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Monday, September 07, 2009

i want one and i want it NOW

slide rule in box pic from think geek
(and i can have one for JUST $29.99)

multiplication pic from the slide rule museum


Malicious Intent said...

MY Grandfather was an old school engineer from DuPont. I acquired much of his drawing board materials and his old slide rule. Still in perfect condition. Those babies last forever. It's worth the 3 bills. Never needs batteries or a power source, can get it wet and fits neatly in your briefcase or laptop bag.

Unknown said...

i never used one, but i am seriously going to get one. i have an inner geek

Malicious Intent said...

OH come now....we all now that not one of us has an inner geek. We let our geek out loud and proud. Screw those who don't like Dr. Who or Dr. Who or Dr. Who. They can BITE ME. Please. Hey, I am a geek... with manners.

Unknown said...

you're right of course