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Friday, December 17, 2010

i HATE bugs of any and every kind

i hate them. i am afraid of them (i'm not afraid of the dark or motorcycle gangs or snakes or rats or the like). an ant can send me into convulsions BUT I LOVE LOVE LOVE LADYBUGS
 found at the politicall carnival

sisterhood is powerful


i'm a donor (well on the registry)

and i wasn't approached by a model in a mall wearing a short skirt and a lab coat.  my work arranged it and there was a minimal charge (like 10 or 20 dollars) to me. i'm uncertain if work paid another fee on top of that or not. i know my insurance company was NOT charged for this. it took a matter of seconds and it was just a mouth swab. (if you are a match to someone, there is indeed another more complicated procedure you must endure). i've not been matched but i'm ready to go if called. 

one has to be pretty low to scam the public not to mention the people WHO NEED THE MARROW TRANSPLANTS..........

please consider being a donor too. here's the legit site national marrow donor program from their site, here's what it says about the cost of registering:
Q: Why is there sometimes a cost associated with joining the registry?
A: The total cost to add a new member to the Be The Match Registry is about $100. This includes the cost of the testing needed to match donors to searching patients and related costs.
Be The Match relies on financial contributions to help cover the costs of adding members to the registry. Others have contributed toward the costs for you to join today. However, there are not always enough funds to cover the numbers of donors needed, so sometimes new members are asked to pay some of the registration costs when they join.
Your contribution will make it possible for more people like you to join in the future. Every gift helps make life-saving transplants a reality for more patients — contribute now."

Models in short skirts, lab coats scammed bone marrow donors: claim

By Daniel Tencer

Call it a case of seduction for a good cause.
A New England bone marrow registry is under investigation after using models in short skirts and lab coats to convince members of the public to submit to a bone marrow sample.
What the models allegedly did not tell the donors -- who were told they could potentially save a life by signing up -- is that their health insurance would be charged $4,300 for the procedure.
Caitlin Raymond International Registry, a group that works to match bone marrow donors with those in need of a transplant, allegedly spent $40,000 to $50,000 a week hiring models to work booths at malls and sports events, convincing passersby -- mostly men -- to submit a to a DNA swab, the Nashua Telegraph reports................



a pile of shite is a pile of shite is a pile of shite is a pile of shite rose is a rose by any other name

fuck blackwater. you can change your name and your owner can 'sell' the company (to his buds) and move to a shady middle eastern country. BUT our government IS STILL FUCKING GIVING YOU WORK EVEN AFTER THEY KNEW WHAT YOU DID (i believe the ONLY thing that they were found guilty on is some effing weapons charges) but claims against them involve everything from murder to  goddess only knows what else). YOU and your ilk would all burn in hell, but hell doesn't exist (except for having to live in a country like iraq where strangers invaded and killed innocents and tore up the land and raped people and lied about why they were there and on and on and on. that's all on king george and his band of merry pranksters.)

Blackwater Founder in Deal to Sell Company


........Erik D. Prince, founder of the private security firm formerly known as Blackwater Worldwide, has reached a deal to sell his embattled firm to a small group of investors based in Los Angeles who have close ties to Mr. Prince, according to people briefed on the deal...........

.......................One of the lead investors in the deal is Jason DeYonker of Forté Capital Advisors, who has a long relationship with Mr. Prince and Blackwater. He helped advise Mr. Prince in his development of Blackwater’s business plan when the company was founded and helped negotiate the company’s first training contracts with United States government agencies and the company’s expansion of its training center in Moyock, N.C. In addition, he managed the Prince family’s money from 1998 to 2002. The other lead investor is Manhattan Growth Partners, a private equity firm in New York.......

Thursday, December 16, 2010

you're welcome

THE MAJESTY OF CHRISTMAS MUSIC from Everything Is Terrible! on Vimeo.


nothing to add here. i knew this already just by observing

The Gender Imbalance in Family Movies

by gwen,

Larry Harnisch, of The Daily Mirror, sent in a link to a story at the NYT regarding study released by the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media about the under-representation of women and girls in “family” movies — that is, movies rated G, PG, and PG-13. The authors looked at all English-language fictional G-rated films released in the U.S. or Canada between September 2006 and September 2009 (a total of 22 movies). They also looked at the 50 highest-grossing films for both PG- and PG-13-ratings, meaning a total of 122 movies is included in the analysis. They focused on characters that were either mentioned by name or spoke at least one word in the movie, leading to a sample of 5,554 characters. Of those, 70.8% were male and 29.2% were female.
Consistent with patterns in Hollywood in general, women made up a small proportion of directors, writers, and producers in the movies studied:........

just in case you want to know how to


i still haven't watched the last episode yet

(so i didn't watch all 70 seconds of this video)

ummmmmmmmmmmm benny, who knew? (NOT that it matters)

you know i try to be open and honest and understanding

i try to accept people for who they are without putting my beliefs upon them. HOWEVER, i'm not that kind of person. i know it. i admit it

so, when someone i consider a friend (and i don't use that term lightly) says they even LIKE ayn rand or her books, i cannot ever look at them in the same way again.(even her pretentious made up fucking name annoys me)

there, i've said it. i feel good too

Best Press Release Ever?

