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Saturday, October 04, 2008

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dark roasted blend

(images credit: Asaad Saleh)

i'm in love! aden, will you marry me?


So, I’ve been quiet thus far, but I figure it’s about time I went moose hunting. So let me start off nice and big for ya, in case there’s any doubt as to where I stand. Sarah Palin is a stupid, self important, ignorant bitch who I wouldn’t put in charge of wiping her own ass. And it’s not just that she’s dumb - which she is - it’s that she’s willfully ignorant of the facts and yet absolutely dead-bang certain that she’s right about her opinions. It’s more of this “governing from the gut” bullshit that we’ve been Chimping along with for the past eight years. I don’t know why it’s a taboo to say someone is too dumb to be President. Hell, most people don’t have the kind of mental sharpness necessary. That’s why it’s so important to pick the right person out of an entire country of potential leaders. But Sarah Palin? She’s not even worth considering. She’s fucking dumb, okay?.............

from ph33r and loathing (via boing boing)

those f**kers and by those f**kers

i mean THE REPUBLICANS are just dirty low down steamin' piles o' shite

Vote-scam fliers target black neighborhoods

Philadelphia Daily News
With just weeks to go before the presidential election, voter intimidation has reared its ugly head.

An anonymous flier circulating in African-American neighborhoods in North and West Philadelphia states that voters who are facing outstanding arrest warrants or who have unpaid traffic tickets may be arrested at the polls on Election Day.

Deputy Mayor for Public Safety Everett Gillison, who learned of the flier last week, said that the message is completely false.

"The only thing that police officers are going to do that we'll be encouraging that day is that they'll be exercising their own individual right to vote," Gillison said........

if this doesn't make you cry

you're NOT human

and i don't mean because those f**kers actually ended up forgiving the loan. i mean because they attempt to EVICT A 90 YEAR OLD WOMAN FROM HER HOME - IN THE FIRST PLACE

Fannie Mae forgives loan for woman who shot herself

(CNN) -- Fannie Mae said it will set aside the loan of a woman who shot herself as sheriff's deputies tried to evict her from her foreclosed home.

Addie Polk, 90, of Akron, Ohio, became a symbol of the nation's home mortgage crisis when she was hospitalized after shooting herself at least twice in the upper body Wednesday afternoon.

On Friday, Fannie Mae spokesman Brian Faith said the mortgage association had decided to halt action against Polk and sign the property "outright" to her.

"We're going to forgive whatever outstanding balance she had on the loan and give her the house," Faith said. "Given the circumstances, we think it's appropriate.".....

this is really rich

just cause you don't KNOW the word cokie (and the rest) doesn't mean IT'S NOT RIGHT you stupid heaps o' shite

Cokie Roberts Accuses Biden of Gaffe for Using Word She Doesn't Know
Posted by Rachel Weiner, Huffington Post

TPM noted last night that Joe Biden used a word that would probably be misinterpreted as a gaffe:

Watching the debate I noticed that Biden referred to the Muslim population of Bosnia and Herzegovina as "Bosniaks". This is actually the correct term, though in English people often say simply Bosnian Muslims. When he said it, the first thing I though was, I wonder how many right-wingers would jump on this as a gaffe on the model of candidate George W. Bush's reference to 'Grecians.'

Democracy Arsenal has more on the term's use.

Red State fell for it. So did Powerline and Mona Charen at the National Review............


cecile, i'm right with you

sistah grrrl fren!

if i was able to ask sarevil questions, i'd be asking the VERY SAME ONES YOU WOULD

Women's Health: Yet Another Issue Sarah Palin is Out of Touch On
By Cecile Richards, Huffington Post.

Over the last several weeks, it has become apparent that Sarah Palin is out of touch on a whole host of issues, ranging from the bailout and the economy to foreign policy to the Supreme Court. After this week's interview with Katie Couric, we can now add women's health to the list.

Her answers on reproductive health issues, such as criminalizing abortion, exceptions for rape and incest, and what exactly the morning-after pill is, were a rambling mix of contradictions and platitudes, much like her answers about Russia bordering Alaska, the bailout, health care, and the economy.

So, for the vice-presidential debate tonight, here's what I'd ask Sarah Palin to answer directly:

1. You said in your interview with Katie Couric that you are "all for contraception," but then you said you don't support the morning-after pill. Do you know that the morning-after pill IS contraception, it's simply a higher dose of hormonal birth control? Now that you know that, does it change how you feel about it being made available?

2. You said that abortion should be illegal even in the cases of rape or incest, but then you said no one should end up in jail for having an abortion. I assume when you say it should be illegal, that you mean it should be a crime - if you don't think anyone should go to jail, how would you enforce it?

