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Thursday, April 06, 2006

al franken (in the huffington post)

NAILS little miss goody two shoes...;

an evening with ann coulter

and from al's midwest value pac website his opening 'ann coulter' statement

goody two shoes
adam ant/marco pirroni

With the heartbreak open So much you can’t hide Put on a little makeup makeup
Make sure they get your good side good side If the words unspoken Get stuck in
your throat Send a treasure token token Write it on a pound note pound note
Don’t drink don’t smoke - what do you do? Don’t drink don’t smoke - what do you
do? Subtle innuends follow There must be something inside he’s hiding We don’t
follow fashion That would be a joke You know we’re going to set them set them So
everyone can take note take note When they saw you kneeling Crying words that
you mean Opening their eyeballs eyeballs Pretending that you’re al green al
green No one’s gonna tell me What’s wrong or what’s righ tOr tell me who to eat
with sleep with Or that I’ve won the big fight big fight Look out or they’ll
tell you You’re a superstar Two weeks and you’re an all time legend I think the
games have gone much too far If the words unspoken Get stuck in your throa tSend
a treasure token token Write it on a pound note pound note Don’t drink don’t
smoke - what do you do? Don’t drink... etc.


Anonymous said...

Do not worry the rapture is coming.

Lily said...

Hey Rose! Ugh that Coulter. Just read YET ANOTHER column by her where she compares criticism of DeLay to being a terrorist-sympathizer! get real, Bones Hag!

Look, I know my site has been a bit derailed. I tried to have fun with it, and make the most of it, But its getting a bit on my nerves to be honest. I've been at Blue Republic alot lately because while it does require a sign up, its easy and it enables some moderation. Still fun,with bush bashery- but the comment threads are set up so that everyone doesn't have to sit through "you know you want me, baby" type of stuff. I will be posting there once in a while but participating in the forums, etc. mostly. They are a good group, very smart, very funny. And of course Rex Kramer is there Saturdays.
Check in on you tomorrow.

Neil Shakespeare said...

Heh-heh. Why, she just tryin' to be like Satan! Heh-heh. If all else fails...and it has...become a wisecracker! Folks love wisecrackers!

Graeme said...

she is the defintion of the C word

Unknown said...

yeah graeme i don't often use the c word OR the t word but in this case........

lily, i posted ANOTHER coulter story for ya!

sec-will you be sitting by my side, holding my hand?

folks DO love a good wisecracker AND wiseacre too dearest mr shakespeare. i know, i know (as do you)

Anonymous said...

did you read the whole speech by Al?

Oh it was greeeeeaaaaattttt!

Man I would have paid to see her face.

Anonymous said...

wow, I just read the whole thing . . . he skewered her.

Unknown said...

donvit and rick

their first debate was here, in hartford. i didn't go. i KNEW i'd not be able to sit through her side. not even for one moment. i knew i'd get booted out.

yes i read the whole thing. i think the man is brilliant AND funny and i think she is a vile piece of steamin' scheist

Lily said...

AHa methinks THIS was the comment!!!! OK I thought you were implying that I disagree on Coulter! PHEW!!!!! OK, I see!!!

Unknown said...

yup lily this be it!