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Saturday, February 14, 2009

how cool is this?

Richard Wilson's Rotating Wall (From 2007)

the point of this story is NOT what religion

these people were. it's to point out the VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN (which transends all religions, all colors, all classes, all sects, all countries). and please. SECOND DEGREE MURDER?

Man arrested in wife’s beheading
Authorities say suspect is founder of cable TV network for Muslims

msnbc.com and NBC News
BUFFALO, N.Y. - A suburban Buffalo man who founded a cable TV station to promote better understanding of Muslims in the U.S. has been arrested on charges he beheaded his wife.

Orchard Park police arrested Muzzammil Hassan, 44, on Thursday for investigation of second-degree murder, The Buffalo News reported.

Police identified the victim as Aasiya Z. Hassan, 37. Her body was found at his business, Bridges TV........

Friday, February 13, 2009

i love salma hayek

what a kick ass woman!

(Salma Hayek cross-urses in Sierra Leone)


it's a start.

House Judiciary Committee Calls for Federal Investigation of Sheriff Arpaio's Abuses

Frank Sharry

We couldn't be happier to hear that the U.S. House Judiciary Committee released a letter today calling on the Department of Justice (DOJ) to conduct a federal investigation of Sheriff Joe Arpaio's enforcement tactics. .................

...........Thankfully, Chairman Conyers, and other members of the Judiciary Committee in the House of Representatives, will be able to catalog the range of abuses he has heaped on the residents of Maricopa County and will hopefully bring long-awaited justice against a man who doesn't appear to understand the word. ...................

i have been using the f word a LOT lately

well, i HAVE to. there is just so much it pertains to. take THESE FUCKWADS FOR EXAMPLE. the country is near in ruin (through NO fault of barack obama). well, no on is blameless. i fault democrats for not growing any whilst king george fiddled as rome america burned.

fuck them. we have OTHER things to worry about. what a bunch of jealous, petty, evil-hearted asswipes

Unrest in Tennessee: House GOP chairman joins suit to overturn Obama's presidency
John Byrne
Democrats say GOP congressman joining suit is 'from Mars'
A Supreme Court decision apparently isn't enough for Tennessee lawmakers in the House.

Despite the fact that the Court rejected an effort to contest President Barack Obama's citizenship in a case earlier this year, four Tennessee lawmakers are still pushing a legal action to force the president to turn over his birth certificate and other documents to prove his citizenship.

It also comes after Obama posted a copy of his birth certificate on his campaign website.

Tennessee Republican congressmembers Eric Swafford, Stacey Campfield, Glen Casada and Frank Niceley have agreed to join a Russian immigrant in California's case against Obama -- which contends he's not eligible to be president, the Tennessean's Theo Emery reported Friday. Casada is the chairman of the House Republican caucus.

Ironically, the House chairman said his action was intended to quell discussion on the issue.........


a rose a streamin' pile o' shite by any other name IS STILL A FUCKING STEAMIN' PILE O' SHITE

Blackwater Picks A New Name: It's Xe
NPR.org, February 13, 2009 · Blackwater Worldwide is abandoning its tarnished brand name.

Blackwater officials said Friday its family of two dozen businesses will now operate under the name Xe, pronounced like the letter "z."

The decision comes as part of an ongoing rebranding effort that grew more urgent following a September 2007 shooting in Iraq that left at least a dozen civilians dead.

Blackwater President Gary Jackson said in a memo to employees of the North Carolina-based company that the new name reflects the change in company focus away from the business of providing private security.........

Blackwater to change name to 'Xe'
Associated Press
......................The parent company's new name is pronounced like the letter "z." Blackwater Lodge & Training Center — the subsidiary that conducts much of the company's overseas operations and domestic training — has been renamed U.S. Training Center Inc., the company said Friday.

The decision comes as part of an ongoing rebranding effort that grew more urgent following a September 2007 shooting in Iraq that left at least a dozen civilians dead. Blackwater president Gary Jackson said in a memo to employees the new name reflects the change in company focus away from the business of providing private security.

"The volume of changes over the past half-year have taken the company to an exciting place and we are now ready for two of the final, and most obvious changes," Jackson said in the note...............

this is HORRID

although i just checked amazon for myself (since i do a LOT of shopping there myself) and there is NOTHING coming up when i type in the word 'rapelay' (thank the goddess for that one). what sort of sick fuckers INVENTED this 'game'? don't they have sisters and mothers and aunts and wives and women friends? hurting women, assaulting women, raping women are NOT games.

