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Saturday, October 17, 2009

jon stewart, i love you


this is ALMOST as good as the james brown and pavarotti video

i've been vegan for a long time

but before that i was a vegetarian (for a VERY long time). my favorite dessert was trifle. (well it's indian pudding but trifle was a very close second. i've veganized many of my favorite foods but i've not yet tried either of these)

i HAD to post this. if you've never looked at this website it's a MUST. the picture was a submission to:

this is why you're fat


A trifle dessert whose layers from top to bottom include: sugar crystals, cotton candy, Butterfinger pieces, melted Caramels, Twinkies, peanut butter mousse, Rice Krispy treats, chocolate syrup, melted candy bar, peppermint cookies, Girl Scout Thin Mints, white chocolate pudding, Crème Horns, melted butterscotch and Brownies.

(Submitted by Jaimie)

note: most of the submissions to the site happen to be meat or meat related products but this is a good un!

i am screaming and crying

(laughing that is)

this is NOT right. really it's not. if i ever had a dog that allowed me to put clothing on her/him, i would have. i have NEVER shared my life with a dog who would let something like this happen to them. like mother like dog is what i say. (all my friend's dogs LOVE getting dressed up. they do, i'm not lying.)

please click the link below to see the rest of the outfits. it's worth it.

why dogs don't like h alloween

oh yes

from wooster collective

olaf breuning skeletons in teh garden of villa medici

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i guess even rainbow brite was too fucking fat

cause they've redesigned her to be a bit skinnier

(yes, i'm not kidding)

(rainbow brite)

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i didn't know why the author

of this article was so very pissed at this (what first appears to be quite lovely) commercial. i sure do know now and i understand

our america. we're fed this on a spoon and we slurp it down. buy buy buy. buy buy buy for lots of money what's made in foreign lands for pennies and under the most horrid conditions

yes, our america

this is a MOST excellent piece

The Most Offensive Commercial Ever Produced

Stephen C. Webster

Brave New Hooks

It has been years since I have offered my hard-earned dollar to the purveyors of cable television. Years.

Last month I came to an agreement with my housemate, that we would have cable television once again. The sounds of Sunday afternoon football, late-night films on HBO and brain-sucking advertising for the cure to what Wanda Sykes so aptly called “broke dick,” would once again echo through my sanctuary.

Ever so briefly, between spates of addiction to C-Span and the History Channel, I began to not mind so much.

That is when I saw the Most Offensive Commercial Ever Produced.

Dear reader, your humble narrator is not easily offended. No, quite the contrary. It is my business to wade through the unrelenting idiocy of American media and politics, sorting out the bits that require damnation and disseminating flakes of truth amid the mire. This is what pays my bills and keeps me sane. It is my passion.

But this one piece of media literally followed me beyond the veil of sleep. For days now, I have not been able to stop shuddering when it crosses my mind. I am not sure whether to weep or become enraged at this duplicitous, penetrating piece of filmed prose. While I could describe it, these things are best digested on one’s own terms..............

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it should be easy enough to find out if this creature

has guns or not (if i was the reporter on this case, i would have attempted to find out). he freaks out about a $5.00 parking ticket. he threatens others (case dropped) and now he's threatening the president. hmmmmmmmm yup, i feel safe and sound with these violent racists running around loose

Indicted Man Threatened To Kill President And Scrawl "Fed ..." On His Chest

In the latest unhinged threat on Barack Obama's life, a California man has been indicted by a federal grand jury after allegedly writing a deranged and racist email screed that urged recipients to "kill the 'president,'" and seemed to invoke the recent death of a Census Bureau worker in an apparent act of anti-government violence.

On September 28th, according to the indictment filed by prosecutors and examined by TPMmuckraker, John Gimbel of Crescent City sent an email whose subject line read:

Operation kill big-[epithet]-rig: kill the 'president' [epithet], then write 'fed shit' on his chest with a felt tip.

