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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

thank you thank you thank you evil slutopia

for reading cosmo and being so step up to take a GIANT one for the team. i for one look forward to your reviews. they're THE best. and once again, most sincerely i thank  you

Cosmo Quickies: August 2010

 I think this might be the most belated Cosmo Quickies post yet. Sorry everyone! Attending two conferences and launching a new blog kept us busy this month, but we did have time to read the August issue of Cosmo, and of course we have some thoughts.

-It's The Hot Issue, which, like
The Sexy Issue, helps to differentiate this from all of the chaste, demure, and un-hot issues that Cosmo usually puts out.

-Cover model Britney Spears is the victim of some bizarre Photoshopping. Apparently her neck chose not to appear on the cover with her.

-One of the letters to the editor this month came from a woman named Jane, who is totally an honorary ESC member:

I found "Why So Many Men Are Suckers for Skanks (June 2010) offensive. The words skankstripper were repeated throughout the article. How about empowering women by teaching them not to hate on other women? and
We're glad that Cosmo actually printed this letter, but unfortunately we doubt that they're going to take Jane's comments very seriously. The regular "Sexy vs. Skanky" feature is still there in all its glory, and the Hot Sheet page is still home to its usual slut-shaming.............

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