Exclusive: Amazon selling rape simulation game

By Gary Fennelly
A game that involves the player stalking victims and then raping them in a virtual world is being offered for sale by online retailer Amazon.com, the Belfast Telegraph's website can reveal.

The shocking 'rape simulator', Rapelay, is set in Japan and carries a sickening game description on the Amazon website. An MP said last night that he plans to raise the issue in Parliament.

Reviews by gaming websites have expressed horror at the basis for the game.

One website review describes "tears glistening in the young girl's eyes" as she is attacked in graphic detail.

Players begin the game by stalking a mother on a subway station before violently raping her. They then move on to attack her two daughters described as virgin schoolgirls.

Players are also allowed to enter 'freeform mode' where they can rape any woman and get other male game characters to join the attacks.

Pregnancy and abortion are listed as 'key features'. One review said: "If she does become pregnant you're supposed to force her to get an abortion, otherwise she gets more and more visibly pregnant each time you have sex.

"If you allow the child to be born then the woman will throw you in front of a train!" ..........

ah, i just read further down the story and found this:


After being contacted by the Belfast Telegraph Amazon today removed the webpage (still viewable here from Google's cache). A screenshot is also available at this location. The company would not comment on the item or say why it had been offered for sale through their website.........

original story found on boing boing

the revolution will NOT make you look five pounds lighter

it's good* to know

racism is alive and well AND COMFORTABLE in america! god(dess) bless us (and fucking deliver us from the evil that IS us)

Keeping whites and colors separate: The "U-Washee"

Filed by: Bil Browning

Racism is ingrained in the Midwest; we've normalized it. Take, for example, my earlier post on Tony Zirkle, the Hoosier Republican congressional candidate who spoke at a dinner honoring Hitler's birthday. (He also publicly advocated for racial segregation.) Zirkle lost, of course, but the fact that he had no problem publicly stating his racism - without thinking that others would object - shows just how commonplace overt racism can be here

One of the best examples is the "U-Washee" in Richmond, Indiana. The laundromat is, literally, built on racist stereotypes of Chinese people and no one gives it a passing glance. It's 1940's era cartoon stereotype mascot, what Margaret Cho calls "feng shui hong kong fooey font," and the extra "ee"s at the end of words in the business's name and posted notices all combine to form one hellish timewarp into a past America most areas have forgotten but we tend to accept as typical - and no one utters a peep.........................

picture from bilerico

*and when i say 'good' to know, you all know i'm being facetious, right?

from the aclu

a document proving (as if we needed FURTHER proof...well some like that asshole bishop who denies the holocaust are sticking their heads in the sand on this one as well) THE UNITED STATES TORTURES PEOPLE

Unredacted documents reveal prisoners tortured to death
Stephen C. Webster
The American Civil Liberties Union has released previously classified excerpts of a government report on harsh interrogation techniques used in Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay. These previously unreported pages detail repeated use of "abusive" behavior, even to the point of prisoner deaths.

The documents, obtained by the ACLU under a Freedom of Information Act request, contain a report by Vice Admiral Albert T. Church, who was tapped to conduct a comprehensive review of Defense Department interrogation operations. Church specifically calls out interrogations at Bagram Air base in Afghanistan as "clearly abusive, and clearly not in keeping with any approved interrogation policy or guidance."........

temporary 'judge' roger craik

is a steamin' pile o' shite

what did he do? a (grown) woman who was raped when she was 12 was testifying against her alleged attacker. she started freaking out on the witness stand (which believe me i CAN understand). the judge got pissed at her and tossed her in the can. thereby in my opinion assaulting her AGAIN

Judge locked up rape case witness

An alleged rape victim, who was locked up for trying to flee court when she was giving evidence, has made a complaint against the judge.

Temporary judge Roger Craik had the 43-year-old woman, who cannot be named, arrested and held in cells overnight.

The rape charge, which related to an alleged incident in the 1970s when the woman was 12, was eventually dropped.

The Crown Office said it had received the woman's complaint and would look into the case.

Young girls

Judicial public information officer Elizabeth Cutting said no complaint relating to the matter had been received by the Lord Justice General, the head of the High Court of Justiciary.

The accusations relate to the case against George Cummings, who was convicted last week of sexually abusing two young girls almost 40 years ago.

Mr Cummings, 69, was found guilty after a trial at the High Court in Edinburgh.....


The woman who made the allegation, who is now 43, struggled to cope in the witness box.

Mr Craik, a sheriff acting as a temporary judge in the case, had her arrested and remanded in custody.

She spent the night in cells at St Leonard's Police Station in Edinburgh.......................

