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Monday, August 23, 2010

i won't forget it

you shouldn't either. yup, all the other networks made donations too. HOWEVER, they were all spread around fairly equally

NOT faux though. and i really don't give a flying yoo hoo either. JUST DON'T USE fair and balanced. that's all

UPDATED: Fox News Scrubbing Wikipedia Entry on $1 Mil. Donation
As you all know, Fox News parent News Corps donated $1 million to the republican governors association back in June...one of the largest donations in history by a media organization.  
Not only does this put a cloud on their slogan "fair and balanced" when covering the upcoming gubernatorial elections, it is made worse by the fact that, to date, Fox News has YET to cover the controversy.  Even though every other major media outlet has.
It is no secret that Fox News spends a lot time scrubbing thier own Wikipedia articles, but several editors have managed to get some issues on the page "Fox News Controversies".  
However, here is what is happening on the News Corp. donation scandal:
On the Fox News main page, someone put this inocuous little statement, heavily referenced, under the controversy section:
In June 2010, News Corporation donated $1 million to the Republican Governors Association
Oh HELLS no!  Two FNC scrubbers were on the case and according to the history page had that puppy removed...............

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