That last clause appears to be a reference to the recent death of a Census Bureau worker, who was found in rural Kentucky with a rope around his neck and the word "Fed" scrawled on his chest, in what many have suggested was an act of anti-government violence.........

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i have vista and i hate hate hate it

but i'm unsure i want to shell out the 120 bucks to upgrade to windows 7 when i think they should just GIVE IT TO ME FOR FREE (since i've endured vista for a year and 3 months).

Windows 7 Could Wash Away Vista Aftertaste -- or Most of It
By Rob Pegoraro
Windows 7 is no Windows Vista. But it remains a Windows operating system.

That is, Microsoft's new release, arriving in stores and on new computers Thursday, ought to turn the troubled Vista into a bad memory. But it shouldn't make people forget about Apple's Mac OS X.

The primary reward that 7 offers to Vista users who shell out for the upgrade -- $119.99 to go from Vista's Home Premium edition to 7 Home Premium -- is better performance...........

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Friday, October 16, 2009

even though this is just fluff

i STILL wanted to post it. i read dependable renegade and there is usually a post or two a week on meghan's tweets. they are PRICELESS.

i then read somewhere yesterday the lovely clueless ms mccain was all up in arms about people reacting to an innocent pic she twitpicked of herself in her sweats and a tank top. she says she ALWAYS lounges around in her tank top at home. it was only natural.

ok, when i'm home i have my comfy clothes too. NONE of which is one of those push your breasteseseseseseseeseseees together so tightly they are pointing due north bras. believe me, i DO have me some breasteseseseseseseseses and i know NO WOMAN IN HER RIGHT MIND WOULD WEAR AN UNCOMFORTABLE UNNATURAL BRA whilst lounging about at home watching andy warhol videos. really. i am speaking true words here
so on firedoglake....

(oh as an aside, would anyone be horribly offended if i ever did any future postings on meghan and used the word twatering instead? that's what she does..........
just asking)

Late Night: “Wait, My Fifteen Minutes of Fame Aren’t Up Yet!”

By: watertiger

Well, now you’ve gone and done it, blogosphere! Republican fameball Meghan McCain has holed up in her million-dollar New York City apartment/graduation present from Mrs. Budweiser and has threatened to cancel her Twitter account if people don’t stop . . . or is it “do stop”? . . . talking about her!

For those who’ve been living in the real world for the past 24 hours, a recap: Meghan McCain, the much-heralded “rising star” of the Republican Party (and let’s face it – the field for GOP rising stars is a bit thin on the ground) praised by conservative literary luminaries such as Kathleen Parker, exposed a little TOO much on her Twitter feed last night.

McCain, whose only discernible skill is being related to an old Republican misogynist with major anger issues and a beer heiress/drug addict, has managed to parlay standing on stage during her father’s 2008 presidential campaign into a career. She promotes herself as the New Face of Republicanism™ (which is like New Coke™, I suppose), writes painfully sophomoric posts for The Daily Beast (which are really better suited for Seventeen Magazine), and abuses her Twitter account to the point of sociopathy. A preening narcissist just like dear old Daddy–and her arch-nemesis, Sarah Palin–poor little rich girl Meghan McCain is the Queen of Oversharing, “tweeting” every waking thought she has, along with accompanying “spontaneous” photos of herself, because, like, OMG, why wouldn’t everyone want to see the new outfit she was going to wear to hang with those “fuckin’ cool” bikers at Sturgis? Last night was no different.................

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the thrill is gone (and pee wee is scary here)


i miss you warren


here are but two more examples

of people NOT being racists.

i am getting older. i am getting tired. i can't afford to be angry all of the time (in reality i'm not angry ALL of the time, but a lot of it. it's about shite like this though. other people's fear and ignorance)

the best part is they actually come right out and say THEY ARE NOT RACISTS

you can't see me but my jaw has dropped

Louisiana magistrate denies marriage license to interracial couple
By Raw Story
A justice of the peace in northern Louisiana has refused to grant a marriage license to an interracial couple because he believes it would harm any children born of that relationship.

