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Friday, July 27, 2007

the BEST part is

they (da liebs, non-evangelical christians, jews, etc) don't seem to know OR care, these right-wing BIGOTS really WANT the non-evangelical christians, jews, da liebs and everyone else who is NOT them TO DIE AND BURN IN HELL. they don't give two flying yoo hoos about israel OR the jews or hindus or muslims or other christians or pagans or gays or people of color or on and on and on and on. other than they think that's where (israel) their imaginary friend lil' jesus is going to meet them AFTER armageddon and bring them on to total and complete rapture.

wake up wake up wake up. do you REALLY want this bunch o' crackpots (who wish you destroyed in life then burning in hell in death) as your buds?

(GREAT video at the link too. watch it)

Rapture Ready: The Unauthorized Christians United for Israel Tour

-max bluementhal

On July 16, I attended Christians United for Israel's annual Washington-Israel Summit. Founded by San Antonio-based megachurch pastor John Hagee, CUFI has added the grassroots muscle of the Christian right to the already potent Israel lobby. Hagee and his minions have forged close ties with the Bush White House and members of Congress from Sen. Joseph Lieberman to Sen. John McCain. In its call for a unilateral military attack on Iran and the expansion of Israeli territory, CUFI has found unwavering encouragement from traditional pro-Israel groups like AIPAC and elements of the Israeli government.
But CUFI has an ulterior agenda: its support for Israel derives from the belief of Hagee and his flock that Jesus will return to Jerusalem after the battle of Armageddon and cleanse the earth of evil. In the end, all the non-believers - Jews, Muslims, Hindus, mainline Christians, etc. - must convert or suffer the torture of eternal damnation. Over a dozen CUFI members eagerly revealed to me their excitement at the prospect of Armageddon occurring tomorrow. Among the rapture ready was Republican Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay. None of this seemed to matter to Lieberman, who delivered a long sermon hailing Hagee as nothing less than a modern-day Moses. Lieberman went on to describe Hagee's flock as "even greater than the multitude Moses commanded." ..............

what???????? this is shocking!

shocking i tell ya! al-qaeda in iraq had NOTHING to do with 9/11? al-qaeda in iraq really isn't a big threat to the united states (like al-qaeda in OTHER places is)? WHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTT?

that's NOT what king georgie keeps on tellin' us.

Analyst counters Bush on Al Qaeda Says biggest threat is in S. Asia, not Iraq

By Bryan Bender, Globe Staff July 26, 2007
WASHINGTON -- A day after President Bush sought to present evidence showing that Iraq is now the main battlefront against Al Qaeda, the chief US intelligence analyst for international terrorism told Congress that the network's growing ranks in Pakistan and Afghanistan pose a more immediate threat to the United States.
In rare testimony before two House committees, Edward Gistaro, the national intelligence officer for transnational threats, said that Al Qaeda terrorists operating in South Asia are better equipped to attack the United States than the network's followers in Iraq are.
Asked which arm of Al Qaeda concerned him the most, Gistaro told a joint session of the House armed services and intelligence panels that it was South Asia.
"The primary concern is in Al Qaeda in South Asia organizing its own plots against the United States," he said. Al Qaeda planned the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks from its bases in Afghanistan.
The top leaders of the terrorist network, Gistaro added, are "able to exploit the comfort zone in the tribal areas" of Pakistan and Afghanistan and are "bringing people in to train for Western operations.".....

cool photo of the day

the sins of my father are NOT my sins

well it seems like the sins of king george's father and grandfather ARE his sins. apple didn't fall TOO far from the tree, heh?

The Whitehouse Coup

..........The coup was aimed at toppling President Franklin D Roosevelt with the help of half-a-million war veterans. The plotters, who were alleged to involve some of the most famous families in America, (owners of Heinz, Birds Eye, Goodtea, Maxwell Hse & George Bush’s Grandfather, Prescott) believed that their country should adopt the policies of Hitler and Mussolini to beat the great depression.Mike Thomson investigates why so little is known about this biggest ever peacetime threat to American democracy.........

has anyone seen a swarm of 40,000 bees?

they're missing............

Canadian Mounties chase rebel bees after hive coup d'etat

not to worry though. dudly do-right is on the case!

even though this is from a conservative blog

i HAD to link to it since i LOVED the title

It's Time To Take Fredo Out Fishing

aw so now we find out we employ slave labor (surprise surprise)

and what will be done about this? the same thing that's done about EVERYTHING king george and his good ol' boys touch. NADA

the king george and his court motto: AT ANY COST

(and they DO mean ANY cost including the lives of a few thousand american men and women AND the united states constitution)

Foreign Workers Abused at Embassy, Panel Told

By William Branigin Washington Post Staff Writer

Two American civilian contractors who worked on a massive U.S. Embassy construction project in Baghdad told Congress yesterday that foreign laborers were deceptively recruited and trafficked to Iraq to toil at the site, where they experienced physical abuse and substandard working conditions.
State Department officials disputed the charges, telling a House committee that inspections had not substantiated the worst reported abuses.
The accounts were delivered at a hearing of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform on allegations of waste, fraud and abuse in the construction of a huge new U.S. Embassy in Baghdad at a cost of nearly $600 million. The embassy, slated to be the largest U.S. diplomatic mission in the world, is being built by a Kuwaiti firm, First Kuwaiti General Trading & Contracting Co., which was awarded the contract after no U.S. company would meet the terms, the committee was told..........

are we going to have to wait for god

herself to actually say, 'gonz, you giant weenie, YOU LIED' before the gonz not only steps down but for the american people demand actual true justice?