3. You say that you believe there is an inherent right to privacy in the Constitution, yet you want to overturn Roe v. Wade, which is based on a right to privacy. How do you reconcile these two conflicting beliefs?.............

this is just


found via greatscat

a good analysis

spot on

Hockey Mom on Thin Ice

By E. J. Dionne Jr.
Early in last night's vice-presidential debate, Sarah Palin said that she might not answer the questions as moderator Gwen Ifill posed them. This was the Alaska governor's way of saying she was going to stick to the talking points she had stuffed into her head, no matter what the subject.

When Palin described John McCain's health-care plan, she talked about his offer of a $5,000 tax credit so families could buy insurance. She failed to mention that McCain would pay for the credit by taxing existing insurance benefits. Democratic vice-presidential nominee Joe Biden -- politely -- pounced on her omission, warning that McCain's plan could lead millions to lose their insurance coverage. Palin didn't come back to defend her running mate.

Nor did she come back when Biden challenged her false claims about how many times Barack Obama had voted for tax increases. Palin just plowed forward, piling one attack on top of another, with leavening references to "Joe Six-Pack" and "hockey moms.".........

even diddy.................

knows it ain't right

Friday, October 03, 2008

f**k eric clapton

i love j j cale. he wrote 'em. no one does 'em better
that's it. that really IS it

my favorite j j BUT i can't find any thing by this


he DOES understand

(and she DOESN'T)

darwin at home

invites you to the algorithm
cool and strange and actually kind of soothing in it's own way

found via boing boing
...........Here's a mesmerizing ten-minute video from the Darwin@Home project (which harnesses idle computers to simulate evolution) that shows the different, bizarre randomly evolved walking-strategies that have emerged from the simulations. Darwin at Home in Ten Minutes (via Kottke) ........


if we don't talk about it, we don't have to hold them (or anyone else for that matter) accountable

Blackwater Machine Gun Found in Raid on Iraqi Insurgents

Incident Was Kept Secret and Raises More Questions About the Firm's Iraq Operations

An M4 machine gun sent to Iraq by the Blackwater private security firm somehow disappeared from the company's storage facility in Baghdad and was later discovered during a US military operation, apparently against suspected insurgents, people familiar with the situation have told ABC News.

The incident, in 2006, has been kept secret until now but it raised more questions about Blackwater's operations in Iraq.

Allegations that Blackwater shipped weapons and silencers to Iraq without proper licensing are already under investigation by a federal grand jury in North Carolina, according to people familiar with the case.......

A machine gun sent to Iraq by Blackwater was discovered during a US military operation against suspected insurgents, according to documents obtained by ABC News.
(ABC News Photo Illustration)

she claims she and her family

are joe six pack.

i don't have a million dollars in assets. do YOU?

(hmmmm then again, i don't drink beer either)

sarevil six pack is really sarevil bullshite

Estimates show Palin assets top $1 million

By SHARON THEIMER and BRETT J. BLACKLEDGE, Associated Press Writers
WASILLA, Alaska - Sarah Palin and her husband have pieced together a uniquely Alaskan income that reached comfortably into six figures even before she became governor, capitalizing on valuable fishing rights, a series of land deals and a patchwork of other ventures to build an above-average lifestyle.

Add up the couple's 2007 income and the estimated value of their property and investments and they appear to be worth at least $1.2 million. That would make the Palins, like Democratic vice presidential rival Joe Biden and his wife Jill, well-off but not nearly as wealthy as multimillionaire couples John and Cindy McCain and, to a lesser extent, Barack and Michelle Obama.

One measure of financial health: While there is a home loan, Palin reported no personal credit card debt on her most recent financial report as Alaska governor. That compares to average household credit card debt among Americans of $9,840 last year.

A more complete picture will come when Sarah Palin outlines her personal finances in federal paperwork in coming days. It will include details of any mortgage debt and at least rough dollar totals for bank accounts and investments...............

i guess no one has been paying enough

attention to him of late. here's his latest insane foamings at the mouth

Robertson: Nuke strikes in US after the election
Stephen C. Webster
Christian Broadcasting Network co-founder Pat Robertson, in a new update to his Web site, states that, "we have between 75 and 120 days before the Middle East starts spinning out of control."

The 700 Club host is convinced that Israel will attack Iran's nuclear energy facilities shortly after the US presidential election, triggering a series of "dramatic events" that conclude only once "God has rained fire on the islands of the sea and on the invading force coming against Israel."