Thursday, February 12, 2009

i'm a vegan

to me, this is one of THE most horrific things i have ever heard of. what the fuck ARE they thinking? i post stuff from peta from time to time on my blogs. however, just to set the record straight, i WAS a card carrying peta member YEARS AND YEARS AND YEARS ago. i tore that card up longggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg ago. i didn't like lots of what they were doing then and i sure as shite do NOT fucking like what they're doing right now. it's as i said, HORRIFIC
(from feministe)

PETA Racism Goes Into Overload..........

No, that’s not the KKK staging a white supremacy demonstration.

Those are members of PETA, dressed up like the KKK.


“Welcome AKC Members,” read a banner hanging from the table — with AKC crossed out and KKK written above it. Two PETA protesters dressed as Ku Klux Klan members, while other volunteers handed out brochures that read: “The KKK and the AKC: BFF?”

“Obviously it’s an uncomfortable comparison,” PETA spokesman Michael McGraw said.

But the AKC is trying to create a “master race,” he added. “It’s a very apt comparison.”

They’ve made plenty of such racist parallels before, from comparing the admittedly atrocious practice of factory farming to the Holocaust, and animal cruelty to slavery and the lynching of black people...........

love it!

horrible carnage discovered february 5 in minneapolis


(i found his/her videos from a link at boing boing. it was a kitten video on boing boing. it was good, but i like the carnage video BETTER)

an interesting story

i just happened upon

and by interesting i mean down right effing scary

Report: 'Dirty bomb' parts found in slain man's home
By Walter Griffin
BDN Staff
BELFAST, Maine — James G. Cummings, who police say was shot to death by his wife two months ago, allegedly had a cache of radioactive materials in his home suitable for building a “dirty bomb.”

According to an FBI field intelligence report from the Washington Regional Threat and Analysis Center posted online by WikiLeaks, an organization that posts leaked documents, an investigation into the case revealed that radioactive materials were removed from Cummings’ home after his shooting death on Dec. 9.

The report posted on the WikiLeaks Web site states that “On 9 December 2008, radiological dispersal device components and literature, and radioactive materials, were discovered at the Maine residence of an identified deceased [person] James Cummings.”

The section referring to Cummings can be read here.

It says that four 1-gallon containers of 35 percent hydrogen peroxide, uranium, thorium, lithium metal, thermite, aluminum powder, beryllium, boron, black iron oxide and magnesium ribbon were found in the home. ........

i'm sort of speechless

on this one

67 computers missing from nuclear weapons lab
By JOAN LOWY, Associated Press Writer Joan Lowy, Associated Press Writer –
WASHINGTON – The Los Alamos nuclear weapons laboratory in New Mexico is missing 67 computers, including 13 that were lost or stolen in the past year. Officials say no classified information has been lost.

The watchdog group Project on Government Oversight on Wednesday released a memo dated Feb. 3 from the Energy Department's National Nuclear Security Administration outlining the loss of the computers.

Kevin Roark, a spokesman for Los Alamos, on Wednesday confirmed the computers were missing and said the lab was initiating a monthlong inventory to account for every computer. He said the computers were a cybersecurity issue because they may contain personal information like names and addresses, but they did not contain any classified information.

Thirteen of the missing computers were lost or stolen in the past 12 months, including three computers that were taken from a scientist's home in Santa Fe, N.M., on Jan. 16, and a BlackBerry belonging to another employee was lost "in a sensitive foreign country," according to the memo and an e-mail from a senior lab manager...........

and here i was thinking i was the only one

who felt this way! i can't believe this is one of the FIRST msm outlets to actually come out and SAY something. you would have thought everyone would be saying this. it's the FIRST thing i thought of when i heard about a ram rod.

listen michael phelps is a young man. i would venture a guess 75% (it was more back in the day when i was coming up) of young peeps try a spliff. perhaps just once, but they DO try it. i wonder how many at kelloggs fired one up in the past? don't YOU wonder?

but a ram rod is a GOD among men (not to me i might add). so the lesson is it's NOT ok to smoke a fatty but it IS ok to take steroids, have your testicles shrink and get mean and nasty and be at wicked risk for heart and other health problems? makes sense to me. what about YOU?

oh and ke double l double good hear me when i say this. i DO NOT smoke pot, but guess what? i'm NOT buying your fucking cereal any more just for the principal.

CNN: Double standard for Phelps and A-Rod
David Edwards and Joe Byrne
"Is Michael Phelps getting a raw deal?" asks CNN's Jason Carrol.