FBI Director Contradicts Gonzales Testimony

By Dan Eggen and Paul KaneWashington Post Staff Writer and Washingtonpost.com Staff Writer

FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III has contradicted the sworn testimony of his boss, Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales, by telling Congress that a prominent warrantless surveillance program was the subject of a dramatic legal debate within the Bush administration.
Mueller's testimony appears to mark the first public confirmation from a Bush administration official that the National Security Agency's Terrorist Surveillance Program was at issue in an unusual nighttime visit by Gonzales to the hospital bedside of then-Attorney General John D. Ashcroft, then under sedation and recovering from surgery.........

Thursday, July 26, 2007


PROVIDENCE, Rhode Island (AP) -- Oscar the cat seems to have an uncanny knack for predicting when nursing home patients are going to die, by curling up next to them during their final hours.

His accuracy, observed in 25 cases, has led the staff to call family members once he has chosen someone. It usually means the patient has less than four hours to live.
Oscar the cat doesn't like to be put out in the hall when a patient is dying.

"He doesn't make too many mistakes. He seems to understand when patients are about to die," Dr. David Dosa said in an interview. He describes the phenomenon in a poignant essay in Thursday's issue of the New England Journal of Medicine.
"Many family members take some solace from it. They appreciate the companionship that the cat provides for their dying loved one," said Dosa, a geriatrician and assistant professor of medicine at Brown University.
The 2-year-old feline was adopted as a kitten and grew up in a third-floor dementia unit at the Steere House Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. The facility treats people with Alzheimer's, Parkinson's disease and other illnesses.
After about six months, the staff noticed Oscar would make his own rounds, just like the doctors and nurses. He'd sniff and observe patients, then sit beside people who would wind up dying in a few hours.
Dosa said Oscar seems to take his work seriously and is generally aloof. "This is not a cat that's friendly to people," he said............


very interesting indeed!

Va. Paper Gets Scoop on Iraqi V.P. Who Hid Details of Bodyguard's Death

NEW YORK Iraqi Vice President Adil Abdul-Mahdi tried to hide details of the shooting death of one of his personal bodyguards, including information about the U.S.-based private security contractor suspected in the incident, according to records obtained by a newspaper.Abdul-Mahdi assured then-U.S. ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad that "he had tried to keep the issue from the public eye and had not disclosed to the press the nationality of the suspect," according to a Jan. 8 memo sent by the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad to U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.The memo was obtained by The Virginian-Pilot newspaper through a Freedom of Information Act request.No one has been charged in the Christmas Eve shooting of Abdul-Mahdi's bodyguard. The State Department has said a private contractor shot and killed the officer, while North Carolina-based Blackwater USA has said one of its employees was involved in the incident.According to the memo, Khalilzad told Abdul-Mahdi, one of Iraq's two vice presidents, the embassy was working with Blackwater to "achieve an adequate offer of compensation."...........

you sort of have to laugh

even though it's NOT funny, it IS funny
a bunch o' buffoons
Gonzales Stumped Over Authority Granted to Cheney to Intervene in Justice Probes

By Michael Roston, Raw Story.

.........Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) questioned the Attorney General about the independence of the Justice Department and communications with the White House on pending cases or investigations.............

..............."What -- on earth -- business does the Office of the Vice President have in the internal workings of the Department of Justice with respect to criminal investigations, civil investigations, and ongoing matters?" the Senator asked.
Gonzales was stumped, "As a general matter, I would say that's a good question."............

even these two

my polar opposites think king george and his court are wreaking havoc on america. now and for YEARS to come. sure it's only on one issue, but like the previous posting, it's a start. are we brutes and savages? i ask you that

War Crimes and the White House
The Dishonor in a Tortured New 'Interpretation' of the Geneva Conventions

By P.X. Kelley and Robert F. Turner

One of us was appointed commandant of the Marine Corps by President Ronald Reagan; the other served as a lawyer in the Reagan White House and has vigorously defended the constitutionality of warrantless National Security Agency wiretaps, presidential signing statements and many other controversial aspects of the war on terrorism. But we cannot in good conscience defend a decision that we believe has compromised our national honor and that may well promote the commission of war crimes by Americans and place at risk the welfare of captured American military forces for generations to come.
The Supreme Court
held in Hamdan v. Rumsfeld last summer that all detainees captured in the war on terrorism are protected by Common Article 3 of the 1949 Geneva Conventions, which prescribes minimum standards of treatment for all persons who are no longer taking an active part in an armed conflict not of an international character. It provides that "in all circumstances" detainees are to be "treated humanely."............

i have a finding for you

and there's no red tape. you don't have to wait for my finding, i'll give it to you right now.