In 2005, Robertson called on the US government to assassinate Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez, dismissing the murder as, "a whole lot cheaper than starting a war." And, going back further, Robertson has opined that American judges pose a greater threat than terrorists, and that Hurricane Katrina was due to legalized abortion. Robertson also hypothesized that the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 were "deserved.".........

because we're rollin' in dough

we, as a nation, have SO much money we CAN afford to TOSS 300,000,000 (YES THAT'S 300 MILLION) away on PRIVATE CONTRACTORS in IRAQ (you didn't think i forgot iraq did you?). what will those private contractors do? why make tv spots of course! (well for the media in general)

yup, 300,000,000 of YOUR money and MY money. because if we got to choose where our money went it wouldn't be to make sure OUR soldiers had the proper equipment. it wouldn't be to the victims of natural disasters in america. it wouldn't be to help the under or uninsured in america. it wouldn't be for education. it wouldn't be for feeding the hungry. it wouldn't be for taking care of the homeless or on and on and on. it would be to make america look like the promised land in all sorts of propaganda items. what a bunch of fuckwads we are. no fucking wonder we have to be bailed out left and right

where are our politicians? why aren't they putting a STOP to this?

U.S. to Fund Pro-American Publicity in Iraqi Media

Washington Post Staff Writers

The Defense Department will pay private U.S. contractors in Iraq up to $300 million over the next three years to produce news stories, entertainment programs and public service advertisements for the Iraqi media in an effort to "engage and inspire" the local population to support U.S. objectives and the Iraqi government.

The new contracts -- awarded last week to four companies -- will expand and consolidate what the U.S. military calls "information/psychological operations" in Iraq far into the future, even as violence appears to be abating and U.S. troops have begun drawing down.

The military's role in the war of ideas has been fundamentally transformed in recent years, the result of both the Pentagon's outsized resources and a counterinsurgency doctrine in which information control is considered key to success. Uniformed communications specialists and contractors are now an integral part of U.S. military operations from Eastern Europe to Afghanistan and beyond.......

i HATE tom cruise with a passion that

is hard to match

he f**king kicked ass in two movies (well maybe three) BUT
1) rain man. sure dustin hoffman. fuck, dustin hoffman CAN act. he's dustin hoffman. fuck. c'mon. yeah yeah yeah. we KNEW dustin hoffman could DO rain man. what we DIDN'T KNOW was tom cruise could do HIS part in rain man too

yes, HE did (and i HATE to even admit it

#2) magnolia.

tom cruise MADE magnolia. did you NOT see magnolia? WELL FUCKING SEE IT

Thursday, October 02, 2008


is the night.

i disconnected my tv (on purpose, but NOT because of this. i just didn't want to watch tv at home) so i have to watch on the net when i wake up. oh NOT to worry. i sleep 2 to 4 hours a night. i'll be up by midnight. i'll be seeing it almost right after it happens.

i can name all of the periodicals i read. i can name supreme court rulings i disagreed with. i can talk to dignitaries from foreign lands (one of my best friends in high school was from a foreign land and her pops was a diplomat. i didn't even KNOW that until WAY AFTER i charmed 'em)

i don't want to be president OR vice president. but i know in my heart of hearts i COULD be way better (or as we say WICKED BETTER) than sarevil

two very different designs

one is urinary tract wallpaper from shannon wright (picture from shannon wright's website) and the other is fabric garth at extreme craft just happened across while waiting on his wife at jo-anns

(picture from garth's site)

(wallpaper found via boing boing)

why one of my best friends is.....................

"fill in the blank here"

LGBT Alaskans on Palin: Worse than Cheney -- and a Better Shot

Joe Solmonese

In a Tuesday night interview with Katie Couric, Sarah Palin trotted out the old right-wing code word: she said being gay is a "choice".

We know Palin's got a laundry list of anti-LGBT positions. But we wondered: what do LGBT people in her hometown of Wasilla, Alaska think of her? So last week, we went up there to find out.

What they told us speaks volumes.

Our staff met dozens of LGBT people in Wasilla. And while many were afraid to talk on camera, we learned a lot about how life changed for the LGBT Wasillans after Sarah Palin became mayor.

Find out why they fear a Palin Vice Presidency. Watch the video and get their first hand accounts.

it can't happen?

well it HAS happened in the past, hasn't it?

and here is what ANOTHER

bunch of veterans think of john mccain. (hint, NOT TOO MUCH)
McCain's Miserable Record of Not Supporting America's Troops and Veterans

by: Brandon Friedman

On Friday, September September 26, 2008, John McCain said the following:
"I know the veterans, I know them well, and I know that they know that I'll take care of them, and I have been proud of their support and their recognition of my service to the veterans, and I love them, and I'll take care of them, and they know that I'll take care of them."

This statement--made near the end of Friday's debate--immediately infuriated veterans across America and overseas. In fact, Senator John McCain has a very clear, long, and illustrious history of not supporting troops and veterans one bit.

