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Saturday, May 23, 2009


Galactic Center of Milky Way Rises over Texas Star Party from William Castleman on Vimeo.

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wow wow and wow

tywkiwdbi tells us tim burton is filming a new alice (holy shite, i cannot wait!!!)

here's the imdb listing check out the smokin' cast!


Conservative radio hosts gets waterboarded, and lasts six seconds before saying its torture

View more news videos at: http://www.nbcmiami.com/video.

View more news videos at: http://www.nbcmiami.com/video.

Mancow Waterboarded, Admits It's Torture

"It is way worse than I thought it would be"


.................."The average person can take this for 14 seconds," Marine Sergeant Clay South answered, adding, "He's going to wiggle, he's going to scream, he's going to wish he never did this."

With a Chicago Fire Department paramedic on hand, Mancow was placed on a 7-foot long table, his legs were elevated, and his feet were tied up.

Turns out the stunt wasn't so funny. Witnesses said Muller thrashed on the table, and even instantly threw the toy cow he was holding as his emergency tool to signify when he wanted the experiment to stop. He only lasted 6 or 7 seconds.

"It is way worse than I thought it would be, and that's no joke,"Mancow said, likening it to a time when he nearly drowned as a child. "It is such an odd feeling to have water poured down your nose with your head back...It was instantaneous...and I don't want to say this: absolutely torture."...............

From Olbermann

By Josh Marshall

This out from MSNBC ...

MSNBC's Keith Olbermann on tonight's "Countdown" pledged to donate $10,000 to charity after disc jockey Erich "Mancow" Muller was waterboarded today on live radio, in an attempt to prove the technique was "not torture." After six seconds Muller said it was "absolutely torture" and that were he to be interrogated by the use of waterboarding he would "confess to anything." Olbermann promised to donate $10,000 to the charity Veterans of Valor, founded by Sgt. Klay South, who administered the waterboarding to Muller today, and withdrew his offer to Sean Hannity to make a donation to the charity of his choice if he followed through on his offer to undergo waterboarding.

If you haven't seen the Mancow waterboarding, you can see the full video here. It's powerful on a number of different levels..................

wow, two dudes

in the good ol' boy network WITH STONES

Two Bush officials fire back at Cheney ‘fearmongering’

By Agence France-Presse

Two top Bush-era officials on Friday rejected ex-vice president Dick Cheney’s scathing criticism of US President Barack Obama, saying the country’s national security was not in jeopardy.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates, who served in the same post under former president George W. Bush, and Tom Ridge, the former head of homeland security, both voiced disagreement with Cheney a day after he attacked Obama’s performance as the new commander-in-chief.

Gates said in an interview that opponents of Obama’s decision to close the “war on terror” prison at Guantanamo were engaging in “fear-mongering,” a reference to Cheney’s stance on the issue.

Defending the president’s decision to shut the detention center at the US naval base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, Gates said the prison was damaging America’s image and served as a propaganda tool for Al-Qaeda..........

i'm getting kind of tired of

admiring jesse. dang. who'da thought it?

Jesse Ventura Challenges Hannity On Waterboarding: "I'll Get Him To Say Obama Is The Greatest President"

Marcus Baram

Jesse Ventura, the former Minnesota governor and presidential candidate, vows that if he waterboarded Sean Hannity, he'd get the right-wing Fox News host to say that "Barack Obama is the greatest president."

In an interview with Huffington Post, Ventura reiterated his opposition to the use of waterboarding, which he himself experienced as part of his training as a Navy SEAL, and other forms of enhanced interrogation, expressed skepticism about Obama's national security strategy, and revealed his strategy for his appearances on Fox News............

Friday, May 22, 2009

oh wait a minute now

i had not read about this. i didn't hear about this and i didn't KNOW about this


dependable renegade points us to this story about marie

I can't believe I'm saying this . . .

Good on ya, Marie Osmond!

The mother of eight told "Entertainment Tonight" she is completely supportive of her eldest child, Jessica, who is a lesbian.

