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Saturday, December 19, 2009


Ten Thousand Pictures of You from Robin King on Vimeo.


a better world


oh my goddess, this is WONDERFUL!

from move on via dependable renegade

media matters put this together

and he IS

Der Spiegel reporter calls Inhofe ‘ridiculous’ at Copenhagen summit
By Daniel Tencer

Earlier this year, Oklahoma Republican Sen. Jim Inhofe promised to lead a "truth squad" to the Copenhagen climate summit to dispel what he believes to be the climate change "hoax."

Inhofe delivered -- sort of -- on his promise Thursday, flying into Copenhagen for a two-hour visit to find himself received by "a few aides and a single reporter," according to Politico.

The senator's aides quickly set up an impromptu press conference at the top of a staircase in the Bella Center, where the Republican declared that climate change is a fraud perpetuated by the "Hollywood elite" -- a claim so outlandish to the international journalists in attendance that one German reporter editorialized directly to Inhofe's face and said, "You're ridiculous."...........

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odd indeed

(odd and coincidental in that i had to go to a store yesterday which exclusively featured male nudes, and i'm being gentle with that description. the man behind the counter asked me, 'stocking stuffers?'. i said, 'so to speak'..... you had to be there. it WAS funny)

Stalin defaced drawings of nude men with rude comments

By Agence France-Presse
MOSCOW — An unprecedented exhibition opened in Moscow Friday of nude prints with scrawled comments apparently written by former Soviet leader Joseph Stalin that make ribald references to his party comrades.

Titled "Messages from the Great Leader: Stalin's Autographs," the week-long exhibition shows prints of 19th- and 20th-century art works that Stalin is said to have defaced with messages in coloured pencil.

"Ginger bastard Radek, if he hadn't pissed against the wind, if he hadn't been angry, he would be alive," he wrote across the leg of a weighty male nude.

The macabre comment was an apparent reference to Karl Radek, the former head of the international communist organisation, the Comintern, believed to have been shot dead by Stalin's secret police in 1939............

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Friday, December 18, 2009

most religions treat women as

either shite or at best, second class citizens

(orthodox) judaism is no different.

absolutely SHOCKING the language they chose to hurl at the women.

Haredim dub women Western Wall worshippers 'Nazis'

By Haaretz Service

Confrontation broke out in the Western Wall on Friday, as Haredi worshippers protested an attempt by members of a women's organization to conduct a massive prayer session at the holy site by calling out "not-Jews" and "Nazis," Army Radio reported on Friday.

About 200 members of the "Women of the Wall" organization arrived at the Western Wall in order to take part in the monthly Rosh Hodesh prayer, and to protest the arrest of their fellow member at the site.

Police officers separated the two sides after Haredi worshipers approached the women's group members and yelled out "not Jewish, send them to church," and "Nazis, blasphemy." .....

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since i don't drink (BEER) did i scare you?

this is for all of my peeps!

All Of Them!: A What Beer To Drink Flowchart


i'm not advocating abortion. i'm advocating CHOICE. do NOT tell me MOST women who are impregnated during a rape wish to keep the child. just don't. i know some do and i respect that. i KNOW MOST do not and i respect that equally.

it's MY choice and as i live and breathe i am going to do everything in my power to make sure it STAYS MY CHOICE

Raped? Human Life Alliance Says Birthing Your Attacker's Child is the Only Way to Heal

By Robin Marty, RH Reality Check

Few women have suffered like people who are victimized by sexual predators. Be it stranger rape, acquaintance rape, date rape or incest, the person who has been sexually assaulted must deal not only with the physical effects of the attack, but the long-term emotional effects, as well.

And for those girls and women who have not only been victimized but also impregnated by their attackers, the trauma of the attack goes well beyond its initial occurrence.

The Human Life Alliance dedicates a section of its ICARE advertising supplement into shaming women who are impregnated by their attackers into giving birth.

"As traumatic as rape is," the supplement advises, "abortion does not un-rape the mother. In fact, studies show that most women who become pregnant through rape don't want an abortion." .........

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The Eccentric Brilliance of Stan Mott

Drunk 4-Year-Old Steals Christmas Presents

(plus they forgot "crossdressing" in the title of the video)

i wanted to laugh, but in the end, i just couldn't


i bring my knitting EVERYWHERE

and i DO mean everywhere. a couple of years ago, a friend of a friend was in a boxing match (woman by the way and yes, she won) at the hartford convention center. you had to walk through metal detectors to get in. PLUS they took all my lighters away. they were all the cheap kind. i would have never given up my GOOD lighters. anyway, they wouldn't let me bring my knitting in. MIND YOU i had my claw rings on. TWO of them. i COULD wear those in but i couldn't take my knitting in. that is really effed up if you ask me. PLUS i could bring a zillion match books in but NOT a lighter. go figure?

not to worry, i put it in the car BUT i gave 'em all a piece of my mind

although i don't fly (i don't fly WELL i should say), NOW if i wanted to, i COULD go to australia!

