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Saturday, September 04, 2010

aw c'mon now. just say the 'n' word

dr laura did (then you like she can blame the 'liberal' media for her being FORCED off of the radio or voted out of office or shown for what you really ARE. sure. everyone's fault but their own

Mississippi governor tries to write Southern racism out of modern history

By David Edwards and Muriel Kane

As the Republican Party positions itself for a major comeback after its electoral losses in 2006 and 2008, it is looking for ways to undercut Barack Obama's appeal as the nation's first black president without opening itself to accusations of racism.
Evidently as part of that effort, Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour this week laid out a revisionist version of the modern history of the Deep South.
"The people that led the change of parties in the South ... was my generation," the 62 year old Barbour told an interviewer from Human Events. "I went to an integrated college. Never thought twice about it. And it was the old Democrats who had fought for segregation so hard. By my time, people realized that was the past, it was indefensible, wasn't going to be that way any more."
"That is Haley Barbour's history of segregation in the South," MSNBC's Rachel Maddow commented on Thursday. "Essentially, it was all over by his time. That's not the real history. That's not even Haley Barbour's real history.".................


then you're a giant dope. it is my personal belief this is only the tip of the iceberg. it is my personal belief, MANY (in government) KNEW about this. it is my personal belief, IF i believed in the devil..............

Blackwater Won Contracts Through a Web of Companies

While it is not clear how many of those businesses won contracts, at least three had deals with the United States military or the Central Intelligence Agency, according to former government and company officials. Since 2001, the intelligence agency has awarded up to $600 million in classified contracts to Blackwater and its affiliates, according to a United States government official.
The Senate Armed Services Committee this week released a chart that identified 31 affiliates of Blackwater, now known as Xe Services. The network was disclosed as part of a committee’s investigation into government contracting. The investigation revealed the lengths to which Blackwater went to continue winning contracts after Blackwater guards killed 17 Iraqi civilians in Baghdad in September 2007. That episode and other reports of abuses led to criminal and Congressional investigations, and cost the company its lucrative security contract with the State Department in Iraq.

Friday, September 03, 2010

A L P H A V I L L E: Sally Kern

A L P H A V I L L E: Sally Kern: "H/T"

if you live in oklahoma, give the video at the link above a look-see. really

and i thought

mad bitch (i was given the gift of a mad bitch tap handle - don't be jealous) was a cool beer with a cool label.

here's something EVEN cooler!

Richard Metzger  

it DOES NOT work here (ax bristol) it sure as shite

ain't gonna work in china (really)


Abstinence program partners Chinese officials with U.S. evangelicals

Washington Post Staff Writer  

BEIJING - If all goes according to plan, this fall a girl somewhere in China's Yunnan Province will tell her boyfriend she can't have sex with him. And he'll have an abstinence program from the United States to thank.
In Yunnan schools this year, teachers are being trained with a sex education curriculum created by the conservative Christian group Focus on the Family. The agreement with the Yunnan ministry of education is a milestone for Focus on the Family, which has struggled for four years to make inroads on abstinence in China........................

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

from the cargo culte via uncertain times

i MAY have posted this picture before, but it's worth a second look


i hope this isn't posed but one never knows. a man (as in edward gorey) and his kitties

we ALL need our coffee


coolness plus. cynical-c points us to a

lost rod serling interview

if you want a little more background, go to the link above for some of the story

stop by

flurb, a webzine of astonishing tales

pic: from the flurb coverage page linked above

via: boingboing: Flurb 10: Rudy Rucker's glorious sf webzine  Cory Doctorow

this starts out (fairly) sane

it quickly turns


thank you thank you thank you evil slutopia

for reading cosmo and being so step up to take a GIANT one for the team. i for one look forward to your reviews. they're THE best. and once again, most sincerely i thank  you

Cosmo Quickies: August 2010

 I think this might be the most belated Cosmo Quickies post yet. Sorry everyone! Attending two conferences and launching a new blog kept us busy this month, but we did have time to read the August issue of Cosmo, and of course we have some thoughts.

-It's The Hot Issue, which, like
The Sexy Issue, helps to differentiate this from all of the chaste, demure, and un-hot issues that Cosmo usually puts out.

-Cover model Britney Spears is the victim of some bizarre Photoshopping. Apparently her neck chose not to appear on the cover with her.