"I love my daughter! She's my baby girl, come on," she said. "So what if she's gay? She's my daughter and she's an amazing woman and a good kid. I raised her, she better be good."....

and here's something from the advocate:
Marie Osmond Loves Her Gay Daughter

this appears to be a real legit story

it's sick and it's sad and it's a statement on who we are

and i want to scream

Verizon to cops we won't help you track down sick, possibly dying man unless you pay his $20 phone bill

A 62-year-old man had a mental breakdown and ran off iafter grabbing several bottles of pills from his house. The cops asked Verizon to help trace the man using his cellphone, but Verizon refused, saying that they couldn't turn on his phone because he had an unpaid $20 bill. After an 11-hour search (during which time the sheriff's department was trying to figure out how to pay the bill), the man was found, unconscious. Two K-9 units, several fire departments and 100 individuals on foot also were involved in the search for the man, who Sheriff Dale Williams said fled his residence on Kensington Rd. after a domestic disturbance call to deputies... Williams said he attempted to use the man's cell phone signal to locate him, but the man was behind on his phone bill and the Verizon operator refused to connect the signal unless the sheriff's department agreed to pay the overdue bill.............

why isn't anyone else reporting this?

and by anyone else, i mean the msm of course

click on the link below and read the WHOLE article. it's well worth it
Cheney's speech ignored some inconvenient truths

WASHINGTON — Former Vice President Dick Cheney's defense Thursday of the Bush administration's policies for interrogating suspected terrorists contained omissions, exaggerations and misstatements.

In his address to the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative policy organization in Washington, Cheney said that the techniques the Bush administration approved, including waterboarding — simulated drowning that's considered a form of torture — forced nakedness and sleep deprivation, were "legal" and produced information that "prevented the violent death of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of innocent people."

He quoted the Director of National Intelligence, Adm. Dennis Blair, as saying that the information gave U.S. officials a "deeper understanding of the al Qaida organization that was attacking this country."..........

I so do love her

from izismile

hire ONLY the undatable

The Daily Show With Jon StewartM - Th 11p / 10c
Gay Marriage Is Bad for Small Business
Daily Show
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because i'm in a pissy mood

and this ALWAYS makes me feel better (iz, we miss you)

of COURSE (most of) the rnc doesn't think slavery

was 'a flaw'. hell, they they WANTED the south to win

RNC Hits Obama For Criticizing Slavery

On May 21, 2009, the RNC tweeted an out of context quote from Barack Obama regarding a flaw in the constitution. The "fundamental flaw" Barack Obama was referring to was slavery.

RNC: as he prepares to deliver remarks in hall that holds the constitution, flashback obama: "constitution flawed" http://bit.ly/tFL7O #RNC [Twitter, 5/21/09]

FACT: Obama Explains The Constitution's "Fundamental Flaw" Was Slavery. The out of context video the RNC links to contains audio from a September 6, 2001 program called "Slavery and the Constitution" on WBEZ Chicago. On the show, Obama explained that the "fundamental flaw" was "Africans at the time were not considered as part of the polity that was of concern to the framers." In addition, the framers did not "see...it as a moral problem involving persons of moral worth." [WBEZ Radio, accessed 5/21/09].........


the f c c?????????? like i said, huh????????

FCC can search homes without a warrant, agency says

By John Byrne
Unlicensed advocates disagree

Have a Wi-Fi router? If you do — and it uses an unlicensed frequency — you could be subject to a warrantless search of your home.

Federal Communications Commission guidelines stipulate that the agency can enter property when it suspects radio frequency energy is being abused. The provision, which was originally intended to aid the monitoring of unlicensed radio and tv stations, now has a broader range of application as more consumers join the wi-fi ranks.

“Anything using RF energy — we have the right to inspect it to make sure it is not causing interference,” FCC spokesman David Fiske told Wired for an article Thursday. The FCC spokesman said the scope included Wi-Fi routers.........

from milk to beer to bourbon

he's right, the gateway theory does NOT work.

