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Friday, December 18, 2009

i have a friend

well, i guess i wouldn't go so far as to call him a friend. i run into him from time to time. let's say that. well, he was a pro hockey player for just a tiny bit. he got banged up (head-wise that is) one too many times. yeah, he was an enforcer. it's a shame. i didn't know him beforehand so i cannot say HOW he has changed, but i am told by reliable sources he HAS changed. there's actually a youtube video of his last hit. i'm not going to link to it because i don't know if he'd want me to or not (i'm guessing he wouldn't care, but i'm still not going to do it). the last one wasn't a hard hit, but it was on top of MULTIPLE previous concussions. his body just couldn't take it any more and they MADE him stop playing. and NO he wasn't a hartford stinking whaler

Brain Damage Found in Hockey Player

A deceased professional hockey player has been found to have had brain damage associated with repeated head trauma, connecting hockey for the first time to health risks linked to boxers and, most recently, football players. Reggie Fleming, a defenseman and left wing known for fighting as much as scoring in a long career from 1959 to 1974, was found by Boston University researchers to have chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a neurodegenerative disease known to cause cognitive decline, behavioral abnormalities and ultimately dementia. Fleming died in July at age 73 and was the first hockey player known to have been tested for the disease, known as C.T.E............

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