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Saturday, September 25, 2010

for the record

sesame street IS NOT afraid of breastsetststestststeeestestststtss (as evidenced by the second video). i don't know anything about katy perry / parry / pary (???????????) and i don't wanna either. i DO know there is some sort of controversy about her being not allowed on sesame street and her breastesesessesseseseseseeseses. i am sort of guessing we're ALL better off for that

now people are up in arms because sesame street is allowing this true blood parody to be aired by NOT katy's bit (so to speak). well here's the take off on true blood and i think it's a HOOT. katy? i don't know her, i don't want to either

Friday, September 24, 2010

this is a pretty cool tale, and i known just how she feels too

and i applaud her!

My relentless pursuit of the guy who robbed me

A thief broke into my car. I used Craigslist, a dating site, MySpace and a fast food joint to track him down

By Amanda Enayati


In the first 24 hours after someone broke into my car in my own driveway, I was mostly mad at my husband. Who leaves a backpack with a BlackBerry and a wallet full of cash and credit cards in the car overnight, with a GPS visible on the dashboard and the freaking car doors unlocked? We might as well have hung a sign on the door that read: Suckers live here. Welcome!
The day before had been magical -- a beautiful, warm, sunny fall Sunday in San Francisco. We lingered in the city too long but still had to buy groceries on our way home from an exhibit of watercolors and drawings from "Where the Wild Things Are." As we pulled into our driveway, I said to my husband, "I'll run in and start dinner. You bring in the bags." And that's the last thing I remember. The next morning, the glove compartment was open, papers hanging out. The GPS was gone.
I canceled four credit cards and ordered a new BlackBerry before I thought to check Craigslist..........





Seregi Sergeivich Solomko (1867-1928)


of course this is just one man's word

do i believe him? HELL  YEAH i do. you know prince preaches family values and conservatism and religion and all sorts of other shite. if this story is true (plus all the other ones out there that are still stories plus all the stories that have turned into proven facts) then mr prince is NO FUCKING PRINCE

drugs and guns and killings and goddess only knows what else. nothing will happen though. nothing. if the sick fucks who ran the government before this administration (and believe me i'm NOT happy with this one either) get back in, i'm SURE they'd welcome mr prince and his 'services' back with open arms. a question for you mr prince, patriot that you are...WHY DID YOU LEAVE AMERICA?

US Businessman: Blackwater Paid Me to Buy Steroids and Weapons on Black Market for its Shooters
Jeremy Scahill

A Texas businessman who has worked extensively in Iraq claims that Blackwater paid him to purchase steroids and other drugs for its operatives in Baghdad, as well as more than 100 AK47s and massive amounts of ammunition on Baghdad's black market. Howard Lowry, who worked in Iraq from 2003-2009, also claims that he personally attended Blackwater parties where company personnel had large amounts of cocaine and blocks of hashish and would run around naked. At some of these parties, Lowry alleges, Blackwater operatives would randomly fire automatic weapons from their balconies into buildings full of Iraqi civilians. Lowry described the events as a "frat party gone wild" where "drug use was rampant." Lowry says he was told by Blackwater personnel that some of the men using the steroids he purchased were on the security detail of L. Paul Bremer, the original head of the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA). Lowry also claims that Blackwater's owner Erik Prince tried to enlist his help to win contracts for Blackwater with the Iraqi government using an off-shore security company, Greystone, which Prince owns. The purpose, Lowry says, was to conceal Greystone's relationship to Blackwater.////////

there is NO journalism

well someone certainly

1) sees the emperor has no clothes
2) isn't afraid to admit the emperor has no clothes

i just can't believe the lemmings are out there saying (and doing) what they're saying and doing.

AND BELIEVING THIS GOP SHITE (well eugene robinson isn't buying it and i'm not either)
The GOP's Hooey to America

By Eugene Robinson

The Republicans were doing pretty well as the Party of No. So why did they decide to rebrand themselves as the Party of Nonsense?
All right, I'm being slightly disingenuous. Inquiring minds demanded to know just what the GOP proposed to do if voters entrusted it with control of one or both houses of Congress. But if the "Pledge to America" unveiled Thursday is the best that House Republicans can come up with, they'd have been better off continuing to froth and foam about "creeping socialism" while stonewalling on specifics...........

