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Saturday, August 28, 2010

1950 2010?

you could have fooled me

Middle school segregates student council elections by race
By Daniel Tencer

Administrators at Nettleton Middle School in Nettleton, Miss., say they are "reviewing" their processes for student elections after a shocked parent went online to publicize the school's policy of racially segregating student council positions.
According to a school memo, obtained and uploaded to the Web by parent Brandy Springer, eighth-grade candidates for class president must be white; vice-presidential candidates must be black.
The same applies for seventh-grade students, but in the sixth grade, both the president and vice-president have to be white, and the only position open to black students is that of class reporter.
"Additionally, it is unknown how children who are not black or white would run for student government offices," notes the Smoking Gun.............

Friday, August 27, 2010

once again i was listening to npr on my way home from work yesterday

and i heard a pretty frightening story about the koch brothers. covert actions. nothing out in the open. groups who claim they're against big bid-nez, yet are formed by (or supported by) these bros who are BILLIONAIRES (and own oil companies and brawney paper towels). really, listen to the interview and read the new yorker story. i'm embarrased to say, i had never heard of the dudes before. but guess what? i HAVE NOW

Covert Operations

The billionaire brothers who are waging a war against Obama.

by Jane Mayer 

On May 17th, a black-tie audience at the Metropolitan Opera House applauded as a tall, jovial-looking billionaire took the stage. It was the seventieth annual spring gala of American Ballet Theatre, and David H. Koch was being celebrated for his generosity as a member of the board of trustees; he had recently donated $2.5 million toward the company’s upcoming season, and had given many millions before that. Koch received an award while flanked by two of the gala’s co-chairs, Blaine Trump, in a peach-colored gown, and Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg, in emerald green. Kennedy’s mother, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, had been a patron of the ballet and, coincidentally, the previous owner of a Fifth Avenue apartment that Koch had bought, in 1995, and then sold, eleven years later, for thirty-two million dollars, having found it too small.

The gala marked the social ascent of Koch, who, at the age of seventy, has become one of the city’s most prominent philanthropists. In 2008, he donated a hundred million dollars to modernize Lincoln Center’s New York State Theatre building, which now bears his name. He has given twenty million to the American Museum of Natural History, whose dinosaur wing is named for him. This spring, after noticing the decrepit state of the fountains outside the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Koch pledged at least ten million dollars for their renovation. He is a trustee of the museum, perhaps the most coveted social prize in the city, and serves on the board of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, where, after he donated more than forty million dollars, an endowed chair and a research center were named for him......................

pic from the new yorker story linked above: David H. Koch in 1996. He and his brother Charles are lifelong libertarians and have quietly given more than a hundred million dollars to right-wing causes.

 here's the 

npr story and audio link - fresh air



you know this made me smile and all

 but the actual cherry picking of our constitution (by the tea baggers and other RADICALS) embarrasses me

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glenn feckless has a dream

here's the deal. i'm NO fan of abortion

i wish there was no need for it. i really do. i wish we all had access to COMPREHENSIVE SEX ED. i wish we ALL had access to birth control. well we all don't have access to either the education OR the birth control. it is imperative our right to abortion is never compromised OR taken away. it's important MY right to decide what is best for MY body is never taken away.


oh one more thing (i swear this is the last one). HOW is 'obmacare' helping the abortion 'industry'??? you never told me (or anyone else for that matter).  HOW SAREVIL, HOW????

ap story so click click click

Palin: Obamacare ‘biggest advance of abortion industry’

unfortunately, THIS IS FOR REAL

i hate linking to anything xeni, but sometimes one has to make an exception. here she points us to summer's eve telling me i'm not making as much as a man because my vag-gi-gi IS FOUL. i don't know what to think or say here. on one level this IS hilarious. on the other hand, this is one of THE most offensive things i have ever heard of

Women: Ask for a raise, you douche!

Xeni Jardin 

Thursday, August 26, 2010

i WAS going to wear this tomorrow

 for casual friday. however, i couldn't wait and i am wearing it TODAY!


this is weird and sad and sick and just an all around shame

it's beyond comprehension

Rider Asks if Cabby Is Muslim, Then Stabs Him

Once the fare, Michael Enright, a 21-year-old film student who had been recently trailing Marines in Afghanistan, settled in the back, he started asking friendly enough questions: Where was the driver from? Was he Muslim?
The driver, Ahmed H. Sharif, 44, said he was from Bangladesh, and yes he was Muslim.
Mr. Enright said, “Salaam aleikum,” the Arabic greeting “Peace be upon you.”
“How’s your Ramadan going?” Mr. Enright asked, Mr. Sharif said.
He told him it was going fine. Then, he said, Mr. Enright began making fun of the rituals of Ramadan, and Mr. Sharif sensed this cab ride might not be like any other.
“So I stopped talking to him,” Mr. Sharif said. “He stopped talking, too.”.......

Pool photo by Steven Hirsch
Michael Enright, 21, was charged with hate crimes on Wednesday.


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

a beaver by any other name

This Post Is Banned In Bemidji
 By Tim Murphy
 Bemidji, MinnesotaThe most controversial piece of public art in the state of Minnesota sits on the corner of 4th Street and Beltrami Ave., in downtown Bemidji. For now. When I asked for directions at the Blockbuster outside town, I was told it had been moved. When I asked again at the supermarket, I was told it was no longer there. "But it's exactly what they say it is," said the teenaged boy at the deli counter, stifling a laugh.
"To be honest, I don't really understand why it's so controversial," say Christine Lundquist, sitting on a bench with her back to the controversy. "I guess they decided freedom of expression was no longer in the Constitution. That's how Deb wanted to paint it, and that's how it should be."
"I sit out here and read a lot. I eavesdrop—and I've only heard one negative comment. They said, 'That's disgusting!'" She rolls her eyes. "I mean, obviously it's a vagina…"..............
Banned in Bemidji: "Gaea," the little lady who started this whole broohaha (Photo: Tim Murphy).