Carroll reports that marijuana advocacy groups see a double standard between the way that Michael Phelps and Alex Rodriguez have been treated. A photo of Michael Phelps hitting a bong filled with marijuana smoke surfaced last week and has since been a hot topic in the blogging world, talk shows, and even CNN.

The owner of the famous 'Michael Phelps bong' and seven others were arrested in connection with the Phelps' bong photo, and "the local sheriff is still considering pursuing charges" against Phelps. In addition, as punishment for admitting the use of marijuana on the night of the bong photo, he has been suspended by USA Swimming for three months. Finally, Kellogg's has refused to renew Phelps' contract. Phelps issued a full apology for his behavior........

it's good to know

(AND it gives me the warm and fuzzies) our government has no issues with, and forgives all of their trespasses. who? the good ol' boyz of kbr / halliburton of course! why just the other day kbr was awarded a BRAND SPANKING NEW CONTRACT by the pentagon. and believe me, the accusation of bribery was the LEAST of their (kbr/halliburton) worries. (try accusations of rape and murder). so again, i say, it's so wonderful our government can see past all of that turn a blind eye to all of that and HIRE KBR once again. isn't america grand my peeps?

Halliburton, KBR Settle Bribery Allegations
By Zachary A. Goldfarb
Washington Post Staff Writer
Halliburton and Kellogg Brown & Root have agreed to pay $579 million in fines related to allegations of foreign bribery, the biggest fines ever paid by U.S. companies in a foreign corruption case, federal authorities and the companies said yesterday.

The Securities and Exchange Commission and Department of Justice alleged that Houston-based Halliburton and KBR were part of a joint venture that spent $182 million to bribe Nigerian government officials over a 10-year period to win more than $6 billion in construction contracts.

Halliburton, which owned KBR during the time of the alleged actions and spun it off in April 2007, will be responsible for paying all but $20 million of the penalty.

KBR, one of the top U.S. government contractors, pleaded guilty to violating the federal law banning companies from paying bribes to get business in foreign countries. Halliburton did not admit or deny wrongdoing. ......

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

does anyone else remember when bill o'wrongly

was on that cheezy celebrity tv 'news' show? i do
isn't he being a kettle?

ok now. i found where i want to go on vacation

Giant Midwest Mecca of Nerditude in Oklahoma

By Jim Merithew

PAUL'S VALLEY, Oklahoma — If you're a regular Wired.com reader, there's a good chance that collecting action figures topped the list of your future careers when you were a kid … and an adolescent. Let's face it, you'd still do it if you could. Well, Kevin Stark from Pauls Valley, Oklahoma, has done it.

Stark is a figurine collector and comic book artist who has become the Action Figure Museum curator.......

The Adult Collector's Bedroom Diorama has more than 6,000 figures, none of which are glued down. That way, the exhibit is living and ever-changing.

Photo: Jim Merithew/Wired.com

a different (and more thorough) perspective

on the arrest of shepard fairey
(picture from wooster collective)
Was Shepard Fairey Arrested To Embarrass The Mayor Of Boston? - A First Hand Account

For those who know Shepard Fairey, the news of his arrest in Boston, on the eve of his opening at the ICA, came as a big surprise. We were surprised because for well over a week while Shepard was preparing the exhibition, the biggest show of his life, he was the talk of the town. Shepard was everywhere, from the front page of the arts section of the Boston Globe to a highly publicized media event with the Mayor of Boston, Thomas Menino.

Remembering that Boston was the same city where the Police had manipulated a promotional stunt for the show "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" into a full scale terror alert, we asked ourselves -

If the police wanted to arrest Shepard Fairey so badly, why did they wait so long after the warrant was issued to arrest him? In addition, why would they arrest him on the night of the biggest opening of his life at one of country's most prestigious art institutions?

Last night we spoke with Dave Combs, the publisher of PEEL Magazine, and were amazed to hear that the cops are actually pulled Shep out of a cab to arrest him and that they did it as Shepard was entering the museum parking lot.

This morning Dave sent us a long note about what went down. We wanted share it with you.

From Dave:

The real story about Shepard Fairey's arrest in Boston Friday night is the resulting riot that didn't happen – a riot that the Boston Police Department may have carefully planned to provoke and hoped would happen that evening, but didn't............................

isn't sheriff an elected post?

#1) he seems to be in the news an AWFUL lot for a sheriff
#2) he seems to be in the news an AWFUL lot for a sheriff
#3) he seems to be in the news an AWFUL lot for a sheriff
#4) he seems like a giant gatsu piedi

Chained Immigrants on Parade: Who Will Stand Up to the Sick Antics of a Racist Sheriff?