Australian fliers will get their cutlery and knitting needles back

i have a friend

well, i guess i wouldn't go so far as to call him a friend. i run into him from time to time. let's say that. well, he was a pro hockey player for just a tiny bit. he got banged up (head-wise that is) one too many times. yeah, he was an enforcer. it's a shame. i didn't know him beforehand so i cannot say HOW he has changed, but i am told by reliable sources he HAS changed. there's actually a youtube video of his last hit. i'm not going to link to it because i don't know if he'd want me to or not (i'm guessing he wouldn't care, but i'm still not going to do it). the last one wasn't a hard hit, but it was on top of MULTIPLE previous concussions. his body just couldn't take it any more and they MADE him stop playing. and NO he wasn't a hartford stinking whaler

Brain Damage Found in Hockey Player

A deceased professional hockey player has been found to have had brain damage associated with repeated head trauma, connecting hockey for the first time to health risks linked to boxers and, most recently, football players. Reggie Fleming, a defenseman and left wing known for fighting as much as scoring in a long career from 1959 to 1974, was found by Boston University researchers to have chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a neurodegenerative disease known to cause cognitive decline, behavioral abnormalities and ultimately dementia. Fleming died in July at age 73 and was the first hockey player known to have been tested for the disease, known as C.T.E............

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oh NO he di-ent


Chuck Norris: Public health care would have killed Baby Jesus

By Daniel Tencer

Will Obamacare morph into Herodcare for the unborn?' Hollywood star asks

Movie star and Mike Huckabee booster Chuck Norris has dragged the "War on Christmas" into the health care debate.

Norris has penned an article in which he suggests that Jesus Christ would have been among many "great souls" who would have been "erased from history" had a health plan similar to the one proposed by the Democrats existed in the Levant 2,000 years ago.

In a column published at the conservative Human Events blog earlier this week, Norris suggested that if a government-run health care plan had existed in Bethlehem at the time of Jesus' birth, the shame of Mary's "out-of-wedlock" pregnancy would have pushed her into aborting her child. Norris wrote:.................

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i have a new song to add to my list

of favorite christmas songs

appropriated from lemmy caution at alphaville

Thursday, December 17, 2009

i am SERIOUSLY considering moving to minnesota

my boyfriend jon stewart

is just amazing (and a shout out to the writers too of course)

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
Highway to Health - Last Tea Party Protest of the Year
Daily Show
Full Episodes
Political HumorHealth Care Crisis

the nutmeg grater: this is NSFW (language)

the nutmeg grater: this is NSFW (language)

and we can't forget one of my all time

favorite whackjobs faux 'news' tv personalities

Beck Defends Founding Fathers’ Decision To Count African-Americans As Three-Fifths Of A Person

then he has the giant stones to weigh in on this as well:

Beck Peddles Discredited Rumor To Claim The Obama Administration ‘Borders On Treason’

Yesterday morning, several conservative bloggers wrote that they were “hearing” that Sen. Ben Nelson (D-NE) was “being threatened with closure of an air force base” in his state if he didn’t support health care reform. At 12:41 pm, the Weekly Standard’s Michael Goldfarb posted that “a Senate aide” told him the White House threatened to put “Nebraska’s Offutt Air Force Base on the BRAC list if Nelson doesn’t fall into line.” Goldfarb pointed the finger at White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel:.........

..................Last night, White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer wrote on the White House blog that the “absurd rumor” of the threat was “completely baseless and false.” Nelson spokesman Jake Thompson also put out a statement, saying “The rumor is not true” and that “this misinformation is coming from inside-the-Beltway partisans who only want to derail health care reform.” Nelson himself told reporters today that no threat was made. ........

they'll (the repurge-a-kins) stop

at NOTHING to get a laugh

as an added attraction there's this also:

Armey tells tea party crowd: ‘I’ve never seen so many attractive domestic terrorists in all my life.’

where are all of the teabaggies going to be

as each and every one of the lies gets revealed? probably in their cups of hot water is my guess

Revealed: Bush officials e-mailed bogus rumor blaming Gore for failure to kill Bin Laden

By Margie Burns
"Missing" Bush White House emails found

White House emails retrieved from Bush administration records reveal that top Bush Justice Department officials circulated a memo falsely blaming Al Gore for U.S. failure to get Osama bin Laden. The apocryphal Osama-Al Gore-Oliver North story, already debunked on snopes.com, was forwarded internally to administration personnel by David M. Israelite, Deputy Chief of Staff and Counselor to Attorney Gen. John Ashcroft (pictured above right).