“I’m not a racist,” Keith Bardwell, justice of the peace in the state's Tangihapoa Parish, told the Hammond, Louisiana, Daily Star. “I do ceremonies for black couples right here in my house. My main concern is for the children.”

The Louisiana chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union is calling the justice's move "tragic and illegal.".......

and here's a kid (well adult actually) who BURNED A CROSS on someone's front lawn. his mommy says HE'S NOT RACIST either! (and the cross wasn't burned in alabama either. IT WAS DONE IN NY STATE)

School didn't crack down on racist bias before cross burned on front lawn, ma charges in suit
BY Alison Gendar, Matthew Lysiak and Carrie Melago

A Westchester mom is suing her son's school for not stopping racism that led to a cross being burned on their lawn - by a teen accused of threatening President Obama..

...........The brother, Christopher Hudak, 21, served six months behind bars for the cross burning, but was sent back to jail last week for allegedly making Internet threats against Obama before his recent trip to New York........


At a hearing involving the Obama threats on Tuesday, Hudak's mom insisted her son - also named in the suit - is not a racist.

"He has more African-American friends than I can count," she said. "My son is a real good kid."..

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

don't ask (faux 'news') cause they won't tell

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
Queer and Loathing in D.C.
Daily Show
Full Episodes
Political HumorRon Paul Interview

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i have a question for you

what's the difference between these creatures and fundamentalist radical islamists? the answer is THERE IS NO FUCKING DIFFERENCE

these are the sort of people who wouldn't bat an eyelash while seeing you set ablaze. either side i mean. they are the sort of people who would WISH for your deaths. they are cold, evil, heartless and soul-less. they are non humans

believe as i believe or you will be eternally damned

North Carolina church to burn ‘Satan’s books,’ including works of Mother Teresa

By Kathleen Miller

A Baptist Church near Asheville, N.C., is hosting a "Halloween book burning" to purge the area of "Satan's" works, which include all non-King James versions of the Bible, popular books by many religious authors and even country music.

The website for the Amazing Grace Baptist Church in Canton, N.C., says there are "scriptural bases" for the book burning. The site quotes Acts 19:18-20: "And many that believed, came and confessed and shewed their deeds. Many of them also which used curious arts, brought their books together, and burned them before all men: and they counted the price of them, and found it fifty thousand pieces of silver. So mightily grew the word of God and prevailed."

Church leaders deem Good News for Modern Man, the Evidence Bible, the New International Version Bible, the Green Bible and the Message Bible, as well as at least seven other versions of the Bible as "Satan's Bibles," according to the website. Attendees will also set fire to "Satan's popular books" such as the work of "heretics" including the Pope, Mother Teresa, Billy Graham and Rick Warren........

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oh, i think it's time for some.......

this is almost funny

if it wasn't so sad. it's about people who are so filled with fear and hate (as in the PREVIOUS posting), they just start making shite up - thinking what they're doing is acceptable. believing they are right.

it's about a group of people so over the edge, they made they own lies come true. it's jaw droppingly funny absurd
(here's that fear of a black president again)

To prove Muslim ’spying,’ right-wing authors planted spy
By Daniel Tencer
he pre-eminent Muslim advocacy group in Washington, DC, has greeted four Republicans' accusations that it is trying to plant "spies" disguised as interns on Capitol Hill with outrage, derision and ridicule.

US House Reps. Paul Broun (R-GA), Trent Franks (R-AZ), Sue Myrick (R-NC) and John Shadegg (R-AZ) announced Wednesday morning that they want the House's sergeant-at-arms to investigate claims made in a new book that the Council on American-Islamic Relations has a plan to infiltrate Congress with interns who would spy for the group.

