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Saturday, November 24, 2007

some stuff you might not know about mike huckabee

and it's FUNNY stuff in an effed up way of course. as if having chuck norris endorse you wasn't FUNNY enough

Mike Huckabee Is Not a Sane Man
By Matt Taibbi, RollingStone.com
Mike Huckabee, the latest it girl of the Republican presidential race, tells a hell of a story. Let your guard down anywhere near the former Arkansas governor and he'll pod you, Body Snatchers-style -- you'll wake up drooling, your brain gone, riding a back seat on the bandwagon that suddenly has him charging toward the lead in the GOP race.
It almost happened to me a few months ago at a fundraiser in Great Falls, Virginia. I'd come to get my first up-close glimpse of the man Arkansans call Huck, about whom I knew very little -- beyond the fact that he was far behind in the polls and was said to be very religious. In an impromptu address to a small crowd, Huckabee muttered some stay-the-course nonsense about Iraq and then, when he was finished, sought me out, apparently having been briefed beforehand that Rolling Stone was in the house. "I'm glad you're here," he told me. "I finally get to tell someone who cares about Keith Richards."
Before I could respond, Huckabee plowed into a long and very entertaining story -- one that included a surprisingly dead-on Pirates of the Caribbean-esque impersonation -- about how Richards and Ron Wood got pulled over for reckless driving while on tour in Fordyce, Arkansas, a million and a half years ago, in 1975. Richards ended up getting a misdemeanor conviction -- an injustice that stood for thirty-one years, until Huckabee, a would-be rock musician himself, stepped in and pardoned Richards last year............

watch it


nope, try 20,000. seems like even some of the vets WITH EVIDENT injuries are getting the runaround. what about those whose symptoms are a bit harder to detect? king george sends them to war (an unjust illegal and immoral one at that) and when they come home, kicks them in the ass

20,000 vets' brain injuries not listed in Pentagon tally
By Gregg Zoroya, USA TODAY
At least 20,000 U.S. troops who were not classified as wounded during combat in Iraq and Afghanistan have been found with signs of brain injuries, according to military and veterans records compiled by USA TODAY.
The data, provided by the Army, Navy and Department of Veterans Affairs, show that about five times as many troops sustained brain trauma as the 4,471 officially listed by the Pentagon through Sept. 30. These cases also are not reflected in the Pentagon's official tally of wounded, which stands at 30,327.
Marine didn't recognize signs of brain injury
The number of brain-injury cases were tabulated from records kept by the VA and four military bases that house units that have served multiple combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.
One base released its count of brain injuries at a medical conference. The others provided their records at the request of USA TODAY, in some cases only after a Freedom of Information Act filing was submitted..........

i want to be wrong

i pray i am wrong. i want peace in iraq. i don't want kids killed or even innocent civilians (of which there are more than we imagine). i want the market to be safe. i want all of the displaced iraqis to be able to return home. i want women to be able to walk down the street. i want children to go to school each day.

we ruined their country and it isn't back on track yet no matter what they try to tell you. 'WE' are not WINNING
'WE' are directl responsible for this horror

15 Killed in Baghdad, Shattering Growing Calm
Blast Is Deadliest In City in Months; Nine Die in Mosul

By Sudarsan Raghavan
Washington Post Foreign Service
BAGHDAD, Nov. 23 -- The man walked into the crowded al-Ghazl animal market Friday, past police checkpoints and barricades, Humvees and Iraqi soldiers. An hour or so earlier, a U.S. patrol had passed through the market. He carried a bomb, hidden in a box containing birds for sale, witnesses said.
Shortly after 9 a.m., the bomb detonated, killing 15 people and injuring 55, according to
Iraqi police, although the U.S. military said the death toll was eight. Those at the market were Iraqi civilians of different sects reviving a tradition that stretched back more than 100 years, when their fathers and grandfathers might have visited al-Ghazl every Friday, often bringing their children. ........................

