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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm instead of breaking down on the side of

'the' blacks (they're JUST like 'the' gays you know.) perhaps obama broke down ON THE SIDE OF PROFESSORS. ever think of that you stupid pile? the level of racism  ignorance especially in OUR elected officials is astounding to me.

GOP fundraiser canceled after congressman claims Obama ‘favors’ blacks
By David Edwards and Muriel Kane

The Republican Congressman who suggested that President Obama "has a default mechanism in him that breaks down [on] the side of race" has already been widely criticized for his remark. But adding insult to injury, even a Republican candidate has now canceled a fundraiser where Rep. Steve King (R-IA) was scheduled to speak on his behalf.
In an appearance Monday on G. Gordon Liddy's radio talk show, King reacted to a comment made several months ago by Attorney General Eric Holder that when it comes to race Americans are "in too many ways, essentially a nation of cowards."
"When you look at this administration, I'm offended by Eric Holder and the President also, their posture," King remarked. "It looks like Eric Holder said that white people in America are cowards when it comes to race. And I don't know what the basis of that is but I'm not a coward when it comes to that and I'm happy to talk about these things and I think we should. But the President has demonstrated he's got a default mechanism in him that breaks down the side of race -- on the side that favors the black person, in the case of Professor Gates and Officer Crowley.".............

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