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Saturday, March 10, 2007


what a line of reasoning. i can certainly use that VERY same line to say, all of those 'babies' could have grown up to be CRIMINALS, MURDERS, WELFARE CHEATS, TERRORISTS, LIBERALS, ANTI-WAR ACTIVISTS, QUAKERS, CATHOLIC WORKERS, ANIMAL ACTIVISTS, ECOLOGISTS (is that a word???), MUSLIMS, HIPPIES, COMMUNISTS, SOCIALISTS and of course on and on and on

Zell Miller: Abortion has shrunk our military, hurt social security, caused illegal immigration

Michael Roston

Zell Miller, the former Democratic Senator from Georgia who backed President George W. Bush in 2004 and spoke at the Republican National Convention, recently told an anti-abortion gathering that the "killing" of unborn babies was the cause of many of America's woes, including its military, social security, and immigration problems.
"How could this great land of plenty produce too few people in the last 30 years?" Miller asked. "Here is the brutal truth that no one dares to mention: We’re too few because too many of our babies have been killed."................

Friday, March 09, 2007

my first kool aid dyed yarn

and a mitered square

how to make a soy candle

(i knew about the tallow but i didn't know about cetyl palmitate)

Light Up Your Creativity and Let the Vegan Candles Shine

Light Up Your Creativity and Let the Vegan Candles Shine

They're great for helping you relax or igniting some passion for a romantic rendezvous, but did you know that candles often contain ingredients that snuff out animals? Many candles are made from beeswax stolen from industrious bees' hives, stearic acid made from tallow (a slaughterhouse product derived from beef or sheep fat), and cetyl palmitate, a waxy oil taken from sperm whales' heads or from dolphins.....

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it was a VERY silly show

but i liked it none the less (or all the more). of course mr inman MADE the show. if it's ('are you being served') on your pbs station, give it a watch. i promise you at the VERY least, it will give you a smile.

Comedy actor Inman dies aged 71

Actor John Inman, most famous for the comedy Are You Being Served?, has died in London aged 71, his spokesman said.
Inman made his name in the 1970s show as Mr Humphries, whose catchphrase "I'm free!" entered popular culture.
In recent years he was a pantomime regular, most often taking the role of the dame. He also made appearances in BBC comedy show Revolver in 2004.
The Preston-born actor died in hospital and had been suffering from a Hepatitis A infection for some time...........

family values

by whose definition? NOT mine.............

yours? (i don't think so)

(PLUS he has the NERVE to say he is NOT a hypocrite. how is THAT eye of newt?)

Gingrich: I had affair during Clinton impeachment

Potential Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich admitted in an interview with conservative Christian group Focus on the Family that he had an extramarital affair even while leading the charge to have President Clinton impeached.
"The honest answer is yes," he said
according to the Associated Press. "There are times that I have fallen short of my own standards. There's certainly times when I've fallen short of God's standards."
"Gingrich argued in the interview, however, that he should not be viewed as a hypocrite for pursuing Clinton's infidelity," writes the AP................

there exists a way for the fbi to view my personal records


and i'm guessing it's very easy for them to do. why would they do it in a manner that was NOT legal? i just don't get it. i really don't. (don't bother though fbi. i am not purchasing any plutonium. i buy a LOT of yarn instead. you can't knit a bomb, that i'm aware of)

my point is this country is running wild. we are ignoring our CONSTITUTION and our laws. we are allowing king george and his court to do WHATEVER they want and then we do NOT hold them accountable.

we fought for our freedoms and our rights. i do NOT want to give any of them up

Frequent Errors In FBI's Secret Records Requests
Audit Finds Possible Rule Violations

By John Solomon and Barton Gellman Washington Post Staff Writers Friday, March 9, 2007; Page A01
A Justice Department investigation has found pervasive errors in the FBI's use of its power to secretly demand telephone, e-mail and financial records in national security cases, officials with access to the report said yesterday.
The inspector general's audit found 22 possible breaches of internal FBI and Justice Department regulations -- some of which were potential violations of law -- in a sampling of 293 "national security letters." The letters were used by the FBI to obtain the personal records of U.S. residents or visitors between 2003 and 2005. The FBI identified 26 potential violations in other cases...................

Thursday, March 08, 2007

story update thanks to tampa boy.....

(via an email to me)

original story
so they knew he had a young grrrl in his office...............