CAIR says the evidence for the allegations made in the book is nothing more than documents showing the group is engaged in typical lobbying efforts in Congress. It also says the allegations made against them could be fuel for hate groups..........


Who's spying now?

As WorldNetDaily described, to make its argument that CAIR is "infiltrating" Congress, the authors planted an infiltrator in CAIR -- specifically, Dave Gaubatz's son, Chris, who posed as "Dave Marshall," a "bearded Muslim convert," to land an internship at CAIR's Washington office.

It was that deception that seemed to raise the most outrage from CAIR's Hooper, who told TalkingPointsMemo's Justin Elliott that Gaubatz had taken numerous documents from the organization's offices.

"We treated him so well," an "angry" Hooper told TPM. "I jokingly offered to help him get married. ... They lied to us about their background. They falsely claimed to be Muslim. They would stand next to us and pray during prayers."

Hooper told TPM that Gaubatz's "evidence" amounts to little more than documents showing that CAIR engaged in standard lobbying efforts. "This guy spied on us for months, and the most they can come up with is that we're doing ordinary lobbying work on Capitol Hill?"..............

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i write about her from time to time

it's like she's in the twilight zone. all the stories i post about her are from those 'liberal rags' though. this one is from the msm. interesting perspective. (i didn't know she was a lawyer. it's rather shocking actually)

G.O.P. Has a Lightning Rod, and Her Name Is Not Palin
BUFFALO, Minn. — Representative Michele Bachmann will appear in the 2010 calendar of “Great American Conservative Women” (she will be November). Her likeness has been transformed into an action figure. And, so far in 2009, she has been interviewed on a national cable news show every nine days, on average, an analysis by Smart Politics, a nonpartisan blog affiliated with the University of Minnesota shows................

............In recent months, Ms. Bachmann has been particularly outspoken against Democrats’ proposals on health care. She has questioned whether Congress has the constitutional authority to set such policy in the first place. She has suggested that one proposal’s privacy rules for school-based clinics could open the way for young girls’ getting referrals for abortions. And she has said that illegal immigrants will get access to taxpayer-subsidized health care, one among a list of comments by Ms. Bachmann that the Democratic National Committee has attacked as false.....

and of course we see and hear and KNOW a lot of what she says is a barrel o' steamin' shite. yet we allow her to keep yapping

pants on fire pants on fire Fact Checker Finds Falsehoods in Remarks


and here is but one gem


And in April, Ms. Bachmann told an interviewer that she found it interesting that “it was back in the 1970s that the swine flu broke out then under another Democrat president, Jimmy Carter.” She added, “And I’m not blaming this on President Obama; I just think it’s an interesting coincidence.”

As it happens, the scare of the 1970s came in 1976, PolitiFact found. Gerald R. Ford, a Republican, was president..........

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009


i don't care what you thought of wrestling, (and i have some choice words for linda mcmahon WHO by the way has some sort of campaign office in the center of my town i am told) you had to LOVE captain lou. i did

Captain Lou Albano, Famed Pro Wrestling Manager, Dead At 76

For pro-wrestling fans of a certain age, Captain Lou Albano was a larger-than-life figure who helped turn what was once a low-rent, cable-access sport into a pop-culture phenomenon. The World Wrestling Entertainment Hall of Famer died on Wednesday morning (October 14) at the age of 76, according to the WWE and Wrestler's Rescue, an organization that helps raise money for retired wrestlers' health care.

Wrestler's Rescue reported that Albano had been in hospice care earlier this week, but no cause of death has been revealed.

Born Louis Vincent Albano on July 29, 1933, in Mount Vernon, New York, the former football player and bouncer entered the wrestling game in the late 1950s. His four-decade wrestling career kicked off when he created the tag team known as the Sicilians, playing a stereotypical Italian gangster alongside partner Tony Altimore. The pair won a few regional tag-team championships and briefly held the United States Tag Team title before losing it in 1967 to Bruno Sammartino and Spiros Arion............

here's the link to the girls just wanna have fun video (no embedding)

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  1. Lauper and Albano in September 1984

    Photo by Ann Clifford/DMI/Time Life Pictures/Getty Images

we all know how much i love her

and i saw this on tywkiwdbi so i had to re-post it. again, i love her

Janis Joplin performs "Little Girl Blue"

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look at these posters

they are strangely attractive yet off-putting.

