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Thursday, June 17, 2010

i'm posting this for two reasons

the first is i am EFFING SHOCKED at how low the american public really is (at least television watching-wise).

i cannot believe the shite that's on. this is the topper though

and the second reason is, I LOVE POODLES. i really really really love poodles. if the only exposure you've ever had to them is some yipping little inbred poofball, well you don't know poodles.

my first dog as a child was a miniature silver poodle (there are toys, miniatures and standards). i have always wanted a standard poodle. poodles are wicked smart. they're wicked loyal AND they're wicked athletic (did you know they're great swimmers and were originally HUNTING DOGS???)

anyway, i must hang my head over this one:

TLC's Downhill Slide Continues With Extreme Poodles
Author: Curtis Silver

Following up its descent into middle American white trash madness, TLC has announced another new show to add to its slate of programming that even furthers the channel from actual learning. Once called The Learning Channel, TLC is now simply known as its acronym. The new show is called Extreme Poodles. You read that right.
Extreme Poodles, which actually becomes funnier the more you say it, joins a cast of programming aimed at the disenchanted housewife. From Mall Cops, Jon & Kate, What Not to Wear and the blatantly disturbing Toddlers & Tiaras the so-called Learning Channel has become simply a disgrace to educational television.
It's a wonder that this channel still exists under the flagship Discovery Channel. I understand that there is a demand for low brow reality television in America, I get that. There are plenty of folks that have little or no drama in their own lives, so must feed off the televised drama of others like a modern day succubus. The problem here is that this material is being presented under the guise of a channel once dedicated to quality learning and educational programming.
Now only the education presented on the channel is how to be a selfish, petty human being. It's time for an intervention.............

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