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Saturday, August 14, 2010

ella is here

there should be NO issues. we not only SHOULD have but we MUST have control over our bodies. if one chooses NOT to use contraception, fine. that is a choice you have. please let me have MY choice (choice, look it up)

if it's safe (and by NO means is everything the fda approves SAFE) let US have the option. do NOT keep trying to control my life through my body. i WILL NOT let you

FDA approves ella as 5-day-after emergency contraceptive
By Rob Stein

The Food and Drug Administration approved a controversial new form of emergency contraception Friday that can prevent a pregnancy as many as five days after sex.
The decision to allow the sale of the pill, which will be marketed under the brand name "ella," was welcomed by family-planning proponents as a crucial new option to prevent unwanted pregnancies. But critics condemned the decision, arguing that it was misleading to approve ella as a contraceptive because the drug could also be used to induce an abortion.
Ella can cut the chances of becoming pregnant by about two-thirds for at least 120 hours after a contraceptive failure or unprotected sex, studies have shown. The only other emergency contraceptive on the market, the so-called morning-after pill sold as Plan B, is significantly less effective, becomes less effectual with each passing day and will not work after 72 hours..............

Friday, August 13, 2010

now THIS is the movie i'd go see


some people have mirrors over their beds

i, my dears, have TAP SHOES



goddess save ME

from having to listing to this dripping drek!

holy shite

via christian nightmares

i have NO

legitimate reason for posting this


april august FOOLS. i BEG YOU WATCH THIS

and i DO mean fools. yesterday i posted a video of anderson cooper 'interviewing' the long lost texas sistah of sarevil, michele bachmann and orly. WATCH IT HERE. i beg you WATCH IT. i didn't think they had a brodda. well they effing DO have one and here he is rep louis gohmert.. he is the ICING on the cake. i did watch the video with the fbi agent anderson is referring to. i CANNOT FIND IT. i'd LOVE to post that one as well. if i find it at a later time, i WILL post it.

(if i was responsible in ANY little way for electing these people, i'd hide my head UP MY ARSE for the rest of my life)

found it found it found it:

pic: via

Thursday, August 12, 2010

me, about 15 minutes ago


wicked cool!

Eric Joyner “Donut Logic” Solo Art Show at Corey Helford Gallery


By Scott Beale



world's worse job?????

 YOU decide

NSFW (unless you work with bull elephants that is)

from lady bunny blog

i'm not embarrassed to say

i used up a WHOLE BOX of tissues

moving. very moving indeed

buzzfeed has a few of flush's wedding pics

Marriage is between one man and four women over the course of your lifetime.

TYWKIWDBI: Proving that "pussy" jokes are nothing new

TYWKIWDBI: Proving that "pussy" jokes are nothing new: "The Barrison Sisters used the term in a risque Vaudeville act in the late 19th century: In their most famous act, the sisters would dance, r..."

i found her. i found her. i found her

sarevil, michele bachmann and orly's LONG LONG LONG loser LOST quad sistah grrrlfren!

please be sitting when you watch this. PLEASE.

from anderson cooper's 360

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

i don't mind edgy pictures

 really i don't. but these are beyond distasteful. when i mention women are MORE than body parts or MORE than hangers for clothing i get called all sorts of things. i guess i'm not articulate enough. it's NOT cool to set women up as some slashers or necrophiliacs fantasy. it's just NOT. then we have THESE tasteless pictures................

Dead-Looking Women, High Fashion, Blah Blah Blah (Trigger Warning)

by lisa,


Ok, I get it. I really get it that “fashion” has to be “edgy” and so they sometimes “cross the line” in order to be “cutting edge.”  See all those quotation marks?  I get it.  I so obviously get it!
So when Vogue Italia decided to do a BP oil spill-themed fashion shoot, I was like “Yeah, of course! Like, that’s so, like, fashion!”  I mean, what better way to draw attention to tragedy and disaster?  I see nothing at all ironic about highlighting the destruction of working-class people’s livelihoods with obscenely expensive clothes designed primarily to enhance the status of elite fashion designers and the rich people who can wear them.....................

