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Saturday, December 26, 2009

why does the rnc HATE christmas?

john at americablog points us to this

RNC Christmas greeting omits word "Christmas"


Malicious Intent said...

Frankly I have no problem with the wording. lol. I kinda like the whole "neutral" holiday stance. I get tired of Christmas shoved down my throat every time I turn around. Not that I have it in for Christmas, it is obviously very important to a lot of people. But so are many other holidays celebrated around the same time. I don't assume, I just always say "Happy Holidays."

a rose is a rose said...

if i know someone that celebrates christmas, i have NO problem saying it. i don't even mind when someone wishes me a happy or merry christmas. it's the thoughts and purpose of the season i love (and wish would last year round).

i don't think there's a war on christmas at all. when people say that it makes me want to bitch slap them. when will they learn more people DON'T celebrate christmas than DO?

stray said...

The Anti-Santa has infiltrated the GOP...that, or they don't want to alienate, ahem, "The People with the Money".

In the bleak midwinter, it's dark and it's effing cold. Hey, I know! Let's have a party and invite all our friends and spend the dark nights eating, drinking, laughing, singing, and giving each other new toys to play with!

I have no problem with calling it "Christmas", but I do get in a twist over people who demand we all toe the "Jebus is the reason for the season" line, coz that's just patently untrue.

a rose is a rose said...

i call them convenience believers