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Sunday, August 22, 2010

ok, who's fault IS this really?

how many violations are they going to be allowed before they are closed? just how much animal cruelty will they be allowed to carry out before they are closed? sure many jobs are at stake here. IF companies like this were dealt with correctly to begin with there would be fewer problems. make them (and i do mean MAKE them) correct the problems immediately OR shut them down. no fines, no chances. THIS should have been done in the very beginning. PERIOD (oh and i'm NOT just talking about factory farming companies here. i'm talking oil companies, chemical companies, ANY company.)

Before salmonella outbreak, egg firm had long record of violations

Washington Post Staff Writer

  The Iowa egg producer that federal officials say is at the center of a salmonella outbreak and recalls of more than a half-billion eggs has repeatedly paid fines and settled complaints over health and safety violations and allegations ranging from maintaining a "sexually hostile work environment" to abusing the hens that lay the eggs. In the past 20 years, according to the public record, the DeCoster family operation, one of the 10 largest egg producers in the country, has withstood a string of reprimands, penalties and complaints about its performance in several states................

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