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Friday, December 18, 2009

i bring my knitting EVERYWHERE

and i DO mean everywhere. a couple of years ago, a friend of a friend was in a boxing match (woman by the way and yes, she won) at the hartford convention center. you had to walk through metal detectors to get in. PLUS they took all my lighters away. they were all the cheap kind. i would have never given up my GOOD lighters. anyway, they wouldn't let me bring my knitting in. MIND YOU i had my claw rings on. TWO of them. i COULD wear those in but i couldn't take my knitting in. that is really effed up if you ask me. PLUS i could bring a zillion match books in but NOT a lighter. go figure?

not to worry, i put it in the car BUT i gave 'em all a piece of my mind

although i don't fly (i don't fly WELL i should say), NOW if i wanted to, i COULD go to australia!

Australian fliers will get their cutlery and knitting needles back


Gwendolyn H. Barry said...

funny how minds.... just yesterday I cast myself as madame defarge with clicking knitting needles saying 'off with their heads'... but that's another blog...
STELLA! Did you know that on MadMikesAmerica they have posted a beseeching to you... "Where is STella??" and they wonder, even as I list your several very kewl blogs to pursue, Mike asks, is she still around? So...
maybe you might stop by and say
Hell fucking lo to the boys! They seem to really really need a
Stella fix!
We all miss you sweetie.
Vigil's been absent of late too... humm.
Happy Yule, too.

stray said...

I was on a flight to Atlanta a few years back, sitting next to a woman with a WHOLE BAG of potentially extremely dangerous and quite lovely knitting/embroidery projects, and nobody said boo to her. Probably she'd promised them socks.

This was before they gave up making you just drink your shampoo, and started forcing you to donate it to the NTSB Foundation for Fabulous Hair.

a rose is a rose said...

gwendolyn, i am not who you think i am

stray, if people actually KNEW what went into knitting something, even socks, they'd be DAMN glad to get them. knitting is NOT a cheap 'hobby' either. i have a yarn fetish and i'm not ashamed to admit it. the first thing i do when i go to a new town is check out their yarn stores/fabric stores/craft stores (i look it up beforehand). i even bring my (dry) felting with me. have you ever seen felting needles? they're NOT pretty and believe me, when i've not paid attention i've paid the price with a stab or two

Gwendolyn H. Barry said...

You know... it's a terrible thing, my mind on fried eggs. In this vast internet neighborhood my GPS has apparently been calibrated directionally dysfunctional... I do apologize and am stimmied to wonder at how for so long I've mistook you for Stella... and where that began?
I adore your blogs, keep up with them for most the time, am always getting the items I miss and the Jane Goodall I forget to review... you have damn fine blogs and I'm happy to explore them...respectfully submitted! Hope you don't mind if keep it up? They are wonderful posts, "whomever" authoress may be...I do like commenting now and then.
Blessed Be and Happy Yule to you.

a rose is a rose said...

of course i don't mind. i rather liked being called stella too. i didn't think you thought i was someone else or i would have said something a while back.

happy yule to you as well

Gwendolyn H. Barry said...