First Brabson was arrested on misdemeanor charges on January 11:
individual's charge report

At that point he worked for Health Point Management Services, a healthcare billing company, after being fired from his teaching job at TampaPrep. However, by January 19, he was no longer working for HealthPoint (see 2 sisters sue Tampa Prep, ex-swim coach
They say the background check of the coach, now charged with video voyeurism, fell short.

Then on February 23 he was charged with felonies.

individual's charge report
According to that arrest record he is now working at Sears DepartmentStore in Sales.Wouldn't this mean that he would have contact with children? And thathe would have access to dressing rooms in order to set up hidden cameras?

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

what does ENCOURAGING mean to you?

does it mean this? 118 Shiite Pilgrims Killed in Iraq Attacks
Violence Comes Day After 9 GIs Died in Blasts
By Ernesto Londoño and Sudarsan Raghavan

or this?
Roundup of Iraq Violence -- March 6, 2007
by Dalia Hassan
McClatchy Newspapers
The daily Iraq violence report is compiled by McClatchy Newspapers Special Correspondent Dalia Hassan in Baghdad from police, military and medical reports. This is not a comprehensive list of all violence in Iraq, much of which goes unreported. It’s posted without editing as transmitted to McClatchy’s Washington Bureau.
1- Baghdad. The Source: The Ministry of Interior Operations Room
- 2 civilians were killed and 10 were injured in a parked car bomb explosion targeted Shiite pilgrims walking towards Karbalaa province near Um Al Tobool mosque in Yarmook neighborhood at 10,30 am BLT.
- 4 Iraqi army soldiers were killed and 1 was injured in an IED explosion targeted them in Al Ubaidi neighborhood east Baghdad at 12,30 pm.
- 1 Iraqi army soldier was killed and 3 injured in a suicide car explosion targeted Iraqi army check point in Al Arba Shawari'e area ( the four streets area) downtown Baghdad at 12,30 pm BLT.
- 9 civilians were killed and 23 were injured in a parked car bomb explosion targeted the Shiite pilgrims walking to Karbalaa province. The incident happened in Saidiya neighborhood south Baghdad.
- A civilian was killed and 3 others injured when gunmen opened their weapons fire targeting Shiite pilgrims on Mohammed Al Qasim high way east Baghdad at 12 pm. .............

or this?

Suicide bombing in Hilla kills more than 77; wounds 170

encouraging signs? huh? how can those words come out of ANYONE'S mouth?

President Cites 'Encouraging Signs' From New Iraq Plan

Democrats Say He Is Raising False Hopes
By Michael Abramowitz and Jonathan WeismanWashington Post Staff Writers Wednesday, March 7, 2007; Page A13
President Bush said yesterday that there are "encouraging signs" that his new strategy in Iraq is working and bluntly challenged a divided Congress to provide funding for the war with no restrictions on commanders........

bigot alert

do gays and lesbians speak with a lisp? do people of color all call each other 'homey'? hmmmmmmmmm my peeps you gotta love you some faux news

they DO in e d hill's world

Fox's Hill on Clinton's "Southern drawl": "[I]f she was attending, say, a GLAAD convention, would she speak with a lisp?"

On the March 6 edition of Fox News Live, while discussing Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's (D-NY) March 4 speech and her participation in a commemorative civil rights march in Selma, Alabama, host E.D. Hill accused Clinton of affecting a "Southern drawl" during her speech and asked pollster Scott Rasmussen: "[W]ould it happen elsewhere, if she was attending, say, a GLAAD [Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation] convention, would she speak with a lisp?" Hill continued: "If she were attending a Hispanic convention, would she speak with a Spanish accent? Or if she were attending an African-American convention, would she start throwing out phrases -- you know 'Homies, here I am'?"..........

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alberto gonzales has a new career


yes, because this is one of THE funniest things i have ever heard

Attorney General denies political role in US Attorney firings

Mike Sheehan

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales is defending the dismissal of eight U.S. Attorneys and denying that he has a political role in the purge, The Wall Street Journal is reporting.
Facing criticism over the firings, Gonzales deemed them appropriate "but said the Justice Department handled the situation poorly," Evan Perez writes for the Journal.
"We could have rolled out the decisions more smoothly," Gonzales told Perez, in an interview in which the Attorney General also "rejected accusations from Democrats and other critics that the prosecutors were fired for failing to follow" the White House's political agenda..............