The existence of such politicized emails may help explain why millions of emails sent to and from the previous White House have gone missing despite rules for preserving presidential records. This particular email, spreading a bogus rumor, has not been reported before.............

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the.......reformed....... pirate: the nyt goes all etsy on us!

the.......reformed....... pirate: the nyt goes all etsy on us!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

but i DID find these............

i was looking (on youtube) for

barbara dane's version. it's not there. this one by michael pickett is nice too

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a stocking stuffer i'd get for YOU KNOW WHO

pic via

street anatomy has a bunch of

anatomical gifts for the holiday season

here's one of 'em

..........I’m a huge fan of anatomical heart necklaces, I wear this heart almost everyday. And while there are a lot of anatomical heart necklaces out there, this is the only other one I’d consider buying. The shape is simple, interesting, and might cause people to stop and say “is that a heart?” It’s $65.00 over at Beloved Little Lamb......

we are entitled to our own opinions, we're NOT

entitled to our own FACTS

man, i LOVE him. he actually has a brain AND he's actually fighting for the american people

Franken slams GOP on Senate floor: ‘You’re not entitled to your own facts’
By Sahil Kapur
WASHINGTON -- In a few moments of heated but controlled anger on the Senate floor Monday evening, Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) slammed Sen. John Thune (R-SD) and the GOP for essentially lying about the nature of the Democratic health care bill, suggesting they haven't read it.

"We are entitled to our own opinions; we're not entitled to our own facts," Franken said. "Benefits kick in right away."

Thune then took the floor and stressed that "tax increases start 18 days from now" while "spending benefits don't start till 2014."

Franken got angrier and reclaimed his time. "Spending benefits start right away," he stammered, also rebuffing Thune's claim that the bill in all pain and no gain in the short-run. It "will prohibit insurance from imposing lifetime limits on benefits starting day one."

"He doesn't want to hear it," Franken said in a heated voice, while pointing to Thune. "We are entitled to our own opinions; we're not entitled to our own facts.".......

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The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
World of Warmcraft
Daily Show
Full Episodes
Political HumorHealth Care Crisis

don't say it in russian, don't say it in german

say it in broken english

i'm with peta on this one

i gave up being a member of peta long ago. i didn't like what they were doing OR saying. that never negated how i felt about animals in general OR how i felt about circus animals. once i realized what was going on, i stopped patronizing circuses who used animals (not that i ever attended a lot of them mind you). i also advised friends NOT to attend and told them why.

there is NO need for us to be entertained by animals who (may or may not) have been treated unkindly. no matter what they say, an animal like an elephant is NOT meant to put on a show for humans (i feel the same about aquatic creatures too you know)

PETA, Ringling Bros. at odds over the treatment of baby circus elephants

Washington Post Staff Writer

Sammy Haddock started working with elephants when he joined the circus at 20, in 1976, a young man's dream. He walked them, groomed them, cleaned up after them. More than once, he later confessed, he beat them. ¶ Over time, his feelings about elephants grew more tender, especially toward the babies. In 1997 he was hired to work as a handler at Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey's Center for Elephant Conservation, an ambitious program in Florida to breed and preserve endangered Asian elephants. Part of Haddock's job was to help train elephant calves to be circus performers. ¶ He was deeply affected when 8-month-old Riccardo collapsed with leg injuries after tumbling off a tub during pre-training in 2004. Riccardo had to be euthanized. Haddock also began to see things from the point of view of his wife, Millie, an animal lover..........

pic: A baby elephant being trained several years ago to lie down at Ringling's Center for Elephant Conservation. Gary Jacobson, the director of elephant care and head trainer, is holding the elephant's trunk. Jacobson, who has trained 9 of the 22 touring elephants, says the calves are treated as humanely as possible.

Samuel Haddock-Courtesy of PETA

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

i know a LOT of people who would


i say



eff needs our help

you never know. perhaps someday you will need IT'S help

Donate to EFF Today


and cute as a button!!!

Octopuses Are Smart, Arguably Delicious

the nutmeg grater: da liebs. can't stand 'em. don't want 'em

the nutmeg grater: da liebs. can't stand 'em. don't want 'em

that wild and wacky health care BIG BID-NEZ good ol' boy network

22 million emails?

wow no wonder the interwebs are tired!

at any rate, we're all going to have to wait until 2014 to read any of 'em

Missing Bush-Era E-Mail Is Found

7.25 an hour is

$290.00 if you worked 40 hours per week. that's 15,080 a year if you worked 52 weeks. a lot of the times people who work in minimum wage jobs don't get paid sick time. so we'll have to deduct a few days here and there for that. plus you'll have to take taxes out of the 15g as well. so, i'd ask faux 'news' if any of THEM could live on 10 or 11,000 a year? what about earning that AND having children to feed? are they crazy? well, the answer is obvious

Fox News: cutting minimum wage ‘better for workers’

By Sahil Kapur
WASHINGTON -- As the recession continues to weigh heavily on the livelihoods of millions, the Fox News Channel on Monday suggested lowering the minimum wage, suggesting it could be "better for workers."