Friday, November 23, 2007

george bush

part i of

chip crockett's christmas carol by elizabeth hand (via boing boing)

This is a serialization of my 2001 Christmas novella. For ideal viewing, please enable the Yule Log:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vf-4lCsLlpgAlso, cue up some seasonal music — this is "Welcome Christmas," the song all the Whos down in Whoville sing despite the Grinch's worst efforts, here hauntingly performed by Love Spirals Downwards:http://www.projekt.com/excelsis/lovespirals_welcomexmas.mp3And here's the real-life analog of the news item Tony faxes to Brendan:http://query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpage.html?res=9403E5D71039F931A25757C0A960958260The world has altered drastically in the ten years since I wrote this, but I've chosen not to revise the story to reflect these changes. The spirits of the season are timeless, right? Cue Yule Log...


saudi arabia (and as it turns out libya, which perhaps we didn't know about BUT no one should be surprised by) is sending in suicide bombers and terrorists to iraq. they (the saudis and libyans) are our buds. well NOT MY F**KING BUDS but the buds of king george and his court. they turn blind eyes to what the saudis did and are doing. why? MONEY MONEY MONEY

may they ALL rot in hades
Foreign Fighters in Iraq Are Tied to Allies of U.S.
BAGHDAD — Saudi Arabia and Libya, both considered allies by the United States in its fight against terrorism, were the source of about 60 percent of the foreign fighters who came to Iraq in the past year to serve as suicide bombers or to facilitate other attacks, according to senior American military officials. The data come largely from a trove of documents and computers discovered in September, when American forces raided a tent camp in the desert near Sinjar, close to the Syrian border. The raid’s target was an insurgent cell believed to be responsible for smuggling the vast majority of foreign fighters into Iraq.
The most significant discovery was a collection of biographical sketches that listed hometowns and other details for more than 700 fighters brought into Iraq since August 2006.........

sour grapes

and jealousy? some people were born in the WRONG BODIES. why would ANYONE chose to be transgender on a lark? there is hate and ridicule and misunderstand and even violence. a person is a person (no matter how small - hey i LOVE horton hears a who) and should be judged on their INDIVIDUAL merits not if they have a penis or don't have a penis or HAD a penis or want a penis.

Transgender pol fights fraud claims
Transgender Politician Fights Claims of Fraud Because She Ran As a Female
Four years after she won a City Council seat, making her what is believed to be Georgia's first transgender politician, Michelle Bruce is battling a lawsuit launched by an unsuccessful opponent who claims she misled voters by running as a female.
Bruce, a tall woman with shoulder-length graying hair, said she has always identified herself as transgender.
"I've always been Michelle," she said. "If someone has a problem with that, I can't help them. It's a personal issue."
Bruce, 46, who runs an auto repossession business, launched her political campaign in 2003. Running unopposed, she landed one of four council seats and pledged to attract more jobs and residents to Riverdale, a gritty town of 12,000 about 12 miles south of Atlanta, lined with rundown strip malls and used car shops.
Three rivals ran against her in the Nov. 6 election. She captured 312 votes, not enough to avoid a Dec. 4 runoff against second-place finisher Wayne Hall, who earned 202 votes.
Then the third-place finisher, Georgia Fuller, who collected 171 votes, filed a lawsuit claiming election fraud.........

what happened to probable cause?

it went the way of habeas corpus and democracy and our entire constitution it appears.
(i have NO problems with tapping phones IF there is a warrant AND PROBABLE CAUSE AND it's all within the LAW)

Cellphone Tracking Powers on Request
Secret Warrants Granted Without Probable Cause

By Ellen Nakashima Washington Post Staff Writer
Federal officials are routinely asking courts to order cellphone companies to furnish real-time tracking data so they can pinpoint the whereabouts of drug traffickers, fugitives and other criminal suspects, according to judges and industry lawyers.
In some cases, judges have granted the requests without requiring the government to demonstrate that there is probable cause to believe that a crime is taking place or that the inquiry will yield evidence of a crime. Privacy advocates fear such a practice may expose average Americans to a new level of government scrutiny of their daily lives.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

a big fat huh? i'm bewildered (well more than that)

#1) the case is all ok now because some media reports had ONE judge listening to the case when in reality there were THREE (who punished the VICTIM OF A GANG RAPE)

#2) the departing homeland security adviser, frances townsend said, while the sentence was 'reprehensible' in the end EVERYTHING WAS OK BECAUSE SAUDI ARABIA HELPS US FIGHT TERRORISM (does she actually know WHERE the perps of 9/11 trained? came out of? were helped by? hmmmmmmmmmm)