By Casey Sanchez, SPLC's Hate Watch.

Last week in Maricopa County, Ariz., more than 200 Latino immigrants were chained, dressed in prison stripes and forced to march down a public street from a county jail to a detainment camp in a desert industrial zone outside Phoenix.

Along the way they were filmed by television news crews and guarded by at least 50 Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) deputies, wearing body armor and combat fatigues, armed with shotguns and automatic rifles. At least two canine units were present; a Sheriff’s Department helicopter hovered overhead.

The massive show of force was pure stagecraft for a blatant and dehumanizing publicity stunt orchestrated by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The MCSO gave no indication that any of the immigrant prisoners were particularly violent or presented a grave danger to the public.

According to a MCSO press release, 220 immigrants were transferred to a “Tent City” surrounded by electrified fencing. “This is a population of criminals more adept perhaps at escape,” Arpaio stated in the press release. “But this is a fence they won’t want to scale because they risk receiving a shock – literally.”........

here's a lil' somethin' somethin' from his wiki entry

Joe Arpaio

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Jump to: navigation, search

Joseph M. Arpaio (born June 14, 1932 in Springfield, Massachusetts, United States) is a law enforcement officer, and the sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona. Arpaio, who promotes himself as "America's Toughest Sheriff,"[1][2] is controversial for his approach to operating the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office. He has a large number of vocal supporters as well as detractors. His practices have been criticized by organizations such as Amnesty International,[3] the American Civil Liberties Union, the Arizona Ecumenical Council, the American Jewish Committee, and the Arizona chapter of the Anti-Defamation League.[4]

seems like he's really not too well thought of in places other than my couch
Opinion: Arizona sheriff is an embarrassment to Homeland Security czar

SAN DIEGO — One of the most dangerous places to be in Arizona is caught between Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and one of his publicity stunts. That's just where Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano finds herself.

Months ago, Arpaio and his deputies began scouring Hispanic neighborhoods in the Phoenix area looking for illegal immigrants. So far, hundreds have been hauled away. Often in these types of operations, "probable cause" gets defined as brown skin and Spanish accents. So, there is no telling how many U.S.-born Hispanics were detained and harassed in the process.

All of which sets the stage for the stunt. The man who put inmates in pink underwear and fed them green bologna has some people in Arizona seeing red after he recently paraded about 200 illegal immigrants in shackles and prison stripes to his notorious "Tent City."

Of course, Arpaio did this after alerting the media...........

there's even a site to dump him!

A few reasons why Joe's GOT TO GO

Click to read more

With Arpaio, real community law enforcement takes a backseat to publicity stunts.
He lives in a fantasy world of self-importance.
Millions of tax dollars have been wasted on lawsuits
He is responsible for a critical and dangerous shortage of personnel in both in the jails and patrol.
Hundreds of current MCSO employees, represented by a number of employee organizations, have expressed a vote of no confidence in Sheriff Arpaio.
The self proclaimed “Toughest Sheriff in America ” is too fearful to debate other candidates.

Arpaio routinely abuses his authority for personal, political, and vindictive reasons.
Many Phoenix community leaders and concerned organizations have looked beyond the smokescreen to see the corruption and incompetence of the Arpaio administration.
Sheriff Joe Arpaio has deceived, misinformed and outright lied to the public and violated rights!
Arpaio's self-serving and ego-driven actions have severely damaged relations between the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office and other Arizona agencies.

more evidence of

my big fat ass fair and balanced!
(check out the date of the wall street journal article cited in this graphic)

Fox passes off GOP press release as its own research -- typo and all
During the February 10 edition of Fox News' Happening Now, co-host Jon Scott claimed that "the Senate is expected to pass the $838 billion stimulus plan -- its version of it, anyway. We thought we'd take a look back at the bill, how it was born, and how it grew, and grew, and grew." In tracking how and when the bill purportedly "grew," Scott referenced seven dates, as on-screen graphics cited various news sources from those time periods. However, all of the sources and cost figures Scott cited, as well as the accompanying on-screen text, were also contained in a February 10 press release issued by the Senate Republican Communications Center. One on-screen graphic during the segment even repeated a typo from the GOP document, further confirming that Scott was simply reading from a Republican press release. The Fox News graphic and the GOP press release both claimed that a Wall Street Journal report that the stimulus package could reach "$775 billion over two years" was published on December 19, 2009 [emphasis added]. ..............

