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Saturday, April 03, 2010

watched a pretty decent movie on cable last night

it was a cross between mccabe and mrs miller and there will be blood

the claim was made well before there will be blood though (it's VERY LOOSELY based on the mayor of casterbridge)

tiger on the left. WATCH


hey jason, i love you!


way to go cnn

congratulations for hiring someone who brags (on his radio show, not just in his home to his drunken buds) he's going to pull a shotgun on a government worker

Erick Erickson will pull 'shotgun' over Census

CNN contributor and prominent Republican blogger Erick Erickson is threatening to pull out a "shotgun" to scare away census workers.

Erickson — the founder of the conservative blog RedState — said on his Macon, Ga.-area radio show Thursday that if a census worker carrying a longer American Community Survey form came by his house, he would "pull out my wife's shotgun and see how that little ACS twerp likes being scared at the door."...................

yeah you're right stray,

it really DOES just keep getting better and better

now the new blame is on satan! (sure, it's NOT the priests or those that covered up for them, it's SATAN. we all KNOW the nyt is an arm of satan as well)

i would laugh but i cannot. too many children (one is too many by the way) were harmed

Italian exorcist: Devil made NY Times attack Pope
By Daniel Tencer

A spate of recent news reports alleging cover-ups of child sex abuse by priests was "prompted" by Satan, says a prominent Italian exorcist.

Father Gabriele Amorth, the Vatican's chief exorcist, told Italian media this week that a New York Times report alleging that Pope Benedict XVI ignored reports of sex abuse at a Wisconsin school for the deaf was the work of the Devil.

That story asserted that the Pope, then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, ignored repeated warnings from bishops that a Wisconsin priest, Father Laurence Murphy, may have molested as many as 200 boys at a school for the deaf.

"There is no doubt about it. Because he is a marvelous Pope and worthy successor to John Paul II, it is clear that the Devil wants to 'grab hold' of him," Amorth said, as quoted at the Catholic News Agency..................

not too very much to say here

except what a fucking whackjob (and believe me i DON'T LIKE pelosi one bit. not one iota. i think she's a giant pile o' steamin' shite. i ALSO think she a kazillion times BETTER than the whack job though)

by the way, i TRY to not post stories on her. i can't help it though. it's like a train wreck. you CANNOT look away no matter HOW ugly it is

Bachmann: Pelosi tried to ‘incite something’ by walking through crowd

By David Edwards
Republicans have been accused of inflaming public sentiment with heated rhetoric on health care reform. But Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) thinks it's Democratic House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi who was trying to "incite something" when she crossed the street at a Tea Party protest.

In a Thursday interview with Fox News' Sean Hannity, Bachmann defended the Tea Party protesters at the Capitol the day health care reform was passed.

"Remember when Speaker Pelosi walked arm-in-arm in a civil rights march across Independence Avenue from the House buildings over to the Capitol," said Bachmann.......





interesting read

Intelligence Agencies Allegedly Going to Extremes to Suppress Video Confirming Pentagon Massacre Cover-up
By Scott Thill

April 5, online truth and transparency advocate WikiLeaks.org plans to release at the National Press Club what it alleges is a video confirming a Pentagon cover-up of a wartime massacre of civilians and journalists committed under the leadership of General David Petraeus. In a recent editorial that was later scrubbed, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange claimed WikiLeaks is under fire from American and international intelligence agencies angered by his site's oversharing of the global village's dark political and financial secrets, and that they are responding with harassment, surveillance, unnecessary detention and worse.

"We've become used to the level of security service interest in us and have established procedures to ignore that interest," Assange wrote in the editorial. "But the increase in surveillance activities this last month, in a time when we are barely publishing due to fundraising, are excessive.".............

Friday, April 02, 2010

i love mark ryden's work

i first came across it in hi fructose which i first saw in modern myths in northampton

video via boing boing

oh i think you already know what i think.......

What do you think? Doctor refuses to treat Obama voters

(for the record, my doctor IS for this health care plan - as a START of course. it's nowhere NEAR perfect. for the record, my doctor doesn't give a flying fuck who you voted for if you need his care)


friday humor

(although it's NOT funny)

National Review ‘symposium’ on black unemployment has no black participants.

