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Friday, September 24, 2010

well someone certainly

1) sees the emperor has no clothes
2) isn't afraid to admit the emperor has no clothes

i just can't believe the lemmings are out there saying (and doing) what they're saying and doing.

AND BELIEVING THIS GOP SHITE (well eugene robinson isn't buying it and i'm not either)
The GOP's Hooey to America

By Eugene Robinson

The Republicans were doing pretty well as the Party of No. So why did they decide to rebrand themselves as the Party of Nonsense?
All right, I'm being slightly disingenuous. Inquiring minds demanded to know just what the GOP proposed to do if voters entrusted it with control of one or both houses of Congress. But if the "Pledge to America" unveiled Thursday is the best that House Republicans can come up with, they'd have been better off continuing to froth and foam about "creeping socialism" while stonewalling on specifics...........

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