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Thursday, August 26, 2010

this is weird and sad and sick and just an all around shame

it's beyond comprehension

Rider Asks if Cabby Is Muslim, Then Stabs Him

Once the fare, Michael Enright, a 21-year-old film student who had been recently trailing Marines in Afghanistan, settled in the back, he started asking friendly enough questions: Where was the driver from? Was he Muslim?
The driver, Ahmed H. Sharif, 44, said he was from Bangladesh, and yes he was Muslim.
Mr. Enright said, “Salaam aleikum,” the Arabic greeting “Peace be upon you.”
“How’s your Ramadan going?” Mr. Enright asked, Mr. Sharif said.
He told him it was going fine. Then, he said, Mr. Enright began making fun of the rituals of Ramadan, and Mr. Sharif sensed this cab ride might not be like any other.
“So I stopped talking to him,” Mr. Sharif said. “He stopped talking, too.”.......

Pool photo by Steven Hirsch
Michael Enright, 21, was charged with hate crimes on Wednesday.


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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Sad that things have come to this.