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Saturday, May 30, 2009


Scanner of your heart (Izismile.com)

1. Your choice symbolizes a person whom you could like in real life situations.
Horse - Unrestrained, freedom-loving and free.
2. Your choice symbolizes the impression that you want to have on people.
Dog - loyalty and devotion.
3. Your choice symbolizes a behavior that would make you finish your relationship with your partner (beloved one).
Shark - Your partner is a person who doesn’t count people around him, for him/her the end justifies the means.
4. Your choice symbolizes a type of relationship that you would like to have with your partner (beloved one).
Sheep - You both know what you think of and you understand each other without saying a single word.
5. Your choice shows if you are capable to cheat.
Person - it is unlikely that you cheat.
6. Your choice shows your attitude to marriage.
Dinosaurs - you are a pessimist and you find that happy marriages do not exist.
7. Your choice shows your attitude to love.
Horse - you don’t like long-term relationship, you are ready only to flirt.

I hope I don’t have to explain that the test is having a comic aspect, take it with humor winked

Take the test again!

izismile scanner of your heart quiz

i broke down and bought spore

i played the cell state yesterday. today i'm on the creature stage. here's my creature. also, my creature has two buds in it's pack. one is sort of like a monkey and the other is sort of like a scorpion. i'm an herbivore of course.

hey young cons YOU SUCK

and NOT in a good way

(via boing boing .............In this short video, sneering rappers from the young conservative movement bust rhymes about drilling in Alaska, forcing women to bear foetuses to term, eliminating social programs and merging Church and State.......... )

play pinky off

keyboard cat (i am sooooooooooooo sorry. i can't help it. i LOVE that keyboard gato)

Friday, May 29, 2009


we knew it

but he said it out loud. i guess it doesn't count when we say it because we don't have stars on our shoulders

US violated Geneva Conventions, Bush Iraq commander says

By John Byrne
The head of the US Central Command, General David Petraeus, said Friday that the US had violated the Geneva Conventions in a stunning admission from President Bush’s onetime top general in Iraq that the US may have violated international law.

“When we have taken steps that have violated the Geneva Conventions we rightly have been criticized, so as we move forward I think it’s important to again live our values, to live the agreements that we have made in the international justice arena and to practice those,” Gen. Petraeus said on Fox News Friday afternoon.

Petraeus made the comment in the context of being asked about the Bush administration’s so-called “enhanced interrogation techniques.” ...........

once again i'm stunned and speechless

then again, one must consider the source. he is a fucking ex-con (and i mean NO offense to ex-cons. truly i don't). he was convicted and did time. he was sentenced to 20 years, but got out after a few. i think 20 was too lenient.

Conservative radio host says he hopes Sotomayor menstruation doesn't affect judgment

A major conservative radio host, G. Gordon Liddy, attacked President Obama's Supreme Court nominee Thursday in perhaps one of the most grotesque politically-oriented tirades in recent times.

"Let’s hope that the key conferences aren’t when she’s menstruating or something, or just before she’s going to menstruate," Liddy said. "That would really be bad. Lord knows what we would get then."........

those darlins'!!!!!!!!!!!!!

those darlins' on myspace

(via bust magazine)

i am afraid of and hate ALL bugs

(except of course for lady bugs - a name one of my friends even calls me). i found these pictures of insects in flagrante strangely intriguing and beautiful

i can't seem to find who the photographer is; but the pictures came from webphemera via boing boing)

you know, the more i read about eve ensler

the more i like her. she's a courageous, intelligent and funny woman (of course the following video isn't funny at all)

Rape-camps lurk in the history of your gadgets
On Boing Boing Gadgets, this wrenching video in which Eve Ensler explains that Congolese militias use rape to enforce discipline among a slave workforce that mines columbite-tantalite ore, a common raw material for many devices. ......................

oh hell let's have MORE cake

i love all things crow, raven, rook

please note when the skinny tube is placed in the cage, the rook uses the SMALL stone. shoot, i don't even know if i would have done that
Clever birds rival chimpanzees in tool use

The story

Researchers have found that rooks, a member of the crow family, are capable of using and making tools despite not doing so in the wild.