4 of 5 posters you should really hang on the wall (yes there is one you wouldn't, well i wouldn't). check them out

(via design you trust)

one of the weirdest things i've seen

in a long long long time

cat shit one (renamed for the us as apocalypse meow by the way)

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i absolutely HAD to post this

via bits & pieces

cheese and crackers!!! MORE EFFING FAT CHICKS!

oh, did i forget to mention this one was a fucking doll (literally)??????????

fuck you louboutin (and lagerfeld and lauren) fuck fuck fuck you

Louboutin Says Barbie Has Cankles

by Elizabeth Licata

Christian Louboutin is the latest designer to try his hand at styling Barbie. There will be three Louboutin Barbies, who will come with mini Louboutin boxes for the doll's shoes, which will inevitably be lost in the carpet and vacuumed up like all Barbie's other shoes......

....... "He found her ankles were too fat," said a Louboutin spokeswoman......

who got a big ol' butt? a rose is a rose got a big ol' butt - oh YEAH

love yourself my sisters!!!

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oh my stars!

i absolutely forgot how much i loved fernwood 2night. (and of course mary hartman mary hartman). i'm sure many of you never even heard of these shows much less watched them, but dang, THEY WERE WAY AHEAD OF THEIR TIME AND FUNNY

Fernwood 2Night: The Great Lost American Comedy

.......Fernwood 2Night was a fake talk show starring Martin Mull and Fred Willard. Preceding Alan Partridge and Larry Sanders by quite some years, Fernwood 2Night came on the air in 1977 when I was eleven years old and I thought it was the funniest thing I had ever seen. Where I lived, it was on a station called Channel 53, a low rent UHF channel in Pittsburgh that was like a junkyard of cheaply licensed television. Like a real life version of the fictional cheapo cable channel in SCTV, Channel 53 showed an insane low-budget mix of Marx Brothers, WC Fields, Aussie women in prison soaps, Monty Python, Flash Gordon serials, The Avengers, Hammer horror, Sgt. Bilko, My Favorite Martian, Jack Benny, Tom Baker-era Doctor Who shows, freakazoid televangelist, Dr. Gene Scott, Dave Allen at Large, and Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman five days a week. It was TV Heaven for some, telly Hell for others. Me, I loved it.........

i read they were NEVER going to make

the boondock saints ii: all saints day but i guess i was wrong

i'll be seeing this for sure

Trailer: Boondock Saints II

In theaters 10/30, Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day is the sequel to the 1999 cult classic; it’s a run-and-gun thriller in the vein of Reservoir Dogs about two Irish American vigilantes.

from sadly, no!

they bring our attention to this:

This Country Is Going To The Apes’ … Lovely

by D. Aristophanes

Here’s Paul A. Ibbetson, ‘lecturer on the Patriot Act’:

A return to the Planet of the Apes

By Paul A. Ibbetson

… Before I begin to share why I believe this country is going to the apes (self-deserved destruction), which I am sure will make the fur fly among many who would falsely infer my assessment is focused somehow on race, instead of policy, and accuse me of crossing into the forbidden zone, let’s look at the overall message that the Planet of the Apes movies tried to convey.

Yes, let’s, Mr. Ibbetson. Lest our ape fur fly at the silly suggestion that your column comparing Barack Obama’s America to the Planet of the Apes might somehow be about race.

Take but a moment to look around you and it won’t take long to see the deadly preparation for chaos that is unfolding from every corner of this country....................