By Matt Corley

Yesterday, National Review Online (NRO) posted an article by the American Enterprise Institute’s Kevin Hassett arguing that the fact that the recession has been worse for minorities “suggests that discrimination may well still be a factor in the American labor market.” In response, NRO hosted an online “symposium” for “some economics and civil-rights analysts to share their thoughts on the topic.” Their conclusion was that “Discrimination is an insufficient explanation for black unemployment.” Oliver Willis notes that NRO did not include any black participants in the discussion:

The thing is, there’s no law or rule that only black people can talk about issues affecting black people, or the same for white, Latino, Asian people, etc.

But considering the way the conservative movement insists that it is diverse, they couldn’t find one black person for their symposium? Not one?

i didn't know any of the background

of this particular story. it's so effing sad. it's so effing tragic. it's so effing immoral. in the eyes of the god of the catholic church, it's SUCH AN EFFING SIN (what the priests and higher ups did that is). how can they (including that ass head of the catholic league who claims it's a HOMO problem NOT a pedo problem. like i said ASS) not just deny it BUT TURN AROUND AND START BLAMING VICTIMS

How a Molesting Case Emerged Decades Later

ESSEN, Germany — The case that has raised questions about the future pope’s handling of a pedophile priest in Germany came to light three decades after it occurred, and then almost by chance. It happened when Wilfried Fesselmann, an early victim, said he stumbled on Internet photographs of the priest who sexually abused him, still working with children.

Mr. Fesselmann, who had long remained silent about the abuse he suffered in 1979, said the pictures stunned him and spurred him to contact his abuser. Thus began the convoluted process, which included an extortion investigation against Mr. Fesselmann for the emotionally raw e-mail messages he sent the church in 2008 demanding compensation, that ultimately put Pope Benedict XVI in an uncomfortable spotlight..........


Michael Kamber for The New York Times

Wilfried Fesselmann recently told his story of sexual abuse at the hands of a priest in 1979. The priest was transferred, but not formally suspended until last month.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

lemmy and stray

instructables has a BUNCH o' cat stuff all put together.

my favorite you ask?

well the cat hammock of course!

pic from the instructable of
linked above

i can't believe i missed THIS classic!



je pense qu'il a gagné par un nez


great essay

from by Lorette C. Luzajic at unreasonable faith

Jerry Falwell’s Legacy of Hate

By thegirlcanwrite

To the Back of the Bus, Please

Great men of God like Jerry Falwell notoriously blame floods and fires on the Lord’s wrath over women who want to work. It seems God doesn’t have time to punish big sins like slavery, pollution, greed, genocide, war, racism, violence, or child brothels when homos are brainwashing our kids with cartoons like Spongebob and the Teletubbies.

Falwell, cofounder of the Moral Majority, says the call for Christian conservatism was ignited when abortion was legalized. That’s when fags and feminism took over our Christian heritage. These groups couldn’t be called minorities, like God-ordained groups of real humans like blacks and Hispanics, Falwell said, because these were fake lifestyles of sin that rejected Biblical patriarchy.

The Nation’s Max Blumenthal writes that Falwell’s recollection is revisionist, for his mission was built long before gay rights were born. Falwell’s early church, built in a “backwater bottling plant,” was built on “rabid” segregationalism.

Falwell was born in 1933 to a bootlegger, and after college, he started a church in Virginia. The big issue facing Christians in 1956 was that Christian schools were weeding out separatism. White-only schools were losing tax-exempt status, and Falwell didn’t like this one bit...........


the dead weather


i guess 12 is now the age of consent in wisconsin

Catholic League's Bill Donohue: It's Not A Pedophile Crisis, It's A Homo Crisis

Towleroad reports that the Catholic League's Bill Donohue has published an ad in today's New York Times blasting them for coverage of the global child molestation scandal and claiming that gay men are the true cause of the problem.

The Times continues to editorialize about the 'pedophilia crisis,' when all along it's been a homosexual crisis. Eighty percent of the victims of priestly sexual abuse are male and most of them are post-pubescent. While homosexuality does not cause predatory behavior, and most gay priests are not molesters, most of the molesters have been gay. Here's what's really going on. The Times has teamed up with Jeffrey Anderson, a radical lawyer who has made millions suing the Church (and greasing professional victims' groups like SNAP) so they can weaken its moral authority. Why? Because of issues like abortion, gay marriage, and women's ordination. That's what's really driving them mad and that's why they are on the hunt. Those who question this to be true need to ask why the debt-ridden Times does not spend the same resources in looking for dirt in other institutions that occurred a half-century ago.........