CUT OUT AL THE BULLSHITE AND THE DEAD WOOD AND GET OUR VETERANS (and i mean ALL of our vets, not just those from iraq and afghanistan) THE CARE THEY NEED RIGHT NOW. fire the asses of those not doing their jobs. get people in there who know what they're doing (they are out there). stop giving bonus money to those in administration that do NOT deserve it. make it EASY for our heroes

Overhaul Urged in Care for Soldiers
Dole-Shalala Commission Wants Bush to Act Quickly

By Steve Vogel Washington Post Staff Writer

A presidential commission examining the care given to wounded U.S. service members yesterday recommended "fundamental changes" aimed at simplifying the military's convoluted health-care bureaucracy and overhauling the veterans disability system for the first time in more than half a century.
The commission, led by former senator
Robert J. Dole (R-Kan.) and former Health and Human Services secretary Donna E. Shalala, met with President Bush at the White House yesterday morning to brief him on their findings and to press him for quick action. "We left there feeling the ball's in their court now," Dole said............

is someone's ass FINALLY going to fry?

NOT the biggest ones (yet) but we can only hope this is a start. i don't even think the us attorney shite is the biggest crap king george and his court have foist upon us. i think there has been treason, war crimes, crimes against humanity, the slow but sure dissolution of our constitution. if we can start with the us attorneys, i hope we can end with their ugly old white asses in jail (ALL of 'em)

House Panel Backs Citing Bush Aides for Contempt

By Dan Eggen and Paul Kane Washington Post Staff Writer and Washingtonpost.com Staff Writer

The House Judiciary Committee voted yesterday to issue contempt citations for two of President Bush's closest aides, moving nearer to a constitutional confrontation with the White House over access to information about the Justice Department's dismissal of nine U.S. attorneys.
The panel voted 22 to 17, along party lines, to issue citations to
Joshua B. Bolten, White House chief of staff, and Harriet E. Miers, former White House counsel. Both refused to comply with committee subpoenas after Bush declared that documents and testimony related to the prosecutor firings are protected by executive privilege..........

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

please look at this photo essay

and read the accompanying article

Photo Essay by Lana Šlezić
Text by Elizabeth Gettelman

Twenty-four-year-old Shaima Rezayee hosted a popular music show on Tolo TV. She was strong, independent, unmarried, and she refused to wear the burka. In 2005 her sister found her dead in her Kabul apartment, shot in the head. Rezayee's brothers were charged with her murder-a rarity, as few are ever prosecuted for honor killings.

oh joni please say it isn't true!

(i've NEVER had a starbucks, never been IN a starbucks and i plan on never going in one in the future). joni has always been a favorite of mine. she's in my top ten. well, top five, i like her that much. she never got her due. i don't think people understand what she is capable of. she WAS a 'folk singer'. now she is so very much more.

Singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell is to follow in the footsteps of Sir Paul McCartney by releasing her next album through the coffee chain Starbucks.
Shine, Mitchell's first collection of new material since 1998, will be released on 25 September.
McCartney's album, Memory Almost Full, was released last month by Hear Music, the label set up by Starbucks and the Concord Music Group.
It was played relentlessly in the chain's stores, selling 447,000 copies.

blue............songs are like tattoos. you know i've been to sea before. crown and anchor me or let me sail awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

cactus tree........There's a man who's been out sailing In a decade full of dreams And he takes her to a schooner And he treats her like a queen Bearing beads from California With their amber stones and green He has called her from the harbor He has kissed her with his freedom He has heard her off to starboard In the breaking and the breathing Of the water weeds While she was busy being free ......

that song about the midway.......I met you on a midway at a fair last year And you stood out like a ruby in a black man's ear You were playing on the horses, you were playing on the guitar strings You were playing like a devil wearing wings, wearing wings You looked so grand wearing wings Do you tape them to your shoulders just to sing .......

raised on robbery (which of course contains one of my all time favorite lines).......He was sitting in the lounge of the Empire Hotel He was drinking for diversion He was thinking for himself A little money riding on the Maple Leafs Along comes a lady in lacy sleeves She says let me sit down You know, drinkin' alone's a shame It's a shame it's a crying shame Look at those jokers Glued to that damn hockey game Hey honey-you've got lots of cash Bring us round a bottle And we'll have some laughs Gin's what I'm drinking I was raised on robbery I'm a pretty good cook I'm sitting on my groceries Come up to my kitchen I'll show you my best recipe ...........

coyote...........Coyote's in the coffee shop He's staring a hole in his scrambled eggs He picks up my scent on his fingers While he's watching the waitresses' legs He's too far from the Bay of Fundy From appaloosas and eagles and tides And the air conditioned cubicles And the carbon ribbon rides Are spelling it out so clear Either he's going to have to stand and fight Or take off out of here I tried to run away myself To run away and wrestle with my ego And with this flameYou put here in this Eskimo In this hitcher In this prisoner Of the fine white lines...........

talk to me........There was a moon and a street lamp I didn't know I drank such a lot Till I pissed a tequila anaconda The full length of the parking lot! Oh I talk too loose Again I talk too open and free I pay a high price for my open talking Like you do for your silent mystery.

the jungle line......Rousseau walks on trumpet paths Safaris to the heart of all that jazz Through I-bars and girders, through wires and pipes The mathematic circuits of the modern nights Through huts through Harlem through jails and gospel pews Through the class on Park and the trash on Vine Through Europe and the deep deep heart of Dixie blueThrough savage progress cuts the jungle line.....

shadows and light.....Every picture has its shadows And it has some source of light Blindness blindness and sight The perils of benefactors The blessings of parasites Blindness blindness and sight Threatened by all things Devil of cruelty Drawn to all things Devil of delight Mythical devil of the ever-present laws Governing blindness blindness and sight.....