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the stupid id-jits are so dim

they can't even draw a swastika correctly (not that i find that skill particularly attractive. i'm just saying these pieces o' steamin' shite are not especially bright)

i saw this on tv yesterday (no, i don't have a tv. i was waiting to meet my ex-boss and the personnel director of my old, no longer existant company. we were meeting for dinner. it was WONDERFUL seeing them. i do so miss my old company and all of the peeps. we didn't know just how good we had it. my company was bought by a larger company which in turn was bought by a giant international company).

anyhow, when watching this, i didn't realize it was in mass. not that it makes a difference, but dang, that's just way too close for comfort.

Symbol carved into green at Lakeville golf course

LAKEVILLE, Mass -- Police along with the Secret Service are investigating after a local country club discovered a symbol that represents eastern religious beliefs carved into the green.

Lakeville Country Club workers discovered the vandalism early Monday morning.

Police believe the vandals meant to carve a swastika next to President Barack Obama's name on the 18th hole; however, the symbol was backwards and means hope and peace in some Eastern countries.

The vandals snuck in at night to carve their message, according to the owner of the country club.........

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i am far from being a prude

i am known for my sense of humor and my openness. this, my dears is DISGUSTING. women are MORE than conquests. women are MORE than a vagina you lie to so you can fuck. i am NOT against banging by any means. i'm against demoralizing women, treating women like objects, treating women like they don't have brains, treating women like they're only out for money.

pepsi, you fucked up BIG time. i rarely drink soda, when i do it's either club soda, or on the rare occasion, ginger ale (real jamaican ginger beer when i can find it). so pepsi, i'm NOT going to be drinking ANY of your products any time soon

pssssssssssssssttttttttttttt, we don't LIKE being referred to as, 'THE LADIES'
Pepsi apologizes for girl-getting iPhone app

By Agence France-Presse

SAN FRANCISCO — US soft drink giant PepsiCo has apologized for a free iPhone application crafted to help men seduce women and keep records of conquests but the program remained available on Tuesday.

Pepsi's "AMP Up Before You Score" iPhone application categorizes women into 24 types and then uses the Apple smartphone's Internet capabilities to link users to information about them and what they like.

AMP is an energy drink made by PepsiCo.

"Let's say you meet a girl who is way into being green and you need a vegan restaurant stat; we've got you covered," a voice-over maintained on Tuesday in an online Pepsi video about the AMP at YouTube.

"If you are anticipating a successful night, the Before You Score app gives you up to the minute information, feeds, lines and much more to help you amp up and talk to 24 different types of ladies."

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i don't like sen. lindsey graham

well that is to say, i don't like what i know about him. i don't know him personally so i really can't say if i like "HIM". he's scary conservative. but get this, HE'S NOT CONSERVATIVE ENOUGH for some of those LUNATICS out there. un effing believable

GOP senator faces wrath of right-wing activists
By Joe Byrne

With today's passing of a Senate health-care overhaul bill dampening right-wing morale, Republican activists are keeping up their spirits in hard times by focusing on the problems within their own party. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) was ready to give a rallying speech to supporters in Greenville, South Carolina yesterday; instead, the senator faced heckling from a contingent of far-right protesters who believe he is too moderate for his own good.

Graham is known for having voted to confirm Sonia Sotomayor's nomination back in July, against the recommendation of his own party. More recently, Graham has been 'testing out lines' in the GOP concerning global warming, presenting a willingness to compromise on clean energy legislation, according to Darren Samuelsohn of the New York Times. Decisions to cooperate and compromise across party lines have made Sen. Lindsey Graham into a target of the far-right 'Teabaggers.'............

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not that i buy his clothing


i just now read this on boing boing

ralph lauren fires photo-chopped model for being too big

..........Filippa Hamilton, the model who Ralph Lauren's ad people crudely photoshopped, is looking for work. Ralph Lauren has fired her, according the model on an appearance on NBC's Today show this morning, due to her inability to fit into his clothes.