Catholic League head: Abuse not pedophilia because boys were ‘post-pubescent’

By Daniel Tencer
The head of the influential Catholic League says that the priest who allegedly sexually abused 200 deaf boys in Wisconsin did not engage in pedophilia because 'the vast majority of the victims [were] post-pubescent."

Bill Donohue made the argument during a raucous debate on Larry King Live Tuesday night, during which he repeatedly pointed the finger to homosexuality -- rather than pedophilia -- as the cause of the church's sex abuse problems.

"You’ve got to get your facts straight," Donohue said, addressing sex abuse victim Thomas Roberts. "I’m sorry. If I’m the only one that’s going to deal with facts tonight then that'll be it. The vast majority of the victims are post-pubescent. That’s not pedophilia, buddy. That’s homosexuality."

A rather surprised panel of commentators -- which included pop icon Sinead O'Connor -- then began to debate at what age, exactly, does sexual attraction to children cease to be pedophilia..........

you giant silly gooses (geeses. i hate mieces to pieces)

faux DOES have a sense of humor (and the bizarre). it's APRIL FOOL'S DAY. c'mon. they WERE ONLY KIDDING US!

Furor Grows Over Celebrity Appearances on Palin Show

Hours after LL Cool J complained that Fox News was recycling an old interview with him for a new program hosted by Sarah Palin, representatives for the country musician Toby Keith, who was also listed as a guest for the show, made a similar charge against the cable channel.

In a telephone interview on Wednesday, Elaine Schock, a publicist for Mr. Keith said: “I have no idea what interview they are using. Toby’s talked to Fox a number of times, and I had no idea that this was going to be on Sarah Palin’s special. Fox has never contacted me — not now, not when they were putting this together, not at all. I have no idea what they’re using.”...........

.................But several accounts of the special reported that Ms. Palin herself would be talking to the guests in the show. One of these, on the Fox Nation website, which is owned by Fox News, reprinted an account from the website The Hill, which said:

“Sarah Palin will kick off her new Fox News series with one of the most diverse guest lineups in memory: LL Cool J, Toby Keith, and Jack Welch. The three very different guests will speak to Palin for her inaugural episode of ‘ American Stories ‘ on April 1st.”..........

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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

i just found out about this and it's GREAT

a teabonics flickr group YUP! YOU'RE WELCOME!!!

yes my peeps, it's time for the winners of

Peeps Show IV

not the 'winner' but i LOVE this one


Dennis Chong of the District and Carolyn Prince Racich of McLean collaborated on their "Peepocalypse 2010:

Pick of the Peeps: Peeps dioramas serve up a candy-colored take on pop culture

video of the winning peep; EEP

oh my peeps, there's even a peeps iphone/itouch app
wapo's peep show 2010

" diorama, using cotton, spray snow and modeling clay, plus a photo that Chong took of the scene for the background. The in-flight snowballs are made of mini -marshmallows and wire.

some very very sad news indeed

The Wire, Treme Writer David Mills Dies at 48


David Mills, an Emmy-award-winning writer for HBO's The Wire and co-executive producer of the upcoming drama Treme, died on Tuesday in New Orleans, an HBO rep said. He was 48.

David Simon, the creator of The Wire and Treme, told the The Washington Post that Mills collapsed on the set of Treme and died of an apparent brain aneurysm. The two men worked together for years, first at the University of Maryland student newspaper, The Diamondback.

HBO did not comment on the cause of death. ............

"The Wire" and "ER" writer David Mills dies

Reuters) - David Mills, an Emmy Award-winning television writer who contributed to dramas "The Wire" and "ER," has died at age 48, the HBO cable television network said on Wednesday.

Entertainment | Television | People | Media

Mills died on Tuesday night in New Orleans, said Diego Aldana, a spokesman for HBO, the channel behind "The Wire" and the soon-to-debut series "Treme" that Mills worked on.

Aldana declined to say how Mills died, but the New Orleans Times-Picayune reported the writer suffered a brain aneurysm.

"HBO is deeply saddened by the sudden loss of our dear friend and colleague David Mills," HBO said in a statement.............

season four

season three

season one

season five

season two

as a bonus, one of THE best scenes i've watched on television

(i love you omar!!!)

