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Sunday, December 12, 2010

wow, someone who actually AGREES with me on bonobo bono!

(note: i'm NOT a giant fan of lennon though)

bonobo bono is a giant pompous steamin' pile

John Lennon vs. Bono: The death of the celebrity activist

By William Easterly

The recent release of the Beatles' music on iTunes, coupled with the anniversary of John Lennon's tragic death in New York City 30 years ago this past Wednesday, has brought on a wave of Beatles nostalgia. For so many of my generation, growing up in the 1960s and 1970s, Lennon was a hero, not just for his music but for his fearless activism against the Vietnam War.
Is there a celebrity activist today who matches Lennon's impact and appeal? The closest counterpart to Lennon now is U2's Bono, another transcendent musical talent championing another cause: the battle against global poverty. But there is a fundamental difference between Lennon's activism and Bono's, and it underscores the sad evolution of celebrity activism in recent years......................


Debra She Who Seeks said...

They simply illustrate different (and quite legitimate) styles of activism -- antagonizing governments (Lennon) and trying to charm/lobby governments into doing what you want (Bono). Motives are equally suspect and murky in both. So is effectiveness. So is the potential for hypocrisy and self-servingness (if that's a word). One is right to cast a jaundiced eye on both.

Unknown said...

i personally think bono likes to see himself in the press. it's as simple as that to me.

lennon? well i never much thought about him or his motives. i never cared for his solo music much (i'm a GIANT beatles fan though) and that influenced me on not caring about the man (although i AM sorry he is gone. i did enjoy his little drawings and humor)