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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Archives of the Republic of West Thirdflooria: the Yule Log version!

Archives of the Republic of West Thirdflooria: the Yule Log version!: In case the Semi-Sane Madwoman doesn't get around to it this year, we carry on the tradition of posting Dar Williams's contribution to the h...

johnny cash: the last great american

via dangerous minds

this arse PULLED me out of semi-blogging-retirement

in this day and age, it amazes me THIS sort of shite STILL happens. it's NOT MY fault americans can only picture breasts from  the nubile  victoria's not so damn big a secret STARVING models in their gold and diamond encrusted bikini tops. it's not MY fault america came to a SCREECHING FUCKING HALT when janet jackson's breast was shown on live tv for all of 3 seconds (yes, the world ENDED that day), fuck all that shite. WOMEN HAVE BREASTS TO FEED OUR YOUNG. it's as simple as that. if our lovers want to play with our breasts and we have no objections fine. we enjoy that too. BUT if we want to breastfeed and sometimes that takes place in public, IT'S NOT ONLY PERFECTLY LEGAL IT'S PERFECTLY MORAL AND IT'S PERFECTLY NATURAL. anyone who has ANY issues with that is the one with 'a dirty mind'.

oh sure the fucking bag of wet dicks apologized but he didn't mean it. he did so because he got a lil' flack. i would almost bet my life the fucking bag of wet dicks DOES NOT KNOW WHAT HE DID WAS WRONG.

NASCAR Driver Kasey Kahne Slams Mothers Who Breastfeed In Public by James Crugnale 

NASCAR driver Kasey Kahne went on a bizarre,anti-public breastfeeding tirade on his Twitter feedyesterday, later deleting his tweets without apology. The speedway champion tweeted he was grossed out to see a woman breastfeeding in a supermarket, hashtagging #nasty and said he didn’t feel like shopping or eating anymore after seeing it. After a woman told him she disagreed, he called her a “dumb bitch.” His remarks were surprising for a participant in a sport fast becoming popular with female fans.................

here's a portion of what he actually said from abc news
...............“Just walking though supermarket. See a mom breast feeding little kid. Took second look because obviously I was seeing things. I wasn’t!” he wrote, then graphically described what he saw. “#nasty,” Kahne added, “I don’t feel like shopping anymore or eating.”.........

yes, he called a breastfeeding mother/child NASTY. yes. he did.  

don't know who took the pictures BUT i got 'em from a website entitled HOTTIE OF THE WEEK ?????????????? he looks wicked happy in pic #2. all i'm sayin'...............