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from a fav of mine, dark roasted blend

do check them ALL out though

Utterly Irresistible Robot Sculptures

(image credit: UltraJunk)

if this case is real, it's not funny. BUT it just may not be............

i am a big judge judy fan

did someone dupe her for once though? sure seems like it

Surreal indie rock performance art on ‘Judge Judy’ ... or what?

you know...........

'the' blacks (they're like 'the' gays by the way) they don't tell the truth......

Michele Bachmann: No Evidence Black Lawmakers Were Harassed

Patricia Murphy

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) told a crowd at a Duluth, Minn., rally over the weekend that there is no evidence that several black lawmakers were harassed by conservative protesters on Capitol Hill in the days leading up to the health care reform vote.

Black lawmakers, including civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.), reported that they had been spat on and slurred by protesters demonstrating against the health reform bill last week.

"Democrats said that they were called the 'N word,' which of course would be wrong and inappropriate. But no one has any record of it. No witness saw it, it's not on camera, it's not on audio," she said. "They said that they were spat upon. No one saw it."...........


Bachmann: Democrats manufactured tea party racial epithets

By Andy Birkey

Rep. Michele Bachmann appeared on Scott Hennen’s radio program on Thursday and spoke out about reports of violence and racial epithets surrounding tea party protests: She denied they existed and that Democrats brought the anger on themselves.

“The media wants you to believe that tea party patriots are toothless hillbillies,” she said. “This is a very sophisticated crowd. And then these charges from Democrats that they were spit upon, that there were racial epithets — there’s no one who saw anything.”...........

wow, pravda has sarevil down pat!

i don't need to add anything to this one

Sarah Tea Party Palin, the Last Resort of the GOP

................"We grow good people in our small towns, with honesty and sincerity and dignity." --Sarah Palin, in her speech at the Republican Convention, quoting the fascist right-wing columnist Westbrook Pegler , an avowed racist and anti-Semite who once expressed his hope that Robert F. Kennedy would be assassinated

We grow good people…hmmm. Well OK erm, let’s move onto local politics:

"I'm the mayor, I can do whatever I want until the courts tell me I can't.'" --Sarah Palin, as quoted by former City Council Member Nick Carney, after he raised objections about the $50,000 she spent renovating the mayor's office without approval of the city council.............



One insolent, ignorant backstreet guttersnipe with as much intelligence in her brain as a squashed syphilitic slug. A sawdust-headed simpleton who cannot even manage her own family, the failed ex-Governor of Alaska now drums up support for John PharmaLobby McCain. So when this….female…opines that Obama’s healthcare plan is evil, when it brings affordable healthcare to 30 million Americans, one begins to question, who is behind the death threats to those who backed the plan?.......

stomach turning story of the month

i am so very sorry for the loss of your son mr snyder. on top of that, i cannot believe what the united states 'justice' system did to you

Court orders father of slain Marine to pay for anti-gay protesters’ court fees

The father of a Marine killed in Iraq and whose funeral was picketed by anti-gay protesters was ordered to pay the protesters' appeal costs, his lawyers said Monday.

On Friday, Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit ordered Snyder to pay $16,510 to Fred Phelps, leader of the Westboro Baptist Church, despite the fact that the Supreme Court has agreed to hear the case as to whether the protesters are entitled to free speech at the funeral. Phelps conducted protests at Marine Lance Cpl. Matthew Snyder's funeral in 2006.

The two-page decision supplied by attorneys for Albert Snyder of York, Pa., offered no details on how the court came to its decision........


The preacher and six relatives arrived at Snyder's funeral carrying signs that read "America is doomed," "Matt in hell" and "Semper Fi fags," in reference to the Marine motto "Semper Fi."

After the funeral was over, Phelps continued to deride and criticize Snyder on his website, prompting the dead Marine's family to sue the preacher before a Maryland court.............

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

mine aren't on the list!

500 worst passwords, illustrated

i guess it could be a set up

but i don't think it is. you know...the black folk are takin' over. using white folks stuff and all

C-Span Caller Rails Against Black Callers (VIDEO)

A caller to C-Span this morning, who identified himself as a Republican from North Carolina, accused the network of taking too many phone calls from black people.

"You have black folks calling in on the Republican line, independents. And you have so many of 'em I can't believe this is just an accident. If you keep on with the way you've been programming, you should change your name from C-Span to black-span," he said. "I know they have an opinion but I wish that they would be honest and call in on the right line."