#3) the ministry said it was all ok because THE VICTIM OF GANG RAPE agreed with her sentence (perhaps she did. perhaps her choice was agreement OR beheading. i sure don't doubt that for a second)

there's more but my blood is boiling and i'm just going to stop now

Saudi: Why we punished rape victim

CNN) -- The Saudi Justice Ministry Tuesday issued a "clarification" of a court's handling of a rape case and the increased punishment -- including 200 lashes --meted out to the victim. The case, which has sparked media scrutiny of the Saudi legal system, centers on a married woman. The 19-year-old and an unrelated man were abducted, and she was raped by a group of seven men more than a year ago, according to Abdulrahman al-Lahim, the attorney who represented her in court.
The woman was originally sentenced in October 2006 to 90 lashes. But that sentence was more than doubled to 200 lashes and six months in prison by the Qatif General Court, because she spoke to the media about the case, a court source told Middle Eastern daily newspaper Arab News.......

...........Under law in Saudi Arabia, women are subject to numerous restrictions, including a strict dress code, a prohibition against driving and a requirement that they get a man's permission to travel or have surgery. Women are also not allowed to testify in court unless it is about a private matter that was not observed by a man, and they are not allowed to vote.............

and these asswipes are our buds. HELL NO. if i don't like the morals or beliefs or actions of a 'friend' of mine, i f**king kick them OUT of my sandbox NEVER to return again. i don't care WHAT they have to offer me. i have ethics

her husband speaks Saudi rape victim 'a crushed human being'
CNN) -- The husband of a Saudi rape victim sentenced to 200 lashes and six months in prison said his wife is "a crushed human being," and blamed one judge with a personal vendetta -- and not the Saudi judicial system -- for treating her as a criminal. But he said Saudi society was respectful of women and he had faith that his wife would get justice.
In March 2006, the woman, then 18 and engaged to be married, and an unrelated man were abducted from a mall in Qatif, Saudi Arabia and raped by a group of seven men.
In October, the men were convicted and sentenced to between two and nine years in prison for the assault. She was convicted of violating the kingdom's strict Islamic law by not having a male guardian with her at the mall.
"From the outset, my wife was dealt with as a guilty person who committed a crime," said her 24-year-old husband. "She was not given any chance to prove her innocence or describe how she was a victim of multiple brutal rapes."

my original posting on this


Report: Ashcroft firm in big money deal
Report: Ashcroft Law Firm to Collect Over $52M to Help Monitor Knee Replacement Manufacturers

yup we're spreading democracy through the world

yup, we're doing our jobs in iraq. bringing them the freedoms they so desperately lack.........and want?????????????????
is this an example of how we're changing the country? bringing them freedom? bringing them rights?

IRAQ: Extremists fuel anti-women violence in Basra
BAGHDAD, 20 November 2007 (IRIN) - Anti-women violence in Basra, Iraq's second largest city, about 600 km south of the capital, Baghdad, has increased markedly in recent months and has forced women to stay indoors, police and local NGOs have said. "Basra is facing a new type of terror which leaves at least 10 women killed monthly, some of them are later found in garbage dumps with bullet holes while others are found decapitated or mutilated," the city's police chief Maj. Gen. Abdel Jalil Khalaf told IRIN in a telephone interview. "The perpetrators are organised gangs who work under religious cover pretending to spread instructions of Islam but they are far from this religion. They are trying to impose a life style like banning women from wearing western clothes or forcing them to wear head scarf," Khalaf said. In September, Khalaf added, police found the body of a decapitated woman with that of her also decapitated six-year-old son lying beside her. .............

lose an eye for your country

or a leg or an arm or part of your mind. well if you're THAT unlucky, you'll have to return part of the bonus money we paid you to defend us from the evils of iraq (WHO, ONCE AGAIN, I MUST STATE WAS NEVER A THREAT TO US. NEVER ATTACKED US. WAS NOT INVOLVED IN 9/11). this is despicable
Wounded Soldier: Military Wants Part Of Bonus Back
Reporting Marty Griffin
The U.S. Military is demanding that thousands of wounded service personnel give back signing bonuses because they are unable to serve out their commitments.
To get people to sign up, the military gives enlistment bonuses up to $30,000 in some cases.
Now men and women who have lost arms, legs, eyesight, hearing and can no longer serve are being ordered to pay some of that money back.
One of them is Jordan Fox, a young soldier from the South Hills.
He finds solace in the hundreds of boxes he loads onto a truck in Carnegie. In each box is a care package that will be sent to a man or woman serving in Iraq. It was in his name Operation Pittsburgh Pride was started.
Fox was seriously injured when a roadside bomb blew up his vehicle. He was knocked unconscious. His back was injured and lost all vision in his right eye.
A few months later Fox was sent home. His injuries prohibited him from fulfilling three months of his commitment. A few days ago, he received a letter from the military demanding nearly $3,000 of his signing bonus back.
"I tried to do my best and serve my country. I was unfortunately hurt in the process. Now they're telling me they want their money back," he explained............