By Andrew Walker
Having vowed never to record again, one of pop's most lauded singer-songwriters, Joni Mitchell, is returning with a new album this year. A tribute album is also due for release and Radio 2 was recently granted a rare interview. Is this the resurfacing of just another rock relic or that rare event: a comeback worth waiting for?
Not one to shy away from controversy, our Joni. "To enjoy my music, you need depth and emotionality," she recently told one interviewer. "Those two traits are bred out of the white, straight males who control the press."
That's not to say she has much time for feminists either. In the same interview she called them "amazons", adding that the women's movement "created an aggressive-type female with a sense of entitlement that's a bit of a monster". .....

(all lyrics by joni. portrait by joni as well. cover photo from hejira. i love the photo on the BACK even more though. i love her very much indeed......)

who isn't a lying weasel (no offense to weasels)?

i am so angry at (most of) the democrats WE elected to both congress and the senate. they're just sitting on their asses. talking the talk but NOT backing it up with actions. something MUST be done about king george and his court and it must be started RIGHT NOW. they've piled on the injustices and illegal activities. they've lied, gotten caught and NOT CARED because they knew no one had the stones to stop them. they're ripping up our constitution and very few are trying to stop them. my head is hung in shame

Congressman John Conyers Betrays the American People

by Medea Benjamin
I remember before the 2006 election being at a fundraiser in Los Angeles for the Democratic Party when one of the featured guests was Rep. John Conyers. The issue of impeachment came up and the crowed roared in approval when Conyers said that if the Democrats took control of Congress, he would become head of the powerful House Judiciary Committee and would initiate impeachment proceedings. That, he said, was one of the reasons why it was so important to go all out to get Democrats elected.
Fast forward to July 23, 2007. About 300 of us gathered at Arlington Cemetery, convened by peace mom Cindy Sheehan, to march to Cong. Conyers office to demand that seven months after coming to power, he fulfill his promise about initiating impeachment proceedings. Shouting “Conyers, Conyers need a reason? Torture, lies, war and treason,” the angry crowd packed the halls outside the Congressman’s office while Cindy, former CIA analyst Ray McGovern and former Conyers’ protégé Reverend Yearwood met with the Congressman inside.
A hour later, they emerged stone-faced and disillusioned. Cindy said that Conyers had told them that “impeachment isn’t going to happen because we don’t have the votes” and that “our only recourse was to work to get a Democrat in the White House.” The crowd booed and 45 people sat down inside and outside Conyers’ office. They were arrested by the Capitol Police as the supporters shouted “Shame on Conyers” and “Arrest Bush and Cheney, not the peacemakers.”.....

John Conyers Is No Martin Luther King
by Ray McGovern
What do Rep. John Conyers, D-Michigan, chair of the House Committee on the Judiciary, and President George W. Bush have in common? They both think they can dis Cindy Sheehan and count on gossip columnists like the Washington Post’s David Milbank to trivialize a historic moment.
I’ll give this to President Bush. He makes no pretense when he disses. He would not meet with Sheehan to define for her the “noble cause” for which her son Casey died or tell her why he had said it was “worth it.”
Conyers, on the other hand, was dripping with pretense as he met with Sheehan, Rev. Lennox Yearwood and me Monday in his office in the Rayburn building. I have seldom been so disappointed with someone I had previously held in high esteem. And before leaving, I told him so.
Throwing salt in our wounds, he had us, and some 50 others in his anteroom arrested and taken out of action as the Capitol Police “processed” us for the next six hours.
As we began our discussion with Conyers, it was as though he thought we were “born yesterday,” as Harry Truman would put it. With feigned enthusiasm he began, Let’s hold a Town Hall meeting in Detroit so we can talk about impeachment. Get out my schedule; let’s see, we need to hear from everyone about this.
Been there, done that, I reminded the congressman...........

well i know it

and i am aware of several others that know it. but the article is correct. i don't think the american public knows it OR they just don't care.

i care. i want the truth. not some pre-packaged bullshite. bullshite to incite (you'd think we'd learn out lessons after the 'weapons of mass destruction' wouldn't you?) us to go to war with iran

How Many American People Know their News Comes with a Hidden Agenda

A. Alexander, July 24th, 2007

How many Americans are capable of understanding that most of their news is being presented with a hidden agenda? Probably not many, but, assuming they hope to maintain their democracy, they had better figure it out. In early 2007, the Bush administration replaced the nation's intelligence chief and did the same with the military leadership in Iraq. In May, General Bergner, a former special assistant to the president, was sent to Iraq to serve as a military spokesman. Each passing month, since the changes have been made, has resulted in an escalation of claims that Iran is somehow intimately linked to attacks on U.S. forces inside Iraq. Interestingly, it is General Bergner, the onetime Bush administration insider, who makes most of the Iranian-related accusations.That is an interesting development, isn't it? It is almost as though, perhaps, someone is trying to sell somebody on a war with Iran............

i liked the title of this story

Alberto Gonzales' Pants Are On Fire

i'm sorry

you're just not important enough for us to honor you as an individual. sure you gave your life but so effing what?