"Everyone one of 'em thinks that Obama is Jesus Christ and they don't like when anybody criticizes him," he added............

you're welcome

also via

i hope someone like him is at my work today



Bonus Quote of the Day

yeah sarevil and buds.......keep telling us

your gun imagery is not really gun imagery and you're not trying to incite violence (i'm not saying you are directly responsible for THESE lunatics but i'm not saying...................what i AM saying is, you have every right to complain BUT YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO LIE. IF YOU'RE TELLING LIES AND INCITING VIOLENCE AND MAKING THINGS UP AS YOU GO....SHUT THE FUCK UP)
Hutaree militia and the rising risk of far-right violence
By Eugene Robinson

The arrests of members of a Michigan-based "Christian" militia group should convince doubters that there is good reason to worry about right-wing, anti-government extremism -- and potential violence -- in the Age of Obama.

I put the word Christian in quotes because anyone who plots to assassinate law enforcement officers, as a federal indictment alleges members of the Hutaree militia did, is no follower of Christ. According to federal prosecutors, the Hutaree -- the word's not in my dictionary, but its Web site claims it means "Christian warrior" -- are convinced that their enemies include "state and local law enforcement, who are deemed 'foot soldiers' of the federal government, federal law enforcement agencies and employees, participants in the 'New World Order,' and anyone who does not share in the Hutaree's beliefs."...............

some videos here

and it sure does appear the michigan militia enjoyed some teabaggin' activities as well

Monday, March 29, 2010



christmas is only a few short months away. want santa to get it for you?

Cornered Glass Spider Trap


and no, i'm not foolish enough to believe democrats are that much better. THEY AIN'T but..........there's always that but, THEY ARE HARDLY EVER AS HOLIER THAN THOU as the re-pug-lick-ens are

R.N.C. Spends Thousands on Jets, Limos and Clubs

WASHINGTON — The Republican National Committee opened an investigation on Monday into why money from donors was paid to reimburse a $2,000 tab at a risqué California nightclub earlier this year, party officials said.

“It was obviously improper — for more than one reason,” said Doug Heye, a spokesman for the party said. “It was not a sanctioned RNC activity. It was improper because of the venue.”

As Republicans attempt to win back control of the House and Senate in this midterm election year, several party officials and contributors have raised questions about the financial disparities between the Democratic and the Republican parties. Republican officials opened a review of their spending after the nightclub expense was discovered by reporters for The Daily Caller, an online publication in Washington....................

ya know....you think you're done posting about sarevil..........

Palin Tells Constitution-Loving Tea Partiers: We Don’t Need A President Who Is A ‘Constitutional Law Professor’

it's health-check reminder monday here at


you're welcome

Check Them Gonads!

by Vanessa Ruiz
From the creator of the Good Ol’ Menstrual Cycle, comes yet another cheeky anatomical chart by i Heart Guts, targeted at men! Grab Your Gonads is a step-by-step diagram of how to check testicles for irregularities and its been created to, as i Heart Guts says, “encourage men to grope their balls during Testicular Cancer Awareness Week, coming up in April.”...........

i thought this was quite interesting

(don't know why it was in the la times and not the ny times????)

talk amongst yourselves.....
Can't get rid of your memories? Call Death Bear
Reporting from New York - A biting wind whipped down a dark street, where a man crouched in the shadow of a building. He pulled on black gloves and glanced up and down the avenue. Satisfied that no one was watching, he pulled a mask the size of a beach ball out of a bag, pulled it onto his head and wriggled it into place: snout in front, eye holes over his own, rounded ears pointed skyward.

Death Bear was ready for his mission.

A man in the second-floor unit of a nearby apartment building in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn was desperate to get rid of something that was too torturous to keep but impossible to discard.

The anguished individual had turned to Death Bear, a macabre performance artist who silently walks the city streets in a one-man quest to relieve people of painful remnants of the past: love letters, photos, gifts, dog tags, underwear -- a lot of underwear, it seems -- anything that might reduce an otherwise well-functioning person to a sniffling wreck.