 By Nick Baumann

Last week, Facebook titan/world's youngest billionaire Mark Zuckerberg joined a group of other super-rich individuals (including Bill Gates and Warren Buffett) who are promising to give at least half of their money to charity. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that most people probably think this was a good and praiseworthy development: the super-rich have benefited enormously from our society, and it's nice of them to give back. But not everyone thinks that way. Take the Ayn Rand Center, which is dedicated to promoting the memory and Objectivist philosophy of the famed novelist. The center's Don Watkins was horrified by Zuckerberg's decision:..........


even when faux 'news' KNOWS the re-pug-naCANTs effed up

they don't blame the re-pug-naCANTs at all. hell, they don't even MENTION them. they blame the entire congress.

nope. THE RE-PUG-NACANTS voted to NOT help 9/11 first responders. YUP they did  whether faux 'news' says it or not. it's what happened.

Railing against failure of 9/11 health bill, Fox News analyst doesn’t mention Republicans

By Eric W. Dolan

Fox News legal analyst Peter Johnson, Jr. is mad. He's mad that Congress did not pass health benefits for 9/11 first responders. But he's not mad enough to explain why.
The bill was opposed almost exclusively by Republicans, who demanded Democrats first pass tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans.
In a three minute monologue broadcast Monday during Fox & Friends, Johnson said simply that "Congress" was to blame.........

Fox & Friends On 9/11 Health Care Bill: A Whitewash Of GOP Obstructionism Set To Music

As regular Fox & Friends viewers know, it's sometimes hard to separate the hosts' truly outrageous segments out from the non-stop barrage of falsehoods, GOP talking points, and cheap shots at Democrats. Today, however, was not one of those days, as Fox & Friends contributor and frequent guest host Peter Johnson Jr. set a new low in faux sanctimonious outrage, and in carrying water for the GOP. That's because today, Johnson gave an entire monologue attacking the U.S. Senate for not acting on the 9/11 health care bill in which he completely whitewashed the shameful GOP obstructionism that led to its failure. Instead, he lectured both sides of the Senate for failing to pass the bill, and punctuated his speech with music:


a festivus miracle

BUT, i'm still not happy. i know this will still take YEARS to REALLY pass (and stay passed). i HOPE I'M WRONG though

House Votes to Repeal ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’
WASHINGTON — The House on Wednesday handily approved a repeal of a ban on gay men and lesbians serving openly in the military, ratcheting up the pressure on Senate Republicans who have resisted holding a vote on procedural grounds. The measure that the House approved, 250 to 175, had originally been part of a broader military policy bill. Last week, the Senate failed to break a Republican filibuster of that measure, with only one Republican, Senator Susan Collins of Maine, voting to advance the bill...........

not that you need it but here's a list of who voted and how they voted

House votes again to end 'don't ask, don't tell'
 Washington Post Staff Writer

House lawmakers on Wednesday again approved a bill to repeal the "don't ask, don't tell" law, delivering renewed momentum to the years-long campaign to end the ban on gays in the military ahead of a possible Senate vote next week. 
The House voted 250 to 175 to repeal the 17-year-old law; 15 Republicans voted for the bill, and 15 Democrats voted against it.
The 75-vote margin was wider than a similar House vote in May, when language ending the ban was part of the annual defense authorization bill. That bill failed a procedural vote in the Senate last week, requiring another vote in the House on a separate measure to end to the gay ban...............

House passed standalone DADT bill, 250 - 175. Over to the Senate again.

Big news.

The House just passed the DADT bill by a 250 - 175 margin. Fifteen Republicans voted yes while fifteen Democrats voted no. Nine (5Ds/4Rs) didn't vote. Barney Frank announced the vote.

This shows real progress. On May 27th, the DADT amendment passed by a margin of 234 - 194. Back then, only five GOPers voted yes and 26 Democrats voted no with 10 not voting. We picked up ten GOP votes. .............