She's 5'10" and 120 lbs.

Update: NY Daily News has a statement from the company:

Polo Ralph Lauren said in a statement Tuesday night that Filippa is a "beautiful and healthy" woman but their relationship ended "as a result of her inability to meet the obligations under her contract with us.

In the same piece, reported by Carrie Melago, her lawyer says that he fears Ralph Lauren's treatment of Hamilton "will be extremely damaging to her."...........

and have anything to boycott....i don't. i just wanted to share this with y'all. i wanted you to read what karl lagerfeld has to say about women. (and in the last link how he loves fur. i should have KNOWN) we're fat and we're jealous well what mr lagerfeld obviously doesn't understand (perhaps all that work he MAY have had done on his face altered his ability to think) is women are NOT fat if they're not a size 0. in most cases women in the modeling industry or in the movies/tv are told in order to succeed they MUST STOP EATING. well it's their own fault for believing that shite actually. you don't have to be severely underweight in order to act NOR do you have to be to model. if one is genuinely skinny BUT EATS and is healthy i have no issues what so ever. if one eats a raisin and three grains of rice for lunch, then vomits it, i may have an issue or two with that. we MUST learn how to be comfortable with who and what we are. we can't let gatsu piedis like lagerfeld dictate what we should look like. we just shouldn't. period.

Karl Lagerfeld Defends Skinny Models - 'No One Wants to See Round Women'

by Katie Hintz-Zambrano (RSS feed)

Karl Lagerfeld, who famously dropped 92 lbs in 13 months in order to squeeze into skinny Dior Homme duds -- and wrote the book, "The Karl Lagerfeld Diet," about it -- is defending the waifs who march down his runways, and calling out the "fat mummies" who complain about them, according to The Guardian.

Lagerfeld was interviewed by the German magazine Focus, during which the designer responded to the announcement of best-selling German magazine, Brigitte's commitment to using "ordinary, realistic" women instead of professional models in future fashion spreads, the U.K. newspaper reports. .........

........."These are fat mummies sitting with their bags of crisps in front of the television, saying that thin models are ugly," the Chanel designer tells Focus, going on to say that the fashion industry supports "dreams and illusions, and no one wants to see round women." .......................

Fat on Fat Crime: Hey Karl Lagerfeld! Kiss my Fat A##!

Fat on Fat Crime is a new epidemic that is sweeping the nation. With all of the prejudice and discrimination that is already going on in the world, who would ever think that Fat people and FORMER Fat People like Designer Karl Lagerfeld, would start taking it upon themselves to commit hideous acts of Random Fat Violence on one another.

I have personally been the victim of two incidents of Fat on Fat Crime, and I am making it my duty to fight this with all of my might! The thought of Fat on Fat Crime has me sick with hunger pains deep down in my soul. Hopefully writing about this will help to ease the pain. If not, Dallas BBQ Sticky Wings will have to do the trick!

The latest incident of Fat on Fat Crime is from Karl Lagerfeld, a former full-figured man, who after losing 92 pounds has obviously forgotten his roots.............

and katy we can tell you've NEVER done it before. here's a helpful hint; DON'T DO IT AGAIN

Karl Lagerfeld Hates Fatties (And Animals)

Reading Karl Lagerfeld hating on fatties made me remember when he used to be a BBWHZ (big busted white haired zombie) himself! This is when he used to eat regular human food instead of the fallen locks of emaciated models. This is also when he used to smile with his mouth! I don't think Karl has smiled since the early 90s. He doesn't smile now, because that's something "only ze fat jalli pepull do." I miss fat Karl, but skeleton Karl is just as entertaining.

Our Uncle Karl was kind enough to crawl out of his tomb and give an interview to the Telegraph about his love of fur and his hate of fat chicks. First up, Karl responded to the fashion industry being criticized for using skinny malnourished bitches on the runway. Karl said the number of size 000 models pales in comparison to the "zillions" of fat bitches who roam the land eating everything in sight............