Thursday, September 23, 2010

equating moms with stupidity

well, they're equating WOMEN WITH STUPIDITY or simpleness.that just ain't so and i take umbrage
from feminist looking glass

Intel: Apple is Simple, ‘For Moms’



Here’s a quick hit from the tech world (courtesy of my father, expert lurker of Mac blogs):
Intel CEO Paul Otellini recently took a swipe at Steve Jobs for what he thinks is a “step back” in the forthcoming Apple TV design. Citing Apple TV’s lack of full internet features, Otellini said that the product would be for his “mom,” while Google TV would offer something more serious, more advanced, for someone like his son.
This is indeed reminiscent of Droid’s hypermasculine campaign, or Dell’s “Della, for women!” Are women & moms really the barometers for simplistic, unsophisticated, dulled-down products? Is that really fair?.........


i know YOU know this, but

to make it PERFECTLY clear, people who are in the realms of wicca DO NOT have satanic altars. they are NOT satanists. satan has NOTHING to do with their beliefs

there are some id-jits running about out there implying otherwise

anyway, belated holiday autumnal equinox greetings to all

happy harvest moon and equinox

Ida Rentoul Outhwaite from 'Fairies and Elves'

via a polar bear's tale

William Holmes Sullivan The Fairy Ring; the Enchanted Piper

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

i like ok go

but i LOVE their friends!
(ok go always has the coolest vids)


the.......reformed....... pirate: wow, here's a wicked cool idea AND you get to help out too

the.......reformed....... pirate: wow, here's a wicked cool idea AND you get to help out too

video of the week


alas poor yorick.

 me, practicing my shakespeare


the mississippi sheiks (and r crumb)


mike huckabee

thinks it's ok if YOU DIE. well it seems like that to me

jesus general ALSO knows about the agenda 'the' gays have

"Dew Parties:" Mormons Gone Wild


Michael Harroun
Chief of Police
Brigham Young University

Dear Brother Chief Harroun,

"Heroism," that's the first word that comes to mind whenever I think about the BYU Police Department. Infiltrating homosexualist bars to catch wayward students is a heroic act, one that takes a special kind of courage few people possess. There's always the danger that one of your undecover agents will be bedazzled by the evil homosexual mojo emitting from a tight, man-bulge-enhancing pair of jeans and that demonic line of hair that peeks out above them as it begins its journey to the sacred belly hole...............

the headline says it all

Senate GOP Blocks Bill to Repeal Gay Service Ban

Republican Filibuster Blocks Passage of Legislation to Eventually Overturn "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Policy

ok, a joke is a joke

but who put the acid in the texas school board's sweet iced tea? surely they can't be sober

there are so very many things to worry about. comprehensive sex education. making sure all kids have a meal or two under their belts, at least during the school season. making sure everyone CAN and DOES read.  you know, little things like that. INSTEAD OF WORRYING ABOUT THINGS THAT DON'T FUCKING EXIST

Texas board looks to ban ‘pro-Islamic bias’ from school books
By Stephen C. Webster

Led by a conservative majority, the Texas Board of Education is stepping into the national media furor over a rising tide of anti-Muslim sentiment in the United States, gearing up to vote later this week on whether or not "pro-Islamic bias" should be banned from school books.
Granted, there's not any previously existing "pro-Islamic bias" in Texas texts, nor are there any Muslims on the board of education, let alone in the state's government.
"But the possibility that could happen is a concern for conservative activist Randy Rives. He ran unsuccessfully for State Board of Education this year," reporter Nathan Bernier explained in a recent audio segment for KUT, Austin's public radio station.
"Rives wrote a resolution that was put on the State Board of Education agenda this week by some socially conservative members of the board.........

