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Friday, June 15, 2007

snow vs petraeus vs king george vs THE AMERICAN PEEPS

it's so hard to keep track of untruths. one is telling us this the other is telling us that. NONE of it is GOOD though

from americablog
we have this: White House Spokesman Tony Snow contradicted General Petraeus
makeprofilelink("John Aravosis (DC)");
John Aravosis (DC) · 6/14/2007 11:28:00 AM ET

Yesterday, White House spokesman Tony Snow is now flatly contradicting General Petraeus, telling reporters that it's basically absurd to think that we'll be able to judge the efficacy of the Iraq surge by this September. Unfortunately, that's exactly what General Petraeus told Bush - that by September we'll have a good idea of how the surge is going...............

are you now or have you ever been?

what year is this?

i am no longer amazed at what happens in this country. our civil rights are slowly ebbing away. we're concentrating on money and oil and wars. we SHOULD be concentrating on feeding, housing, healing and education ALL of the people of the world.

we're a bunch of idiots

Progressive editor details new McCarthyism
-dave zweifel

The Progressive's Matt Rothschild, heir to the editorship of "Fighting Bob" La Follette's magazine, has been collecting examples of Americans suffering the consequences of speaking their minds after Sept. 11, 2001.
He's reported on many of them in The Progressive and on the magazine's
Web site under the apt headline "McCarthyism Watch," because that's exactly what so much of the infringements on civil rights are -- a reincarnation of Joe McCarthy's trashing of our Constitution.
Rothschild has now assembled 82 examples -- barely half of his collection -- in a new book that will hit bookstores in early July and should give all Americans pause on just where their country is headed.
Titled "You Have No Rights: Stories of America in an Age of Repression," the book tells the tales of American citizens suffering everything from the loss of their jobs to being subjected to investigations and hassling by federal, state and local officials, all because they dared criticize what their own government was doing -- a right we are supposedly guaranteed by the First Amendment to the Constitution...........

this is truly bizarre indeed

lurita doan (yet ANOTHER king george appointee) appears to have broken a law or two (hatch act). yet when faced with this her colleagues accuse those who brought this to light of being racists???????????????????????????????????

huh? wtf???

is it OK TO BREAK THE LAW if you're a black woman republican? that is news to me.

Faced with law-breaking Bush official, GOP plays the race card

Michael Roston

In a hearing Wednesday examining the findings that Bush appointee Lurita Doan of the General Services Administration appeared to violate the Hatch Act by politicking in a federal workplace, several Republican Congressmen played the race card. On a number of occasions, Rep. Tom Davis (R-VA), the ranking Republican on the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, led his colleagues in accusing their Democratic counterparts of targeting Doan because she was a black woman and a Republican.
"You're an African-American Republican so you've got a big bull's eye on you," Davis, the former chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, said to Administrator Doan at one stage. .........

uh oh (notice a lot of those of late???)

Gonzales Meeting With Aide Scrutinized
Justice Dept. Checking For Possible Wrongdoing

a rather shocking headline in the wapo

yes they actually used the word FAILURE and king george's name in the same sentence

i think after reading all of the news stories yesterday and starting in again this morning, those holy rollers may have caught on to something. we appear to be on the BRINK OF RAPTURE-TIME

Takeover by Hamas Illustrates Failure of Bush's Mideast Vision

By Glenn Kessler Washington Post Staff Writer

Five years ago this month, President Bush stood in the Rose Garden and laid out a vision for the Middle East that included Israel and a state called Palestine living together in peace. "I call on the Palestinian people to elect new leaders, leaders not compromised by terror," the president declared.
The takeover this week of the
Gaza Strip by the Hamas militant group dedicated to the elimination of Israel demonstrates how much that vision has failed to materialize, in part because of actions taken by the administration. The United States championed Israel's departure from the Gaza Strip as a first step toward peace and then pressed both Israelis and Palestinians to schedule legislative elections, which Hamas unexpectedly won. Now Hamas is the unchallenged power in Gaza..........

