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Friday, December 17, 2010


a pile of shite is a pile of shite is a pile of shite is a pile of shite rose is a rose by any other name

fuck blackwater. you can change your name and your owner can 'sell' the company (to his buds) and move to a shady middle eastern country. BUT our government IS STILL FUCKING GIVING YOU WORK EVEN AFTER THEY KNEW WHAT YOU DID (i believe the ONLY thing that they were found guilty on is some effing weapons charges) but claims against them involve everything from murder to  goddess only knows what else). YOU and your ilk would all burn in hell, but hell doesn't exist (except for having to live in a country like iraq where strangers invaded and killed innocents and tore up the land and raped people and lied about why they were there and on and on and on. that's all on king george and his band of merry pranksters.)

Blackwater Founder in Deal to Sell Company


........Erik D. Prince, founder of the private security firm formerly known as Blackwater Worldwide, has reached a deal to sell his embattled firm to a small group of investors based in Los Angeles who have close ties to Mr. Prince, according to people briefed on the deal...........

.......................One of the lead investors in the deal is Jason DeYonker of Forté Capital Advisors, who has a long relationship with Mr. Prince and Blackwater. He helped advise Mr. Prince in his development of Blackwater’s business plan when the company was founded and helped negotiate the company’s first training contracts with United States government agencies and the company’s expansion of its training center in Moyock, N.C. In addition, he managed the Prince family’s money from 1998 to 2002. The other lead investor is Manhattan Growth Partners, a private equity firm in New York.......

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