On Army Base, a Plea to Give Each Death Its Due

FORT LEWIS, Wash. — Twenty soldiers deployed to Iraq from this Army base were killed in May, a monthly high. That same month, the base announced a change in how it would honor its dead: instead of units holding services after each death, they would be held collectively once a month.
The anger and hurt were immediate. Soldiers’ families and veterans protested the change as cold and logistics-driven. Critics online said the military was trying to repress bad news about deaths. By mid-June, the base had delayed the plan.
[Its commander, Lt. Gen. Charles H. Jacoby, was expected to decide Wednesday whether to go through with it.]
“If I lost my husband at the beginning of the month, what do you do, wait until the end of the month?” asked Toni Shanyfelt, who said her husband was serving one of multiple tours in Iraq. “I don’t know if it’s more convenient for them, or what, but that’s insane.”...........


pure evil

A man walked up to Dick Cheney, calmly told him he thought his Iraq policy was reprehensible, and walked away. A few minutes later he was arrested by the Secret Service, in front of his 8-year-old son, for "assault".When he asked what would happen to his child, the Secret Service said, "He can be sent to Child Services." Luckily, the boy found his mother and was safe.But the citizen who practiced his free speech spent a few hours in jail before he was released.This is a story that was just told by Matthew Rothschild on Thom Hartmann's radio show...................

(another in a long line of , 'constitution, WE DON'T NEED NO STINKIN' CONSTITUTION')

once again i must wonder - i AM perplexed

WHO ARE these 35% who STILL FAVOR king george? i ask myself not only WHO but WHY. over and over i ask myself, i say, 'a rose is a rose, WHY???????????????????????'. then i pour myself a stoli and fire up a butt

Disfavor for Bush Hits Rare Heights
In Modern Era, Only Nixon Scored Worse, And Only Truman Was Down for So Long

By Peter BakerWashington Post Staff Writer

President Bush is a competitive guy. But this is one contest he would rather lose. With 18 months left in office, he is in the running for most unpopular president in the history of modern polling.
The latest
Washington Post-ABC News survey shows that 65 percent of Americans disapprove of Bush's job performance, matching his all-time low. In polls conducted by The Post or Gallup going back to 1938, only once has a president exceeded that level of public animosity -- and that was Richard M. Nixon, who hit 66 percent four days before he resigned.
The historic depth of Bush's public standing has whipsawed his White House, sapped his clout, drained his advisers, encouraged his enemies and jeopardized his legacy. Around the White House, aides make gallows-humor jokes about how they can alienate their remaining supporters -- at least those aides not heading for the door. Outside the White House, many former aides privately express anger and bitterness at their erstwhile colleagues, Bush and the fate of his presidency..........

i want to know

how the HELL they FIND ANY civilians to work in iraq. hell, i want to know how they're finding young men and women to join the military these days at all... well we all know the kinds of treatement some of our wounded vets are receiving (or NOT as the case may be). so wounded civilians NOT getting care comes as NO shock

Service Civilians and the Wounds of War
Many Fill Vital Roles in Iraq, but Medical Care Can Be Spotty

By Ann Scott Tyson Washington Post Staff Writer
Traveling through Sunni insurgent territory north of Baghdad, the U.S. military convoy was nearing a base when a roadside bomb ripped into the lead Humvee, leaving its gunner, Mike Helms, bleeding and swaying from a strap in the open back.
Helms, 31, a civilian counterintelligence expert with the Army's 902nd Military Intelligence Group, had been sent to Iraq in 2004 to help fill a critical intelligence gap in the area known as the Sunni Triangle. While in Iraq, he lived with soldiers and ate military rations, took fire from mortar rounds and small arms, and clocked hundreds of miles manning a machine gun on the back of a Humvee.

Nevertheless, his status as an Army civilian would leave him stranded in the aftermath of the June 16, 2004, attack, when the bomb hit his Humvee so hard it blew his M-60 off its turret.......

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

the nutmeg grater: a connecticut librarian has proof the gonz lied#links#links

the nutmeg grater: a connecticut librarian has proof the gonz lied#links#links

well he sounds PERFECT for the job

if you're king george and nominated him that is. yet ANOTHER stunning choice the king has made. one more in a LONGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG line

Former Justice Dept. workers ask senators to block Bush's EEOC nominee

By Greg Gordon McClatchy Newspapers
who do we believe? this......