Milk is a gateway drug to bourbon
-- Stephen C. Webster

You have never before seen -- nor will you ever see again -- FBI director Robert Mueller so thoroughly humbled in a discussion about drug policy before the United States Congress.

In this instance, Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) gets Mueller to admit that marijuana has never killed anybody, then smashes into tiny bits the decades-old "gateway drug" argument with a unique analogy of milk and bourbon.....................

why are we hearing from this satanic monster so effing much now?

shouldn't he have crawled back under his rock? shouldn't the earth have swallowed him up?

i guess the devil one knows is better than the devil one doesn't know.

i would like to say, we were ALWAYS at risk. didn't matter if it was bush or gore or kerry or now obama. from foreign AND domestic terrorists. we always WILL be at risk as well. it is my firm belief (as well as the belief of people actually more knowledgeable than i) what king george and his merry band including the soul-less big dick did put us so much MORE at risk. they attacked a country who posed no threat to us. they didn't help their OWN people (think katrina). they funded stupid shite (abstinence only. funded it here and funded it in places such as africa). they didn't fund other stuff they SHOULD have (comprehensive sex education as only one example). they tortured. this is the united states of america. WE DO NOT TORTURE

Cheney Says Current Policies Put More Americans at Risk
Washington Post Staff Writer
Unrepentant and newly unbridled, former vice president Richard B. Cheney has embraced two missions in his political retirement: to forcefully defend the Bush administration's anti-terrorism policies and to publicly condemn those who would unravel them. He did both yesterday, using the drama of a televised feud with President Obama to deliver the blistering accusation that more Americans are likely to die because the president has turned away from George W. Bush's post-Sept. 11, 2001, national security agenda. Cheney seemed eager to fan the flames of the debates raging through Washington........

Thursday, May 21, 2009

this is really quite good

funny yet kick assssssssssssssssssssss

(ht: feministing)

GREAT olbermann wtf moment to NO brain of steele

where do they get this shite? (the they this time is ANY republican or ANY ONE who believes the steele shite)

Olbermann butchers RNC chairman on same-sex marriage
by David Edwards and John Byrne

Same-sex marriage doesn't hurt small businesses.

That's according to MSNBC's Keith Olbermann, who excoriated Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele on his "Countdown" program Monday.

Steele said Sunday that legalizing same-sex marriage would hurt small businesses because they'd be liable for more spouses.

"Now all of a sudden I've got someone who wasn't a spouse before, that I had no responsibility for, who is now getting claimed as a spouse that I now have financial responsibility for," Steele told Republicans in Georgia. "So how do I pay for that? Who pays for that? You just cost me money."

But Olbermann pointed out that weddings are a boon for small businesses and studies have estimated that same-sex marriage legalization will create thousands of new jobs.

"Mr. Steele, in this country, weddings are a $70 billion a year industry," Olbermann remarked. "B, billion, as in Bridezilla. Seventy billion. Most of it spread among local florists, local photographers, local hotels, local restaurants, local bridal stores..........

i'd laugh but this isn't funny

Poll: 91% of conservatives think Obama is socialist, Marxist, communist or fascist

By Jeremy Gantz

it's 2009

and a 'panel' finds that irish children were abused by the catholic church for DECADES. didn't we already know that? we effing knew it, the catholic church knew it and ALL OF IRELAND KNEW IT INCLUDING THE IRISH GOVERNMENT.

didn't we even see it YEARS ago in movies like song for a raggy boy

and the magdalene sisters?

didn't we know not only the catholic church swept it under the rug, but the GOVERNMENT did as well (this time ireland but read up on what happened in newfoundland. and hell, it happens here too. if the clergy are abusing children THE GOVERNMENT MUST prosecute them. NOT have the catholic church move the abuser from parish to parish).

