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Friday, August 12, 2011

when i read this i wanted to cry

THEN i wanted to kick some police arse. HOW DARE THEY! seven cops stand around and do nothing while five women get beaten up? (if true of course)

D.C. man charged with hate crime against lesbian


A 19-year-old man who allegedly attacked a woman outside the Columbia Heights Metro station was charged with a hate crime this week — 10 days, the victim says, after seven police officers refused to take action immediately after the attack.
Christian Washington of Northwest Washington was charged with bias-related assault Tuesday. The police response to the attack, in which five lesbians were attacked by at least two men, attracted scrutiny from members of the city’s gay, lesbian and transgender community after the victims said responding officers refused to take a report................

The man swung at her several times, hit her left eye and knocked her to the ground, Morse said. Her head hit the pavement, and she saw another one of the men punching her friends in the face one after another, she said. Morse tried to defend her friends until officers arrived and broke up the fight, she said. The women suffered bruises, facial scratches, cuts and other injuries, according to charging documents. Police are still investigating the case.
None of the seven officers at the scene agreed to take a report, according to several of the women who were interviewed this week. The attackers continued to taunt them even after the officers arrived, the women said, but the police did not intervene..................

i know i know i know a LOT of video posting today

BUT this one is worth it


spoiler alert

the title of this first video is NOT exactly accurate

i swear to you, this cat makes me CRAZY happy

you're welcome

italian garage stomp from dangerous minds

Monday, August 08, 2011

from evil slutopia (one of MY personal favorite blogs)

V is NOT for Victory: Summer's Eve Update

So Summer's Eve has pulled some of their offensive ads and we've seen a lot of people praising them for this decision. We've even seen it called a "victory" or a "success". Sorry, but no. This is not a victory and there is still a lot more that needs to be done before Summer's Eve earns the right to give themselves a big pat on the back.

We are asking that people still continue to sign the petition to end the entire campaign and don't give Summer's Eve any more credit than they actually deserve...

The ad agency that created these ads still doesn't believe that they were racist.

The ads that were removed were the "talking-hand-vagina" videos, because many complained that they perpetuated racist stereotypes about black and Latina women. Only a week before the ads were pulled, the Richards Group (the ad agency that designed the campaign) defended the videos, claiming that they weren't racist. Stan Richards, the agency's founder, called the ads "relatable" and gave the excuse that their "in house multi-cultural experts confirmed the approach". (So then it must be okay!).................

vashti bunyan

so true

LOVE the reply!

me getting ready for work

then, shut it down

belated, but happy birthday lucy!

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didn't get a chance to post this the other day

but if you STILL don't think faux 'news' is racist, FUCKING THINK AGAIN!


yeah, i DO wonder

via  via the twitter feed of jay lake

ah stephen you know us SO well!

If we give your daughters and granddaughters access to birth control they will instantly turn into wanton harlots with an insatiable sexual appetite. Because you know women are always on the edge of nymphomaniacal orgiastic abandon! They will pick up the prescription, pop a pill, then bone the pharmacist, the stock boy, and everyone in line for the bus. Why? Because birth control was paid for by the government.
– Stephen Colbert–