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

two VERY different generals is right

i'd not think twice about having a cup of coffee with general weightman. i wouldn't even let my dog pee on general kiley's lawn

please read this portrait of both generals written in dana milbank's editorial column today in the washington post

it sent shudders down my spine (the general 'it's NOT MY fault, it's his and hers and his and his and hers' kiley parts).

it sure does sound like weightman is a scapegoat here. i'm NOT saying he did a perfect job. i don't know if he did or didn't. i DO know the problems with walter reed started WAY WAY WAY before his command. i DO know kiley KNEW about the problems and 'didn't do any barracks inspections'.

i don't like people being defensive for the most part. i DO admire people who TAKE RESPONSIBLITY. even if they erred. if they OWN UP TO IT, they at least get my respect for that part. kiley gets NOTHING from me. weightman has my respect

Two Generals Provide A Contrast in Accountability

By Dana MilbankWashington Post Staff WriterTuesday, March 6, 2007; Page A01

.........How could he not have known that wounded soldiers were living in squalid conditions across the street from his own home? "I don't do barracks inspections at Walter Reed," he said.......

........Lawmakers on the committee, who were visiting Walter Reed Army Medical Center for a field hearing yesterday, quickly tired of the general's I-don't-do-windows routine. Rep. Bruce Braley (D-Iowa) accused him of spouting "hogwash." Rep. Chris Shays (R-Conn.) called his position "dishonest."......

........After Annette McLeod's testimony, the couple sat in the first row of the audience, just three feet from Weightman and Kiley as the two generals testified. "The McLeods are right behind you," pointed out Rep. Tom Davis (R-Va). "Do you have anything you want to say to them?" "I feel terrible for them," said Kiley, keeping his back to the McLeods. "We have got to double our efforts, redouble our efforts, to make these kind of cases disappear in the system."
Weightman, by contrast, turned around to the McLeods and spoke warmly, addressing Annette directly. "I'd just like to apologize for not meeting their expectations, not only in the care provided, but also in having so many bureaucratic processes that just took your fortitude to be an advocate for your husband that you shouldn't have to do.........

and another story on the hearings from the wapo

Apologies, Anger at Walter Reed Hearing
Army Chiefs Plead Ignorance, But Lawmakers Are Skeptical

By Michael Abramowitz and Steve Vogel Washington Post Staff Writers Tuesday, March 6, 2007; Page A01

........Yesterday's hearing, in the main building at Walter Reed, offered more grist for the developing political storm. The emotional impact was provided by three witnesses speaking on behalf of patients at Walter Reed: Staff Sgt. John Daniel Shannon, who lives by the battlefield ethos of not leaving the wounded behind; Annette McLeod, an Army wife who would not stand silent as her injured husband was pushed aside, and Spec. Jeremy Duncan, who spoke out when he could not get the mold in his room removed............
Shannon was shot in the head during a firefight near Ramadi, Iraq, in November 2004 and has languished at Walter Reed ever since, awaiting plastic surgery so he can be fitted with a prosthetic eye. Paperwork for his retirement from the Army has been on hold.
But his ire yesterday was less about his own treatment than about the sense of betrayal he feels for younger soldiers he has tried to shepherd through the bureaucracy at Walter Reed.......

i didn't know about this

i know that human beings can be cruel. i know especially during times of war, human beings can be more evil than we can even imagine. the japanese did this. that doesn't mean we and others are not doing it now haven't done it in the past and won't do it in the future.

torture is torture. doesn't make a difference if you hack someone's limb off or dunk them in the water.
we cannot allow these types of things to happen. we just can't
we will never find what we are looking for

Doctors of Depravity


After more than 60 years of silence, World War II's most enduring and horrible secret is being nudged into the light of day. One by one the participants, white-haired and mildmannered, line up to tell their dreadful stories before they die.
Akira Makino is a frail widower living near Osaka in Japan. His only unusual habit is to regularly visit an obscure little town in the southern Philippines, where he gives clothes to poor children and has set up war memorials.

Mr Makino was stationed there during the war. What he never told anybody, including his wife, was that during the four months before Japan's defeat in March 1945, he dissected ten Filipino prisoners of war, including two teenage girls. He cut out their livers, kidneys and wombs while they were still alive. Only when he cut open their hearts did they finally perish. .........

are you an ostrich? is your head stuck in the sand (not that ostriches really do that)

would anyone be surprised if...........

when are we all going to be MAD AS HELL AND NOT TAKE IT ANYMORE?

what is it going to take? it's takings our husbands and wives and sons and daughters........

it's taking our environment

it's taking our LIBERTIES and our CONSTITUTION

Smoking Gun: Walter Reed scandal connected to Halliburton & FEMA?
Posted by Evan Derkacz at 1:45 PM on March 5, 2007.

