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Friday, November 26, 2010

temporary insanity?

what else would explain why these otherwise healthy (appearing) creatures are eating that shite?


you're welcome!


because men (and children) can't be bothered to help out

(at least in ADVERTISING. it's NOT that way in real life in every family)

Doing Gender and Making Holidays

by lisa 

americablog had this posting up

Chinese villagers may have descended from Roman army

and it put me in mind of

amazon warrior women (i did post on this before HERE)
To uncover the genetic link between nine-year-old Meiramgul, the blond child of the mountains of western Mongolia, and the long-dead women warriors of the Eurasian steppes, researchers examined snippets of a particular type of genetic information called mitochondrial DNA.

Each cell in a plant or animal carries two varieties of deoxyribonucleic acid, or DNA. Within the nucleus of the cell is the full genetic complement, or genome, representing all of the genes that give an organism its particular characteristics and allow it to function. In humans this nuclear DNA is represented by two sets of 23 chromosomes, one set each passed on by the mother and father. One pair of these chromosomes determines the sex of the individual; a nuclear DNA analysis was used to determine the female gender of the warriors unearthed by archaeologist Jeannine Davis-Kimball and her colleagues during the excavations featured in SECRETS OF THE DEAD: "Amazon Warrior Women."..............

and here's a bit more in pdf format

the gift piece o' shite that keeps on

giving and giving and giving and giving

can you imagine someone saying and believing this? can you imagine someone like this having supporters and followers? 

let's get this oxy turdbag OFF of the airwaves

Limbaugh attacks Obama for thanking Native Americans on Thanksgiving

............"So, we were the invaders," complained Limbaugh. "We were incompetent idiots. We didn't know how to feed ourselves so they came along and showed us how and that's what Thanksgiving is all about."
"This has got to be parody," Limbaugh said. "Somebody is toying with me. Somebody is seeing if they can get one past me. Somebody is trying to take advantage of me being not as focused on the day before Thanksgiving and falling for this prank."
"He says nothing about the Constitution in his Thanksgiving Day proclamation because he's got a problem with it," Limbaugh claimed............

oh NO he di-ent

 oh YES, he DID

Judge: Let lesbians into military so male GIs can turn them straight

By Daniel Tencer
Did judge suggest corrective rape for lesbian soldiers?
The conservative news site The Daily Caller has removed part of an article that suggested lesbians be allowed into the US military so that their male colleagues can "convert" them.
Critics say the article went as far as to suggest corrective rape for lesbians.
"Lesbians should be allowed to serve, gay men should not," declared Joe Rehyansky in an article published Monday. Rehyansky, an Army veteran who served in Vietnam, is a part-time magistrate in Hamilton County, Tennessee, and a former assistant district attorney.
In the original article, Rehyansky concluded that his lesbians-only policy "would get the distaff part of our homosexual population off our collective ‘Broke Back,’ thus giving straight male GIs a fair shot at converting lesbians and bringing them into the mainstream."...............

ok and who DOESN'T love the title of this story? (i love it, that's all that's important here)

Horny Old Man Solves 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Forever

Sick of all this gays in the military jibber-jabber? Well, rest easy, because the whole controversy has been settled on The Daily Caller. The solution? Lesbians are totally fine in the military, but gay men (hereafter "gays") are absolutely not. A former army man name'a Joseph A. Rehyansky wrote a letter to Tucker Carlson's sad little website for lead paint eaters and they published it! The whole thing! Basically it's about how dudes are wayyyy more into their boners than ladies are into their... whatever happens to ladies when they're turned on.  .......

i LOVE stolichnaya

 it is my liquor of choice. of ALL liquors that is. plain and simple. it is by far, THE best out there (their elit puts me in heaven, normally i just drink stoli o though. the elit can get rather pricey).

last night my friend (thanks erin..............) asked me what i thought of the NEW stoli bottles (limited edition, but still). WHAT new bottles i asked oh so VERY innocently. the ones with the playboy logo on them was her reply. fuck that. really. FUCK THAT. stoli, are you REALLY aiming to abort me as a customer?  after all i AM (or is that WAS?) one of your best.  stoli, are you aiming to INSULT and OFFEND every single woman with a brain and a soul out there? oh, you're WELL on your way in that case.(note: limited edition bottles on Stoli Ohranj only)

why would you choose a viagrahead piece o' steamin' you know what as a shill for your brand? why would you choose a viagrahead who made his money floating (literally) off of the backs of woman after woman after woman? WHY???

mutineer magazine tells me this FUCKING 'brilliant' ad campaign is the work of Ogilvy & Mather. fine, but the stoli execs HAD to approve it. IT'S AN INSULT to ALL women EVERYWHERE. i CANNOT stress that enough.