Now, I've seen legislative examples, I've watched the YouTubes, and I've lived this lack of support in more ways than one. But now, for the first time, I've tried to compile as much of this non-support as possible into a single document--from a variety of sources--complete with links, quotes, and video clips. It's something that readers often ask me about, so I hope this helps. I'm sure there's a lot missing, so feel free to add more in the comments. But for now, I think this should give us a good start in exposing John McCain's abysmal of record of supporting troops and veterans. Here we go:

Senator John McCain's Record on Troop and Veterans' Issues

Voting Against Veterans
  • Veterans Groups Give McCain Failing Grades. In its most recent legislative ratings, the non-partisan Disabled American Veterans gave Sen. McCain a 20 percent rating for his voting record on veterans' issues. Similarly, the non-partisan Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans of America gave McCain a "D" grade for his poor voting record on veterans' issues, including McCain's votes against additional body armor for troops in combat and additional funding for PTSD and TBI screening and treatment.
  • well well well

    what have we got here?

    Pro-War Group Offering Cash For Frats To Demonstrate At VP Debate

    Sam Stein

    In hopes of organizing a robust demonstration for the vice presidential debate this Thursday in St. Louis, the pro-Iraq War (and ostensibly pro-McCain) organization, Vets for Freedom, is resorting to offering local college fraternities hundreds of dollars if their members come and hold signs.

    In an email obtained by the Huffington Post, Vets for Freedom field staffer Laura Meyer offered a fraternity at St. Louis University a "sizable donation" - plus free lunch - if it could use their pledges to demonstrate outside the VP debate.

    "I was emailing you today," wrote Meyer, "because I am trying to find people who would be willing to hold up signs for a few hours in the afternoon this Thursday outside the VP debate site. It's only for a few hours and you can gain a lot from it.... first off, lunch for any guys who agree to volunteer will be on me. Secondly, they will get lots of media attention! My organization did a similar thing in Mississippi last week and a ton of them were on TV. Meaning, the guys could wear their [REDACTED] gear while holding up our signs and get attention for their frat. Also, they will get to hang out with a bunch of really cool Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans...........

    she cannot i mean CANNOT answer

    a f**king question. she just cannot. listen to her dance around the SECOND question katie asks (i still do NOT like katie. DO NOT think i'm going soft on her). sarevil is a dope. plain and simple. if YOU are not seeing that, YOU are a fool

    ok ok ok, does anyone else think she sounds like a beauty queen contestant being interviewed for that ONE question they ask. you know, 'what would you do to save the world'?

    Wednesday, October 01, 2008

    normally something like this would upset me

    but the dude is so ignorant it doesn't matter.

    this is NSFW - the great schlep

    but it's FUNNY and it really IS making a point as well. again, do NOT play this at work (or in front o da kids)

    found via boing boing

    Here's an easy way to help Obama and progressive Judaism at the same time! The Great Schlep, brainchild of my good friend Ari Wallach, "aims to have Jewish grandchildren visit their grandparents in Florida, educate them about Obama, and therefore swing the crucial Florida vote in his favor. Don’t have grandparents in Florida? Not Jewish? No problem! You can still become a schlepper and make change happen in 2008, simply by talking to your relatives about Obama."

    Whether or not one supports Obama, it's probably a good idea to dispel the myths (one group I spoke with at an Upper East Side New York synagogue believed that Obama had already committed to placing Farrakhan in his cabinet), and at least make sure Floridians understand exactly who and what they're voting for.

    Douglas Rushkoff is a guest blogger.

    The Great Schlep from The Great Schlep on Vimeo.

    every time she opens her mouth

    it just gets WORSE
    HEY SAREVIL, question for ya. why would someone in their RIGHT MIND 'choose' to be gay? what with the way they are treated and all is what i mean. why would someone choose to be gawked at, ridiculed, held in contempt, misunderstood, falsely accused of being a pedophile, falsely accused of being the devil, denied rights, denied benefits, denied jobs, denied a right to live their life as they CHOOSE?
    riddle me THAT sarevil! one more thing, HOW CAN YOU HAVE A BEST FRIEND WHO YOU THINK IS GOING TO BURN IN HELL? riddle me THAT ONE too!!!

    psssssssssttttttttt, next time answer: time, newsweek, the national review, the weekly standard, the new republic, the new yorker, u.s. news and world report, american conservative, the nation, harvard international review, harpers, frontpage magazine, the economist (ARE JUST A FEW NAMES YOU COULD HAVE TOSSED IN THERE)

    Palin Gives Beliefs, Demurs on Policies

    Couric Queries Nominee on Social Issues

    Washington Post Staff Writer
    Asked by Couric whether her opposition to abortion rights would extend even to a 15-year-old who had been raped by her father, Palin said she would "counsel that person to choose life despite horrific, horrific circumstances that this person would find themselves in." On this point, Palin differs with Sen. John McCain, the GOP presidential nominee........