WASHINGTON — President Bush's nominee to serve on the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission was himself the subject of at least one complaint of employee abuse in his supervisory role at the Justice Department, eight former department civil rights employees charged Monday.
In a letter asking key senators to block the nomination, the former employees also charged that David Palmer's work in the department's employment litigation section was of poor quality and that he was reprimanded for one performance lapse.
The former employees, including three ex-deputy chiefs of the section, charged that Palmer's "work performance was well below the high standards expected of Department of Justice attorneys."

They said that, as section chief since 2002, Palmer undermined the unit's mission of securing the employment rights of women and minorities in the public sector, while defending employers' rights to discriminate based on religion...........

or do we believe THIS:

...........But White House spokeswoman Emily Lawrimore said that during almost two decades as a Justice Department employee, Palmer "has been widely respected as a knowledgeable attorney who possesses a strong work ethic and sincere commitment to equal justice for all Americans.".................

ok, here is a GIANT load o' steamin' shite

who wudda thunk it? playing the race card to defend someone who is a subhuman animal torturer?

i've written about vick twice (once earlier today). i've written about animal abusers WAY more than twice. MOST of whom had skin the color of new fallen snow (well you get my drift so to speak). the pig and dog fights i wrote about yesterday (the video was rife with WHITE faces, nary a person of color in sight) had no color attached to them.

want to bring color into this? WELL I EFFING DON'T. ANYONE that tortures animals is beyond redemption and the scum of the earth.

this goes to labs to bull fights to cock fighting to some little effed up kid setting his (almost always male) neighbor's cat on fire.

THEY ARE ALL SICK F**KS PERIOD. how DARE you make this about the color of vick's skin or what goes on or doesn't go on in the 'ghetto' (by the way, vick's house is HARDLY the 'ghetto'). IT'S NOT

Tossing Vick and Young Blacks to the Dogs

By Earl Ofari Hutchinson, New America Media
Professional dog fighting is a big, and expanding international business that’s way out of the reach of most poor young blacks.

West Virginia Senator Robert Byrd trembled with rage on the Senate floor as he lashed out at the barbarity of dog fighting. Byrd, a well-known inveterate animal lover, didn’t mention star Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick by name in his animal defending tirade. Vick has been indicted on federal charges linked to gambling and dog fighting. But Massachusetts Senator John Kerry did mention Vick. He demanded that the NFL suspend Vick. There was no hint that they singled out Vick for attack for any reason other than that they were enraged that a high profile athlete had abused animals and thereby sullied sport.
But the Humane Society of America, the legion of animal rights groups, and a handful of sports commentators that want Vick’s head skipped the racial subtleties and virtually declared that dog fighting is the “sport” of the ghetto, glorified by rappers, indulged in with bloody relish by gang members, and now by black athletes like Vick.......

i'm with you cindy

i'm NO big fan of DO NOTHING nancy pelosi. she has no stones and most of the OTHER democrats (with a few exceptions of course) have NO stones.

we want king george and his immoral injust constitution-ignoring administration OUT. we want this war STOPPED. we want our men and women home AND medically cared for.

cindy, kick some ass

Cindy Sheehan announces she'll run against Nancy Pelosi

Nick Juliano and Michael Roston

Anti-Iraq War activist Cindy Sheehan announced in Washington on Monday afternoon that she would challenge Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in the 2008 Congressional election.
"The Democrats will not hold this administration accountable so we have to hold them accountable, and I for one will step up to the plate and run against Nancy Pelosi," Sheehan told a cheering crowd outside Rep. John Conyers' office on Capitol Hill.
Sheehan brought a petition calling for the impeachment of President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney to Conyers, D-Mich., chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. Pro-impeachment organizers gathered more than 1 million signatures for the petition, Sheehan said...........

good he should be ostracized

by everyone on the face of the earth. he's evil (if proven guilty of course. but how can one have that many dogs, have that many dog carcus on their land and NOT be aware? answer: one can't. not only does one KNOW, ONE SUPPORTS IT. that makes ONE EVIL) . when someone does this sort of thing (animal abuse) they ARE not human.
i will never in a kazillion years understand how ANYONE can not only stand around and see an animal suffer, but actually ENJOY it

Vick Ordered by Goodell To Stay Away From Camp
QB's Playing Status Yet to Be Determined

By Mark Maske Washington Post Staff Writer
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell yesterday ordered quarterback Michael Vick not to report to training camp with the Atlanta Falcons until the league has reviewed his legal troubles stemming from federal dogfighting charges.
Vick's playing status is to be determined by Goodell, and the NFL gave no timetable for the decision other than to announce that the review would be completed "as soon as possible."

"While it is for the criminal justice system to determine your guilt or innocence, it is my responsibility as commissioner of the National Football League to determine whether your conduct, even if not criminal, nonetheless violated league policies, including the personal conduct policy," Goodell wrote Vick in a letter yesterday, according to an NFL statement.................

mr broumand YOU'RE frustrated?

imagine how WE feel! at least you got to say a couple of words to our king. ok ok ok, i know he didn't listen to you. he didn't let you talk, he asked and answered his own questions. WAIT A MINUTE. IT WAS LIKE YOU WEREN'T EVEN THERE!