look we all KNOW in our heart of hearts

the entire court of king george AND king george himself outed valerie plame wilson ON PURPOSE. when king george said he was going to find out who was responsible and make them pay, he was lying. just as he lied about EVERYTHING else. THEY DID IT ON PURPOSE. king george HAD to let scooter go. scooter was just a little cog in a giant machine.

bush is like silicone NOTHING STICKS and we let that happen when what we SHOULD be doing is taking a brillo pad to the entire administration
Former WH Press Sec.: Bush, Rove helped pass along 'false information' on Plame
Jason Rhyne
President Bush, Karl Rove, and other top administration officials were "involved" in misleading the White House press corps about the outing of ex-CIA agent Valerie Plame, a forthcoming book from former Press Secretary Scott McClellan alleges.
What Happened, the new tell-all features McClellan's account of his days as the White House's top spokesman -- including a behind-the-scenes look at the Bush administration's handling of the Plame affair, according to a tantalizing excerpt from the book released on its publisher's website. ..........

hey king george

musharaf doesn't give two flying yoo hoos about DEMOCRACY (just like you!!!). all he cares about (just like you!!!) is the all mighty DOLLAR (well, in his case rupee)
a bit of wednesday humor:

Bush More Emphatic In Backing Musharraf
He Says Leader 'Believes in Democracy'

By Michael Abramowitz and Robin Wright Washington Post Staff Writers
President Bush yesterday offered his strongest support of embattled Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf, saying the general "hasn't crossed the line" and "truly is somebody who believes in democracy."
Bush spoke nearly three weeks after Musharraf declared emergency rule, sacked members of the Supreme Court and began a roundup of journalists, lawyers and human rights activists. Musharraf's government yesterday released about 3,000 political prisoners, although 2,000 remain in custody, according to the Interior Ministry. ..............

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

i'm feeling particularly generous

and i hope YOU are too, this festive holiday season. let's all chip in and get king george a gift. it's something he NEEDS. it's the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

Send Bush an early holiday gift, courtesy of CCR.

sign the petition at the link above! share the joy

more church bid-nez

but it ain't nothing BUT monkey bid-nez

yeah, keep on turning your tithes over to these hypocrites. these greedy lying sons and daughters of the devil (i don't believe in the devil but i'm making a point here)
idiots idiots idiots (and i'm talking about the congregations who SUPPORT people like this)
(even in connecticut we've had a congregation SUPPORTING a 'minister' who fathered a child with a 12 or 13 year old. a lot of members of that congregation continued supporting that 'minister' for a LONG LONG LONG time. i'm not sure if they're still supporting him or not. makes my skin crawl)

Sex Scandal Hits Atlanta-Area Megachurch
By DORIE TURNER Associated Press Writer
DECATUR, Ga. (AP) -- The 80-year-old leader of a suburban Atlanta megachurch is at the center of a sex scandal of biblical dimensions: He slept with his brother's wife and fathered a child by her.
Members of Archbishop Earl Paulk's family stood at the pulpit of the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit at Chapel Hill Harvester Church a few Sundays ago and revealed the secret exposed by a recent court-ordered paternity test.
In truth, this is not the first - or even the second - sex scandal to engulf Paulk and the independent, charismatic church. But this time, he could be in trouble with the law for lying under oath about the affair.
The living proof of that lie is 34-year-old D.E. Paulk, who for years was known publicly as Earl Paulk's nephew......

how anyone can say

I LOVE WAR is beyond me. how someone can have a problem or ANY issue with PEACE is beyond me. what are these kids thinking? if i were there parents perhaps i'd monitor their video games a bit more.

why would someone NOT want to coexist with the rest of the world in harmony? what sort of person WANTS other people to die (because guess what, people DIE UGLY DEATHS IN WAR)? wants grandfathers and children and grandmothers to die? wants people to be displaced? wants torture and famine?

what sort of person writes 'white power' over a sign that says peace? what sort of school administration allows that to go unpunished i wonder?

and confederate flags? HOW THE F**K DOES THAT 'SUPPORT THE TROOPS'? someone ought to tell lydia pace and joseph marianetti EXACTLY what a confederate flag stands for (and it AIN'T TO SUPPORT THE TROOPS).