Scientists from the University of Cambridge and Queen Mary University who conducted the study believe the rooks' ability to use tools are the by-product of a sophisticated form of physical intelligence..........

(ht: americablog)

the nutmeg grater: cake was amazing

the nutmeg grater: cake was amazing

Thursday, May 28, 2009

so do you conservative steamin' pieces of shite

(i mean the ones who think it's ok to torture) think raping someone with a lightbulb is going to keep america safe? hmmmmmmmmmmmm

whether it's waterboarding, sleep deprivation, rape...torture is torture. this is the united states of america. WE DO NOT TORTURE.

Unreleased abuse photos depict rape, sexual abuse: report

By Raw Story
Unreleased photographs of alleged abuse by U.S. military personnel of prisoners at Iraqi prisons – which President Obama refused to release earlier this month – include images of rape and sexual abuse, according to a new report.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, Major General Antonio Taguba, the former army officer who in 2004 investigated and wrote a report on allegations of detainee abuse in U.S. prisons in Iraq, has confirmed the existence of graphic photographs depicting the following:

–An American soldier apparently raping a female prisoner.
–A male translator apparently raping a male detainee.
–A female prisoner having her clothing forcibly removed to expose her breasts.

Other photographs depict sexual assaults on prisoners with a truncheon, wire and a phosphorescent tube, according to the Telegraph story.

The still unreleased photos relate to abuse alleged to have taken place between 2001 and 2005 in Abu Ghraib and six other prisons. Taguba, now retired, supports Obama’s decision to block the release of the photos, which Obama had previously said would be released according to a court ruling in support of a lawsuit filed by the ACLU............

tell me how

not smiling is going to save america? what a bunch of stupid asswipes

As if It Needed to, Virginia Bans Smiles at the DMV

Washington Post Staff Writer

Few places in Virginia are as draining to the soul and as numbing to the buttocks as the branch offices of the Department of Motor Vehicles. And yet, until recently, smiling was still permitted there.

No more. As part of the DMV's effort to develop super-secure driver's licenses and foolproof identification cards, the agency has issued a smile ban, directing customers to adopt a "neutral expression" in their portraits, thereby extinguishing whatever happiness comes with finally hearing one's number called.

The driver's license photo, it seems, is destined to look like a mug shot........

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

good thing the bird man is retired

(ht: bits and pieces)

i am only saddened

because there is no hell for you to burn in

Canada official eats seal heart

Canada's governor general, Michaelle Jean, has helped to butcher and eat a seal in an apparent act of solidarity with hunters.

Ms Jean used a traditional Inuit knife to help gut the animal then ate a slice of raw heart.

It came weeks after the EU voted to ban Canadian seal products, but Ms Jean did not say if her actions were in response to the EU proposals.

An EU spokeswoman said the story was "too bizarre to acknowledge"..........

pic:Ms Jean said the raw seal heart was delicious(bbc)

the stones on some people

are amazingly thick and heavy. no?

that ASSWIPE has the NERVE to talk about the united states constitution when he stomped upon it? wow............i'm in disbelief here

Bush's torture lawyer, John Yoo, who is facing an ethics investigation, trashed Sotomayor today
Last week, the American Enterprise Institute provided the forum for Dick Cheney to give his creepy and disturbing speech espousing the virtues of torture. Today, over at the the American Enterprise Institute's blog, one of the architects of the Bush/Cheney torture policy, lawyer John Yoo, launched an attack on Sonia Sotomayor:
Conservatives should defend the Supreme Court as a place where cases are decided by a faithful application of the Constitution, not personal politics, backgrounds, and feelings. Republican senators will have to conduct thorough questioning in the confirmation hearings to make sure that she will not be a results-oriented voter, voting her emotions and politics rather than the law. One worrying sign is Sotomayor’s vote to uphold the affirmative action program in New Haven, CT, where the city threw out a written test for firefighter promotions when it did not pass the right number of blacks and Hispanics. Senators should ask her whether her vote in that case, which is under challenge right now in the Supreme Court (where I signed an amicus brief for the Claremont Center on Constitutional Jurisprudence), was the product of her “empathy” rather than the correct reading of the Constitution.......