Business Owner Welcomes Bush, But Not His Ideas on Health Care

By Christopher Lee Washington Post Staff Writer

The entrepreneur who hosted President Bush last week for a roundtable discussion on health care and small business said yesterday that he could barely get a word in as Bush opined on children's health insurance and other health topics.
If he had, Clifton Broumand would have told the president he disagreed with him on most of it, he said.

"He answered his own questions," said Broumand, who gave Bush a tour of Man & Machine Inc., the Landover-based medical computer accessory company he founded 25 years ago. "I thought the whole concept was to ask us, so I was a little bit frustrated. I would have liked the opportunity to give him my viewpoint, rather than him knowing the answer."......

and then there is THIS:

.........Tony Fratto, a White House spokesman, said the fact that Broumand disagrees with the president shows that the administration does not stack Bush's public events with partisans.............

which of course is BULLSHITE. yes, so you have ONE person, ONE, mr broumand who is NOT a fan of king george. well ONE person out of how many you usually surround the king with? we all know what the king's popularity rating is. it's LOW. it's under 30%. so the law of averages says 70% of the real peeps king george meets, disagree with him and/or DON'T LIKE HIM. yet all we see is ONE. NOT one PERCENT. ONE PERSON. mr broumand. 'splain that to me lucy

Monday, July 23, 2007

these people are sick pieces of steamin' shite

(an awful LOT of that going on).

how ANYONE can do this or watch this AND bring their children to see this is beyond my comprehension.

this is NOT hunting (i'm not FOR hunting either mind you but this is far and away evil)

hog dogging

i must caution you about the video (if you click the link). it is not for the faint hearted OR actually those WITH a heart

mcdonalds, subway, a bag of pistachios and breasts

that's now how (they want us to believe) detainees at gitmo are being interrogated.

number one - i wonder to myself. why are they offering subway and micky Ds? aren't most if not all of the 'detainees' muslims who observe strict halal meat laws? shows just how much we DON'T know about 'friendly persuasion' doesn't it?

i believe this is happening. a kinder gentler interrogation. i also am not naive enough to believe for ONE SECOND stricter and harsher methods of interrogation have been put aside.

don't get me wrong. ANY and ALL (including DOMESTIC TERRORISTS LIKE THOSE WHO BOMB ABORTION CLINICS) terrorists deserved to be locked up and punished to THE FULL EXTENT OF THE LAW. what i also believe in is OUR CONSTITUTION AND THE GENEVA CONVENTION

at any rate, i found this piece of steamin' propaganda most interesting in an effed up sort of way of course

Pistachios at Guantanamo

By Jackson Diehl

GUANTANAMO BAY, Cuba -- Via a monitoring camera, I saw a snippet of an interrogation session here one day last week inside one of the high-security complexes where foreign detainees are held. No faces were visible, but I glimpsed the jingling bracelets, open-toed sandals and skirts of two young women, who were seated in soft leather chairs around a table with a man in prison garb. One woman was the interrogator; the other was a translator. The means of persuasion, apart from the evident feminine charm, was a generous bag of pistachios -- a usually unavailable treat.
Yes, I was on a tour organized by
the Pentagon; but no, the scene I witnessed was not a staged departure from a norm of pressure and pain. Rather, it was a sign of what five years of experience have taught Guantanamo's interrogators about the most effective means of collecting intelligence from the "enemy combatants" captured in the fight against al-Qaeda. "Most of the productivity we see over time," said a top intelligence official, "comes from the milk of human kindness."...........


we don't need no stinkin' constitution!!!
i need to know, i want to know, how the hell they keep getting away with this shite

When executive privilege becomes executive disdain

The Bush administration, which has been pushing presidential power to new extremes, is reportedly developing an even more dangerous new theory of executive privilege. It says that if Congress holds White House officials in contempt for withholding important evidence in the U.S. attorney scandal, the Justice Department simply will not pursue the charges. This stance tears at the fabric of the Constitution and upends the rule of law.
Congress has a constitutional right to investigate the purge of nine U.S. attorneys last year. And there is no doubt that the investigation has unearthed improprieties: Several administration officials have already admitted illegal or improper actions involving the politicization of the country's chief law enforcement agency.
But the administration has been extraordinarily defiant toward Congress' legitimate requests for information. The low point came recently when Harriet Miers, the former White House counsel, refused even to show up in response to a congressional subpoena...........

we will probably never know the truth about husseiniya

most of us will probably never even HEAR about husseiniya much less know the truth. how many husseiniyas are there i wonder?

U.S. choppers kill ... who? Enemy or innocents?

By Hannah Allam and Jenan Hussein

BAGHDAD, Iraq — This much is agreed upon: at least six Iraqis died overnight Saturday when American attack helicopters pounded a cluster of homes in a dusty, nondescript neighborhood on the northern outskirts of Baghdad.
But the story of why those homes were targeted and who was killed depends on the storyteller.
The U.S. military said the dead were insurgents and the homes in the Husseiniya district probably served as weapons depots; troops observed seven or more secondary explosions after the air assault. By the military's tally, six fighters were killed and five wounded.
Iraqi residents told a different version: the dead came from two Shiite Muslim families who lived in an area controlled by the powerful Mahdi Army militia. The bodies pulled from the rubble, locals say, were ordinary parents killed with their children in the middle of the night. Locals counted 11 corpses - two men, two women, and seven children. Another 10 were injured. Some Iraqi authorities put the death toll as high as 18.
In Iraq, where new bombings occur before authorities can even investigate the previous day's violence, the truth about Husseiniya might never come to light. Roadblocks erected around the neighborhood prevented reporters from reaching the scene.
"Lies, lies, lies," sputtered Salam al Rubaiye, 35, a computer technician who lives in Husseiniya and works in Sadr City..........

more on our favorite corporation

raping the american public (as well as the entire world). they have the lives of our men and women in iraq (and elsewhere) in their hands. DO WE WANT THIS?

