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Friday, December 17, 2010

i'm a donor (well on the registry)

and i wasn't approached by a model in a mall wearing a short skirt and a lab coat.  my work arranged it and there was a minimal charge (like 10 or 20 dollars) to me. i'm uncertain if work paid another fee on top of that or not. i know my insurance company was NOT charged for this. it took a matter of seconds and it was just a mouth swab. (if you are a match to someone, there is indeed another more complicated procedure you must endure). i've not been matched but i'm ready to go if called. 

one has to be pretty low to scam the public not to mention the people WHO NEED THE MARROW TRANSPLANTS..........

please consider being a donor too. here's the legit site national marrow donor program from their site, here's what it says about the cost of registering:
Q: Why is there sometimes a cost associated with joining the registry?
A: The total cost to add a new member to the Be The Match Registry is about $100. This includes the cost of the testing needed to match donors to searching patients and related costs.
Be The Match relies on financial contributions to help cover the costs of adding members to the registry. Others have contributed toward the costs for you to join today. However, there are not always enough funds to cover the numbers of donors needed, so sometimes new members are asked to pay some of the registration costs when they join.
Your contribution will make it possible for more people like you to join in the future. Every gift helps make life-saving transplants a reality for more patients — contribute now."

Models in short skirts, lab coats scammed bone marrow donors: claim

By Daniel Tencer

Call it a case of seduction for a good cause.
A New England bone marrow registry is under investigation after using models in short skirts and lab coats to convince members of the public to submit to a bone marrow sample.
What the models allegedly did not tell the donors -- who were told they could potentially save a life by signing up -- is that their health insurance would be charged $4,300 for the procedure.
Caitlin Raymond International Registry, a group that works to match bone marrow donors with those in need of a transplant, allegedly spent $40,000 to $50,000 a week hiring models to work booths at malls and sports events, convincing passersby -- mostly men -- to submit a to a DNA swab, the Nashua Telegraph reports................



Debra She Who Seeks said...

There is no low to which grifters will not sink.

a rose is a rose said...

no there is NO low. they are bottom feeders