i'm waiting for it too billy

waiting for the great leap forwards
the one. the only. billy bragg

not to much to say here

other than read the articles below. shocking and sad and par for the kill kill kill 'em all mentality

Ralph Peters Calls For Military Killing Of War Journalists

Jason Linkins

The editors behind neo-con spankbook Journal of International Security Affairs have truly outdone themselves, by allowing a piece by conservative military writer Ralph Peters to pass into print that more or less advocates for the indiscriminate murder of war journalists, who Peters refers to as "The Killers Without Guns":

While the essence of warfare never changes--it will always be about killing the enemy until he acquiesces in our desires or is exterminated--its topical manifestations evolve and its dimensions expand. Today, the United States and its allies will never face a lone enemy on the battlefield. There will always be a hostile third party in the fight, but one which we not only refrain from attacking but are hesitant to annoy: the media.
While this brief essay cannot undertake to analyze the psychological dysfunctions that lead many among the most privileged Westerners to attack their own civilization and those who defend it, we can acknowledge the overwhelming evidence that, to most media practitioners, our troops are always guilty (even if proven innocent), while our barbaric enemies are innocent (even if proven guilty). ..........

Right-wing military writer: We may have to kill war journalists

Former soldier Ralph Peters has carved out quite a niche for himself in the world of publishing. His work regularly lands on the pages of The New York Post and has cropped up in USA Today. He's even a special contributor to Fox News.

But after today's showing, in his latest column for the Journal of International Security Affairs, Mr. Peters seemingly treads very close to finding himself at odds with his journalistic colleagues.

After all, reporters don't really like it when the editorial page calls for consideration of grinding them into bloody chunks as a matter of war policy.....

sonia sotomayer

i will attempt to keep an open mind here. she certainly HAS the credentials (unlike let's say harriet miers). i am half excited and half pissed.

she made the ABSOLUTE WRONG decision on a case close to home. it's called 'the douche bag' case. a connecticut high school student referred (NOT by specific name(s)) to her school's administrator(s) as douche bags because they had put some type of music presentation on hold or cancelled it. she did this on her OWN personal blog OFF OF SCHOOL GROUNDS. not too many people saw it. a handful. she ran for student office and was elected. as punishment THE EFFING DOUCHE BAGS (i'm not in high school, i can call them douche bags) wouldn't allow her to assume her office. as i said, EFFING DOUCHE BAGS. you can read the entire story at the cool justice report. and more here. andy thibault has done a grand job of reporting this travesty of justice.

p.s. - so i hate to say this. am i glad his nominee is a woman? yes, i am. like i said, i HATE that it matters (to me). although i take comfort in knowing the woman MUST be able to do the job.

Sotomayor’s Anti-Student “Douchebag” Ruling

again, i will try to keep an open mind here. i WANT her to be great. i want obama's decision to be THE right one (then again, a lot of the decisions he's made are NOT the right ones in my personal opinion. i knew that going in though. i didn't know to what extent though)

Sotomayor’s Rulings Are Exhaustive but Often Narrow
WASHINGTON — Judge Sonia Sotomayor’s judicial opinions are marked by diligence, depth and unflashy competence. If they are not always a pleasure to read, they are usually models of modern judicial craftsmanship, which prizes careful attention to the facts in the record and a methodical application of layers of legal principles.........

