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Friday, March 25, 2011

wow-omar comin' yo (wow)

"The Wire" as a Dickens serial

Bill Barol 

...........It's one of those ideas that sounds less nuts the more you think about it: "The Wire" imagined as a 19th-century serialized novel. After all, David Simon's great multi-season drama had all the muckraking moral outrage of Charles Dickens (Google the reviews and try to count the number of times you see the word "Dickensian"), and its shifting viewpoint over five seasons gave it a similar historical sweep and reportorial authority. The real kick of "When It's Not Your Turn," though, is its obsessive attention to detail. You have to admire the dedication of creators Joy Delyria and Sean Michael Robinson, who seemingly cram every arcane bit of the show's rich mythology into a fake lit-crit essay. The illustrations, ostensibly by Baxter "Bubz" Black, just add to the goofy verisimilitude of the thing. It's a fabulous fraud...........


with my whole heart and soul, the quacker (donald) and bachmann and sarevil and all of 'em to run. i actually PRAY they run (or is that prey?). i'm DELIGHTED they'll be running.

if you want a lunatic running your country (again)............you're gonna get your chance

Donald Trump: No photos exist of Obama before the age of 13 (lie) and no one has seen Obama's birth certificate (lie)


Donald Trump on the View:
"Show me a picture [of Obama]," he says. "I've seen 14-year-old, I've seen 13-year-old. I haven't seen early pictures."
Perhaps because you're an idiot?

Here's an obscure photo, never seen before today, that Dave Weigel somehow dug up from an old shoe box:


wonderful photograph


Hands that made jewellery for 35 years.
These days they spend most of their time
holding mugs of hot coffee (yellow sky photography)


a GIANT W T F??????????/

 you may not LIKE history, but unless you're hg wells or captain picard YOU CANNOT CHANGE IT

In ‘message’ to big business, Maine governor LePage orders labor mural removed

By Stephen C. Webster

Exclusive update: Artist 'disappointed' by decision
The Republican governor of Maine has a wild idea: displace history to make the state appear more friendly to wealth.
That's precisely what Gov. Paul LePage has ordered. In the state's Department of Labor building, a 36-foot mural depicting the history of labor movements in Maine, will soon be painted over to send a "message" to business that Maine is not a labor-run state.
The mural, which depicts illustrations of union workers demonstrating in front of black-and-white images showing the state's labor history, was installed in 2008.
Reached by Raw Story, Judy Tailor, the artist who created Maine's labor mural, said she was "disappointed" by the governor's decision.................

............LePage added that the move comes after "several" complaints, including an anonymous fax that compared a depiction of U.S. history to North Korean propaganda.................

 pic: via

when the repugnaCANTs do it

it's no big whoop (in this case, it was just suggested)

Indiana prosecutor told Wisconsin governor to stage ‘false flag’ operation

By Eric W. Dolan

An Indiana prosecutor and Republican activist has resigned after emails show he suggested Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker stage a fake attack on himself to discredit unions protesting his budget repair bill.
The Republican governor signed a bill on March 11 that eliminates most union rights for public employees.
In an email from February 19, Indiana deputy prosecutor Carlos F. Lam told Walker the situation presented "a good opportunity for what’s called a ‘false flag’ operation."
The Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism discovered the email among tens of thousands released to the public last week following a lawsuit by the Isthmus and the Associated Press.


Thursday, March 24, 2011

yes, it exists

How a Blogger Blocked Sex Slavery

by Abigail Pesta



Last spring, the Internet lit up with rumors of a Manhattan blogger who saved two Russian college students from possible human trafficking. In an exclusive interview with the targeted women, Abigail Pesta reveals their terrifying ordeal.
The Internet can be an impersonal place: You can observe the world at an aloof distance, and then just surf to another page. Manhattan resident Kathrine Gutierrez Hinds did the opposite—the unthinkable, really—and injected herself right into the lives of two young Russian women in serious danger, simply because she read about them online.
Late on a windy May night in Manhattan, Kathrine Gutierrez Hinds, a 24-year-old psychology student, rambled around her apartment, unable to sleep. Firemen had rousted her from slumber earlier in the evening, bursting into the building to fight a basement fire. At least she didn’t have to evacuate in her pajamas, she told herself, as she logged on to her laptop. That’s when she discovered an astonishing drama unfolding on the Internet—in real time.
A guy who occasionally blogged on one of her favorite sites, MetaFilter, had posted a call for help: “A Russian friend of mine may be in a dangerous situation in Washington, D.C.”...........
pic: Kathrine Gutierrez Hinds took two Russian women into her apartment, after reading about their plight on a blog. (Credit: Michael Edwards)


thursday humor (and yeah, it IS pretty damn funny)

