on a warrant for urine/blood by CATHETER for a dui when a breath test already came back as UNDER THE LIMIT????. we're not talking about someone who murdered a bus load of school children here. i am fuming and shaking. please let this NOT be for real)

Forced Catheterization Used In DUI Case
Suit Claims Police, Hospital Acted Improperly

An Indiana man has filed a lawsuit claiming that police forcibly withdrew blood and urine from his body during a drunken driving arrest, WLWT-TV reported.According to the suit, police arrested Jamie Lockard, 53, on suspicion of drunken driving in March.A Breathalyzer test showed he was under the legal limit, but Officer Brian Miller doubted the findings.Lockard and his attorney claim in the suit that police took him to Dearborn County Hospital and forced him to submit to a urine and blood test.Police said they obtained a warrant, but Lockard's attorney said his client was shackled to a gurney and had a catheter inserted against his will."It has to be executed reasonably," said attorney Doug Garner. "No one would say this is reasonable behavior. It's reprehensible that anyone could think that this is appropriate."...........


a little tuesday antje duvekot

i guess i'll find out if this is real TOMORROW

if it IS real, how cool is it?

answer = WICKED cool

Monopoly City Streets: Google Launching Online Version of Monopoly

by Pete Cashmore
This could be very addictive: Google (Google) is teaming up with board game maker Hasbro to launch a Google Maps (Google Maps) version of Monopoly (Monopoly). Monopoly City Streets, which launches Wednesday, allows users to compete in a live, worldwide version of the popular game, creating the biggest Monopoly tournament ever played.

It’s an ambitious venture that we’ll confess to being fairly excited about: players will literally be able to buy any street in the world, and compete with every other player on the “board”. You start with 3 million Monopoly dollars, and can build not only hotels and houses but also football stadiums, castles and skyscrapers, reports the UK’s Guardian. Downing Street in the UK will cost $231,000, while Pennsylvania Avenue will cost $2 million..............

ok, it DOES look real. when i added the word "hasbro" to the google search, i get a ton more hits.
Hasbro to unveil new online Google Maps-based monopoly
Brenton Currie
Hasbro is reportedly preparing to launch a new version of their hit game "Monopoly" online later this week featuring close integration with the Google Maps API.
The free online game, set to become available on Wednesday for the wider public and to be called "Monopoly City Streets", allows players to purchase virtually any street in the world says Guardian writer Adam Gabbatt. He says new players are given no less than 3 million Monopoly dollars to build their empire. If you get in first, you can buy the street straight away. If someone else beats you to it, you can make the owner an offer. If the owner doesn't reply in a week, this offer is automatically accepted, no matter how contemptible it may be. .......

(p.s. NOTHING actually ON the hasbro site about this)

if you could all watch this

and by 'all' i mean the town hall foamers at the mouth. i don't want to get too political here. someone, a hero who volunteered to defend his country, has died. to the friends and family of army spc greg missman, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

Soldier killed in Afghanistan re-enlisted to get health care coverage for family
--Diane Sweet

Monday, September 07, 2009

i'm all over this one


i've heard of marie claire but i've never read it

if it consists of articles like the one mentioned in the evil slutopia article below, i NEVER want to read a copy. i don't mind conflicting views. i don't. this woman doesn't have a conflicting view from mine, she has a conflicted soul. as i left in the comments section of the posting, i think she doth protest way too damn much. she's wicked uncomfortable around naked women (in locker rooms mind you) SO DON'T USE THE LOCKER ROOM. shower and change at home. OR workout at home. run around the block. walk a few miles each day. buy a set of weights. do some crunches. DON'T sit around the naked-women filled locker room checking your blackberry. holy shite could this woman be SCREAMING, 'help me i'm gay and i don't have the vagina to admit it', is she?

you know what? i don't care if someone is uncomfortable around a bunch of naked people or not. i care if someone thinks it's DIRTY OR WRONG OR UGLY. cause, guess what? it's NOT.

as a rule, american women have poor perceptions of their bodies. it's people like this goldman babe who certainly are NOT helping our gender ONE bit.

Prudes in the Locker Room

In the September 2009 issue of Marie Claire, we found an article (in the Health section no less) called "Bare Naked Ladies" that made us roll our eyes and clench our fists in slut-shamey annoyance. And no, it had nothing to do with the rock band.