Give peace a chance Group says wearing their shirts on campus has caused quite a stir
Students at Cocoa Beach Jr./Sr. High are waging a war on peace.
It all started when sophomore Skylar Stains decided to have Peace Shirt Thursdays. Skylar and her friend, Lauren Lorraine, started wearing peace shirts and soon recruited more friends to wear them. Now, the "Peace Shirt Coalition" as they call themselves, has close to 30 students from all grades.
"We've worn handmade peace shirts every Thursday since the first week of school, without fail," Skylar said.
But what started out as a light-hearted gesture soon started to be taken out of context. Students started approaching the group members, yelling obscene things at them, said Lauren.
"People just turned on us like that," she said. "At least 10 boys stood up and yelled things at me at once, and we couldn't even walk through the halls without a harsh comment being made."
The heckling began early in the school year, according to group members. They say they were putting small posters promoting peace on friends' lockers with their permission. They thought it was OK, because the cheerleaders and football players had signs on theirs. Eventually, though, group members say they were told by the school's administration they could no longer hang up the posters.
"People tore them down and drew swastikas and 'white power' stuff on them," Lauren said.....

.....However, Cocoa Beach Jr./Sr. High sophomores Lydia Pace and Joseph Marianetti say the Confederate shirts they wear express support for the troops in Iraq, and nothing more. Joseph said the shirts have nothing to do with racism......

Monday, November 19, 2007

lest we forget about the OTHER war

we're 'winning'

Taliban Torture, Execute 5 Afghan Police
By NOOR KHAN Associated Press Writer
Nov 18th, 2007 KANDAHAR, Afghanistan -- Taliban militants slashed the hands and legs of five abducted policemen in southern Afghanistan and hung their mutilated bodies from trees in a warning to villagers against working with the government, officials said Sunday.
The discovery of the bodies came as officials said that recent violence and clashes had left at least 68 people dead across Afghanistan.
The officers had been abducted two months ago from their checkpoint in southern Uruzgan province, said Juma Gul Himat, the provincial police chief. The Taliban slashed their hands and legs and hung the bodies on trees Saturday in Gazak village of Derawud district, he said.
"The Taliban told the people that whoever works with the government will suffer the same fate as these policemen," Himat said. "This village is under Taliban control. There are more than 100 Taliban in this village."
Two tribal elders received the bodies of the policemen on Sunday, he said...........

UN Report Suggests Afghan Massacre Coverup
Investigation Shows That Most Suicide Bomb Victims Were Also Shot By Lawyers' Bodyguards

Up to two-thirds of the 77 people killed and 100 wounded in a suicide bombing last week were hit by bullets from visiting lawmakers' panicked bodyguards, who fired on a crowd of mostly schoolchildren for up to five minutes, a preliminary U.N. report says. Afghanistan's Interior Ministry says only a "small number" of the victims were hit by gunfire, but an Afghan official in Baghlan province told The Associated Press that bodyguards were "raining bullets" on the crowd. The suicide bomb contained ball bearings, the Interior Ministry said, which may have caused wounds that look like bullet holes. An Afghan doctor who treated patients after the Nov. 6 blast, meanwhile, told the AP that a high-ranking government official told him not to publicly reveal the number of gunfire victims, suggesting a possible government cover-up. .......

i don't usually preach about this sort of thing

what i eat and what you eat is our own bid-nez. EXCEPT when shite like this happens. i really DO think people MUST be informed about how animals are treated. i'm not asking anyone to stop eating meat (although i would love that to happen). i want people who treat animals like this to be brought to justice. it's NOT right. it's not even IF that animal is going to end up on your dinner table