    And asked about reports that one of the churches she attends has encouraged gays to become straight, Palin referred again to her own life. "I am not going to judge Americans and the decisions that they make in their adult personal relationships. I have one of my absolute best friends for the last 30 years happens to be gay, and I love her dearly. And she is not my 'gay friend,' she is one of my best friends, who happens to have made a choice that isn't a choice that I have made."

    Palin reiterated, with an unintentional word reversal, her position that global warming is not necessarily being caused by carbon dioxide emissions, as most scientists believe. "I'm not going to solely blame all of man's activities on changes in climate. Because the world's weather patterns are cyclical. And over history we have seen change there. But kind of doesn't matter at this point, as we debate what caused it. The point is, it's real, we need to do something about it.".........

    and my personal favorite:

    .........Asked what newspapers and magazines she reads, Palin said, "I've read most of them." Pressed by Couric for examples, Palin declined. "Um, all of them, any of them that have been in front of me over all these years," she said. Again asked to name a few, Palin said, "I have a vast variety of sources where we get our news, too...........

    Tuesday, September 30, 2008

    this is a new one

    i of course read (and posted about-i'm just too damn tired to link to it) the MINORITIES caused the financial collapse. well now it's ANOTHER group entirely (goddess help you if you're a glbt person of color!) that caused the crisis (who knew? certainly not dopey me)

    and here i was thinking it was the GOOD OL' WHITE BOY NETWORK. how silly AM i?

    Fundamentalists blame Wall Street's woes on gays

    by On Top Magazine

    Christian fundamentalists are suggesting gays and lesbians are to blame for Wall Street's woes, a frequently made charge in the wake of national calamities.

    In a September 25th blog post titled 'The Nation Will Right Itself If It Fixes Sex', Christian Civil League of Maine Executive Director Michael Heath writes that the financial crisis facing Wall Street is a symptom of America's sinful sexual culture, including the acceptance of gay unions.

    “Our crisis is a symptom, not the cause,” writes Michael Heath. “I am not saying I know whether this financial crisis is God's judgment or not. It is not for me to know that definitively.”

    Heath goes on to list policy changes that would make God “crack a smile,” including: End abortion rights and defund non-profit groups supporting it, amend state constitutions to ban gay marriage and eliminate domestic partnerships and civil unions for gay and lesbian couples, and end discrimination against private religious schools and homeschools........

    of course we have no concrete proof

    she actually DID say this. i believe she did, but i can't swear by it. in my heart of hearts i know she believes the earth is 6,000 years old (and i never understood where the creationists GOT that figure from) and that personkind were the flintstones and did indeed ride on the backs of dinosaurs

    Palin treads carefully between fundamentalist beliefs and public policy

    Her faith views are strong and sometimes controversial. Her aides say she seeks to share but not impose her faith; her critics say she has 'a fine-tuned sense of how far to push.'
    By Stephen Braun, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
    ANCHORAGE -- Soon after Sarah Palin was elected mayor of the foothill town of Wasilla, Alaska, she startled a local music teacher by insisting in casual conversation that men and dinosaurs coexisted on an Earth created 6,000 years ago -- about 65 million years after scientists say most dinosaurs became extinct -- the teacher said.

    After conducting a college band and watching Palin deliver a commencement address to a small group of home-schooled students in June 1997, Wasilla resident Philip Munger said, he asked the young mayor about her religious beliefs. Palin told him that "dinosaurs and humans walked the Earth at the same time," Munger said. When he asked her about prehistoric fossils and tracks dating back millions of years, Palin said "she had seen pictures of human footprints inside the tracks,".......

    judee sill sings the kiss

    i had never heard of her. pandora played a song of hers for me a few moments ago. i thought she had a beautiful voice. turns out she had a rather tragic SHORT life

    here here for those that have gone before!

    here's another ignorant id-jit

    this one lost her job unlike the other one i posted about yesterday

    ignoring EVERYTHING else, this article CLEARLY points out, islam was founded AFTER the book of revelation was written

    Errant e-mail costs GOP chief post

    By Jenny Lee-Adrian • Poughkeepsie Journal
    Dutchess County Republican Committee Chairwoman Corinne Weber has resigned over a chain e-mail she forwarded to party members, some of whom were offended by its content.
    Weber forwarded an e-mail to more than two dozen Republicans on Friday night that makes a veiled reference to Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama and suggests he is the Antichrist.

    The note, a bit of Internet flotsam that has floated around for months, inaccurately summarizes passages from the Book of Revelation. In fact, it refers to Chapter 13 of the Book of Revelations (sic).

