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Monday, September 20, 2010

i read this yesterday

but was too disgusted to post. i knew i would do it today though. it's important we all read this. it's important to know what we're capable of doing.

it's also VERY important to know this is NOT obama's war (as the article is headed). he had NOTHING to do with starting it and no one has any right to point ANY fingers at him about this (oh, i'm NOT happy about his presidency so far. i'm not sorry i voted for him. it was the ONLY choice after all)

Members of U.S. platoon in Afghanistan accused of killing civilians for sport
By Craig Whitlock

AT JOINT BASE LEWIS-MCCHORD, WASH. The U.S. soldiers hatched a plan as simple as it was savage: to randomly target and kill an Afghan civilian, and to get away with it.
For weeks, according to Army charging documents, rogue members of a platoon from the 5th Stryker Combat Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division, floated the idea. Then, one day last winter, a solitary Afghan man approached them in the village of La Mohammed Kalay. The "kill team" activated the plan.
One soldier created a ruse that they were under attack, tossing a fragmentary grenade on the ground. Then others opened fire..........

..........The subsequent investigation has raised accusations about whether the military ignored warnings that the out-of-control soldiers were committing atrocities. The father of one soldier said he repeatedly tried to alert the Army after his son told him about the first killing, only to be rebuffed..........

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