Playboy Liquor Spokesmen
Hugh Hefner for Stolichnaya Vodka is a Strange Pairing

ok, ok, ok, i was only THINKING of boycotting stoli. NOW I AM NEVER GOING TO HAVE ANOTHER STOLI IN MY WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE. why? well here's why (from digital journal)
In addition, Stoli recently sponsored the 2010 Playboy Playmate of The Year Awards that were held in Las Vegas, Nevada......................  

Read more: http://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/47709#ixzz16NxglHqu

Thursday, November 25, 2010

if you're traveling by air and are a woman AND are menstuating

happy thanksgiving from the TSA!

A self-described "rule follower" went through an airport pornoscanner wearing a panty-liner (she was menstruating). Because the hygienic item obscured the screener's view of her vagina vulva, she was made to endure a humiliating fondling, "so invasive that I was left crying and dealing with memories that I thought had been dealt with years ago of prior sexual assaults."
These new scans are so horrible that if you are wearing something unusual (like a piece of cloth on your panties) then you will be subjected to a search where a woman repeatedly has to check your "groin" while another woman watches on (two in my case - they were training in a new girl - awesome). So please, please, tell the ladies not to wear their liners at the airport (I didn't even have an insert in). I'm a strong, confident woman; I'm an Army vet (which is why those camo liners crack me up), I work full-time and go to graduate school full-time, I have a wonderful husband, and I don't take any nonsense from anyone. I don't dramatize, and I don't exaggerate. I'm trying to give you a sense of who I am so you won't think that this is a plea for attention, or a jumping on the bandwagon about the recent TSA proposed boycott. I just don't want another woman to have to go through the "patting down" because she didn't know that her glad-rag would be a matter of national security.".........................

re-PUG-nacant politician of the year

if not #1, he CERTAINLY is right on up there
either he was stalking people at the planned parenthood clinic OR a woman whom he met online (didn't know her last name, her address, her phone # OR her email address). oh DID I MENTION HE HAD A LOADED GUN ON HIS PERSON? whoops, forgot to mention that tiny lil' tidbit

By KARE 11 Staff Writer

ST. PAUL, Minn. -- Saint Paul Police stopped state Rep. Tom Hackbarth last Thursday after he was spotted in the parking lot of the Planned Parenthood clinic with a holstered gun. The image of Hackbarth walking away from his pickup truck was captured by the clinic's surveillance camera, prompting a call to authorities.
Hackbarth, who is licensed to carry a concealed weapon, told police he had just pulled over in the clinic's parking lot on Ford Parkway and wasn't aware it was Planned Parenthood's office, which is the sight of frequent abortion protests.
The 58-year-old Republican lawmaker from Cedar, Minn. was spotted a short time later near Ford Parkway and Snelling Avenue. Officers pulled him over, ordered him out of his pickup and briefly handcuffed Hackbarth.
Police confiscated his loaded .38 caliber Smith and Wesson revolver, which was still holstered. Officers also found a map and binoculars in the truck, plus an ammunition clip for a .357 caliber pistol......................

happy thanksgiving!

i don't know if i was living under a rock or what. i didn't know don ross. i sure as heck do now.



once again NO words. NONE

‘We’ve got to stand with our North Korean allies,’ Palin tells Beck

By David Edwards

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

you're welcome!

a lil' peek into a rose is a rose's family. my paternal parental unit, me-a rose is a rose, sistette nance, sistette kare, my maternal parental unit



damn, blogger is NOT letting me upload

ANY pictures at all. shoot, i had a GOOD one too!

A L P H A V I L L E: Jackass Quote of the Week

A L P H A V I L L E: Jackass Quote of the Week: "'By idolizing adolescence, we have artificially prolonged the age at which people enter in marriage. The average is now, according to 2007 f..."

i'm dumbfounded. i'm shocked and THAT does NOT happen easily.

a CHILD found this. A CHILD

oh and by the way, i would NEVER have gone through screening AFTER getting off of a plane. what would they do to me? NOT let me fly? well i'd be where i was going

An annoying child on a Southwest Airlines flight from Burbank to Phoenix was rummaging around in a seat pocket and knocked a loaded gun magazine onto the floor. Hooray! Thank God we have those kajillion-dollar voyeur tubes to save us from weapons appearing on our airplanes! Flight attendants were given the clip, and when the plane landed, passengers were forced to go through a re-screening process when they landed. So let that be a lesson to you: If you find a weapon on an airplane, don’t report it, or else the TSA will punish you and your fellow hurried passengers with even more intrusive screening. ...............
Read more at Wonkette: Passenger Finds Gun Clip On Plane: The System Works!.................