    The e-mail contends the “anti-Christ” will be a man in his 40s who is of Muslim descent and has a massive Christ-like appeal, but will destroy everything when he is in power.

    The e-mail asks the reader, “Do we recognize this description?”

    It also asks readers to post the message as many times “as you can,” including to media outlets.

    “I refuse to take a chance on this unknown candidate who came out of nowhere,” the e-mail said.

    Though the version forwarded by Weber did not mention Obama by name, earlier incarnations do.

    Obama is Christian. The Book of Revelation was written before the prophet Muhammad founded the Islamic religion..........

    well here's a tiny bit of good news

    Internet Radio Bill Passes House

    Voice Vote OKs Webcaster Settlement Act

    (CNET) Web radio stations live to fight another day.

    The House of Representatives has unanimously passed a bill that Web radio stations have painted as life or death for their services.

    The Webcaster Settlement Act, which would allow Internet radio stations to negotiate with the music industry for a royalty rate lower than what Congress mandated last year, passed the House by a voice vote on Saturday.

    Proponents of the bill had predicted a close vote.

    Tim Westergren, founder of Net music service Pandora, said he was elated about triumphing in the House, which came after traditional radio broadcasters withdrew their opposition.

    Dennis Wharton, a spokesman for the National Association of Broadcasters, said Saturday night that Rep. Howard Berman (D-Calif.) had met with representatives of the group and addressed some of their concerns.

    As a result, the NAB dropped its opposition in the House and will not oppose the bill when it moves to the Senate for a vote, either Sunday or Monday (I've written a story about the bill's chances in the Senate and how the NAB was persuaded to drop it's opposition).

    give this a listen. i promise you won't be disappointed.

    Monday, September 29, 2008


    wow, i never even thought of this. sometimes i don’t give picture credits if i link directly to a site i got them from. let’s say something knitted if i’m raving about a particular knitting pattern or the finished food product of a recipe that sounds good to me - or something or other. (i'm usually good on the nutmeg grater (most of the pictures there are local and mine) and ravings of a semi-sane madwoman but i guess i'm NOT too good on the reformed pirate

    in the future i will make sure to note if a picture is NOT mine. i am normally careful about such things, but i guess i thought a direct link to the person’s site featuring the picture was good enough. my intentions were honorable. i was never trying to take credit for the pictures OR steal bandwith (i always d/l them to my hard drive)

    it’s not ok and to those i have offended i apologize. i will be wicked careful in the future.

    oh, that's a self portrait of me. of me BY me

    oh da liebs


    you ignorant sack o' shite. as anyone can tell you, espcially jon stewart and david letterman, mccain didn't hop in his buggy and high tail it back to dc until way AFTER the crisis began. he lied to letterman. he told him he couldn't be on his show becuase he HAD to leave to get back to dc to heal the world. did he go back to dc? not yet. he sat with the vapid ms curic for some kind of interview. did he go back to dc? NOT YET you silly! he stayed overnight in a hotel in nyc. did he go back to dc? well NOT first thing in the morning, but yes, he EVENTUALLY went back to dc to SAVE THE ENTIRE PLANET SINGLE HANDEDY

    Lieberman: McCain 'important' to financial deal
    Sen. Joseph Lieberman said Sunday that Republican presidential candidate John McCain's decision to come off the campaign trail and return to Washington was instrumental to the bipartisan compromise addressing the financial crisis that was forged over the weekend.

    Lieberman, the Connecticut independent and 2000 Democratic vice presidential candidate, said McCain showed "characteristic guts" in making the decision to temporarily suspend his campaign last week as Congress contemplated a $700 billion bailout plan for Wall Street.
    "I honestly don't think that this would had have happened as timely as it did if Sen. McCain had not come back and been a bridgebuilder," Lieberman said to reporters on a conference call Sunday afternoon.

    Democrats have blasted McCain's involvement on Capitol Hill, attacking the Arizona Republican for injecting presidential politics into tense negotiations.

    this is the sort of thing that scares me most of all

    the little town mayors and town council members. the people next door. people like you and me although they are NOT like you and me. they are ignorant and narrow minded and so consumed with their 'god' they cannot open their hearts and act like what they purport a 'REAL CHRISTIAN' should act like

    that's what gets me the most. they do NOT treat their neighbors as they themselves would like to be treated.

    me? hell no. i'm not fair but then again i'm not spouting off about what my god does or doesn't want me to believe

    Mayor 'just curious' if Obama is antichrist

    By STUART WATSON / NewsChannel 36

    FORT MILL, S.C. -- Fort Mill Mayor Danny Funderburk says he was “just curious” when he forwarded a chain e-mail suggesting Democratic Presidential Candidate Barack Obama is the biblical antichrist. “I was just curious if there was any validity to it,” Funderburk said in a telephone interview. “I was trying to get documentation if there was any scripture to back it up.”