Put your clothes on already! Lea Goldman gets exercised about public displays of undress in the locker room.
That's right... she's offended by people getting naked in a locker room! We figured there had to be more to the story than just nudity... Apparently we were right. It's not just nudity that bothers Ms. Goldman, but shameless nudity... because everyone know nudity should be shameful.
I nearly lost consciousness at the gym once. It was actually in the faux-teak and terra-cotta-tiled "ladies" lounge of an upscale health club a few blocks from my apartment. I'd decided to shave a few minutes off my morning routine by prepping for work at the gym instead of sprinting home right after Spin class. Big mistake. As I scampered from the shower to my locker, clutching a threadbare gym-issued towel barely wide enough to cover me, I caught sight of a doughy, naked woman, her nipples the size of salami slices, holding aloft a compacct as she carefully plucked her eyebrows. I was so distracted by her brazen nudity -- by the boobs, folds, moles, and thatch -- that I walked right into an open locker door, prompting the kind of woozy spell that, had I been a cartoon character, would have been accompanied by chirping birds.
Wow. Yep, she was so offended by the sight of a woman naked in the locker room that she almost injured herself. (Imagine what would happen if she went to a nude beach - she'd probably have a coronary!) I also noticed that she took care to point out just how unattractive this woman was: doughy... nipples like salami slices... folds... moles... because the sight of an unattractive woman is all the more offensive than that of a thin, "sexy" woman? I mean, how dare these women take off their clothes in... a locker room... designed for showering and changing clothes... um... okay...........

wish i was, but i'm NOT making this up

i guess i have yet ANOTHER reason to forgo the rapture
If You Use Condoms, You Will Not Be Raptured

If You Use Condoms, You Will Not Be Raptured
03:44 pm


William Tapley
End Times

Seventy year-old YouTube video maker William Tapley is a retired furniture engineer from Forestport, NY. Tapley is the self-styled “Third Eagle of the Apocalypse” and “Co-prophet of the Endtimes.” On his Revelation Unraveled series, he has described how Obama (“The King of the South”) will be the last President of America and how he will lead the US into war against Russia; what life in the US will be like after WWIII and how much God hates masturbation, the rhythm method and condoms (Just look what happened to Onan!)...........

song of the day (dig that rockin' accordion)


i want one and i want it NOW

slide rule in box pic from think geek
(and i can have one for JUST $29.99)

multiplication pic from the slide rule museum

hey barack, three words for you


Bill Moyers: Mr. President, We Need a Fighter to Take on the Deranged Right-Wing
By Bill Moyers, Bill Moyers Journal
The editors of The Economist magazine say America's health care debate has become a touch delirious, with people accusing each other of being evil-mongers, dealers in death, and un-American.

Well, that's charitable.

I would say it's more deranged than delirious, and definitely not un-American.

Those crackpots on the right praying for Obama to die and be sent to hell — they're the warp and woof of home-grown nuttiness. So is the creature from the Second Amendment who showed up at the President's rally armed to the teeth. He's certainly one of us. Red, white, and blue kooks are as American as apple pie and conspiracy theories.

Bill Maher asked me on his show last week if America is still a great nation. I should have said it's the greatest show on earth. Forget what you learned in civics about the Founding Fathers -- we're the children of Barnum and Bailey, our founding con men. Their freak show was the forerunner of today's talk radio.

Speaking of which: we've posted on our website an essay by the media scholar Henry Giroux. He describes the growing domination of hate radio as one of the crucial elements in a "culture of cruelty" increasingly marked by overt racism, hostility and disdain for others, coupled with a simmering threat of mob violence toward any political figure who believes health care reform is the most vital of safety nets, especially now that the central issue of life and politics is no longer about working to get ahead, but struggling simply to survive............

are iranian mines killing us soldier OR

are us mines (equipment) LEFT OVER FROM THE CIA (who gave them to afghanistan to help them fight the RUSSIANS) killing us soldiers? i'm more apt to believe it's the arms given to the afghanis by the cia to help them fight 'the russians'. oh we are good aren't we?

Taliban's bombs came from US, not Iran
By Gareth Porter

WASHINGTON - In support of the official United States assertion that Iran is arming its sworn enemy, the Taliban, the head of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), Dennis Blair, has cited a statement by a Taliban commander last year attributing military success against North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) forces to Iranian military assistance.

But the Taliban commander's claim is contradicted by evidence from the US Defense Department, Canadian forces in Afghanistan and the Taliban themselves that the increased damage to NATO tanks by Taliban forces has come from anti-tank mines provided by the United States to the jihadi movement against the Soviets in Afghanistan in the 1980s.

The Taliban claim was cited by the ODNI in written responses to Taliban's bombs came from US, not Iran
By Gareth Porter

WASHINGTON - In support of the official United States assertion that Iran is arming its sworn enemy, the Taliban, the head of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), Dennis Blair, has cited a statement by a Taliban commander last year attributing military success against North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) forces to Iranian military assistance.

But the Taliban commander's claim is contradicted by evidence from the US Defense Department, Canadian forces in Afghanistan and the Taliban themselves that the increased damage to NATO tanks by Taliban forces has come from anti-tank mines provided by the United States to the jihadi movement against the Soviets in Afghanistan in the 1980s. .....

the nutmeg grater: rep. chris murphy seems to have some stones

the nutmeg grater: rep. chris murphy seems to have some stones

i knew it could be done

since it's been done to me....i just didn't know how easy and cheaply it COULD be done (note, i think mine was just done by a spammer, i don't think anyone in particular was checking up on me)

seems rather odd these organizations are allowed to advertise without consequences though

Password Hackers Are Slippery To Collar
Washington Post Staff Writer

When Elaine Cioni found out that her married boyfriend had other girlfriends, she became obsessed, federal prosecutors say. So she turned to YourHackerz.com.