Obama Hails Judge as ‘Inspiring’

WASHINGTON — President Obama announced Tuesday that he would nominate Sonia Sotomayor, a federal appeals judge in New York, to the Supreme Court, choosing a daughter of Puerto Rican parents who was raised in a Bronx public housing project to become the nation’s first Hispanic justice............

First Latina Picked for Supreme Court; GOP Faces Delicate Task in Opposition
Washington Post Staff Writers
President Obama nominated federal judge Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court yesterday, putting her in line to become the nation's first Hispanic justice and creating a difficult political equation for Republicans as they weigh how aggressively to fight her appointment. .........

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

wonderful! (but viewer discreretion advised)

(ht: boing boing)

mary roach at ted ideas worth spreading

nice stache!


some people may not think the state

(which in this case is canada) has a right to take the children. i for one disagree. the state DOES HAVE THAT RIGHT IN THIS CASE.

oh my goddess how sick and disturbing. is this little grrrl EVER going to be ok? will she lead a decent life? i don't know. i just don't know.

Girl, 7, said ‘black people should die’, custody hearing told
By Mike McIntyre, Winnipeg Free Press

WINNIPEG — Just seven years old, she showed up at school with neo-Nazi propaganda written all over her body, calmly described how to kill black people, and spoke proudly about white people being superior to all other races.

Now the disturbing views of the girl are at the centre of a heated child-custody case that began Monday in Winnipeg.

"Black people don’t belong. What people don’t understand is that black people should die," the little girl stated matter-of-factly in the March 2008 interview with a Manitoba Child and Family Services worker after she and her brother had been seized by the province..............

............CFS got involved last year after the girl showed up at her Winnipeg elementary school with a massive swastika on her arm and other slogans on her legs, including references to Adolf Hitler and the slogan, "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children."..........

..............The lawyer for CFS told court Monday this case has nothing to do with infringing on free speech or expression. He said it’s about "longstanding family dysfunction" — including drug and alcohol abuse, mental illness, neglect, and criminal activity and associations — which will prove the children are at risk if returned to their parents..........

you'll reap what you sow

i don't get why people throw money at these preachers. i really don't. some people can't even afford to eat, yet they'll toss money at these peeps who wear $500.00 shoes and fly in private jets. it makes my skin crawl.

oh and for something REALLY sickening, click the story link below to read the last paragraph. it's about david cerullo's father, morris. if you thought david was a piece o' steamin' crap wait till you read about dad

‘God’s debt cancellation’ donations help evangelist strike it rich

By Muriel Kane
In a detailed investigation of South Carolina’s Inspiration Network, the Charlotte Observer reports that the network’s on-air promises that viewers can obtain prosperity and “God’s debt cancellation” by donating $200 or more have made its CEO David Cerullo a wealthy man and his cable network “one of the world’s fastest growing Christian broadcasters.”

With a salary that in 2007 amounted to $1.52 million, Cerulla is “the best-paid leader of any religious charity” and earns far more than CEOs of larger non-profits, such as Pat Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network. An additional $600,000 was paid in 2007 to his wife and children.

Last year, Cerullo’s network had a budget of nearly $80 million, half derived from donations, much of which is going into building the “City of Light” in northern Lancaster County, SC. According to the Observer, “Taxpayers are also helping to pay for it. Eager to bring jobs to a county with 19 percent unemployment, South Carolina offered the network incentives worth up to $26 million to land the campus — a deal that has been questioned by economic development experts.”............

ahhhhh and i just found this in the charlotte observer. uh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, i smell some stinkage

Network promises, fails to deliver
Experts say S.C. made costly mistakes when it gave millions in incentives; for-profit projects in doubt.

By Ames Alexander

INDIAN LAND, S.C. Condos. Shops. Outdoor concerts. Internships to prepare students for careers in broadcasting.

All were to be part of the Inspiration Networks' 93-acre City of Light.

Or so S.C. and Lancaster County officials thought when they gave their blessing – along with at least $5 million in incentives – to the religious broadcaster.