.........Uncle Karl didn't stop there! He also thinks that if we didn't kill ze animals, they'd kill us! He defended the fur industry by saying many hunters make their living and support their families by killing furry creatures so that he can lay his naked bones all over a luscious mink throw. He said, "Killing those beasts who would kill us if they could." He said that whenever possible, the animals should be killed "nicely."......

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pic: Karl Lagerfeld looking a little wide himself -- in the tie and collar area. Photo: Pascal Le Segretain, Getty images

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pic (and caption) from the first above link: Karl Lagerfeld looking a little wide himself -- in the tie and collar area. Photo: Pascal Le Segretain, Getty images

it's ray lamontagne wednesday

i needed to post a link to this story


it has "a motley collection of dogs of various breeds"
it has horses
it has park police
it has guns
it has outstanding warrants
it has operating a business in the park without a license
it has the word "skedaddled"

it's a SHORT article. go to the link below
Officer Fires Off Warning to Unruly Pooches
Horses at Park Spooked by Dog Walker's Unleashed Charges

Washington Post Staff Writer

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

now wait a minute..............

i know it's early but i've washed the sleep out of my eyes (and yeah, i have my makeup on already. it's almost time for me to leave for work) BUT am i reading this correctly?

Lieberman may sponsor DADT repeal in the Senate

Pressure works. The White House has put out the word that there are finally talks underway to find a Senate sponsor of the legislation to repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell. Likely suspect: Joe Lieberman. (Yes, I groaned, too.)

Also, can we finally put an end to that stupid talking point about the "full plate." It's embarrassing...

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i keep posting about this because it's a subject near and dear to me

i'm not going to go ninja on his ass like i did with whoopie. that only succeeds in making ME angry all day.

it's a subject i know intimately well. it's a subject i've lived with for almost my entire life. it's a subject i help other people deal with. it's a subject that is in my life EVERY DAY.

a grown man having sex with a 13 year old girl is rape. even if there were no drugs or alcohol involved. it's rape.

there is NO jealousy on my part or on the part of anyone else who feels as i do. i can seriously say i am not jealous of roman polanski, his movies, or his wife or his life.

it is beyond belief people are making excuses for a man who plied a 13 year old with drugs and alcohol and then raped her. mr lasalle i ask you. do you have a 13 year old daughter/son (or did you at some point)? a niece/nephew perhaps? how would you feel if a 40 year old man 'slept' with YOUR 13 year old? would you say aw, that's NOT rape? would you say aw, it's ok because that grown man makes (good) movies? (what if he made porn movies or b movies? would you still be so forgiving????)

i do NOT understand how one person in the entire universe has an issue with roman polanski being arrested. i just don't.

celebrities get a raw deal? uhhhhhhhhh think again

SF Chron's Polanski Apologist Gets Mad
— By Jen Phillips

San Francisco Chronicle movie critic Mick LaSalle is getting hot under the collar. The Polanski-supporter published a scathing op-ed just before 10am PST on Sunday, October 11. But by early morning October 12, the article had been taken down. The reason? LaSalle got into a flamewar with his commenters and huffily announced that he was "leaving this post up for exactly five more minutes, and then I'm taking it down because I can't keep up with... the stupidity. Five more minutes, maybe I'll put it back up later..."

To be fair, the commenters were ruthless, and they had a lot of material to work with. I've read a LOT of Polanski apologism, and this was still a jaw-dropper. LaSalle wrote "celebrities get a raw deal from the law and the courts." While admitting Polanski "did a bad thing," LaSalle argues that Polanski's early trauma should "earn him some human sympathy. Just some. So why none? Why no human sympathy?" LaSalle thinks many people hate Polanski because they're jealous of his talent and pretty wife: LaSalle's readers vociferously disagreed. So he unpublished ALL their comments AND the article........

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