Thursday, June 14, 2007

uh oh

Pentagon Offers Zany Excuse for IED Foul-up

by Jacob Freeze

More than 1500 American soldiers have been killed by IEDs in Iraq and Afghanistan. Most of these deaths wouldn't have happened if the soldiers had been riding in armored V-shaped vehicles. These things used to be called "Mine-protected Utility Vehicles/Rapid Deployable" (MUV-R), but now it's a "Mine Resistant Ambush Protected" vehicle (MRAP). The name changed because you can't call something "rapid deployable" when it still ain't there after 4 long years. Or can you?
As recently as October 2006, Senator Lindsay Graham was celebrating this foul-up as a brilliant success. "This is an example of where (the Pentagon) has gotten it right," Graham said. "They're doing it as fast as they can." (USA Today, 10/30/2006). It sounds like this problem just came up, and the Pentagon jumped right on it. hall
But even in March, 2004, when Rumsfeld visited Abu Ghraib, "military officials did not rely on a government-issued Humvee to transport him safely on the ground. Instead, they turned to Halliburton, the oil services contractor, which lent the Pentagon a rolling fortress of steel called the Rhino Runner." (M. Moss, NYTimes, 6/26/2005)
Nothing is too good for our boys at Halliburton, or the SecDef! But it has taken a very long time for the Pentagon to give anything like the same protection to the average grunt on the mean streets of Iraq. What's the excuse?
Unfortunately for the Pentagon, excuses for ultra-slow deployment aren't exactly easy to dream up, since MRAP vehicles have been deployed all over the world for decades. "The military in South Africa and Rhodesia have been using these vehicles for the past 30 years, steadily improving the technology," (Lt. Col. Gert de Wet, in a press release from USMC Camp Smith, Hawaii, June 24 2005) .........

uh oh

Pentagon: Violence in Iraq rising despite ‘surge’
Civilian, military deaths rose during first 3 months of operation, report finds

uh oh

thursday spotlight on nadra mahdi

young woman reporter from sudan

By Meghan Sapp WeNews correspondent
Nadra Mahdi is part of a surge of young Sudanese female journalists covering the country's struggles. Assignments take her from Darfur in the west to desertification in the east to city streets where female tea-sellers fight to subsist.

WOMENSENEWS)--In daily newspapers across the world, stories are filed from foreign correspondents on assignment in war-torn Darfur in Western Sudan while London or New York analysts propose solutions to a conflict they'll never see.
But on the ground, from Khartoum to Kordufan to the center of Darfur in El Fasher, local female journalists are telling the story to their own people. With an influx of female university graduates in all fields from agriculture to engineering, journalism is open to them as long as they can pass the national journalism accreditation exam.
With new newspapers starting up across the country, both supporting and criticizing the government, there are more opportunities for young women in the field than ever before.
Writing for the Arabic daily newspaper Al Watan, "Our World," one of them is Nadra Mahdi, who has spent her short but vibrant journalism career bringing the stories of suffering women to the forefront of Sudanese society.........
......A Personal Fight
The same problems repeat themselves for people in other regions, even in the capital Khartoum. One of her personal fights is for the female tea-sellers in the street, often harassed by police despite having nowhere else to go.
"Most of these women lost their husbands in the war or they have a disability. But the police don't let them sell the tea in the streets, and they don't know what to do. I write about them in my pages so they can find help. Sometimes from ministers, sometimes from businessmen who let them sell clothes or Sudanese perfume," she says.
Her passion for women's issues led the editor in chief to assign her as editor of Al Watan's women's page, which covers substantive news and opinion......
i have a friend in the service who was stationed in sudan (she's been a ton of places including iraq. she's now left africa and is in a place that is a WHOLE HELL OF A LOT SAFER - well at least i think it is). as coincidence would have it, yesterday, i received a package from her. it contained an incredibly lovely eithopian scarf AND some tea. the tea wasn't from sudan but close - addis ababa. i've not tried it yet, but will today.

the nutmeg grater: a must read on da liebs#links#links

the nutmeg grater: a must read on da liebs#links#links

this dude ain't the decider

that's for sure

the dude sounds like a REAL PRINCE with the same EXCELLENT memory as most of king george's court

it's rather comical except for the parts where the dude stepped all over citizen's CIVIL RIGHTS