from tbogg

Big Gay Greg and His Big Gay Cry For Attention

By: TBogg 

Greg Gutfeld who hosts Red Eye, which is that show that Fox runs at 3AM for people who find the Hanger Cascader infomercials complex and hard to follow, has announced that he is going to open a ISLAMIC GAY BAR (har har…funnee!) next to the Ground Zero Muslimtorium  and this is going to be so wicked cool and hilarious that Fox may even move his show to the coveted 2:30AM spot currently occupied by Who Wants To Take A Shower With Bill O’Reilly? But Greg wants you to know that he is totally for serious about this and he has found investors who have yet to be bilked by Tucker Carlson or Roger Simon so this thing is totally really gonna happen just like the release of the Whitey Tape:
I’m announcing tonight, that I am planning to build and open the first gay bar that caters not only to the west, but also Islamic gay men. To best express my sincere desire for dialogue, the bar will be situated next to the mosque Park51, in an available commercial space........................

face palm, head spin

no words, no words

Conservapedia: E=mc2 Is A Liberal Conspiracy

 Andy Schlafly and Albert Einstein
To many conservatives, almost everything is a secret liberal plot: from fluoride in the water to medicare reimbursements for end-of-life planning with your doctor to efforts to teach evolution in schools. But Conservapedia founder and Eagle Forum University instructor Andy Schlafly -- Phyllis Schlafly's son -- has found one more liberal plot: the theory of relativity.
If you're behind on your physics, the Theory of Relativity was Albert Einstein's formulation in the early 20th century that gave rise to the famous theorum that E=mc2, otherwise stated as energy is equal to mass times the square of the speed of light. Why does Andy Schlafly hate the theory of relativity? We're pretty sure it's because he's decided it doesn't square with the Bible.
In the entry, "Counterexamples to Relativity," the authors (including Schlafly) write:
The theory of relativity is a mathematical system that allows no exceptions. It is heavily promoted by liberals who like its encouragement of relativism and its tendency to mislead people in how they view the world.[1]............................

Kathleen Gustafson calls sarevil out (and

gets it ALL right when she says sarevil quit her job (as governor) to become a celebrity! that's THE best

Explaining away eye-roll at teacher, Palin invents new use for Botox
 By Stephen C. Webster

Palin laughs and rolls her eyes when demonstrator says she’s a teacher. 

By Zaid Jilani  

Over the weekend, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin was in Homer, Alaska, to film her TLC documentary series Sarah Palin’s Alaska. Alaskan teacher Kathleen Gustafson decided to welcome Palin with a banner reading “WORST GOVERNOR EVER.” Upon seeing Gustafson’s handiwork, Palin walked over to talk with her. Gustafson told Palin that she was angry that the former governor quit to become a “celebrity.” Palin tried to defend herself, claiming that she’s working to “elect candidates who understand the Constitution,” but the teacher was unmoved, insisting that if Palin really wanted to help the people of the state, she would not have quit her post:
GUSTAFSON: You swore on your precious Bible that you would uphold the interests of this state, and then when cash was waved in front of your face, you quit.
PALIN: OH, you wanted me to be your governor! I’m honored! Thank you!
GUSTAFSON: I wanted you to honor your responsibilities. That is what I wanted. I wanted you to be part of the political process instead of becoming a celebrity so that you could (inaudible). And if that’s the best you could do, then good for you. If that’s the best you could do.
PALIN: Here’s the deal. Here’s the deal. [...] That’s what I’m out there fightin’ for Americans to be able to have a Constitution protected so that we can have free speech…And also there…
GUSTAFSON: In what way are you fighting for that?
PALIN: Oh my goodness!
GUSTAFSON: In what way?
PALIN: To elect candidates who understand the Constitution, to protect our military interests so that we can keep on fightin’ for our constitution that will protect some of the freedoms that evidently are important to you too..................

Monday, August 09, 2010

and this my dears is why i just don't get HOW

there are ANY women or black, or jewish or catholic or atheist or  lgbt or HUMAN republicans

The Tea party has eaten the Republican party and will burp it up in November

by Richard Metzger 

There is a frightening/disturbing and almost funny (almost) must-read on the Mother Jones website about “Tea party causality” Rep. Bob Inglis, a soon-to-be-former Republican congressman from South Carolina. Inglis, who seems like a decent enough guy—and not a hypocrite or a demagogue like many GOPers—was forced out, losing the primary, 71 to 29 percent, to a Tea party-backed candidate:
“They were upset with me,” Inglis recalls. “They are all Glenn Beck watchers.” About 90 minutes into the meeting, as he remembers it, “They say, ‘Bob, what don’t you get? Barack Obama is a socialist, communist Marxist who wants to destroy the American economy so he can take over as dictator. Health care is part of that. And he wants to open up the Mexican border and turn [the US] into a Muslim nation.’” Inglis didn’t know how to respond.
“I sat down, and they said on the back of your Social Security card, there’s a number. That number indicates the bank that bought you when you were born based on a projection of your life’s earnings, and you are collateral. We are all collateral for the banks. I have this look like, “What the heck are you talking about?” I’m trying to hide that look and look clueless. I figured clueless was better than argumentative. So they said, “You don’t know this?! You are a member of Congress, and you don’t know this?!” And I said, “Please forgive me. I’m just ignorant of these things.” And then of course, it turned into something about the Federal Reserve and the Bilderbergers and all that stuff. And now you have the feeling of anti-Semitism here coming in, mixing in. Wow.”................