Bribery Network to Bloat War Costs Is Alleged

Federal investigators have uncovered what they describe as a sweeping network of kickbacks, bribes and fraud involving at least eight employees and subcontractors of KBR, the former Halliburton subsidiary, in a scheme to inflate charges for flying freight into Iraq in support of the war, according to court papers unsealed yesterday.
The latest conviction in the cases related to the scheme came yesterday, when a former Houston-based executive for an air-freight carrier hired by KBR pleaded guilty in federal district court to dispensing bribes and then lying to federal investigators. The executive, Kevin Andre Smoot, 43, of The Woodlands, Tex., served as a managing director for Eagle Global Logistics Incorporated, a carrier that received a subcontract from KBR to ship the freight.
The guilty plea by Mr. Smoot is the second by an Eagle executive in the case. But the papers describing his plea indicate that investigators believe at least one more Eagle employee and five KBR employees, all so far unnamed, were also involved. Mr. Smoot alone admitted to delivering bribes, called gratuities in the legalistic language of the court papers, to the employees of KBR on some 90 occasions between 2002 and 2005..........

do they think a rose is NOT a rose

honeys a rose IS a rose BY ANY OTHER NAME

war is war. an unjust illegal and immoral war that kills our men and women and THEIR men and women and children for no reason other than to line the pockets of a few good ol' white boys is still an unjust illegal and immoral war. it's ruining our lives, it's ruining their lives. it's costing BILLIONS of dollars. the reprecussions will be going on for years and years and years

yet ............

The Pentagon Gets a Lesson From Madison AvenueU.S. Needs to Devise a Different 'Brand' to Win Over the Iraqi People, Study Advises

By Karen DeYoung Washington Post Staff Writer

In the advertising world, brand identity is everything. Volvo means safety. Colgate means clean. IPod means cool. But since the U.S. military invaded Iraq in 2003, its "show of force" brand has proved to have limited appeal to Iraqi consumers, according to a recent study commissioned by the U.S. military.The key to boosting the image and effectiveness of U.S. military operations around the world involves "shaping" both the product and the marketplace, and then establishing a brand identity that places what you are selling in a positive light, said clinical psychologist Todd C. Helmus, the author of "Enlisting Madison Avenue: The Marketing Approach to Earning Popular Support in Theaters of Operation." The 211-page study, for which the U.S. Joint Forces Command paid the Rand Corp. $400,000, was released this week...........

he's got stones

that much is for sure. in this case, it's NOT a good thing.

"fix the problems" FIX THE PROBLEMS??? who the HELL MADE the problems to begin with?

what a bunch o' steamin' piles o' shite this WHOLE administration is

Embattled Gonzales: I'm sticking around to 'fix the problems'

David Edwards and Adam Doster

Embattled Attorney General Alberto Gonzales made a surprise appearance Friday on Justice Vision -- an internal videoconferencing feed of the Department of Justice -- to assure employees that he would not step down from his post after his department was found taking political considerations into account during its hiring procedures.
"From my perspective, there are two options available in light of these allegations. I could walk away, as some have demanded, or I could devote my time, effort, and energy to fix the problems," he said. "Since I've never been one to quit, I've decided that the best course of action was to remain here and fix the problems. That is exactly what I'm doing."
Bush's former lawyer expressed slight regret over the practices. "I am troubled because the allegations regarding the politicization of this historic institution, an institution that stands for and protects the rights of the citizens of the greatest and most free nation on Earth, have occurred on my watch," he said...........

i admire

mr mcconnell. however, if he is supposed to have a permit and if he's supposed to be selling only farmers market related items and if he is getting in people's faces, he shouldn't be there. i don't think his arrest (if the previous sentence is true that is) was political. (of course we're not hearing the WHOLE story).

we all know i personally think king george should not only be impeached but thrown in the slammer for (at the very least) crimes against humanity. i don't want anyone invading my space though - with thoughts on EITHER side of the fence

Activist Arrested In Dispute Over Hot-Button Sales At Public Market

By Matt ZapotoskyWashington Post Staff Writer

The 74-year-old retired mathematician who is fighting Kensington officials over his right to sell buttons urging President Bush's impeachment was arrested yesterday at a farmers market and charged with trespassing.
Alan McConnell, who had been selling his "Impeach Him" buttons at the Howard Avenue market for about a half-hour without a permit, lay down on the pavement after
Montgomery County police asked him to come with them. After McConnell failed to respond to a request that he "please stand up," four officers each grabbed one of his limbs and carried him to the front seat of a squad car..............