But more than five years after unveiling its plans, Inspiration has delivered on few of its development promises, leaving Lancaster officials disappointed as they try to revive a county with 19 percent unemployment.

Today, the City of Light campus is home to two buildings – both nonprofit projects that don't pay county property taxes.

The fast-growing network, with nearly $80 million in annual revenue, has yet to bring any of the for-profit ventures it promised. County officials now question whether those pieces will ever be built.............

did anyone think the women in the original 'survey'

didn't know they could say they weren't happy OR they outright lied OR the questions were skewed? who took and where is this survey (or whatever the hell it is) from the 60s????????????

when we are told we can now DO all sorts of things (like being given permission by your father i guess), like leave abusive marriages and sue sexist employers and get equal pay.....i say, so YOU say. it's just as hard NOW to leave an abusive marriage than it was in the 50s. it's not very easy to sue a sexist employer. ask lilly ledbetter how easy it was to sue goodyear. ask women if they're getting paid equally (to men who do the same jobs). well most of them may not know it because salaries are usually not put out for all to know, BUT THE ANSWER IS NO. WOMEN IN A LOT OF CASES DO NOT GET PAID EQUALLY TO MEN WHO DO THE SAME JOBS.

yeah, we're fucking pissed all right. wouldn't YOU be?

Liberated and Unhappy

American women are wealthier, healthier and better educated than they were 30 years ago. They’re more likely to work outside the home, and more likely to earn salaries comparable to men’s when they do. They can leave abusive marriages and sue sexist employers. They enjoy unprecedented control over their own fertility. On some fronts — graduation rates, life expectancy and even job security — men look increasingly like the second sex........

Monday, May 25, 2009

THE best video i've seen all week

janeman janeman
Kishore Kumar, Kumkum

(via: pcl linkdump)

chubby pooch?

not to worry!

via nothing to do with arbroath


we can all sleep soundly tonight. we have the diagram of hybrid cutlery!

from geekologie

second class citizens so it's no surprise we're

second class soldiers is it? not to me
Why Are Women Still Treated Like Second-Class Soldiers?
By Helen Benedict, The Nation

Editor's Note: This article is adapted from The Lonely Soldier: The Private War of Women Serving in Iraq (Beacon Press).

Army specialist Mickiela Montoya was standing silently in the back of a Manhattan classroom while a group of male Iraq war veterans spoke to a small audience about their experiences as soldiers. It was November 2006, and she had been back from Iraq for a year, but was still too insecure to speak out in public. Anyway, the room was full of men, and Montoya had learned that a lot of men aren't much interested in listening to military women.

"Nobody believes me when I say I'm a veteran," she said that day, tucking her long red hair behind her ears. "I was in Iraq getting bombed and shot at, but people won't even listen when I say I was at war. You know why? Because I'm a female."

Montoya, who grew up in a Mexican family in East Los Angeles, served in Iraq for eleven months, from 2005-2006, with the 642nd Division Aviation Support Battalion. She was only 19 back then, but by the time she turned 21 she was as bitter as any old veteran, not only because of the lack of recognition she was receiving as a combat vet but because of the way she had been treated as a soldier--by her comrades, the army and by the Department of Veterans Affairs........

i've avoided talking about the republicans and pussy

galore that is. we all know i cannot stand nancy pelosi. we all know i have a potty mouth. we all know if i was a member of the congress or senate i would NEVER allow a sanctioned 'pussy' joke hit job on someone. it's JUST NOT RIGHT. (i'm not even going to post the video. if you want to see it, click on the think progress link below)

well ONE rnc-er has a soul it seems:

GOP lawmaker slams RNC video mocking Pelosi as ‘reprehensible.’