pic from the dangerous minds posting linked above. please note the smile on that sub-human racist

he starts his destruction of homophobia at about the 3 minute mark. fear and perjudice LOST

When David Boies destroyed Tony Perkins on 'Face the Nation'

there is a series

of photos HERE
but this one is MY favorite

beauty in simplicity


sarevil you slimy scummy bio-tch

bad news for you, your rifle and your helicopter pilot (well if you're in montana or idaho that is)

Gray wolf back on protect list in Mont. and Idaho, to ranchers and hunters ire

By Kari Lydersen
Special to The Washington Post

The gray wolf will be protected again in Montana and Idaho, much to the ire of ranchers and hunters who say the animals kill too much livestock and game.
A federal judge ruled last week to list gray wolves under the Endangered Species Act, saying that the Northern Rockies wolves must all be treated as a single population. In other words, if the animals are considered endangered in one state, they must be listed as endangered throughout the region.
Opponents of the listing are directing their anger at Wyoming.
That's because Wyoming law allows the unregulated hunting of wolves throughout most of the state if they are taken off the endangered list. So while the federal government delisted wolves in Montana and Idaho last year after those states agreed to management plans that included controlled wolf hunts, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) kept Wyoming wolves on the endangered list..............

A federal judge last week ordered endangered species protection reinstated for the gray wolf in the Northern Rockies region.
Photo Credit: Associated Press

Sunday, August 08, 2010

i love him

photo via

stray, don't know if you saw this on dangerous minds

by Marc Campbell  
Klaus Nomi died 27 years ago today.
I met Klaus in the fall of 1977 in the lobby of the Cinema Village after a midnight screening of Eraserhead. We struck up a conversation about the movie and immediately hit it off. Wearing a black leather jacket, black jeans, black lipstick, black eye shadow and jet black, slicked back, widow-peaked hair, Klaus looked like an elegant punk vampire. But, despite his dramatic appearance, Klaus was low-key and somewhat shy. I don’t know why we hit it off, but we did. He invited my girlfriend and I over to his apartment for the following night. He told us he was a pastry chef and wanted us to taste his creations. We readily accepted....


nsfw (if your work has issues with mating unicorns)

Hermanos Inglesos feat. MeMe - "Wanderland" from Michélé De Feudis on Vimeo.



A Cover Letter for Employment Opportunities with the Elders of Zion


by Joseph Bernstein 


Dear Elders of Zion,

Hello, my name is Joe Bernstein, and I am a young Jew of some promise living in New York City. Through your shadowy networks of information, I am sure you are already aware of me, but I’m just writing to assure you that I would very much like to assume my position of power and influence starting as soon as possible. I found out about this opening through centuries of inherited blood.
Let me first say, congratulations on the superior job you’ve done remaining in the shadows over the past century. You’ve consistently tricked every national government (except Iran, wily Iran) and major media organization into believing that you do not manipulate all major world systems for your profit and other nefarious goals. You are unquestionably the global leader in conspiracy and it goes without saying that the opportunity to learn from my swarthy, bearded masters would be a dream come true.....................


Rush Limbaugh Suggests that Michelle Obama’s Vacation is Linked to Reparations for Slavery

by Chauncey DeVega

i can't help but wonder

 how many will actually attend.  who would WANT that sub human as a featured speaker, gay, straight or anything and everything in between???????????

Ann Coulter To Headline 'Homocon' Event For Gay Conservatives

Nick Wing

Conservative pundit and unlikely gay ally Ann Coulter is set to headline the first annual Homocon, "a party to celebrate gay conservatives" put on by GOProud, the "only national organization representing gay conservatives." The festivities are scheduled to take place in New York City on September 25.
"The gay left has done their best to take all the fun out of politics, with their endless list of boycotts and protests. Homocon is going to be our annual effort to counter the 'no fun police' on the left," said Christopher Barron, Chairman of the Board of GOProud, in a statement. "I can't think of any conservative more fun to headline our inaugural party then the self-professed 'right-wing Judy Garland' - Ann Coulter.".............


words fail