A Conservative scandal... Not only is the scandalous treatment of American Troops at Walter Reed military hospital connected to Halliburton and Katrina-era FEMA (see video right) but it's also, at its core, a deeply, deeply conservative scandal.
"Privatization," or the transfer of any and all services into the hands of market morality, is a fundamental part of the conservative project.
For its past performance in the public sector, see Energy Crisis, California.
This time, under some shady circumstances, a private firm IAP was given the contract to take over a number of services at Walter Reed, despite the fact that the employees' bid was lower.
Only after IAP "protested" (according to Waxman's letter to General Weightman
PDF) was the employees' bid "increased" and the contract awarded to the private firm headed by ex-Halliburton official, Al Neffgen. ............

wow, i hope this is the FIRST step

in prevention AND a cure. i know it's out there. i know a cure for all SORTS of things is out there.

Scientists Discover 'Natural Barrier' to HIVA protein in mucosal cells helps keep infection rates down
By E.J. Mundell Health Day Reporter
MONDAY, March 5 (HealthDay News) -- Researchers have discovered that cells in the mucosal lining of human genitalia produce a protein that "eats up" invading HIV -- possibly keeping the spread of the AIDS more contained than it might otherwise be.
Even more important, enhancing the activity of this protein, called Langerin, could be a potent new way to curtail the transmission of the virus that causes AIDS, the Dutch scientists added.
Langerin is produced by Langerhans cells, which form a web-like network in skin and mucosa. This network is one of the first structures HIV confronts as it attempts to infect its host.
However, "we observed that Langerin is able to scavenge viruses from the surrounding environment, thereby preventing infection," said lead researcher Teunis Geijtenbeek, an immunologist researcher at Vrije University Medical Center in Amsterdam....

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the wheels on the bus go round and round

and sometimes, THEY FALL OFF

as i commented on the walter reed story, heads WILL roll but of course the WRONG heads. the heads that SHOULD roll will still be secured on their teflon bodies.
wake up america. we're being violated every way possible

Justice official resigns; Top House Democrat says 'wheels coming off' Bush defense of US attorney firings

Michael Roston

The sudden resignation of a top government official involved in the sacking of US attorneys has raised eyebrows in Congress. The chairperson of a congressional subcommittee investigating the situation said that the official's sudden exit from government service showed that "the wheels seem to be coming off" the administration's defense of its actions.

The Associated Press today reported the resignation of Michael A. Battle as Director of the Executive Office for US Attorneys. According to the AP report, Battle "had personally informed the ousted U.S. attorneys of their removal" but was reportedly not involved in the decision-making leading to the firings.......

Monday, March 05, 2007

he is the only person that can turn the situation around????????? WTF????

HE EFFING HELPED CREATE THE SITUATION! why within the past couple of weeks, when the shortcomings of walter reed were pointed out to kiley, he poo pooed it and said, thaings ain't so dern bad.

sure for HIM they weren't so bad *YET, i sure do hope he gets put on the hot seat). he was living in a nice home (i am guessing at that part) while right across the street WOUNDED VETERANS were living in squalor (and i'm NOT guessing about that part).

i cannot see how the powers that be can continue to allow this dude to run anything much less walter reed


Walter Reed Hearing to Put Spotlight on Kiley's Leadership

By Josh White Washington Post Staff Writer Monday, March 5, 2007; Page A09
When the first congressional hearing about the care of wounded soldiers at Walter Reed Army Medical Center opens this morning in a campus auditorium, many eyes will turn to Lt. Gen. Kevin C. Kiley, who has served as the Army's top doctor since he gave up command of the hospital in 2004. The hearing will allow Kiley to explain why bureaucratic tangles and horrid conditions made life so difficult for outpatients at the Army's premier hospital, while also likely putting him in a position of defending his job.
Though members of Congress have called for Kiley to step down and take responsibility for the problems at Walter Reed, he has been spared so far. Other leaders have not been so fortunate: Maj. Gen. George W. Weightman, the hospital's commander the past six months, was fired on Thursday, and Army Secretary Francis J. Harvey was forced to resign on Friday, in part because he appointed Kiley to temporarily take over Weightman's job.......

............Kiley said the problems "weren't serious and there weren't a lot of them," .........