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

(used in knitting too you know. fibonaccci, not the pigeons)



christian nightmares

Warning sign at snake handling church (Click image for photos of snake handling; For a related video, click here http://christiannightmares.tumblr.com/post/875792998/more-captivating-and-unnerving-pentecostal-snake)

because it's disgusting to be born a grrrl

some cultures turn a few of their grrrls into boys (and afghanistan is NOT the only culture to do so). however, they are most likely one of the only cultures that at some point want to turn them back and shove them into burqas  and restraints

(for the record i have no issues with boys dressing as grrrls or grrrls dressing as boys if that's what THEY want to do. i DO have issues if they're forced to do it. i DO have issues with parents thinking grrrls are NOT good enough. MANY issues)

nyt video link

In Afghanistan, Boys Are Prized and Girls Live the Part

Adam Ferguson for The New York Times
Mehran Rafaat, 6, left, and her twin sisters, Benafsha, center and Beheshta, near their home in Badghis Province, Afghanistan. More Photos »

once again, because of men, the women and children suffer

and are brutalized

i had no idea this happened. these babies do NOT exist and i can only image how they will continue to suffer (along with their mothers)

Children of al-Qaeda in Iraq pay for sins of their fathers
Washington Post Staff Writer  

IN BAQUBAH, IRAQ Zahraa is a rambunctious toddler. She still sucks on a pacifier, and her mother dresses her in pink. But according to the government, she does not exist.
The daughter of an al-Qaeda in Iraq militant who forced her mother into marriage and motherhood, then disappeared, Zahraa is one of hundreds, perhaps thousands, of children whose births amid the anarchy and insurgent violence of Iraq were never legally recorded.
Without the paperwork to prove that she is the child of an Iraqi man and that her parents were joined in a legitimate marriage before her birth, Zahraa and others like her have no rights as Iraqi citizens, legal experts say. They do not have birth certificates, passports or national identification cards and will be unable to go to school or hold a government job...............

Monday, September 20, 2010

ok so we partied a little TOO hearty this weekend


religious groups once again getting ANOTHER free pass


from the city archives of new orleans

New Orleans (La.) City Insane Asylum
          Record of Patients, 1882-1884; 1888

some interesting reading


the faster they go

the behinder they get (my apologies to lewis)

it's an ap article so you have to click it for ANY part of the story itself. but it's the same ol' repug-lick-en shite

Montana Republican Party wants to make homosexuality a crime

i guess in addition to the coast guard

bp is telling the us fish and wildlife service what to do too (as well as our entire government)

Building sand castles on Florida’s beaches is illegal, feds tell oil-hunting reporter

By Stephen C. Webster

Ever go to the beach and not think of slapping together a sand castle? And who doesn't enjoy the feeling of wet, warm sand between her toes?
According to federal authorities who recently intercepted an oil-hunting reporter on a Florida beach, those activities have been deemed "illegal."
The officers' legal revelation (which is not actually true) came as something of a surprise to Dan Thomas, reporter for WEAR ABC 3 in Pensacola, Florida, who was visiting the Gulf Islands National Seashore for a special report.
Shovel men at the ready, it did not take Thomas long to uncover splotches of oily crude less than a foot below the surface. Within seconds, his report had shown that BP's cleanup efforts, which have been limited to just the top six inches of sand in most cases, are not entirely effective.
That's when a representative of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service showed up, demanding he produce a permit to use shovels on a public beach......


i read this yesterday

but was too disgusted to post. i knew i would do it today though. it's important we all read this. it's important to know what we're capable of doing.

it's also VERY important to know this is NOT obama's war (as the article is headed). he had NOTHING to do with starting it and no one has any right to point ANY fingers at him about this (oh, i'm NOT happy about his presidency so far. i'm not sorry i voted for him. it was the ONLY choice after all)

Members of U.S. platoon in Afghanistan accused of killing civilians for sport
By Craig Whitlock

AT JOINT BASE LEWIS-MCCHORD, WASH. The U.S. soldiers hatched a plan as simple as it was savage: to randomly target and kill an Afghan civilian, and to get away with it.
For weeks, according to Army charging documents, rogue members of a platoon from the 5th Stryker Combat Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division, floated the idea. Then, one day last winter, a solitary Afghan man approached them in the village of La Mohammed Kalay. The "kill team" activated the plan.
One soldier created a ruse that they were under attack, tossing a fragmentary grenade on the ground. Then others opened fire..........

..........The subsequent investigation has raised accusations about whether the military ignored warnings that the out-of-control soldiers were committing atrocities. The father of one soldier said he repeatedly tried to alert the Army after his son told him about the first killing, only to be rebuffed..........