Conservative Pie; Republicans Introduce Legislation Redefining π as Exactly 3


Congresswoman Martha Roby (R-Ala.) is sponsoring HR 205, The Geometric Simplification Act, declaring the Euclidean mathematical constant of pi to be precisely 3. The bill comes in response to data and rankings from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, rating the United States' 15 year-olds 25th in the world in mathematics.
OECD is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2011, and the Paris-based NGO released its international educational rankings, placing the US in a three-way tie for math, equaling Portugal and Ireland, just beneath No. 24 Luxembourg.
"That long-held empirical value of pi, I am not saying it should be necessarily viewed as wrong, but 3 is a lot better," said Roby, the 34-year old legislator representing Alabama's second congressional district, ushered into office in the historic 2010 Republican mid-term bonanza.
Pi has long been defined as the ratio of a circle's area to the square of its radius, a mathematical constant represented by the Greek letter "π," with a value of approximately 3.14159. HR 205 does not change the root definition, per se. The bill simply, and legally, declares pi to be exactly 3..............

please don't read this standing up

 from bob cesca:

Newt Gingrich is a Circus Clown
Check out this ridiculousness on the president's actions in Libya:

Republican presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich has undergone a remarkable transformation in his views about intervening in Libya. On March 7, before President Obama acted, Gingrich said that if it were up to him, he would “exercise a no-fly zone this evening…the United States doesn’t need anybody’s permission.” Then, less than 24 hours after President Obama signed off on a no-fly zone, Gingrich accused him of “opportunism,” and this morning on the Today Show, said plainly that “I would not have intervened.”...........

uh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

if you think people (mostly women and grrrls) aren't still dying

in sweatshops, you're outright WRONG

Young women continue to die locked in sweatshops, labor group warns

By Eric W. Dolan
As the 100th anniversary of the Triangle Shirtwaist factory fire approaches, the Institute for Global Labor and Human Rights urged the United States to pass legislation to prevent multi-national corporations from violating internationally recognized worker rights standards, such as no child or forced labor, decent working conditions, freedom of association and the right to organize a union.
The Triangle Shirtwaist factory fire resulted in the death of 146 female workers, who were locked inside the factory by their managers, on March 25, 1911. The women worked 6 days a week, often 14 hours shifts, and earned the meager wage of 14 cents an hour. (The equivalent of $3.18 an hour in 2011, adjusted for inflation.)....................

(pic from microrevolt. i knit #s 90 Max Lehrer (18 years old) and 115 Rosina Cirrito (18 years old). there was a craft action in support of the memory of the triangle shirtwaist factory fire. the memorial will be held tomorrow the 25th. it was called 146+)

146+ is a craft action to commemorate the 146 victims of the 1911 Triangle Waist Factory fire in New York City and to connect that history to the contemporary crisis in the global garment industry. Participate by crafting a numbered armband and standing with Workers United as we commemorate the 100th anniversary of the tragedy that catalyzed an international labor movement.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

VERY disturbing (and yes, both from the same place)

twisted vintage

wicked cool!

wil wheaton tells us a pretty damn cool story

the day i would consult an anti-abortion organization

before having an abortion is the day i would use a fucking coat hanger (like we're headed back to)

i am NOT PRO abortion by any ways or means. i AM pro birth control, pro comprehensive sex education and by all means PRO CHOICE. 

our bodies, OUR choice

(like i say over and over and over and over................once a fetus is born, they.........by they you know who i mean.......they STOP CARING)

New South Dakota law mandates three-day wait before abortions
By Stephen C. Webster

The Republican Governor of South Dakota signed a bill into law Tuesday, formally mandating that women in the state wait three days and visit with anti-abortion activists before undergoing a medical procedure to terminate a pregnancy..............
To this effect, PPFA says that each year it plays a role in preventing over 600,000 unwanted pregnancies, and only three percent of their patients request abortion services. By contrast, figures show PPFA is ten times more likely to be helping prevent an abortion than carrying one out.
But in an exclusive interview with Raw Story, Republican state Sen. Al Novstrup, the South Dakota bill's primary sponsor, did not seem to know that. He even suggested that Planned Parenthood is akin to an abortion factory, ushering women in and putting them on a doctor's table without so much as a consultation...........

oh HELL yeah!

one more (tiny) step in the RIGHT direction

editorial from the nyt:
The Right to Sue Over Wiretapping

Federal authorities have always made it difficult to bring a legal challenge against the government’s warrantless wiretapping enterprise that was set up by the Bush administration in the years after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. Because the wiretaps were secret, no one could know for certain if they were being tapped, so the government urged judges to throw out lawsuits for lack of proof of real harm.  .............

Monday, March 21, 2011

why did they bother to beak up ma bell in the first place

one has to wonder??????????????????????????

AT&T to Buy T-Mobile USA for $39 Billion


AT&T announced on Sunday that it had agreed to buy T-Mobile USA from Deutsche Telekom for $39 billion, in a deal that would create the largest carrier in the nation and promised to reshape the industry.
The transaction — one of the largest since the onset of the financial crisis — is expected to start a fierce battle in Washington as regulators scrutinize the impact of the deal on competition and consumers. The deal would leave just three major cellular companies in the country: AT&T, Verizon and the much smaller Sprint Nextel...............