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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

because it's disgusting to be born a grrrl

some cultures turn a few of their grrrls into boys (and afghanistan is NOT the only culture to do so). however, they are most likely one of the only cultures that at some point want to turn them back and shove them into burqas  and restraints

(for the record i have no issues with boys dressing as grrrls or grrrls dressing as boys if that's what THEY want to do. i DO have issues if they're forced to do it. i DO have issues with parents thinking grrrls are NOT good enough. MANY issues)

nyt video link

In Afghanistan, Boys Are Prized and Girls Live the Part

Adam Ferguson for The New York Times
Mehran Rafaat, 6, left, and her twin sisters, Benafsha, center and Beheshta, near their home in Badghis Province, Afghanistan. More Photos »

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