Ex-Justice Dept. lawyer can't recall his role in controversial policies

By Greg Gordon
McClatchy Newspapers

WASHINGTON - Another former Justice Department lawyer went before Congress on Wednesday with few answers for his Democratic interrogators and a spotty memory.
Hans von Spakovsky, who's seeking a full six-year term on the Federal Election Commission, deflected questions about whether he undermined voting rights laws, saying, "I was not the decision maker in the front office of the Civil Rights Division."
Time and again during his confirmation hearing, he cited either the attorney-client privilege or a cloudy memory for his purported role in restricting minorities' voting rights.
Von Spakovsky couldn't remember blocking an investigation into complaints that a Minnesota Republican official was discriminating against Native American voters before the 2004 election.
Under oath, he also said he didn't recall seeing data from the state of Georgia that would have undercut a push by senior officials within the Civil Rights Division to approve the state's tough new law requiring photo IDs of all voters. The data showed that 300,000 Georgia voters lacked driver's licenses. A federal judge later threw out the law as unconstitutional. ............

who do i believe?

in this case, the new york times of course!

iraq has met few IF ANY of the benchmarks WE have defined (yes, we. it saddens me but it's true. WE invade their country in an illegal and immoral and unjust way AND we have the balls to lay out a set of rules and regulations for them. )

Iraqi Leader In 'WSJ' Op-Ed Claims Progress -- 'NYT' Disputes

By Greg Mitchell

NEW YORK Who you going to believe? The leader of Iraq or The New York Times? The choice arose today as the two offered diametrically different views of political progress in Iraq.Just as the Times reported a failure in Iraq to reach or even approach "benchmarks," Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki appeared on the editorial page of the friendly Wall Street Journal claiming gains. He opens: "Americans keen to understand the ongoing struggle for a new Iraq can be guided by the example of their own history. In the 1860s, your country fought a great struggle of its own, a civil war that took hundreds of thousands of lives but ended in the triumph of freedom and the birth of a great power. Abraham Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation signaled the destruction of the terrible institution of slavery, and the rise of a country dedicated, more than any other in the world of nation-states then and hence, to the principle of human liberty."Maliki then tackles several U.S. demands, including reform of the de-Ba'thification law ("This has not been easy, but we have stuck to that difficult task)" and oil sharing (“Iraq is well on its way to passing a new oil law”). .................

they broke the laws

our laws. they shredded the constitution, our constitution. this, all at the direction of king george and his court. the papers report it. we talk about it. perhaps a person or two or three goes to court over it, YET NOTHING EVER COMES OF IT. ah, maybe a little person does a bit of time but the big boys NEVER get a finger laid upon them.


it's NOT right for someone to look at our mail, listen to our calls, look at our bank records WITHOUT a warrant. and i'm guessing those warrants aren't that hard to come by either



FBI Finds It Frequently Overstepped in Collecting Data

By John Solomon Washington Post Staff Writer

An internal FBI audit has found that the bureau potentially violated the law or agency rules more than 1,000 times while collecting data about domestic phone calls, e-mails and financial transactions in recent years, far more than was documented in a Justice Department report in March that ignited bipartisan congressional criticism.
The new audit covers just 10 percent of the bureau's national security investigations since 2002, and so the mistakes in the FBI's domestic surveillance efforts probably number several thousand, bureau officials said in interviews. The earlier report found 22 violations in a much smaller sampling..............

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

i like to leeevvvvvvvvveeeeeeeee in america part ii

an apology to the men (i don't think there were any women in this particular episode) of task force cobra made up of new mexico national guard members.

they were forced to strip to their undies so they could be searched for GANG TATTOOS. some other soldier reported GANG ACTIVITY among them WHILE THEY WERE IN KUWAIT. of course there was NO EVIDENCE OF GANG INK OR GANG MEMBERS OR GANG ACTIVITY in this unit

Army general apologizes for tattoo strip search
National Guard soldiers ordered to remove clothes while on duty in Kuwait

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. - A top U.S. Army investigator has apologized to New Mexico National Guard soldiers who were ordered to strip to their gym shorts and were searched for gang tattoos while they were on duty in Kuwait.
No tattoos were found on the 58 members of Task Force Cobra, made up of soldiers from Guard units around New Mexico. Task Force Cobra was sent to the
Middle East in November 2005 to provide security for military convoys in Iraq, Kuwait and Qatar. Its soldiers returned home last November and the unit has since been disbanded............

original posting i did

a headline i thought i would NEVER see

this speaks for itself

i happened to see this on nightline the other night

and it was NOT pretty. lots of pet owners were (literally) forced to abandon their animals. there were even pet rescue workers from other states that were PREVENTED from helping. as if effing up helping the people of the gulf coast wasn't enough...