    Funderburk apparently sent the e-mail from his business account at Gastonia Sheet Metal where he works as a business agent.

    The e-mail, which has circulated in the last six months since Obama secured the Democratic nomination, claims the biblical book of Revelation says the antichrist will be in his 40s and of Muslim ancestry.

    There is no such scripture. And Obama is not a Muslim. But that hasn’t stopped the e-mail.

    The urban legend Web site Snopes.com first exploded the myth in March. Funderburk forwarded the e-mail this month.

    When asked if he believed Obama was the antichrist, Funderburk replied, “I’ve got absolutely no way of knowing that.”......

    watch it - it's a SCREAM (and yes i DO have a sense of humor

    to protect and serve?

    no, to kick ass (and NOT in a good way) and offend

    Denver cops get T-shirts that mock DNC protesters
    Denver's police union is facing criticism for printing a commemorative T-shirt that makes light of the use of violence by police, particularly in the wake of 154 arrests during the week of Democratic National Convention this past August.

    "We get up early, to beat the crowds," the shirt reads, followed by "2008 DNC." The words flank a grinning police officer holding a baton and wearing a hat with a crossed-out number "68," presumably making reference to activist organization Recreate 68, which staged several anti-war demonstrations during the convention.

    "The people of Denver were assured by the city that it would respect First Amendment rights during the DNC, and that that police officers were being trained to do so. The actions of police during the DNC, which involved numerous violations of people's right to freedom of speech and assembly, put the lie to those promises," said Recreate 68's Glenn Spagnuolo. "And now this appalling, tasteless t-shirt shows why........

    i don't really care if john mccain gambles or not

    i DO care that he regulates or controls or has anything to do with casinos AND native americans in general. i DO care if he's hanging with lobbyists in the gambling field and gambling himself at the same time. i do care if he's controling something he may (or may not be) addicted to.

    (and by the way, there are native americans in connecticut BUT they aren't at foxwoods or mohegan sun if you catch what i'm saying)

    McCain and Team Have Many Ties to Gambling Industry

    by: Jo Becker and Don Van Natta Jr., The New York Times
    Senator John McCain was on a roll. In a room reserved for high-stakes gamblers at the Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut, he tossed $100 chips around a hot craps table. When the marathon session ended around 2:30 a.m., the Arizona senator and his entourage emerged with thousands of dollars in winnings.

    A lifelong gambler, Mr. McCain takes risks, both on and off the craps table. He was throwing dice that night not long after his failed 2000 presidential bid, in which he was skewered by the Republican Party's evangelical base, opponents of gambling. Mr. McCain was betting at a casino he oversaw as a member of the Senate Indian Affairs Committee, and he was doing so with the lobbyist who represents that casino, according to three associates of Mr. McCain.

    The visit had been arranged by the lobbyist, Scott Reed, who works for the Mashantucket Pequot, a tribe that has contributed heavily to Mr. McCain's campaigns and built Foxwoods into the world's second-largest casino. Joining them was Rick Davis, Mr. McCain's current campaign manager. Their night of good fortune epitomized not just Mr. McCain's affection for gambling, but also the close relationship he has built with the gambling industry and its lobbyists during his 25-year career in Congress.

    As a two-time chairman of the Indian Affairs Committee, Mr. McCain has done more than any other member of Congress to shape the laws governing America's casinos, helping to transform the once-sleepy Indian gambling business into a $26-billion-a-year behemoth with 423 casinos across the country. He has won praise as a champion of economic development and self-governance on reservations.............


    (found via wooster collective)

    Sunday, September 28, 2008

    remember when stephen colbert

    was looking for a new black best friend....well let's all join in and help sarevil find a new GAY best friend..

    The search for Sarah Palin's "gay friend"

    By Kathy G.

    The hands-down lamest excuse of Americans attempting to deny accusations of prejudice has long been: "But, some of my best friends are (black/Latino/gay/fill-in-the-blank)."

    In the flurry of news stories that first started coming out about Sarah Palin following John McCain's choice of her as his running mate, it was repeated several times that Palin had a lot of gay friends. Book banner, creationism advocate, global warming denier, foe of gay marriage, fan of forced childbirth for 12-year old rape victims -- hey, Palin may be all those things, but don't you for a minute believe that our Sarah is a religious extremist and a narrow-minded bigot. Why -- she has gay friends! The tidbit about the gay friends seems to have been put out there to make Sarah seem not only "tolerant" but also kinda cool -- as if her friends' gay fabulousness would rub off on her somehow. When it came to teh gays, Palin was a veritable Kathy Griffin -- or so we were supposed to believe........................