this isn't something that happened once or twice or three times with the catholic church. it's not something that happened 10 or 20 times either. it's something that has happened for years and years and years and years and is STILL happening. why are we silent? why are we allowing this to occur?

i do not care WHAT gods someone believes in, if they think their particular god is ok with child abuse they should be locked up and the key thrown away

Pupils Abused For Decades in Irish Schools
Panel Finds Misconduct by Priests, Nuns Until 1990

Washington Post Foreign Service

LONDON, May 20 -- Thousands of children were physically and sexually abused by priests and nuns in orphanages and reform schools in Ireland from 1930 to 1990, a government commission said Wednesday in the first official accounting of the full magnitude of a scandal that has wrenched the deeply Roman Catholic nation.

The 2,600-page report, which capped a nine-year investigation, said rape and sexual abuse were "endemic" in boys' institutions funded by the state but run by the church. "A climate of fear, created by pervasive, excessive and arbitrary punishment, permeated most of the institutions and all those run for boys," it said.

More than 300 people who now live abroad, including in the United States, returned to Ireland to testify at 166 hearings on what happened to them in schools and group homes. In all, more than 1,000 people, most now in their 50s or older, described rapes, molestation, floggings, scaldings and other abuse...........

Abuse ‘endemic' in Irish Roman Catholic schools: Report


DUBLIN Associated Press,

A fiercely debated, long-delayed investigation into Ireland's Roman Catholic-run institutions says priests and nuns terrorized thousands of boys and girls in workhouse-style schools for decades — and government inspectors failed to stop the chronic beatings, rapes and humiliation.

Nine years in the making, Wednesday's 2,600-page report sides almost completely with the horrific reports of abuse from former students sent to more than 250 church-run, mostly residential institutions.

But victims' leaders said it didn't go far enough — particularly because none of their abusers were identified by name.

The report concluded that church officials always shielded their orders' pedophiles from arrest to protect their own reputations and, according to documents uncovered in the Vatican, knew that many pedophiles were serial attackers........

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

is eye of newt

the devil his own bad self? IF i believed in the devil (as anything but human), i would say YES, he was

how can these kinds of people sleep at night? how can they live with themselves. NO regard for anyone or anything other than THEMSELVES

The Uighurs: Coda
By: Hilzoy

The Uighurs: Coda

Newt Gingrich talking to Chris Wallace on Fox News (h/t):

"WALLACE: Well, let me get -- let's take one example, the Chinese Uighurs, Chinese Muslims...


WALLACE: ... who were arrested in Afghanistan, brought to this country. The Pentagon says they're not enemy combatants. At least one federal judge has said they're not a threat. But if they go back to China, they're going to be prosecuted.

GINGRICH: Why is that our problem? I mean, why -- what -- if the -- if the -- what -- what is it -- why are we protecting these guys? Why does it become an American problem?

WALLACE: So what, send them to China and...

GINGRICH: Send them to China. If a third country wants to receive them, send them to a third country. But setting this precedent that if you get picked up by Americans -- I mean, the Somalian who was recently brought here who's a pirate -- I mean, if you get picked up by the Americans, you show up in the United States, a lawyer files an amicus brief on your behalf for free, a year later you have citizenship because, after all, how can we not give you citizenship since you're now here, and in between our taxpayers pay for you -- this is, I think -- verges on insanity."

Obviously, we can't send them back to China. They would be tortured or killed there, and knowing that, we are forbidden under international law to send them there..........

the first dog i had while growing up

was a poodle. they're incredibly loyal and smart dogs. they're noble dogs.

while i think it's a sin to do this to a poodle (or any dog), i must admit i'm sort of smiling

photo via bits & pieces

what are you fighting for?

not my security
it's just an old war...............not even a cold war

don't say it in russian
don't say it in german

say it in broken english

it's not like we haven't read this very same headline before

it's just every time i read it i want to cry (or be sick or slap someone or do an array of things)

it's just every time i read it i am startled. i am heartbroken

Arms From U.S. May Be Falling Into Taliban Hands
KABUL, AfghanistanInsurgents in Afghanistan, fighting from some of the poorest and most remote regions on earth, have managed for years to maintain an intensive guerrilla war against materially superior American and Afghan forces.