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

my favorite song you ask (hint:: fry that whore!)

well that's wicked easy i answer WITHOUT hesitation. here it is!


me jane

via sloth unleashed

i like his tie

gerlach's tie  via twisted vintage

Jesus' General: Today's Protest Against the Socialist First Amendment

Jesus' General: Today's Protest Against the Socialist First Amendment

i was listening to talk of the nation on npr yesterday

the program i was listening to was

Black Men's Jail Time Hits Entire Communities 

and here's the

i was getting rather angry at many of the things said. i'm not going to go into it here and now. that's for another time. what REALLY threw me for a giant loop was charlayne hunter-gault. all of the times i've seen or heard her i REALLY admired her. NOT any more. wow, she is full of SHITE. listen to the audio above. at 7:50 is the crucial point. she starts talking about black men in jail sapping the strength of our nation. THAT part i'm not even going to argue with (one way or another). the host then asks charlayne HOW it's sapping america. she says and i QUOTE:'Well, first of all, most of the black men are in prison. So what's happening to the black women who need husbands? I mean, that's one way to look at it.' (emphasis is mine)

black women who NEED husbands? NEED??????????????// wtf

NEED. she said NEED


this dude is getting more frightening by the second

Del. Adam P. Ebbin  is right. seems like he's working on his OWN extreme, conservative, RELIGIOUS agenda. that's fine in your own home. it's NOT fine for the state

Virginia can impose tougher abortion clinic oversight, AG Cuccinelli says

By Anita Kumar

RICHMOND -- Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli II has concluded that the state can impose stricter oversight over clinics that perform abortions, a move immediately decried by abortion-rights organizations and others as an attempt to circumvent the General Assembly, which has repeatedly rejected similar measures. Cuccinelli's legal opinion empowers the Board of Health, if it chooses, to require the clinics to meet hospital-type standards. Abortion-rights advocates say that could force some clinics to close because they would be unable to afford to meet the new requirements. ..................... 

here's cuccinelli's wiki entry if you're interested (i did warn you above. he's frightening) 

Monday, August 23, 2010

i won't forget it

you shouldn't either. yup, all the other networks made donations too. HOWEVER, they were all spread around fairly equally

NOT faux though. and i really don't give a flying yoo hoo either. JUST DON'T USE fair and balanced. that's all

UPDATED: Fox News Scrubbing Wikipedia Entry on $1 Mil. Donation
As you all know, Fox News parent News Corps donated $1 million to the republican governors association back in June...one of the largest donations in history by a media organization.  
Not only does this put a cloud on their slogan "fair and balanced" when covering the upcoming gubernatorial elections, it is made worse by the fact that, to date, Fox News has YET to cover the controversy.  Even though every other major media outlet has.
It is no secret that Fox News spends a lot time scrubbing thier own Wikipedia articles, but several editors have managed to get some issues on the page "Fox News Controversies".  
However, here is what is happening on the News Corp. donation scandal:
On the Fox News main page, someone put this inocuous little statement, heavily referenced, under the controversy section:
In June 2010, News Corporation donated $1 million to the Republican Governors Association
Oh HELLS no!  Two FNC scrubbers were on the case and according to the history page had that puppy removed...............

look, i'm not a big fan of a

place of 'worship' where women can't sit with men. oh, i'm not just talking about mosques here. i believe in orthodox judaism, women and men can't worship together either. i'm not a fan of religions where women are second class (you know, christianity, judaism, islam AND most of the rest of 'em too). i want NO part of any of them. HOWEVER, this is america. i have a RIGHT to worship if i want to OR not to worship if i don't. yes, i even have the right to go to a scientology center if i want to (not to worry, there is NO EFFING WAY I'D EVER WANT TO DO THAT). are we forgetting what country we're in? are we forgetting WHY we invaded, massacred the people of, took over the land that came to be known as the united states of america?

i don't have to like you. i don't have to like your beliefs. at the same time, i know it's your RIGHT to live your life as you see fit (within our laws of course). please remember that i have the SAME rights as you do and so do your neighbors.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

if you pull my name in the secret santa

do NOT, i repeat this, do NOT get me a snazzy napper

i believe this is real by the way


i forgot to post this the other day. from dangerous minds:

Shiny shiny bootlegs: Large collection of Velvet Underground concert recordings

i can't make this shite up. i can't

i was listening to a podcast of the bob and elvis show ( Listen and subscribe on iTunes (it's FREE!))

pic of the tweet from the twat from gawker

a cackle of rads mind you. a cackle of rads. hmmmmmmm. and people VOTED for her.

ok, who's fault IS this really?

how many violations are they going to be allowed before they are closed? just how much animal cruelty will they be allowed to carry out before they are closed? sure many jobs are at stake here. IF companies like this were dealt with correctly to begin with there would be fewer problems. make them (and i do mean MAKE them) correct the problems immediately OR shut them down. no fines, no chances. THIS should have been done in the very beginning. PERIOD (oh and i'm NOT just talking about factory farming companies here. i'm talking oil companies, chemical companies, ANY company.)

Before salmonella outbreak, egg firm had long record of violations

Washington Post Staff Writer

  The Iowa egg producer that federal officials say is at the center of a salmonella outbreak and recalls of more than a half-billion eggs has repeatedly paid fines and settled complaints over health and safety violations and allegations ranging from maintaining a "sexually hostile work environment" to abusing the hens that lay the eggs. In the past 20 years, according to the public record, the DeCoster family operation, one of the 10 largest egg producers in the country, has withstood a string of reprimands, penalties and complaints about its performance in several states................