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

on saturday, valentine's day

i want every women in the country to go to a pub and have a beverage of some sort. the beverage can be a water or a tea or a soda. it doesn't have to be alcoholic. we have to show our support to our sisters in india.

here's my original posting from this morning

and please join the facebook group a consortium of pub-going, loose and forward women (i sure as shite did). why? well BECAUSE I DON'T THINK IT'S ACCEPTABLE FOR INSANE MEN TO BEAT THE SHITE OUT OF WOMEN SIMPLY FOR BEING IN A PUB (or for ANY reason). that's why

i'm also going to be sending in some pink chaddis to oppose the Sri Ram Sena. they won't be there in time for valentine's day, but baby, they'll BE there eventually (the gift that just keeps on giving - those pink chaddis). so please do join me for a drink on saturday. y'all know where i hang

the pink chaddi campaign

join the pink chaddi campaign! (this is WONDERFUL)

the consortium of pubgoing, loose and forward women (yup i'm one of 'em. BUT for now, i CAN go to pubs and be loose and forward (should i wish to be) without fear of organizations beating me up and insisting i stay home or not celebrate valentine's day OR do what i will!)

from the website:
What is the Pink Chaddi Campaign?

The Pink Chaddi Campaign kicked off on 5 February 2009 to oppose the Sri Ram Sena. The campaign is growing exponentially (4,500 at this point in the life of our Consortium of Pub-going, Loose and Forward Women) and that is not surprising. Most women in this country have enough curbs on their lives without a whole new franchise cashing in with their bully-boy tactics. Of course, a lot of men have joined the group as well.

Here is we want to do with the Pink Chaddi Campaign. Join in. Be imaginative, have fun and fight back!

What can you do?

Step 1: It does not matter that many of us have not thought about Valentine's Day since we were 13. If ever. This year let us send the Sri Ram Sena some love. Let us send them some PINK CHADDIS.

Look in your closet or buy them cheap. Dirt-cheap. Make sure they are PINK. Send them off to the Sena.

The address to send the package is:
The Pink Chaddi Campaign,
C/O Alternate Law Forum,
122/4 Infantry Road
(opposite Infantry Wedding House)
Bangalore 560001
Contact person:

Nithin (9886081269)
Divya (9845535406)
Nisha ( 9811893733)

If you don't want to mail it yourself, you can drop it off at the Chaddi Collection Points. We will be collecting across the country through this week and sending the packages on February 12. More information about Chaddi Collectors in your city soon on our blog: http://thepinkchaddicampaign.blogspot.com/

Step 2: Send the Pink Chaddi Campaign a photograph of the package.

Tell us how many chaddis you are sending out and inspire other women in other cities. You can either mail the information to freelancehabba (at) gmail (dot) com or you can mail it at our facebook address. http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=49641698651&ref=mf

Step 3: On Valentine's Day we do a Pub Bharo action. Go to a pub wherever you are. From Kabul to Chennai to Guwahati to Singapore to LA women have signed up. It does not matter if you are actually not a pub-goer or not even much of a drinker. Let us raise a toast (it can be juice) to Indian women. Take a photo or video. We will put it together (more on how later) and send this as well to the Sri Ram Sena.

What happens after Valentine's Day?
After Valentine's Day we should get some of our elected leaders to agree that beating up women is ummm... AGAINST INDIAN CULTURE.

For right now, ask not what Dr VS Acharya, Home Minister of Karnataka can do for you. Ask what you can do for him. Here is his blog. Send him some love.

Nisha Susan
For the Pink Chaddi Campaign

PS. Our good friend L says we should not colour-discriminate. So if you really, really can't send pink chaddis, send those in other colours.
PPS. Both Women and Men are invited to send in their chaddi's/ pictures of chaddi's.

a thousand words

A Thousand Words from Ted Chung on Vimeo.

by ted chung

(found via bifurcated rivets)

it's freedom to marry week

Celebrate Freedom to Marry This Week!

Celebrate Freedom to Marry Week This Week!

Join us in celebration of the 12th annual Freedom to Marry Week this week, February 8-14, 2009. People across the country have pledged to take part in any of our 7 Conversations in 7 Days during the week to move equality forward across the country, and it’s not too late: join in today!

To kick off blogging on Straight Talk on Marriage, Evan Wolfson wrote, "Conversations with the circles of people around us are the prerequisite to winning, the key to helping them push past their discomfort, complacency, or indifference to becoming supportive of our equality."