Arms and ordnance collected from dead insurgents hint at one possible reason: Of 30 rifle magazines recently taken from insurgents’ corpses, at least 17 contained cartridges, or rounds, identical to ammunition the United States had provided to Afghan government forces, according to an examination of ammunition markings by The New York Times and interviews with American officers and arms dealers.

The presence of this ammunition among the dead in the Korangal Valley, an area of often fierce fighting near Afghanistan’s border with Pakistan, strongly suggests that munitions procured by the Pentagon have leaked from Afghan forces for use against American troops.........

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

oh no they di-dent

hop on over to oddee for 15 SEXIST vintage ads

i know who's not winning father of the year

and this really is NOT funny. how fucked up does one have to be to give a seven year old a gang tattoo? i really do hope they throw the key away

dad arrested for giving son gang tattoo
It used to be that parents would have to warn their kids about going to school and becoming part of a gang. Now, it looks like the schools will have to warn their kids about their parents getting them into gangs.

A Califorina man was arrested on charges of suspicion of child abuse, mayhem, battery with gang enhancements, false imprisonment, participating in criminal street gang activity and committing a crime for the benefit of a gang, after the found him, his girlfriend and the man's 7-year-old son at a motel. The man, Enrique Gonzalez, 26, and a friend allegedly held the boy down and put a paw print (Awww!) tatoo on his right hip as part of some weird gang thing. The boy's mother (who Gonzalez is not currently married to) was not happy with that and called cops.

Investigators saw Ramirez leaving the room and asked her whether Gonzalez was inside. She confirmed he was there. Following a brief escape attempt through a rear window of the room, Gonzalez surrendered........

dumbass daily

some pretty cool pics

from izismile

please check them ALL out


deviant legos????????????

jinx: maniac t-shirt

(ht: the awesomer)

chalk another one up for the nra

far be it from liberal hippy types to make sure a 15 year old couldn't lay his hands on a gun

Sheriff: La. 8th-grader planned school shooting
By MARY FOSTER, Associated Press Writer

LAROSE, La. – A Louisiana middle school student stormed into a classroom and fired a gunshot over a teacher's head Monday before shooting himself in a bathroom, authorities said. Investigators found a suicide note and plans for a rampage in the teen's journal.

The 15-year-old student, whose name was not released, fired once around 9 a.m. inside a classroom at Larose-Cut Off Middle School, then shot himself in the head, said Lafourche Parish Sheriff Craig Webre. He was in critical but stable condition. The teacher had never taught the teen.

Webre said investigators found a note describing the boy's plans to "gear up" before his spree, along with a drawing of how he'd dress. The boy also scribbled "I am king" and "y'all will die!" on a sheet of paper investigators found.

Although he apparently was intent on killing people, he was armed with only four bullets for the .25-caliber, semiautomatic pistol he had taken from his father's home during the weekend. The boy's mother noticed he seemed nervous before school, but he said he was just worried about seeing his standardized test results, which were released Monday, Webre said.............

freedom states alliance working to reduce gun violence in america

ok ok ok, what the f**king dipshite is CONCERNED about now

is the possibility nancy pelosi lied. don't know if SHE lied or not. don't care either. she's an asshole. i never liked her and i never will. self-absorbed piece o' steamin' crap. what i AM concerned with is how come people aren't concerned with someone who has been proven to tell lies; KING GEORGE AND HIS COURT. how about someone like eye of newt slapping his big fat gums all about the possiblitiy of pelosi losing her job if she lied. how come eye of newt isn't flapping his big fat gums about prosecuting king george and merry band for lies, murder, crimes against humanity? answer me that one

but i digress. what i REALLY want to talk about is how much jesse ventura is impressing me these days. wow, i sure do like his stance and attitude.