............Critics argue that his indifference exacerbated the problems; supporters say that he is the only person who can turn the situation around................

from talking points memo

a huh???????????

this IS america isn't it? not only are we not allowing people FAIR trials, it appears we are now threatening their (american citizen) lawyers as well

justice is blind (deaf and mute as well)
joshua micah marshall
(March 04, 2007 -- 03:18 PM EDT)
I must admit that the case of David Hicks, the Australian held at Guantanamo, has been off my radar lately, and it shouldn't be. It's a national embarrassment. Here's the latest.
Hicks this week became the
first person charged under the new military tribunals set up by Congress just before the mid-term elections in response to the Supreme Court's Hamdan decision striking down the old tribunal system.
After being held for five years without a trial and being originally charged with conspiracy to commit murder and engage in acts of terrorism, attempted murder and aiding the enemy, Hick was charged with a single count of providing material support for terrorism, which, his lawyers argue, wasn't outlawed until 2006.
Australians are
outraged. Understandably so.
Now comes
word that Hicks' trial may be delayed because his American military lawyer, Maj. Michael Mori, is being threatened with prosecution under the UCMJ by the chief American prosecutor, Col. Morris Davis:
Colonel Davis has accused Major Mori of breaching Article 88 of the US military code, which relates to using contemptuous language towards the president, vice-president, and secretary of defence. Penalties for breaching the code include jail and the loss of employment and entitlements................

Sunday, March 04, 2007

a really GOOD, no GREAT article by steve young

(note: article appears not to be edited correctly. several letters/words are out of place)
(note: i have always admired daltron trumbo. of course this article isn't really about him though)

Johnny Gets His Gun Again: Walter Reed Reveals Right's Bloody Secret

by Steve Young

Author Dalton Trumbo once wrote of a horribly-wounded veteran in his 1939 book "Johnnie Got His Gun." The story spoke of a WWI infantryman whose bomb-inflicted injury left him a deaf and blind quadruple-amputee who with his face blown off - no eyes, no ears, no mouth - had no seeming manner of communication. He spent years of grueling despair, confined to a bed, where he struggled to develop a body-vibration communication with his nurse. He was finally able to convey the message expressing a reason to live. He wished to be taken from town to town, showing himself to the American public in effect, the true cost of war. That it is not enough to be willing to die for your country. That if you choose to enter a war, you must be willing to become a living, thinking, vegetable for your country............

............How easy would it have been for, say Bill O'Reilly? In 2005 I had Bob Filner (D, CA) from the committee on my little baby radio show in L.A. and he made it quite clear what was happening.
"We were promised and, more importantly, organizations representing veterans were promised by the House Republican leadership that a $1.8 billion increase over the President's inadequate budget request would be included in the Veterans Appropriations bill to provide for the health care for veterans," Filner told me. "It was not!"
If I could get Filner, certainly the guy who's looking out for us could. .............

wisconsin governor jim doyle has a set!!!

................"It seems to me there is some sanity returning to the notion that sexuality education is about public health and not about hyper-moralism and ideology," he said..............

it has been proven time after time, the pediatric doctor's assocation has come out and said, ABSTINANCE DOES NOT WORK. sure, teach abstinance, i have no problems with that. BUT safe sex and birth control MUST also be taught. now THAT works

Doyle turns down $600,000 in federal abstinence money

MADISON, Wis. (AP) -- Gov. Jim Doyle has turned down about $600,000 in federal abstinence education money because new rules would limit how much recipients could talk about contraception or sexually transmitted diseases this year.
Doyle asked the Department of Health and Family Services to notify federal authorities of his decision, department spokeswoman Stephanie Marquis said Friday...........

and the conspiracy appears to be GETTING WORSE

a former halliburton executive was awarded a private contract overseeing parts of walter reed.....

and we ALL know what happened

Bush Administration push for privatization may have helped create Walter Reed 'disaster'

Ron Brynaert

The Bush Administration's drive for privatization may be responsible for the "deplorable" outpatient care for soldiers at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, according to a top Democratic Congressman investigating the scandal, which has already led to the resignation of the Secretary of the US Army.
A five-year, $120 million contract awarded to a firm run by a former executive from Halliburton – a multi-national corporation where Vice President Dick Cheney once served as CEO – will be probed at a Subcommittee on National Security and Foreign Affairs hearing scheduled for Monday............

.........Before the contract, over 300 federal employees provided facilities management services at Walter Reed, according to the memorandum, but that number dropped to less than 60 the day before IAP took over.
"Yet instead of hiring additional personnel, IAP apparently replaced the remaining 60 federal employees with only 50 IAP personnel," Waxman writes...........