Read more at Wonkette: Passenger Finds Gun Clip On Plane: The System Works!

wednesday with curtis

and friends

it's all right my babies


i'm still waiting to hear an 'i WAS FULL O' SHITE' from mackey. not to worry, i am not holding my breath

my new saying is going to be 'oh the douchebaggery'. i have a feeling i'm going to be using it A LOT

Whole Foods CEO: Yes, We Have No Obamacare
 — By Josh Harkinson
Last August, John Mackey, the founder and CEO of Whole Foods, sparked outrage in the liberal blogosphere and a customer boycott by publishing a full-throated critique of Obamacare on the op-ed page of the Wall Street Journal. He argued that the country should "move in the opposite direction—toward less government control and more individual empowerment," and held up Whole Foods' own health plan as an alternative: "Our plan's costs are much lower than typical health insurance, while providing a very high degree of worker satisfaction."
But it turns out that Mackey's claims, which also fueled conservative opposition to the Democrats' health-care bill, were misleading. In a memo that he sent to all employees last month, obtained by Mother Jones, Mackey concedes that Whole Foods is actually sinking under the weight of its health care expenses.........


my head is spinning faster than linda blair's in the exorcist



also via

i wastched snl last weekend

for the first time in YEARS. anne hathaway was the host. #1, i don't get how she's a 'leading' kind of  actress.  her acting is shite (and i don't mean THE shite, i mean JUST shite) and she's wicked scary looking. nothing wrong with scary looking something wrong with scary looking AND shitty acting AND leading lady all at once. anyway i digress

here's someone i WOULD NOT mind seeing host snl


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

a great picture

a cool dude and a great story

you want to read it. it's short...................

over at twisted vintage (which by the way you MUST check out every day)

So I'm working as the assistant cameraman on a Johnny Cash concert that Rick Rubin put together at the Manhattan Center on 34th street and before the show starts I'm asked to go downstairs and let in the special guest when all of a sudden Matt Dillion shows up............

mother jones brings us MORE on fiji water

one of my previous posts is here and the other is here

here's a new article from mother jones
Fiji Water Embroiled in Junta Meltdown

By Anna Lenzer

Fiji Water's top official in Fiji, Director of External Affairs David Roth, has left the island nation after the sudden resignation of acting Prime Minister Ratu Ganilau—who cited a "David Roth issue" as the reason for quitting. Fijian media report that Ganilau resigned Tuesday after refusing to follow orders to deport Roth, who departed Thursday night on a flight to Los Angeles.
Ganilau—who is also Fiji's Minister for Defense, National Security, and Immigration—shocked the country, which has been under martial law since 2009, by emailing his resignation to Prime Minister Voreqe (Frank) Bainimarama, who is traveling in China. Fiji Water is a huge economic force on the island, and the company has been criticized for tolerating Bainimarama's military regime (see my 2009 Mother Jones investigation).............

i'm sorry

(wait a beat here) BUT IT'S YOUR FAULT

Ailes blames "Nazi" comments controversy on "unscrupulous" rabbis

by Simon Maloy

Yahoo News' Michael Calderone has posted a letter Fox News' Roger Ailes sent to Abe Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League regarding Ailes' smear of NPR executives as "Nazis." In it, Ailes claims that "this all goes back to" the "unscrupulous" treatment he claims he received from Rabbi Steve Gutow and Simon Greer following their meeting with Ailes regarding Glenn Beck's constant invocations of Nazis and the Holocaust [emphasis added]:
This morning you might be receiving calls because I used the word "Nazi attitudes" to describe the NPR officials who fired Juan Williams. I was of course ad-libbing and should not have chosen that word, but I was angry at the time because of NPR's willingness to censor Juan Williams for not being liberal enough. I think this all goes back to the visit we received from Rabbi Steve Gutow and Simon Greer..................

speeding vs. torture

tuesday morning smile comes to you courtesy of judge kimba wood

(go judge kimba go!!!)

it's a VERY SHORT read. go. read. now

Judge Kimba Wood, Standing Up for Women

Jeffrey Goldberg 

Monday, November 22, 2010

and to be fair, here's something from the other side

How TSA screeners feel about junk-touching
 Cory Doctorow

Here's a survey of 17 anonymous TSA Transportation Security Officers, discussing their discomfort with being required to touch strangers' genitals to earn a living:
"It is not comfortable to come to work knowing full well that my hands will be feeling another man's private parts, their butt, their inner thigh. Even worse is having to try and feel inside the flab rolls of obese passengers and we seem to get a lot of obese passengers!"................

they keep printing them

i'm going to keep posting them
this one from the amputee coalition of america

ACA Calls for Improved Screening Procedures for TSA

“I had just been put in the Plexiglas screening booth,” said Peggy. “My 4-year-old son was made to sit across from me, crying because they would not let him touch me. Everyone was looking at us. Then the TSA agent asked for my prosthetic leg. I knew they could wand my leg, but he insisted on taking it from me. And if that wasn’t humiliating enough, he asked for the liner sock that covers my residual limb, saying I had to give it to him. I felt pressured to give him my liner even though it is critical to keep it sanitary. I was embarrassed to have my residual limb exposed in public.”........