And for only $100, YourHackerz.com provided Cioni, then living in Northern Virginia, with the password to her boyfriend's AOL e-mail account, court records show. For another $100, she got her boyfriend's wife's e-mail password. And then the passwords of at least one other girlfriend and the boyfriend's two children. None had any clue what Cioni was doing, they would later testify.

Cioni, however, went further and began making harassing phone calls to her boyfriend and his family, using a "spoofing" service to disguise her voice as a man's. This attracted the attention of federal authorities, who prosecuted Cioni, 53, in Alexandria last year for unauthorized access to computers, among other crimes. She was convicted and is serving a 15-month sentence...........

Sunday, September 06, 2009

fair and balanced all right

as long as you're doing the double shuffle. what a bunch of wads. i swear. so you think you can dance with the assholes at faux 'news'

Fox TV to address important issue of nation's dancing

Fox TV had a big decision to make: Go ahead with the season premiere of a dancing show, or postpone it an hour or so to broadcast the President of the United States giving an address to a rare joint session of Congress to talk about the defining issue of his presidency — health care.

Fox went with the dancing................


i want to stop posting about shite like this

but the woman is CRYING. she thinks obama is the devil. she thinks her kid will turn into a black gay socialist within seconds of hearing the president's voice. W T F ???????????????

really. it is SO absurd. who knew ALL of these people existed anyway?

Right-wing mom so upset about Obama's pro-education speech, she cries on CNN
-- Stephen C. Webster

Think the "debate" over President Obama's planned pro-education speech to students had already crossed the line into absurdity?

Think again.

This video is from CNN, broadcast Friday, Sept. 4, 2009.

The poor woman who started crying as visions of "brainwashing" and "socialism" flashed before her eyes is a classic example of the mental and emotional trauma being inflicted on many Americans by propagandists out to score political points however they can, even by manufacturing utter nonsense. These individuals exist, of course, on all the political fringes, but seem to be especially reverberating among the right-wing constituency right now.

Suddenly, "go to school," "read books" and "college is good" becomes endless rows of brain-dead underlings, forcibly jacked-in to the Matrix and being reprogrammed by wicked television sciences, ready to goose-step toward, uh, something. Doctors perhaps? No, better to go with socialism........

if you use your mind, your brain, perhaps people WILL listen

Using reason and facts, Franken beats back teabaggers

"Let me suggest you take some tips from your fellow Minnesota congressional delegate, Rep. Michelle Bachmann," Cox said ironically. "She knows how to do this. Just say things like 'we have to slit our wrists, be blood brothers to defeat health care,' or that 'I will not seek higher office if God is not calling me to do it.'".............

-- Daniel Tencer...

this article says lego is making a

resurgence. c'mon now, LEGO NEVER TOOK A DIVE to begin with. lego has ALWAYS been and will ALWAYS be popular.

well i AM looking forward to the new lego board game (2010)

(while i love legos with my whole being, there is a bit of sexism in this article .... 'if you give boys legos they'll build guns..... type of shite. well it's just that, shite)

Turning to Tie-Ins, Lego Thinks Beyond the Brick
Billund, Denmark

FROM the outside, there is nothing playful about the drab, two-story Lego Idea House here, where designers gather in whitewashed rooms to dream up new toys. But upstairs, behind a series of locked doors accessible only to employees with special passes, is a chamber that might as well be toy heaven for kids — and more than a few adults.

Multicolored Lego creations in every imaginable size and shape spill from the shelves, from Indiana Jones’s biplane to Darth Vader’s fighter. Boxes stamped “confidential” hold potential future blockbusters, like Buzz Lightyear, the hero of the “Toy Story” animated films, as well as a police station bustling with miniature cops and robbers.

“It’s our way of looking at the world,” says Soren Holm, the head of Lego’s Concept Lab. “We have happy criminals; even they are smiling. The sun is shining every day.”

While that may be true of Lego’s toys, until recently it was hardly the case for Lego’s bottom line. But five years after a near-death experience, Lego has emerged as an unlikely winner in an industry threatened by the likes of video games, iPods, the Internet and other digital diversions..........

Thousands of Lego cubes for new toys. "There's a huge community of people that treat Lego as an art form rather than just a toy," says Andrew Becraft, a technical writer at Microsoft who created the Brothers Brick blog. His site pulls in 125,000 unique visitors a month, and Lego officials estimate that 915,000 people worldwide attended Lego conventions and other events in the first seven months of 2009.

Photo: Jakob Dall for The New York Times