Cops sued for mass pet murders during Katrina

David Edwards and Muriel Kane

ABC's Nightline described on Monday how, in the days following Hurricane Katrina, police killed many stranded pets that had been left behind by their owners. Residents of St. Bernard Parish have since claimed they were forced to leave behind their dogs, which were then wantonly killed by sheriff's deputies. The dog owners have filed a class action lawsuit, asserting their pets were executed in three schools that were supposed to serve as shelters.........

bye mr wizard!

he was special. i'm dating myself, but i did watch him (he DID have a show AFTER the 50s you know)

like MANY others, HE was my first introduction to science.

i'm glad we had him in our world

Don Herbert, ‘Mr. Wizard’ to Science Buffs, Dies at 89


Don Herbert, who unlocked the wonders of science for youngsters of the 1950s and ’60s as television’s Mr. Wizard, died yesterday at his home in the Bell Canyon section of Los Angeles. He was 89.

The cause was bone cancer, his son-in-law Tom Nikosey told The Associated Press in confirming the death.
Mr. Herbert held no advanced degree in science, he used household items in his TV lab, and his assistants were boys and girls. But he became an influential showman-science teacher on his half-hour “Watch Mr. Wizard” programs, which ran on NBC from 1951 to 1965...;

ovarian cancer - some new information on warning signs

better to be safe than sorry - if you have these symptoms DO go see your doctor

(yeah, i know. first we hear mammograms ARE a good thing, then we hear they really don't help then we hear they do, then not, then on and on and on. as second class citizens where only VERY recently have we been included in studies on ANYTHING from heart attacks to headaches, i'm thankful for ANY information that comes out)

Symptoms Found for Early Check on Ovary Cancer

Published: June 13, 2007
Cancer experts have identified a set of health problems that may be symptoms of ovarian cancer, and they are urging women who have the symptoms for more than a few weeks to see their doctors.
The new advice is the first official recognition that ovarian cancer, long believed to give no warning until it was far advanced, does cause symptoms at earlier stages in many women.
The symptoms to watch out for are bloating, pelvic or abdominal pain, difficulty eating or feeling full quickly and feeling a frequent or urgent need to urinate. A woman who has any of those problems nearly every day for more than two or three weeks is advised to see a gynecologist, especially if the symptoms are new and quite different from her usual state of health. .....

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

a tiny little interview with david chase

from the paper the new jersey star ledger tony is often seen reading

'Sopranos' creator's last word: End speaks for itself
Tuesday, June 12, 2007
What do you do when your TV world ends? You go to dinner, then keep quiet.
"Sopranos" creator David Chase took his wife out for dinner Sunday night in France, where he fled to avoid "all the Monday morning quarterbacking" about the show's finale. After this exclusive interview (agreed to before the season began), he intends to let the work -- especially the controversial final scene -- speak for itself.
"I have no interest in explaining, defending, reinterpreting, or adding to what is there," he says of the final scene.
"No one was trying to be audacious, honest to God," he adds. "We did what we thought we had to do. No one was trying to blow people's minds or thinking, 'Wow, this'll (tick) them off.'
"People get the impression that you're trying to (mess) with them, and it's not true. You're trying to entertain them." ..........


John Stillwell / AP
Bekhal Mahmod, Banaz's sister, testified that that her brother was ordered to kill Banaz, but couldn't go through with it.

but they will NOT be killed and have THEIR bodies stuffed into a suitcase to rot.

STOP HONOR KILLINGS. there is NO honor

can you imagine a father killing his daughter? i can't

if you think it doesn't happen here or in europe you are sadly mistaken. it does

banaz, you are in the hearts and souls of every woman

banaz, we will not rest until the world is a safe place for all

(please note, an english police officer even considered charging banaz. why? she broke her grandmother's window. why? BECAUSE SHE WAS TRYING TO ESCAPE HER FATHER. WHY? BECAUSE HE WAS TRYING TO KILL HER.

how can we protect women when shite like this happens EACH AND EVERY DAY

Father in 'honor killing' found guilty of murder
Brit ordered his daughter strangled for falling in love with wrong man

LONDON - A father who ordered his daughter brutally slain for falling in love with the wrong man in a so-called “honor killing” was found guilty of murder on Monday.
Banaz Mahmod, 20, was strangled with a boot lace, stuffed into a suitcase and buried in a back garden.
Her death is the latest in an increasing trend of such killings in Britain, home to some 1.8 million Muslims. More than 100 homicides are under investigation as potential “honor killings.”.........