The following articles address this growing concern.
Report Faults TSA's Treatment of Amputees
June 28, 2010
Washington Post
Knoxville-Based Amputee Group Questions TSA
June 23, 2010
Out on a Limb
June 23, 2010
New York Post
TSA Airport Security Screeners Disregard Procedures, Safety and Respect for Amputees, According to Amputee Coalition of America Survey
June 23, 2010
Amputee News..........

your monday morning wtf was brought to you by

gwendolyn at a new global myth

A Twisted Christian

i have nothing to add

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
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spuds, i love them

and i DO eat them a minimum (MINIMUM) of three times a week. i don't fry anything as a rule, but i DO have (vegan) homefries at the half door for sunday brunch thanks to matt and ben. they, likek i do leave the skins on. MORE nutritional value. as a matter of fact the only time i peel them (and i don't do it all the time, depends on how i'm preparing them) is when i cook holiday dinners for the fam.

The Winter I Had to Live Almost Completely on Potatoes ... And Loved It 

By Carol Deppe

Chris Voigt, executive director of the Washington State Potato Commission, is currently eating nothing but potatoes for two months, 20 5.3 ounce potatoes a day. When I read about it, my reaction was, Hey, what's so hard about that? Last winter, I ate pretty nearly all potatoes for about six months. It was a feast all  winter! Voigt is doing his diet to help publicize the nutritional value of potatoes as well as to protest the fact that the USDA has excluded potatoes from its list of approved foods for the WIC (Women, Infants, Children) food voucher program.I was doing my diet for more traditional reasons: I was short of cash. I needed whatever I could scrape up to keep the utilities turned on. So the garden needed to provide the food. And not just vegetables, either. Staple foods. I'm both highly allergic to wheat as well as gluten intolerant. And I'm sensitive enough so that I can't eat other grains that are milled on the same mills as wheat, which includes nearly all the corn, oats, and other grains that would be gluten-free otherwise. Grains milled on dedicated mills are a specialty item, and are expensive. So the cheap foods so widespread in our culture are not available to me..................

............Oil, butter, and sour cream are fattening. Potatoes aren't. Boiled potatoes have only about 80 calories per 100 grams fresh weight. (100 grams is slightly less than 1/4 pound.) Baked potatoes run about 90. Mashed potatoes with milk and butter are still typically only 90-100. The same weight of bread, depending upon the recipe, has about 240-290 calories per 100 grams. A single slice of bread is about 80-110 calories. Most common unsugary cereals range from about 100-400 calories per 100 grams. Even cooked brown rice with no butter or fat is about 120...........


i missed this. i saw it when congress WOULDN'T APPROVE the ban. this is great news. there is NO need, NONE, for crush videos. that is ONE fetish that is FUCKED UP 
US Congress bans creation, sale, of 'crush videos'

WASHINGTON (AFP) – The US Senate on Friday unanimously passed legislation to ban the creation, sale and distribution of so-called "crush videos" -- sexual fetish films in which small animals are maimed or killed.
The measure, which calls for fines and prison terms of up to five years, now goes to President Barack Obama to sign into law.
The legislation defines crush videos as video portrayals of "actual conduct in which one or more living animal is intentionally crushed, burned, drowned, suffocated, or impaled in a manner that would violate a criminal prohibition on cruelty to animals."..........

Sunday, November 21, 2010

how much more?

i understand wanting to be safe, i do. however, i do NOT want to walk through a machine which takes a naked picture of me that goddess only knows who gets to see. i do NOT want some stranger touching my breasts or my genitalia.

first the breast prosthesis (see my posting from yestreday) and now this. it's UNACCEPTABLE. are they going to drive us all to take the train? 

how many more stories are there like this we don't know about (yet)?

TSA pat-down leaves traveler covered in urine
By Harriet Baskas Travel writer
A retired special education teacher on his way to a wedding in Orlando, Fla., said he was left humiliated, crying and covered with his own urine after an enhanced pat-down by TSA officers recently at Detroit Metropolitan Airport.
“I was absolutely humiliated, I couldn’t even speak,” said Thomas D. “Tom” Sawyer, 61, of Lansing, Mich.
Sawyer is a bladder cancer survivor who now wears a urostomy bag, which collects his urine from a stoma, or opening in his stomach.  “I have to wear special clothes and in order to mount the bag I have to seal a wafer to my stomach and then attach the bag. If the seal is broken, urine can leak all over my body and clothes.”...............

watch a 1964 beatles concert FREE on itunes

found via dangerous minds

just click on the itunes store then click on the beatles-watch the concert box.

adulterer! adulterer! adulterer!!!

Facebook-banning NJ pastor acknowledges threesome