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Thursday, September 23, 2010

equating moms with stupidity

well, they're equating WOMEN WITH STUPIDITY or simpleness.that just ain't so and i take umbrage
from feminist looking glass

Intel: Apple is Simple, ‘For Moms’



Here’s a quick hit from the tech world (courtesy of my father, expert lurker of Mac blogs):
Intel CEO Paul Otellini recently took a swipe at Steve Jobs for what he thinks is a “step back” in the forthcoming Apple TV design. Citing Apple TV’s lack of full internet features, Otellini said that the product would be for his “mom,” while Google TV would offer something more serious, more advanced, for someone like his son.
This is indeed reminiscent of Droid’s hypermasculine campaign, or Dell’s “Della, for women!” Are women & moms really the barometers for simplistic, unsophisticated, dulled-down products? Is that really fair?.........