    oh goddess help us all

    i didn't know about what happened in west german in the 1980s. i sure as shite am going to do EVERYTHING within my power to make sure it NEVER EVER EVER EVER happens here. it couldn't you say? look what else has happened and is happening here that you thought never could

    i want the right of CHOICE for ALL of my sisters. their bodies are their own. we can NOT let someone else's ideas rape our bodies

    If Roe Goes, Our State Will Be Worse Than You Think

    By Linda Hirshman

    In the 1980s, when abortion was severely limited in then-West Germany, border guards sometimes required German women returning from foreign trips to undergo vaginal examinations to make sure that they hadn't illegally terminated a pregnancy while they were abroad. According to news stories and other accounts, the guards would stop young women and ask them about drugs, then look for evidence of abortion, such as sanitary pads or nightgowns, in their cars, and eventually force them to undergo a medical examination -- as West German law empowered them to do.

    Sounds like a nightmare of a police state, doesn't it? Like something that could never happen in this day and age -- and certainly not in the United States? But depending upon the outcome of this presidential election, it could happen here. This is how.

    Republican presidential candidate John McCain opposes abortion, believing that life begins at conception. Imagine that he's elected to the White House and, not long after, one of the aging Supreme Court justices dies or resigns..........

    we do NOT torture

    except when we DO torture. we should be ashamed. we are no better than THEY are. we are now the beast

    Rice admits officials approved 'harsh interrogation techniques'
    David Edwards and Muriel Kane

    Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice recently became the first Bush administration official to admit that high-level discussions of the use of torture had taken place in 2002 and 2003.

    According to a written statement provided to the Senate Armed Services Committee earlier this month and released on Wednesday by committee chairman Sen. Carl Levin (D-MI), officials were told that waterboarding and other "harsh interrogation measures" routinely used in a survival training program for US soldiers would not cause "significant" harm if used on prisoners.

    Rice's statement is the first acknowledgment of those meetings by any of the officials involved. Rice did not name the other officials who were present, but reports last spring based on anonymous sources mentioned Vice President Dick Cheney, then-Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, then-Secretary of State Colin Powell, and then-Attorney General John Ashcroft........

    i'm growing weary of article after article

    pieces of evidence after pieces of evidence. she is pure unadulterated evil AND a f**king stupid liar too. (like we can't check out what she says)

    The Odd Lies Of Sarah Palin XIV: What Trade Missions To Russia?

    Andrew Sullivan

    By now, the pattern is familiar. Palin responds to a question she fears reveals something she wants to conceal and lies:

    COURIC: Have you ever been involved with any negotiations, for example, with the Russians?

    PALIN: We have trade missions back and forth. We -- we do -- it's very important when you consider even national security issues with Russia as Putin rears his head and comes into the air space of the United States of America, where -- where do they go? It's Alaska. It's just right over the border. It is -- from Alaska that we send those out to make sure that an eye is being kept on this very powerful nation, Russia, because they are right there.

    There is no evidence of her conducting any trade missions with Russia:

    I spent some time on the Governor's Web site seeking more details about her trade negotiations with Russia. There's a press release about Gov. Palin's meeting with a trade mission from the Yukon, but nothing about Russia anywhere in the archives.,,,,,,,

    she really IS a moronic DICK

    REALLY (and don't even think of telling me otherwise)

    i can't WAIT for the debate. i've been avoiding them, but this one i WANT to see

    Palin's Stand on Mining Initiative Leaves Many Feeling Burned

    Washington Post Staff Writer
    For months, the confrontation mounted, a face-off that arguably held in the balance the fates of two of Alaska's biggest industries. On one side were companies hoping to open Pebble Mine at a huge gold and copper reserve adjacent to one of the world's largest salmon runs, Bristol Bay. On the other side were fishermen and environmentalists pushing a referendum that would make it harder for the mine to open.

    The two sides spent more than $10 million -- unprecedented for such efforts in Alaska -- and throughout it all, the state's highly popular first-term governor, Sarah Palin, held back. Alaska law forbids state officials from using state resources to advocate on ballot initiatives.

    Then, six days before the Aug. 26 vote, with the race looking close, Palin broke her silence. Asked about the initiative at a news conference, she invoked "personal privilege" to give an opinion. "Let me take my governor's hat off for just a minute here and tell you, personally, Prop. 4 -- I vote no on that," she said. "I have all the confidence in the world that [the Department of Environmental Conservation] and our [Department of Natural Resources] have great, very stringent regulations and policies already in place. We're going to make sure that mines operate only safely, soundly."

    Palin's comments rocked the contest. Within a day, the pro-mining coalition fighting the referendum had placed full-page ads with a picture of the governor and the word "NO." The initiative went down to defeat, with 57 percent of voters rejecting it...........