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Friday, March 25, 2011

a GIANT W T F??????????/

 you may not LIKE history, but unless you're hg wells or captain picard YOU CANNOT CHANGE IT

In ‘message’ to big business, Maine governor LePage orders labor mural removed

By Stephen C. Webster

Exclusive update: Artist 'disappointed' by decision
The Republican governor of Maine has a wild idea: displace history to make the state appear more friendly to wealth.
That's precisely what Gov. Paul LePage has ordered. In the state's Department of Labor building, a 36-foot mural depicting the history of labor movements in Maine, will soon be painted over to send a "message" to business that Maine is not a labor-run state.
The mural, which depicts illustrations of union workers demonstrating in front of black-and-white images showing the state's labor history, was installed in 2008.
Reached by Raw Story, Judy Tailor, the artist who created Maine's labor mural, said she was "disappointed" by the governor's decision.................

............LePage added that the move comes after "several" complaints, including an anonymous fax that compared a depiction of U.S. history to North Korean propaganda.................

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