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Saturday, September 25, 2010

for the record

sesame street IS NOT afraid of breastsetststestststeeestestststtss (as evidenced by the second video). i don't know anything about katy perry / parry / pary (???????????) and i don't wanna either. i DO know there is some sort of controversy about her being not allowed on sesame street and her breastesesessesseseseseseeseses. i am sort of guessing we're ALL better off for that

now people are up in arms because sesame street is allowing this true blood parody to be aired by NOT katy's bit (so to speak). well here's the take off on true blood and i think it's a HOOT. katy? i don't know her, i don't want to either


Gwendolyn H. Barry said...

Very old one of Buffy... she's appearing in NYC next month... wish I could be there....:-)

a rose is a rose said...

wow, i'll have to look up her touring schedule. it's been forever since i've seen her (and i mean FOREVER).