-One of the letters to the editor this month came from a woman named Jane, who is totally an honorary ESC member:

I found "Why So Many Men Are Suckers for Skanks (June 2010) offensive. The words skankstripper were repeated throughout the article. How about empowering women by teaching them not to hate on other women? and
We're glad that Cosmo actually printed this letter, but unfortunately we doubt that they're going to take Jane's comments very seriously. The regular "Sexy vs. Skanky" feature is still there in all its glory, and the Hot Sheet page is still home to its usual slut-shaming.............

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

huge young farmboy hands..........

like an accident i CANNOT look away. dangerous minds has a bunch o' vids up of this dude. mesmerizing. watch 'em

i love


maggie gallagher meets st peter

via americablog

a couple of days late, but tis ok. it's worth it

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i've said it before

there are PLENTY of repressive religions out there. NOT JUST ONE of 'em
here is yet ANOTHER example. a singer gets (voluntarily flogged for singing to a mixed AS IN WOMEN AND MEN audience)

Singer gets flogged over 'forbidden' gig
Rabbi convenes special religious court to carry out punishment against newly religious man who sang in front of integrated audience of men, women
Kobi Nahshoni

The sinner lifted his shirt and recited the confession. A court clerk pressed him against the tree pole and began flogging him with a special whip. The three judges declared, "May your evil be lifted and your sin atoned." Only a mobile phone ringtone reminded all present that the year is in fact 2010.

Rabbi Amnon Yitzhak, who heads the Shofar organization for the distribution of Judaism, has been  waging a war against religious singers who perform to an integrated audience of both men and women, and in the spirit of the Ten Days of Repentance has taken the campaign one step further..............

Rabbi Yitzhak. Waging war against liberal singers  Photo: Neve Rosenberg 

women and religion and oh yeah, HAPPY 90TH!!! (belated)

 women are NOT an afterthought. women are NOT second best. women are not temptresses. women kick ass!
from the Spirited Atheist

Elizabeth Cady Stanton and the price of antireligious iconoclasm

This week marks the 90th anniversary of the signing of the Nineteenth Amendment, which finally gave American women the right to vote. Signed into law on August 26, 1920, the amendment bears the name of Susan B. Anthony. It does not bear the name of her close friend Elizabeth Cady Stanton, who actually started the American women's rights movement with a convention in Seneca Falls, NY, in 1848.
Stanton and Anthony remained close throughout their lives, and both were agnostics. Both saw orthodox religion as a major source of women's oppression. The difference between them was that Stanton refused to stop talking about the importance of religion to the subordination of women and Anthony held her tongue for fear of driving away women of faith from the suffragist cause and offending religious men who had the power to continue to deny women the vote..........................

(Susan B. Anthony (left) Elizabeth Cady Stanton (right) on porch of Anthony house in Rochcester, NY.)

Monday, August 30, 2010

seems like HE has a dream too!


i didn't read a lot about it. i didn't listen to it. i didn't watch any of it on tv

if i WAS going to read more about it, i'd most likely read this from salon:

Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin's unholy alliance

Abramoff ally Rabbi Daniel Lapin and bigot John Hagee help "restore honor" at the Lincoln Memorial

By Joan Walsh

Where to begin telling the story of Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin's "Restoring Honor" rally, on the site of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.'s historic "I have a dream" speech exactly 47 years later? As promised, we published Sarah Palin's 8/28 speech alongside King's, and Mark Benjamin reported from the event. I'm excited Beck announced his "Black Robe Regiment"; it's long past time to retire the white robes.
Since Beck insists the gathering wasn't about politics, but about religion, let's take a look at a couple of the religious figures there.
I was surprised when, early Saturday morning, Beck introduced a rabbi onstage with him. As I wrote earlier this week, Beck expressly said he wouldn't hold his rally on a Sunday, so as not to force people to work on the Sabbath -- and since the Jewish Sabbath is Saturday, I observed that maybe Beck wasn't looking for Jewish involvement. But there he was, introducing a rabbi! God bless him. Then the rabbi stood silent, while Beck's first religious speaker praised Jesus Christ our savior...............

At Glenn Beck rally, strong but vague feelings

By Mark Benjamin

Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally on Saturday was big and white and agitated. But in an informal survey of attendees, it was difficult to pin down what exactly motivated them to come to Washington, many from far away.
“I am here because of America,” Ann Gardenhour told me, adding that the purpose of the rally was to “remember America.”.............