His service has spread through word of mouth and the Internet..........

pic: Death Bear visits clients in their homes and accepts love letters, old photos, anything they can’t just throw away. The man behind the mask, Nate Hill, says he wants to create art that helps people. (Carolyn Cole / Los Angeles Times / March 18, 2010)

a decision that will (literally) make me sick

i can't even BELIEVE people/countries are TALKING about whale hunts once again (much less countries like japan, iceland and norway, actually carrying them out). once again, i'll state my theory. i don't think we can be kind and caring to other HUMANS when we can't be kind and caring to other creatures in general. have you ever seen a whale hunt? it ain't pretty

With some species rebounding, commission weighs loosening of ban

"Save the Whales!" One of the earliest slogans of the environmental movement, it galvanized a generation of conservationists. Awe-inspiring behemoths that breached the ocean's waves and could communicate with one another underwater, whales inspired public support in a way endangered snail darters and obscure plants never could.

And to a significant extent, the campaign worked: A quarter-century after the first anti-hunting regulations were approved, several whale populations have stabilized and a few seem to be rebounding.

Now, in light of that comeback, delegates from around the world will decide in the coming weeks if they should condone commercial hunts once more.

The International Whaling Commission will consider a controversial plan seeking a truce in the battle that has raged since a global whaling ban took effect in 1986. Three nations -- Japan, Norway and Iceland -- have defied that moratorium, insisting on the right to use the oceans as they always have, and in recent years have expanded their whale hunts............


A humpback whale breaching off Madagascar. Japan, Iceland and Norway are pressing the International Whaling Commission to loosen the whaling ban now that there is evidence that whale populations have grown since restrictions were put in place 28 years ago.

Tim Collins

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my favorite is they all do it in the name of

their hateful, jealous, racist, homophobic, spiteful, non-sharing god. just what the HELL (so to speak) kind of god DO they believe in (well i know and i want NO part of it)

FBI arrests at least 3 in raids in Midwest
By The Detroit News and The Associated Press

Sunday, March 28, 2010

domestic violence is NEVER EVER

cute or trendy or trivial or funny. this is one fucked up song. period

Trivializing Domestic Violence: “A Kiss with a Fist” Video

by gwen,

is this like, 'hey there you, throw me down the stairs my shoes'?


i like the music too


koko and tigger (but we still miss all ball)


speaking of cool


this is SO cool!

alien vs pooh


man, if i only had a goat when i was a baby!

this actually looks fascinating. if it doesn't come around to an art theater around here, i'll wait for the dvd release.


oh, it IS bdsm and it only goes ONE way

and i'm guessing it's almost never quite consensual. you know i'm gonna judge you far less if you come right out and say you like to beat women rather than blaming your abusive behavior on your god. MAN THE FUCK UP (and i mean that sarcastically here)

i do want to add, mr metzger states it's a growing trend. NO, i emphatically state it's NOT a growing new trend. perhaps the name cdd is new, but there have always always always been a great deal of 'christians' (with men as the masters OF COURSE) in the lifestyle.

Beating God into Her: Christian Domestic Discipline (CDD)
Posted by Richard Metzger
Apparently—I have no direct knowledge of this myself—there is a growing trend in conservative Christian marriages called Christian Domestic Discipline (CDD). While many of its adherents say it’s got nothing to do with fetish. to the outsider looking in, that claim seems absolutely ludicrous. In fact a Christian version of BDSM is exactly what it looks like to me. How could they claim otherwise?!?!

The justification in their minds seems to be of a theological nature, an ass-slapping triad of master. slave and heavenly father! Take out the Christian references to a supernatural power and what is being described here is no different from a bog standard BDSM website..............

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absolutely absurdity in nyc schools

doritos: YES, homemade pumpkin bread: NO????????????????????

Taking the Bake Out of Bake Sale


IN one corner: Reduced Fat Cool Ranch Doritos, Linden’s Chocolate Chip Minis and Stacy’s Cinnamon Sugar Pita Chips. In the other: homemade pumpkin bread, pink cupcakes and spinach tofu empanadas.

Bureaucratically speaking, the Doritos take it, under the recent restrictions on student bake sales in New York City public schools. That is, unless the parents who plan to stage a “bake-in” at City Hall on Thursday can persuade officials to overturn the regulation.

The rule, which school officials say is aimed at tackling obesity, allows PTAs to hold bake sales once a month or weekdays after 6 p.m. Otherwise only fresh fruits and vegetables and any of 27 packaged items that meet city Health Department guidelines on calories, fat and sodium can be sold at schools.

Some parents have accused school officials of promoting processed food...........