...............During the three-month trial, prosecutors said Mahmod’s father beat his daughter for using hairspray and adopting other Western ways. Her uncle once told her she would have been “turned to ashes” if she were his daughter and had shamed the family by becoming involved with the Iranian Kurd, her sister 22-year-old Bekhal Mahmod testified.
Banaz Mahmod ran away from home when she was a teenager but returned when her father sent her an audio tape in which he warned he would kill her sisters, her mother and himself if she did not come home, her sister said.................

.......On New Year’s Eve, she was lured by her father to her grandmother’s home, where she suspected he planned to attack her after he forced her to gulp down brandy and approached her while wearing gloves. She escaped by breaking a window and was treated at a hospital.
Police dismissed her suspicions, and one officer, who is under investigation, considered charging her with damages for breaking her grandmother’s window............

'Honour killing' relatives guilty

A father has been found guilty of killing his daughter in what police have described as an honour killing.
The body of Banaz Mahmod, 20, was found in a suitcase buried in a garden in Birmingham last year.
Her father Mahmod Mahmod, 52, and uncle Ari Mahmod, 50, from Mitcham, south London, were both convicted of murder at the Old Bailey.
A third defendant, Darbad Mares-Rasull, was cleared of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.
Ari Mahmod was also found guilty of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice........


and here i am thinking it's tough being a woman

in the united states.

little did i know

Lecturer suspended after breastfeeding fatwa

CAIRO (Reuters) - Cairo's al-Azhar Islamic University on Monday suspended a lecturer who suggested that men and women work colleagues could use symbolic breastfeeding to get around a religious ban on being alone together.
The lecturer, Ezzat Atiya, had drawn on Islamic traditions which forbid sexual relations between a man and a woman who has breastfed him to suggest that symbolic breastfeeding could be a way around strict segregation of males and females...........

...........Atiya's unusual opinion was widely publicised by Arabic-language satellite television channels and featured in a discussion in the Egyptian parliament.
The Dubai-based channel Al Arabiya quoted him as saying that after five breastfeedings the man and woman could be alone together without violating Islamic law and the woman could remove her headscarf to reveal her hair............

that breastfeeding fatwa
Jason Kuznicki
.............I know that scholars of the Enlightenment tend to see everything as though it were happening in the eighteenth century. But is this fatwa not a piece of audacious, Voltairean satire? I won’t even go into the reasons why no one could possibly take this seriously. I trust I don’t have to. But if it’s a joke, what kind of joke is it? Hint: It’s not just about flashing your boobs in an otherwise straitlaced society, although that, certainly, is funny enough in itself.
It seems to me that the real targets of the joke are the prudish legalists who have kept women out of the workforce, even when everyone concerned — men, women, employees, employers, colleagues — would much rather have them working. The satirist’s weapons are also those of the prudes — Atiyaa plays the Allah card, so to speak, and calls into question the faith of anyone who disagrees with him. It’s a turn that would no doubt have made Voltaire grin:.............

it's ONLY 3.6 million

why is everyone up in arms? oh wait a minute, NO ONE IS because i'm sure this is the FIRST they're hearing of it

hey peeps, going to a speaking engagement for a bunch of good ol' white boys is NOT a counterterrorism measure!

Mueller Often Uses FBI Jet Bought for Counterterrorism

By John Solomon Washington Post Staff Writer

When the FBI asked Congress this spring to provide $3.6 million in the war spending bill for its Gulfstream V jet, it said the money was needed to ensure that the aircraft, packed with state-of-the-art security and communications gear, could continue to fly counterterrorism agents on "crucial missions" into Iraq.
Since the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, the bureau has made similar annual requests to maintain and fuel the $40 million jet on grounds that it had a "tremendous impact" on combating terrorism by rapidly deploying FBI agents to "fast-moving investigations and crisis situations" in places such as
But the jet that the FBI originally sold to lawmakers in the late 1990s as an essential tool for battling terrorism is now routinely used to ferry FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III to speeches, public appearances and field office visits.
In fact, Mueller's travel now accounts for nearly a quarter of the flight time for the lone FBI jet able to make international flights...........

abstinance only

doesn't work. it doesn't work for republicans and it sure doesn't work for democrats! never did never will. this article is FULL of facts and figures. i'm not going to quote them, read the article

oh yeah, so why is democratic house appropriations chair david obey helping to fund abstinance only programs?

answer? i don't know

Now the Democrats Are Funding Abstinence?

