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Saturday, September 17, 2011

i don't mind conservatives (i really don't)

i don't mind people who have different beliefs or opinions than i do.

i ABHOR people who claim to be pro-life yet all their pro-life bullshite ends once one is actually born. i abhor people who cheer when the number of texas executions is announced. i abhor people who yell YEAH when asked if they'd let an uninsured person die

two things here, michele and her fucking hpv vaccines make you retarded

Michele Bachmann's HPV vaccine remarks continue to draw criticism


Ryan Jaslow

Dr. Arthur Caplan, director of the University of Pennsylvania Bioethics Center, offered Bachmann $10,000 if she could produce solid evidence of a case in which a "vaccine victim" developed a mental disability following an HPV shot, the Associated Press reported. If he wins the wager, he said, she should donate the money to a pro-vaccine group. If she wins, he said, he'd donate the money to a charity of her choice.
Bachmann's camp did not respond to the request, the AP said.
Another bioethics professor, Dr. Stephen Miles of the University of Minnesota, offered his own wager, saying  he'd give $1,000 if the medical records from the woman in Bachmann's story could be released and reviewed by a doctor, the Star Tribune reported.
"These types of messages in this climate have the capacity to do enormous public health harm," Miles told the Star Trib. "The woman, assuming she exists, put this claim into the public domain and it's an extremely serious claim and it deserves to be analyzed.".................

and the texas execution of cameron willingham (i've blogged about this before). i don't know if he was innocent or guilty. i DO know there was a very good chance he was INNOCENT and a thorough investigation was stopped and they fried willingham

the.......reformed....... pirate: i saw this in a tv commercial

the.......reformed....... pirate: i saw this in a tv commercial

i love him (loved)


pic: Mural at 112 Avenue A in NYC.

we (well THEY) are soul-less

to have................and have NOT

'the' gays will destroy the sanctity of marriage

so will pat robertson it seems

(not serious about 'the' gays, AM serious about the asswipe)

Pat Robertson forgets: Marriage is about sacrifice, too

By Matthew Lee Anderson

The state of marriage in America has become a perpetual source of handwringing for conservative pundits, and few pundits have proved more adept at the skill than Pat Robertson, founder of the Christian Broadcast Network and long time host of the 700 Club.
Yet with his latest offense, Robertson may have given evangelicals and Americans reason to hope that our belief in marriage’s permanence and sacredness is not dead yet.
As is by now well known, Robertson suggested on his show that a husband could divorce his wife and “start all over again” if she had Alzheimers. Robertson, in fairness, walked back an inch from his remarks, suggesting that they needed to get a professional ethicist to answer the question while underscoring his empathy for person in that situation and wrestling with the difficulty of the problem............