Extreme Torture of Animals–and Humans: A Thanksgiving Prayer for Mercy
by Suki Falconberg
I have seen it all before but it still shocks me. The Humane Farming Association recently shot undercover video at an Ohio pig farm which shows animals living and dying in conditions far more horrifying than one finds in any torture camp. And what I am about to describe in this article is typical of the lives of the 10 billion ‘food’ animals raised for slaughter in America each year.
Pigs with broken legs and broken backs; pigs with prolapsed vaginas and abscessed tumors; pigs crowded so closely together they cannot move or turn around, living in their own excrement; pigs bashed with hammers and shocked with electric prods.
At this Ohio farm, the pigs are killed through strangulation. We see a worker kicking and then beating a pig with a metal bar. The pig cannot walk either due to broken legs or partial paralysis, and so the man relentlessly bashes and bashes and bashes her to make her crawl down a corridor until he kicks her off a four-foot ledge onto a muddy yard. She is then chained around the neck and hoisted by a fork-lift. It takes her about five minutes to die as she struggles desperately. During her last few seconds of life, you see one of her feet waving feebly in the air. While this is happening, the men are joking around, as if it is all good fun.
A few feet away, a group of pigs are huddled together, waiting their turn. Some are lying on top of others, forming a pile of animals too weak to move. They are covered with excrement; one has a broken leg sticking out at an odd angle; they look near death already, from the conditions of torture they were raised in............

i would think it pretty obvious

sara weiss DOES NOT know osama. obvious to everyone EXCEPT these buffoons
now i am all FOR inspecting luggage AND people at airports. i am NOT for sheer lunacy though

this incident got so out of hand, it made the national news. it stoked fear. that's what 'THEY' want. well let's not give it to them.

The Cheese Bomb Incident: Terror and the TSA
By Ted Genoways
Sara Weiss was flying home to Long Island after visiting her son in San Diego for the Fourth of July. On her way out to California, Transportation Security Administration (tsa) inspectors at jfk Airport had questioned Weiss about four old, heavily patched ice packs in her carry-on baggage, so she put them into her checked suitcase for the return trip. She passed through security without incident, but as she was boarding, a ticket agent asked Weiss to step out of line. Three police officers escorted her to the basement, where checked baggage is inspected.
San Diego tsa and Harbor Police interrogated Weiss for three hours. The first question they asked was, "Do you know Osama bin Laden?" They told her that their scanning equipment "went crazy" when her suitcase passed through, that her ice packs contained a "clay-like substance" similar to "what terrorists use to implant explosives," and that "the tape all along the edges of the ice packs suggests to us they were tampered with.".............

more on chiquita

terrorism and YOUR king george
BuzzFlash Editor's Blog: Bush Lets Enablers of Terrorism Go Free, As Long as They are GOP Corporations. The Case of Chiquita.
Submitted by mark karlin on
We haven't finished with Judges David Sentelle and Laurence Silberman and how these Federalist Society, partisan hacks sitting on the D.C. Appellate Court have often had more influence on the direction of our government than Congress as they act as rubber stamp judicial bench advocates for the GOP. We'll be wrapping up our first series on the BuzzFlash editor's blog next week.
But we came across a story that we've posted on BuzzFlash at least a couple of times that we just had to comment on, how the Bush adminsitration gives you a pass if you are a corporate enabler of terrorists.
Read on.
November 18, 2007
On November 14th, we posted a
CNN news article on BuzzFlash with the headline, "Colombian families' suit says Chiquita liable for torture, murder." In the CNN bullet points about the article, you can read, "Chiquita admits paying a group that the U.S. labeled a terrorist organization."
In fact, Chiquita struck a deal with the Bush Administration earlier this year that it would plead guilty to directly paying a terrorist organization, allegedly for the "protection" of its banana fields in Colombia. Naturally, the Bush White House let Chiquita, a member in good standing of the Republican corporate cartel, off with a slap on the wrist. They fined them $25 million, pocket change to Chiquita..........................


wtf is up with THAT headline? what are king george and his court going to tell the families of the dead 3,868 american men and women? what did they die for? avenging 9/11? NO. iraq had NOTHING to do with that. how can ANYONE say the tide is turning for king george. he has committed ALL SORTS of crimes against humanity. how can ANYONE forget that?

For Bush, Advances But Not Approval

By Peter Baker
Washington Post Staff Writer
The war in Iraq seems to have taken a turn for the better and the opposition at home has failed in all efforts to impose its own strategy. North Korea is dismantling its nuclear program. The budget deficit is falling. A new attorney general has been confirmed despite objections from the left.
After more than two years of being buffeted by one political disaster after another,
President Bush and his strategists think they may finally be getting back at least a bit of their footing. While still facing enormous challenges, from the crisis in Pakistan to the backlash over children's health care, they hope Bush has arrested his downward spiral and established a better foundation for the remainder of his time in office. ..............