Yesterday, Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) sharply criticized the RNC’s video:

I thought it was reprehensible, irresponsible and unpersuasive. If we’re going to regain the credibility of the American people, we’re going to have to stop with silly antics like that. It may get a snide chuckle inside the Beltway, but it offends most people. We have to get away from the politics of personal destruction.......................

ok, i'm all over this

Sunday, May 24, 2009


there are soooooooooooooooo many

play him/her off keyboard cat vids. i really never thought i'd post one of 'em. i don't like watching people fall or hurt themselves or whatever.

THIS one changed my mind

play 'em off keyboard cat!

(ht: americablog)

talk about close minded

steamin' pieces o' shite.......the administrators of "liberty" university sure appear to be such beasts

Conservative university bans Democratic club

By John Byrne
As they say in conservative circles, “freedom isn’t free.”

Liberty, apparently, isn’t liberating either.

Liberty University — the largest evangelical university in the world — has revoked its recognition of the campus Democratic Party club. In their explanation, the university said they were “unable to lend support to a club whose parent organization stands against the moral principles held by” the school................


Diaz said that the college’s vice president had actually complimented the club last year for being a faith-based organization working within the Democratic party. Ironically, the group opposes abortion and same-sex marriage — but that wasn’t enough for Liberty University officials.

The group’s staff adviser, Maria Childress, told the paper, “His bottom line was, ‘You can’t be a Democrat and be a Christian and be a university representative.’”...................

i'm looking forward to watching this on wednesday

"American Masters: Hollywood Chinese" airs Wednesday at 9 p.m. on PBS.
it's not just blacks, latinos and native americans that get the shaft in film and television. i don't necessarily think someone has to BE let's say italian to play an italian mind you. however, i DO think a lot of ethnic roles go to the WRONG people. as an example, caine in kung fu. sure i liked david carradine but can you imagine him being played by bruce lee? WOW (they did have keye luke i'll give them that)

A Chinese Legacy in Tinseltown
By Susan C. Young
Special to The Washington Post

Nancy Kwan sips her coffee in a Los Angeles hotel lobby, still the lithe, delicate beauty who won fans around the world almost a half-century ago.

She reflects on the difficulties she faced as a Chinese actress in Hollywood, recounting a lunch in Hong Kong years ago with rising star Bruce Lee. She didn't want to squelch his dreams or ambitions, but she knew his hope of starring in the 1972 TV series "Kung Fu" was never going to happen.

"He said, 'No. No. I'm going to do this.' And I said, 'Bet,'" Kwan said of the role that went to Caucasian actor David Carradine. "I had to collect my 10 bucks.''

Despite her own phenomenal success in two early 1960s box office hits, "The World of Suzie Wong" and "Flower Drum Song," Kwan watched as Hollywood cooled on the notion of Asians carrying major films or TV shows. Kwan and other prominent Chinese actors, directors and filmmakers -- including Joan Chen, James Hong, David Henry Hwang and Ang Lee -- talk candidly about the history and future of Chinese talent in Arthur Dong's documentary "Hollywood Chinese."....

i am very much interested to hear what he has to say

i don't agree with him most of the time but i've always gotten the feeling he is a fairly honest and moral man. an honorable man. someone i wouldn't mind having a cup of coffee with. sharing my views and opinions and beliefs with.

we'll see........

In TV Appearance, Powell Plans To Answer Right-Wing Critics
Washington Post Staff Writers

Under intense fire from the right, former secretary of state Colin L. Powell is preparing to answer his Republican critics this weekend in a television appearance that is likely to add fuel to his long-standing feud with top conservatives in his party.

The appearance will come just days after Powell, one of the country's leading black political figures, told an audience in Boston that a new Republican Party is "waiting to emerge." Earlier this month, he said the party is in "deep trouble" because "Americans are looking for more government in their life, not less."

Powell's current battle with the right flank of the GOP is a continuation of a war that began in November 1995, when he announced that he would not be a candidate in the 1996 presidential race. With an apparent eye on 2000, he said he would change his lifelong political registration from independent to Republican and begin a quest to move the party toward what he considered its natural home in the center........