Ventura on The View: If waterboarding is fine, why don’t cops do it?

By David Edwards and Stephen Webster

Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura, making a guest appearance on ABC’s The View, gave co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck a lesson or two about the torture technique known as waterboarding.

Ventura, who underwent a barrage of torture techniques at the military Survival, Evade, Resist and Escape (SERE) school, confirmed for Hasselbeck that waterboarding is torture and not just an “enhanced interrogation technique.”

“If waterboarding is okay, why don’t we let our police do it to suspects to learn what they know?” he asked to a chorus of applause.

“That’s an interesting question,” Hasselbeck said. “I understand that question.”

“If waterboarding is okay, why didn’t we waterboard [Timothy] McVeigh and [Terry] Nichols, the Oklahoma City bombers, to find out if there were more people involved? What’s your answer to that?” he asked. “We only seem to waterboard Muslims.”

“That’s an extremist statement,” said Hasselbeck................

Monday, May 18, 2009


just cause it IS the time

just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water

you discover it's not. the sharks boone is STILL lurking about

Pat Boone says in letter to President ‘mama inflicted more actual physical pain than waterboarding'
Ron Moore
Go to Ron's Home Page

In his weekly WorldNetDaily column Pat Boon begins and ends an open letter to President Obama with a positive and one hopes sincere pledge to pray for him. Then the column devolves into an odd defense of torture claiming that:

May I tell you that my own mama inflicted more actual physical pain on me and my brother Nick – raising welts on our butts with a sewing machine belt when we got really out of line – than any of the techniques, including "waterboarding," that detainees of the U.S. military have endured
He further suggests a good option for Guantanamo is Antarctica:
So – and I'm very serious – why not load all these guys into a transport plane and fly them to deep Antarctica? Deposit them in barracks and drop food and necessary items by parachute once in a while. Let them compare being on their own in that snowbound environment with the three meals a day and "harsh treatment" they experienced in Cuba. Any better ideas? I didn't think so. Then shut the base, or convert it to a Motel 6..............

this column impressed me

quite a bit. as i've written before, i happen to want the obama administration to not only release the detainee abuse photos, but charge those responsible (and by 'those', i mean the big boyz, NOT the bit players). that way the world can see and believe the UNITED STATES DOES NOT TORTURE

Obama Can’t Turn the Page on Bush
TO paraphrase Al Pacino in “Godfather III,” just when we thought we were out, the Bush mob keeps pulling us back in. And will keep doing so. No matter how hard President Obama tries to turn the page on the previous administration, he can’t. Until there is true transparency and true accountability, revelations of that unresolved eight-year nightmare will keep raining down drip by drip, disrupting the new administration’s high ambitions. That’s why the president’s flip-flop on the release of detainee abuse photos — whatever his motivation — is a fool’s errand. The pictures will eventually emerge anyway, either because of leaks (if they haven’t started already) or because the federal appeals court decision upholding their release remains in force. And here’s a bet: These images will not prove the most shocking evidence of Bush administration sins still to come..........

donnie donnie donnie

you reap what you sow. remember that big boy

Bible quotes adorned covers of top-secret Rumsfeld intelligence reports

By David Edwards and Jeremy Gantz

Top secret military intelligence briefings prepared by former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and often hand-delivered to George W. Bush featured Crusades-like Bible quotes above triumphant photos of the U.S. military effort in Iraq.

Less than one month after U.S. and coalition forces invaded Iraq in March 2003, a “Worldwide Intelligence Update” reached then-President Bush with the following quote on the cover of the briefing, above photos of jubilant Iraqi crowds in newly liberated Baghdad: “Behold, the eye of the Lord is on those who fear Him…To deliver their soul from death.”

One week earlier, on April 3, 2003, another of these reports reached Bush, and its cover contained a passage from the book of Proverbs: “Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.”.......

Revelations of these top-secret briefings containing explicitly Christian messages appeared today on GQ magazine’s Web site.