Having conversations is the single most important action you can take towards achieving marriage equality nationwide. Check our blog all week for special guest bloggers!

the above was all from the website. this part is from ME. we ALL have the right to marry. marry someone we love and want to be with and want to partner with for the rest of our lives. we all have the right to have the SAME rights as everyone else. it's that simple. the world is NOT going to end if gay people marry. the world is not going to turn gay if gay people marry. NOTHING is going to happen other than everyone being treated like equal human beings. open your minds AND your hearts.


obsidian wings shares with us what

wasteful spending REALLY is (or is that ISN'T???)

(love it!)

by publius

We’re all about bipartisan understanding here at ObWi – so I wanted to find a good thought-provoking critique from someone who feels the stimulus bill is full of waste. I needed a different perspective. So I checked out the Corner and K-Lo obliged. To illustrate the stimulus bill’s “wasteful spending,” K-Lo dutifully linked to this longer NRO article, which meticulously outlined 50 “of the most outrageous items in the stimulus package” (generally deemed outrages because they don’t stimulate). I decided to check this list out and report back to you, fair reader.

First outrageous item on the list – the bill provides $50 million for the National Endowment of the Arts, so that the “unemployed can fill their days attending abstract-film festivals and sitar concerts.” That’s really funny. And you know who else would find it really funny? The 5 million or so Americans who work in the arts industry (including in support roles as, say, janitors). The people laid off by the Los Angeles Opera last month would also find it especially hilarious. After all, if there’s any one product that should be left entirely to market whims, it’s art...........

she was stationed in iraq

but she got booted (at home, NOT from iraq of course) BECAUSE SHE IS GAY. i want to know what civilian asshole "told" the army on her?

Kansas Guard discharges first gay soldier

TOPEKA | The Kansas Army National Guard has discharged its first gay soldier under the federal “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy.

Amy Brian, who served nine years in the Guard, including a stint in Iraq, was investigated and “separated” last month after a civilian co-worker told authorities they had seen her kissing a woman in a Wal-Mart checkout line.

Brian joins almost 12,500 other lesbian, gay and bisexual service members discharged from 1994 to 2007...........


it's not like you don't know if you bought a dozen eggs or a half dozen eggs. IT'S NERVE GAS WE'RE TALKING ABOUT HERE

Nerve agent may be missing

By Lee Davidson

Deseret News

Is the Army missing some nerve gas?

Pentagon auditors concede that is a remote possibility because of discrepancies in records between how much chemical weapons agent was initially stored and how much of it was later destroyed at Utah's Deseret Chemical Depot and other bases nationwide...........

wow, interesting

AND frightening. read on at the link to see WHY the missile failed (NOT good)

Mystery of an Indian Missile Test Flop

by: J. Sri Raman, t r u t h o u t | Perspective
On January 20, 2009, a cruise missile test, which India's security establishment had billed as crucial, failed. It did so in a curious manner, though the cause of the failure is yet to be officially announced.

The questions raised by the failure may appear to be only technical at first glance. They, however, can serve to highlight a military trade war between far-off powers fueling a missile race in South Asia.

The $2.7 million BrahMos missile had been tested several times before, but the last month's exercise was supposed to be a considerable leap forward. It tested a nuclear-capable version of the missile performing an advanced mission - hitting a predetermined, hidden target. The flight was a success, but the missile missed the target...........

Monday, February 09, 2009

rachel and martha?

yup, choppin' and chattin'

even with everything else happening in the congo

the violence against women and girls is unimaginable. it's a horror show that you can't just switch off. it's something we ALL must be aware of and something we ALL must help to stop NOW

The Atrocities Committed Against Women and Girls in the Congo Defy Imagination
By Marianne Schnall, The Women's Media Center.

Behind the headlines heralding potentially positive developments in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), women and girls continue to be at risk. Media outlets report the arrest of rebel leader General Laurent Nkunda and the possibility of peace openings, but the eastern region where women and girls have been savagely raped and mutilated remains traumatized.

With all the bad news facing the world right now, you might prefer not knowing the horrific details of these women’s stories. “Yes, it’s difficult to hear about,” says playwright/activist Eve Ensler, “but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t hear.”

It is precisely because Ensler feels not enough people are aware of the atrocities taking place in the Congo that she, and her anti-violence against women organization V-Day, are going on the road this month, in a five-city U.S. tour featuring her in conversation with Dr. Denis Mukwege, a heroic gynecologist and the director of Panzi Hospital in eastern Congo who treats, performs surgeries and offers counseling to the women there. Together Mukwege and Ensler will expose the extreme cases of violence against women in the DRC -- to date an estimated 400,000 women and girls have been raped -- and relay the stories of survivors who are coming together and breaking the silence.