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

what can i say?

 i like the dress


Republic of Gilead: Rachel Maddow interviews Ugandan MP David Bahati

Republic of Gilead: Rachel Maddow interviews Ugandan MP David Bahati: "On the December 8th edition of The Rachel Maddow Show, Rachel Maddow interviewed David Bahati, the Ugandan MP who authored a proposed anti-g..."

this fucked up piece o' steamin' shite tells YOU (and me for that matter)

the TRUE meaning of christmas (is a survival pack)



at first i thought this was from the onion

and in all honesty i'm still sort of believing it IS from the onion

Obama taps Jon Bon Jovi for new advisory board
 By Ed O'Keefe
pic: Rocker Jon Bon Jovi. (Skip Bolen Photo)

i really am falling in love with ok go

from the description on  youtube: This video documents the 8.5-mile parade we took through Los Angeles using Range Rover's Pulse of the City app to checkin and spell out the words "OK GO" with the route. Make your own journey around your city, and be featured in a similar documentation video we'll make in 2011. Details at http://www.helloevoque.com/okgo

Directed by OK Go
Produced by Shirley Moyers
Director of Photography: Starr Whitesides
Editor: Todd Sullivan


you're welcome!

you're welcome!

thank YOU laughing squid

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

GREAT dissection of an article in ny mag by evil slutopia

Has The Pill Created A Fertility Crisis?

Oh New York magazine, you've done it again.

The Dec. 6, 2010 issue of New York includes an article (the cover story) entitled "Waking Up From The Pill". In it, Vanessa Grigoriadis covers the 50th anniversary of the oral contraceptive while completely condescending women and missing the point. She claims that The Pill may have inadvertently caused a fertility crisis, because having sexual freedom somehow disconnects women from their bodies (and apparently their brains?).

According to Ms. Grigoriadis, The Pill turns a woman's body into "an efficient little non-procreative machine" to which I would respond, well duh.  She wrote that The Pill's exactly 28-day cycle, is "a nice effect, but it’s not real. And there’s a cost to this illusion"... Why?

Apparently she believes that having control over our bodies makes us lose control of our bodies:..


 Tara McGinley
you can buy this one: (here but it's a british website)

and dangerous minds

found this other card by joe (not for sale)

django nordic allstars


Monday, December 13, 2010

i like this idea a LOT

8 Great Ways to Spend A Year

Noah Scalin

Noah Scalin is the creator of Skull-A-Day and author of Skulls. His latest book 365: A Daily Creativity Journal is designed to help people make their own yearlong creative projects. You can see all 365 of the skulls Noah made HERE

and it goes on to list 8 different ideas people had. hmmmmmmmmm. i really want to  do this, but it has to be simple. maybe a PICTURE a day?

(my favorite is the people who are going to thank someone each day and document it)

check out the link above for more info

not a football fan BUT this is kinda cool


look at this look at this look at this

the fucking 'saint' is getting her FUCKING HAIR ADJUSTED before visting a cholera treatment center. SHE'S FUCKING GETTING HER HAIR ADJUSTED. think about it

pic: Sarah Palin gets her hair fixed during a visit to a cholera treatment centre in Haiti. Photograph: Dieu Nalio Chery/AP

Sarah Palin visits crisis-hit Haiti

i love the surreal

Hanna Höch

 via a journey round my skull"

Sunday, December 12, 2010

this is a DAMN GOOD op-ed by frank rich

Gay Bashing at the Smithsonian
EACH Aug. 4, my wife Alex and I visit a church to light candles for two people we loved who both died tragically on that day two years apart — my mother, killed at 64 in a car crash, and Alex’s closest friend from graduate school, killed by AIDS at half that age. My mother was Jewish but loved the meditative serenity of vast cathedrals. Alex’s friend, John, was a Roman Catholic conflicted by a religion that demonized his sexuality. Our favorite pilgrimage is to an Episcopal church, Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, not as some sectarian compromise but because of its AIDS chapel, a haunting reminder of the plague that ravaged that city’s population, especially its gay men, some time ago..................

wow, someone who actually AGREES with me on bonobo bono!

(note: i'm NOT a giant fan of lennon though)

bonobo bono is a giant pompous steamin' pile

John Lennon vs. Bono: The death of the celebrity activist

By William Easterly

The recent release of the Beatles' music on iTunes, coupled with the anniversary of John Lennon's tragic death in New York City 30 years ago this past Wednesday, has brought on a wave of Beatles nostalgia. For so many of my generation, growing up in the 1960s and 1970s, Lennon was a hero, not just for his music but for his fearless activism against the Vietnam War.
Is there a celebrity activist today who matches Lennon's impact and appeal? The closest counterpart to Lennon now is U2's Bono, another transcendent musical talent championing another cause: the battle against global poverty. But there is a fundamental difference between Lennon's activism and Bono's, and it underscores the sad evolution of celebrity activism in recent years......................

look at this headline

i'm about to pop a vein here. whatever happened between assange and the two women and whatever happens NOW, is NOT a 'fault of feminism'. assange is NOT a VICTIM of feminism. however i tend to lean in this case (believing he is innocent of rape and or sexual misconduct or not) is NOT the point here. what IS the point is, all of this shite has NOTHING to do with 'feminism'.

what an asswipe to even THINK like that

and in case you want to drop ol' lorne an email here's his/her email address: lgunter@shaw.ca

Read more: http://www.edmontonjournal.com/news/WikiLeaks+founder+victim+feminism/3964794/story.html#ixzz17tnTPb00