"The minimum wage is kind of like a sacred cow in Washington, with many, many lawmakers thinking it's a win-win for low-skilled workers," said Fox anchor Juliet Huddy. "But what if those good intentions backfired?"

"One school of thought says lowering the minimum wage will actually create more jobs," she continued, without mentioning any counterargument.

Laws enacted by Congress following the Democratic takeover in 2007 have increased the federal minimum wage to $7.25 an hour as of this July. Prior to that, the minimum wage hadn't been raised since 1997.

Inviting Fox News correspondent James Rosen to discuss the issue, Huddy first asked him: "Why don't we often hear about lowering the minimum wage?"...............

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Monday, December 14, 2009

speaking of the new york post....

of course i don't know if this is true or not. i do know, i'd NEVER work for murdoch

Third Staffer Joins Suit Against Post

By Molly Fischer

Ikimilusa Livingston has joined Austin Fenner's lawsuit against the Post, Gawker reports. Fenner's suit follows Sandra Guzman's opening sally last month. Livingston, who's black, says that she was removed from her courts beat, taken off stories, and basically banned from the newsroom because of discrimination. And she echoes previous complaints of a pervasively racist atmosphere at the paper. For example:

During Ms. Livingston's time at the Post, Steve Dunleavy—a white columnist at the Post and a close friend of its owner, Rupert Murdoch—openly referred to a black employee as a "nigger" in the workplace. ...........



i just had to shake my head (UNapprovingly)

at this

Woman Linked to Spitzer Gets Advice Column


(by the way it's for the ny post so it all makes sense now, no?)

laughing squid hooks us up with

san fran santacon 2009

this has happened to me before and let me tell you

it's a GIANT pain in the arse. sometimes whatever network that gets taken over by the spammer or bot or virus gets you banned or kicked out for a period of time. it's more than just an annoyance. it can mean loss of contact with some in your circle. it can mean attempting to tell the powers that be YOU didn't send spam to a kazillion peeps. the interwebs are a GOOD thing but sometimes they suck

Viruses That Leave Victims Red in the Facebook

SAN FRANCISCO — It used to be that computer viruses attacked only your hard drive. Now they attack your dignity.

Malicious programs are rampaging through Web sites like Facebook and Twitter, spreading themselves by taking over people’s accounts and sending out messages to all of their friends and followers. The result is that people are inadvertently telling their co-workers and loved ones how to raise their I.Q.’s or make money instantly, or urging them to watch an awesome new video in which they star.

“I wonder what people are thinking of me right now?” said Matt Marquess, an employee at a public relations firm in San Francisco whose Twitter account was recently hijacked, showering his followers with messages that appeared to offer a $500 gift card to Victoria’s Secret............

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Sunday, December 13, 2009

mine doesn't look like this........

12 Coolest Cubicles and Work Spaces

here's one (they're google cubes by the way)

The moment a man everyone thought was dead is reunited with his loyal dog after Baghdad blasts that killed 127

more pics and the amazing story at the link above

found via


from lowering the bar

Fugitive Located Inside Homeland Security Department Office

uh oh


VERY well done


talking points memo has a

solstice, christmas, channauka, kwanzaa, eid present OF THE BEST BOSS EVER 9sorry k. i didn't title the article) for you!

is this for fucking real?

the world is falling apart because women wear pants? little old ladies are stranded if a man drinks a latte? men who don't wear khakis are androgynous? only MEN can be heroes? only MEN can get their hands dirty (obviously no one has seen me when i craft)? and men MUST take charge (to be men and/or because women aren't fucking CAPABLE of taking charge?).

fuck levis and fuck anyone who supports them. period. end of story

found via americablog

here's another article as well

Sexist Dockers ad leaves us hemming and hawing

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there's NO surprise here

Leading climate skeptic advocated HIV+ internment camps

By Daniel Tencer

'Misplaced' belief in climate change has killed more people than Hitler: Monckton

Christopher Monckton, the prominent British climate change skeptic who made the news last week when he compared climate protesters in Copenhagen to "Hitler Youth," advocated the creation of internment camps for HIV-positive people in an article published two decades ago.

An article that Monckton penned for the American Spectator in 1987, and uncovered by Media Matters' Chris Harris, states:................

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