By James Wagoner, TomPaine.com.

In the interest of "avoiding controversy," Democratic House Appropriations Chair David Obey has become one of the largest funders of the famous vast right-wing conspiracy, adding $140 million for abstinence education.

Back in November of 2006, after the Democrats won control of the House, what kind of odds do you think you would have gotten on the following scenario: With the Democrats in control, the appropriations cycle begins and the first big policy step the Democrats take on domestic reproductive health is to push through a 30 percent increase in abstinence-only-until-marriage programs that prohibit information about condoms and birth control. Oh, and by the way, that increase (to $140 million) is larger than any put forward in the last three years of the Republican-led Congress.
"Huh?" you might ask.
Now, let me make the scenario even better -- or worse. What if you were told that just six weeks before the Appropriations Committee met, a major 10-year evaluation that Congress itself had mandated was released showing that abstinence-only programs had no impact on teen behavior? On top of that, what if you were told that the Society of Adolescent Medicine had released a report in 2006 stating that abstinence-only-programs "threaten fundamental human rights to health, information and life?"
And wait, there's more. When Democrat Henry Waxman was the ranking minority member on government oversight back in 2004, his staff did a report on the content of abstinence-only programs that showed over 80 percent of the programs contained "false or misleading information." All the way back in 2000, the Institute of Medicine, the nation's leading authority on public health, had called for the termination of abstinence-only programs because they represent "poor fiscal and public health policy."
Crying uncle yet? Don't, because there's still more...............

a tiny bit of good news now

they are NOT going to allow king george to absolutely spit on the constitution of the united states of america (after all, HE thinks it's JUST a piece of paper)

please don't think for one moment i don't want terrorists punished. i sure as shite DO. i want it done legally though. i want us to follow the rules and laws in place. you know, the ones that protect US all. THOSE ones. the ones that say we're entitled to a trial (speedy). the ones that say we have to be charged with a crime in order to be kept locked up. the ones that say we can have an attorney. THOSE ones

we start effing with THOSE and we are ALL in deep deep shite
Judges Rule Against U.S. On Detained 'Combatant'

By Carol D. Leonnig Washington Post Staff Writer

A federal appeals court ruled yesterday that President Bush cannot indefinitely imprison a U.S. resident on suspicion alone, ordering the government either to charge Qatari national Ali Saleh Kahlah al-Marri with his alleged terrorist crimes in a civilian court or release him.
The opinion is a blow to the Bush administration's assertion that the president has exceptionally broad powers to combat terrorism, including the authority to detain without charges foreign citizens living legally in the
United States............

why am i not surprised

the big gonzzz isn't going to be touched? same reason i'm not surprised about any OTHER of king george's nominations for positions. doctors who think being gay can be 'cured'. fema officials who have a background in horses NOT helping people, lawyers who are at the very least ... shady, people who don't think we are destroying our environment, people in charge of the lives of veterans who are getting bonus money and letting our veterans heal in squalor, people who think we used to ride on the backs of dinosaurs and on and on

yeah, the gonzzz isn't gone

Senators Block Vote on Gonzales
Republicans Thwart No-Confidence Bid

By Paul Kane washingtonpost.com Staff Writer

The Senate yesterday rejected a bid to conduct a vote of no confidence in Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales, as Republicans declined to defend the embattled presidential confidant but rejected the effort as a political stunt.
On a 53 to 38 roll call, Democrats fell seven votes short of the 60 needed to invoke cloture and begin the debate on a resolution condemning Gonzales. Seven Republicans broke with the administration and refused to support the attorney general............

Monday, June 11, 2007

the sopranos

i don't care what ANYONE else has to say. i personally thought it was BRILLIANT