The disturbing stories that have come out of the Congo defy imagination: women and young girls being raped by militia men in front of their families; rape victims ranging from as young as six months to as old as 83 years; women and girls faced with unwanted pregnancies and raped intentionally by men known to have AIDS. There is also a devastating epidemic of women and girls whose vaginas and reproductive organs have been completely destroyed from being violated with guns, bottles and sticks, often resulting in a condition called fistula, a rupture that results in the uncontrollable leakage of urine and feces. ..........

the nutmeg grater: i hope we get to fry (figuratively) her!

the nutmeg grater: i hope we get to fry (figuratively) her!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

a great boing boing find

Barack Obama is Tired of Your Mthrfckng Sht (NSFW)

Link, and Link. These snips of the president speaking in pottymouth are from his audiobook. They're excerpts where he's reading for a friend he knew, as I understand it. But taken out of context, they are pure awesome. Below, the first known techno remix spotted in the wild. (Thanks, Clayton Cubitt and Wayne de Geere!)..................

and of course the mash up remix

who the HELL watches this shite?

who the hell is BUYING this shite? really now. who?

Al Gore is creating another Hitler Youth, Glenn Beck feverishly warns

Sometimes I think Glenn Beck is saying the crazy things he does just to get attention from liberals for being so crazy. It's the Ann Coulter model of right-wing punditry: the more outrageous the better for your ratings.

But Beck isn't as smart as Coulter. He's also more of a Bircherite populist, and he's convinced himself that the more mawkish the better he'll appeal to that sensibility. Unfortunately for Beck, he is also handicapped by not having a very firm grip on reality in the first place (not that this ever stopped other right-wing millionaire pundits). It shows up in his great fondness for right-wing populist conspiracy theories.

So after resorting to the good old Bircher standby -- "Commie! Obama's a Commie!" -- the night before, on his show last night he veered completely to the other side of the road and accused liberals of incipient Nazism:

Last night, I told you that we were on the road to socialism. Some comedy, you know, coming your way. Well, tonight -- oh dear, this may not go well -- when I finish this story, some may believe we're on the way to the Hitler Youth...........

bye dewey

i never met you so consequently i never got to tell you how much your music meant to me. how it influenced me. how happy it made me. thank you dewey

Dewey Martin, 68, of Buffalo Springfield, Dies
Published: February 7, 2009

Dewey Martin, the drummer for Buffalo Springfield, the short-lived but influential 1960s California rock band that spawned the careers of Neil Young and Stephen Stills, was found dead on Feb. 1 in his apartment in Van Nuys, Calif. He was 68.

A roommate found his body , a friend, Lisa Lenes, told The Los Angeles Times. The cause has not been determined, the newspaper said; Ms. Lenes said he had had health problems in recent years.

Buffalo Springfield, which also included Richie Furay and Bruce Palmer, who died in 2004, was a “pivotal rock group with an organic, home-grown musical approach that reverberated beyond the ’60s,” the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame says on its Web site, rockhall.com. Mr. Martin was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, along with the rest of the band, in 1997..................

this sentence struck me funny

............"Full-body massages are forbidden, to eliminate the possibility of sexual conduct between soldiers and salon employees. Soldiers in Iraq are prohibited from having sex with foreigners. "............

and not funny ha ha either.

our hero deployed military members can't get busy, yet every stiff (i couldn't resist) on wall street (some of whom we threw our hard earned money at) can bang to their heart's content WITH their corporate credit cards by their sides. what's wrong with THAT picture?

On a Base in Iraq, The Pedi-Cure
Salon in Still-Volatile Area Refreshes Hands, Feet and Exhausted Spirits

Washington Post Foreign Service

MOSUL -- Pfc. Cortez Hamilton of St. Louis smiled blissfully as a 20-year-old beautician from Kyrgyzstan rubbed lotion on his left foot after spending a half-hour scraping off dead skin.

"It relaxes you," the 29-year-old cavalry soldier said halfway through a recent pedicure at Forward Operating Base Marez in this still-volatile northern Iraqi city. "You just go to sleep and it feels so good."

Marez, after six years of war, has become a cosmopolitan city within a city. Soldiers can buy tailored suits and knockoff designer purses, cigars and DVDs, lattes and burgers. After a long day of soldiering, a 30-minute, $17 back rub hits all the right spots.

"If not a need, there's certainly a demand," said Maj. Amanda Emmens-Rossi, a frequent customer at the beauty salon. "You come here on the weekend, and there's always Joes lined up to get manis and pedis. Just because you're deployed doesn't mean you have to look like a ragbag."..........